Something that happened 3 years ago.

This post was first published three years ago by  at “Things Your Preacher Will Not Tell You”:

It was around Monday December 21st (2009) that I listened to a voice mail on my cell phone. I am out in the country and could not make most of it out other than the police were investigating a murder. I have a strict policy of not talking to the police so I deleted the message and forgot about it. Don’t be shocked by my not wanting to talk to the police, even in a murder case. For starters there is no way on the telephone to verify that who you are talking to are really the police. The other concern that I have is that the police could be lying to me when the were actually investigating me. I did not have an attorney representing me so I found it unwise to talk to who ever was trying to get a hold of me. I foolishly assumed that in the United States that I still had a right not to talk to the police. Boy was I wrong.

I started getting calls almost hourly from numbers that I did not recognise so I did not answer them. My mother in Florida however did answer her phone. If the police could not get me to talk to them they would terrorise my mother until I talked to them. (Yes I said “terrorise” as that is the main function of modern law enforcement IMHO) I finally relented and spoke with some female storm trooper, somewhere, telling her that I was not the person that they were looking for and I then foolishly considered the matter closed. That was until the next day when my mother informed me that this female storm trooper was still threatening to put out an APB on me if I did not call her yet again. Considering the warped mentalities that the organised crime family called law enforcement attracts I figured that she was just a control freak that wanted to make absolutely sure that I the slave knew my place. I talked to her again and she assured me that she was satisfied and that there was no need for further contact between us. (Never trust a cop as when their lips start moving they are lying.)

Let me back up a minute and fill you in on what I discovered as things unfolded:
Recently the show “Americas Most Wanted ” featured a show about a Paul Michael Merhige that murdered 4 people on November 26th in Jupiter Fl. (

Sometime around December 21st I went into a post office box type store in Marshfield MO. It seems that the person working in that store was an indoctrinated brown shirt that dutifully called Americas Most wanted hotline with the license plate number of my FL van saying the she had sighted Paul Merhige. It was also during this time that I noticed that the battery life of my cell phone was drastically reduced. I suspected that GPS tracking had been turned on. To verify that this was the case I fully charged it one night and then turned it off. The next morning when I turned it back on the battery was half dead. Doing some research on the Internet I came to the conclusion that for this type of drain that I was being monitored audibly in addition to GPS monitoring. I also learned that police could accomplish this as easily as blowing their nose with absolutely no oversight by anyone. I called my cell phone provider Verizon (another Brown shirt company IMHO) only to be told that they could not divulge whether GPS tracking had been turned on at law enforcements request unless I subpoenaed the information. Basically told to go pound salt because how many people have a few extra thousand dollars laying around to pay someone that belongs to the BAR monopoly to serve a subpoena?

Forward a few days….. I hear a rumor that the Marshfield library that I had just left was invaded by storm
Troopers. They ordered everyone out at gun point and were overheard to say “we know he is in here.”
Well my brain works very slowly sometimes or maybe I just don’t want to admit that I am living in the Matrix and have taken the red pill. A self imposed denial because the world is just too screwed up to contemplate. Now with the gift of hindsight I see that the storm trooper from Americas Most Wanted lied as expected and put an APB out on me. She did it just for spite is my suspicion. Just to teach one of the slaves that this is what happens to you when you dare question your masters. The other lesson learned from this is that your friendly tax supported public libraries are not only in the business of electronic book burning with their Internet filtering they are now in the Brown Shirt business. It seems that the ID I provided to get online was used surreptitiously to run an NCIC warrant and wants check on me. I assure you that the next time I visit a public library it will be a time for me to be surreptitious also and do something perhaps like urinating on one of their books and putting it back on the shelf and seeing how long it takes them to find it.

I also learned that law enforcement has a collective IQ of maybe 50 if they are lucky. If the Marshalls service or whoever put out the APB on me wanted me for some legitimate reason they had my cell phone number and my cell phone was on and contains a GPS chip. Alternately the Marshfield storm troopers could have made a phone call to whoever issued the warrant and gotten my phone number and called me on my cell phone rather than performing an armed assault on the library. This is the law enforcement that we have 10 years after 9/11 with billions of dollars spend on training and tools for them to more effectively fight terrorism. Instead of law enforcement it seems to me that they are in the business of training brown shirts that will someday rat you and I out for either having a bible a gun or some other item the new world order prohibits. Nor are they at war with terrorists they are at war with anyone that dares point it out when they violate the law or believe in the Constitution. As I am sure you already know law enforcement is at war with you and I.

Let’s forward a few days to Sunday December 27th.
I am in my van at the town square in Marshfield using WiFi from the coffee shop to check my email. I hear a voice to my left and glance out and see a storm trooper about 30 feet away, that has a 12 gauge shotgun leveled at my head and another has what looks like a .223 rifle probably an AR15. I get out and lay on my belly on the 20 degree street all the while informing Barney Fife and company that I am not the guy they are looking for and that this really looks like a law suit to me. While I was laying on the ground handcuffed they made another mockery of justice in that they made a quick look around my van with the legal pretense that they were looking for weapons that I could use to harm them with. While doing so this yoyo turned his back on me and if I had, had a pistol down the back of my pants or in an ankle holster I could have shot him as they had not even checked me thoroughly for weapons at all. I informed him of his error but he seemed unconcerned. I hope he has his life insurance paid up with an attitude like that. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to read about him some day on the Darwin Awards site.

Before they took me to the Sherriff’s office just across the street they asked for permission to search the van that they had already looked at. I was at this point thinking clearly enough to deny them permission.
After a short time in the jail I was told by what I thought to be a detective storm trooper that I was free to go after all he had done was to see my drivers license and check it out. They then began their psych-op on me using the good cop bad cop technique. These guys being the beneficiaries of various MK Ultra operations such as the one that tortured children at an orphanage in Canada, were very good at what they are trained to do. They lied me and asked me if I wanted to “get this thing cleared up?” They inferred that giving them my digital fingerprints would do the magical trick. I gave them my finger prints, a mug shot from 3 angles, my local address, and my cell phone number by the time they were through with me.

When the information came back from the finger print check they closed the door so that I could no longer hear. I surmise that is the part where they put me on a terrorist watch list because I believe in the Constitution and read the bible. Isn’t this what we pay these guys for?

I was relentless in my questioning as to how the finger print check was going to change things. They finally got tired of me asking, and admitted that they thought that I was homeless and just wanted to check me out so they lied to me to get me to comply. They also let me know that this changed nothing as far as “clearing things up”. Once an APB is put out, even though we can send men to the moon, the storm troopers do not see it fit to design a mechanism into them to negate or recall them. Therefore it is conceivable that I could go through the same guns being pointed at my head tomorrow in Marshfield. If I were to go to another town say Springfield the likely hood of that happing again goes way up. If I were to go to a library to use the Internet in another town the likely hood of that happening again approaches even odds. What a wonderful free country we live in!

I now live in fear. I am afraid to go to town to get on the Internet. I find myself taking the battery out of my cell phone when I travel. I wonder if now that they know where I live if they will come in the night to take me away? (Like they practiced at the G20 in Pittsburgh.) I keep a weapon by my bed now. I am thinking of moving even though I have nowhere to go. I have business that needs taken care of in Springfield but am afraid to go there.

Do you think I over react? I have spent over half of my adult life homeless and have been raped by law enforcement on a regular basis for as long as I can remember. This is just one of many indignities, the latest being raped by the storm troopers in Marshfield MO that pose as law enforcement. I wonder how many other Americans were raped by the airing of this show?

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  • Common Sense

    Wow, GPS tracking? Cell monitioring? MK Ultra operations? And to think, a quick trip to the PD would have cleared this up in 10 minutes.

    Maybe you can relate your paranoia of government mind manipulation, covert ops, black CIA helicopters and brain implants to your therapist, or the Lifetime Network, I’m sure they could use a good plot line.

    (I first thought Wolfy had retured..)

  • Zombiecmh

    Good lord common,
    Never ever talk to the police for any reason unless they have a warrant and you have a lawyer.

    Tracking a phone via gps is a real possibility. Your phone is in constant communication with the towers.

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  • Common Sense

    GPS tracking has been discussed before, your cell can be ‘pinged’ at anytime to within 3-30 meters with a simple faxed subpoena. I only make the reference here that he seems to be a textbook paranoid schizophrenic.

  • JT

    FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool.

    The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

    Common Sense …. you lack that entirely, I strongly suspect you are a government troll, fishing about hoping to get a threat or something that you can create a case from, if not that you are a complete and total fool.

  • VooDoo6

    Please use a comma and some correct punctuation the next time you decide to write a worthless book! Librarians running records checks, GPS tracking, and all because someone said they noticed someone from America’s most wanted! Dude your an idiot. Act right and the cops leave you alone!

  • BluEyeDevil

    Ya, I have to agree with the others my friend, your story seems to James Bond for me, I’m on your side really but to much New World Order Conspiracy stuff. Seriously if you could have just went down to the police station and cleared it up with no problems, especially on a murder case, dude that’s when the cops have a job to do and you got to give them all the slack they need for that one. If your innocent, clear your name on a murder charge.

  • Yogi

    Nice job, guys, for being tools and thinking that this could never happen to anyone. Please tell me VooDoo what exactly you mean by “Act right”? Because it seems to me you’re just advocating blind obedience rather than questioning authority and thinking for yourself. They illegally detained him, extracted all his private information, and searched his van without his consent… all for fuckall, because this man tells the truth about our Slave Masters.

    Really, I’m disappointed at how complacent so many of you have become at the sight of your freedoms vanishing under the guise of “security”

  • d0nj3nko

    Common Sense is a puppet… These guys are using Haarp technology and chemtrails (they now admit) to affect weather patterns etc… There are fusion center’s all over recording every piece of info out there with billions spent for the storage of this information, all done off the back of a false flag! You think it is far fetched that a vocal opponent of the police state who is actively exposing their crimes could be targeted in this way? I think you all need to take your head’s out of your a***’* and wake up. The police state is here and common sense is an enemy of liberty and a paid puppet! God bless us all.

  • Common Sense

    …false flag operations?…chemtrails?

    you left out death rays, black CIA helicopters, secret FEMA camps, truther stuff, maybe soemthing about the UN and Freemasons, and oh, mention something about the flag having a fringe…

    This guy wasn’t hassled by the cops for crossing the street, he was being questioned for a killing a family of 4. Just like others have said, take 10 minutes out of your day to free up the notion your a mass murderer.

  • Common Sense

    ….”enemy of liberty” awesome

  • Common Sense, the enemy of Liberty

    ha ha ha

  • d0nj3nko

    You truly are a puppet… You are either very stupid or are paid for your input. You just can’t think outside the box, the mainstream media along with your daily dose of aspartame has you truly dumbed down ready for your next fix of corporate reality. Try alternate source’s of information to at least get another side of the story, chemtrails are now acknowledged by government… I feel sorry for you ‘common sense’, how ironic you picked the name of what you totally lack. God bless us all.

  • Common Sense, the enemy of Liberty

    Ha ha ha, don’t look now! The FBI/CIA/NSA/NCAA/NHL/TSA/FSB/Mi5 are all monitoring you…no one else, just you…

  • t.

    Has acid trip maybe?

    Regardless of whatever substance you enjoy ingesting…the perfect example why how stupid the “never talk to the police” thing is. What could of been cleared up in just a matter of minutes took much longer and ended up much more involved. That’s is of course if you belief any of it in the it place.

  • Buford T. Justice

    Wow… I thought I had seen some paranoid MF’s in my days of working the mean streets but this guy is the champion!!

    Living proof that drugs make you paranoid and psycho.

    I bet if you look real close along your hair line you will see the scar from where the government implanted the tracking chip while you were sleeping…

  • VooDoo6

    @Yogi I mean exactly what I said. Just fucking act right and the police won’t mess with you. I have been pulled over but never arrested. I got a ticket because I broke the law and went over the speed limit. So fucking be it. My car has never been search or even asked to be search, but if they did ask to search it I would absolutely let them. I know for a fact I have nothing to hide. I have never been approached by the police for an investigative reason. So like I said “act right” (like you have some damn sense) and this shit won’t happen to you.

    Even if I did decide to turn my camera on and record something that I had no involvement with, when the cop (as they always do) approached me and asked for my ID I would give it to him. Once again because I have nothing to hide. So Yogi, this is the answer to your question, JUST ACT RIGHT!

  • Glenn

    Hey did I mention that law enforcement personnel are 236% more likely to commit sexual assault than those in the general public?

    Did I also mention that the majority of victims of sexual assault at the hands of law enforcement are minor children?

    Unless of course citing FBI Uniform Crime Reports makes me a paranoid schizophrenic…which I certainly hope it does.

  • d0nj3nko

    I notice how common sense doesn’t deny being paid for his input… He is part of the police state and on their payroll to quell independent thought that goes against the establishment. Common sense is some little zionist controlled puppet and in my opinion an enemy of his fellow man. Anything that he writes is to justify what the state has done or when the evidence is irrefutable and no argument can be made, you hear very little from him, just enough to try and do damage limitation for his masters! I am curious as to your opinion about the late Kelly Thomas and police actions that night? God bless us all.

  • JT

    Boston civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate calls his new book “Three Felonies a Day,” referring to the number of crimes he estimates the average American now unwittingly commits because of vague laws. New technology adds its own complexity, making innocent activity potentially criminal.

    I seriously doubt anyone here has a law degree that could refute this. Now how many city ordinances in your city ?
    How many state statues ? How many federal laws ? Do you really think you’ve done NOTHING wrong ?

  • d0nj3nko

    Common sense is usually the 1st to reply and yet here we have silence to my simple question. Says it all! God bless us all.

  • Common Sense, enemy of Liberty

    No, it means that Common Sense has a occupation with flexible hours and a social life. I was down at CIA HQ adjusting the sensors in your skull. You wil feel much better in the morning about a number of things. Just don’t go near any microwaves or cell towers for a bit.

    Trust me, I’m with the government….

  • mobooz

    Homelessness and paranoid schizophrenia go hand in hand. I hope he’s found shelter and treatment since this was written.

  • d0nj3nko

    And yet common sense has not answered my question, all I read is sarcasm that you resort to frequently, they do say it is the lowest form of wit and I believe a sign of your puppet mentality… I am curious as to your opinion about the late Kelly Thomas and police actions that night? God bless us all.

  • Common Sense

    Thomas will be interesting to see play out.

  • d0nj3nko

    You obviously lack the intelligence to understand the question (Which further enhances my belief you are a police puppet) or you just want to side with the police even though in this case they blatantly committed murder, either way you are nothing but a tool… Your credibility is eroding very quickly in my eyes and I hope others now see you for what you are. I am pleased to have exposed you… Oh wait, here it comes… Some puppet sarcasm or maybe you’ll do us all a favor and keep quiet! God bless us all.

  • Common Sense

    Simple put, unless you are an expert witness or a jurist, your opinion means little. A jury will decide their fate. Seems there was sufficient evidence to indict but with murder, one typically needs to prove intent. It seems unlikely their confrontation was planned out in the locker room. Manslaughter is a better route, but again, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. Then there goes jury selection, change of venue and another round if motions. Like I said, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    And please, don’t let me keep you from searching for secret FEMA camps…move along citizen, move along…

  • zilda

    Seriously? idiot.

  • d0nj3nko

    Your wit shining through again! It was blatant murder and any jury will see that, say bye to your boyfriend Ramos! I suspect your the only puppet on here routing for the filth that did this, even your colleague’s some of them will be as disgusted as the rest of us!… One more question… If the police break the law, they get very light sentences if any when compared to the public who they swear an oath to protect, do you think this is acceptable?

    NOTICE: I suspect Common sense is more than one (police puppet) user, they take shifts with this account, I would put money on it!

  • Libertarianawesomeness

    Common Sense has no Common Sense! I have your back d0nj3nko! Don’t waste your time on this Statist over here. That is all. lol

  • d0nj3nko

    Cheers mate, I am glad there is someone else who realizes the people posting under the name common sense are police puppets and obviously very bad news. It is quite saddening that these low life’s are paid by we the taxpayer for protection and yet they have no empathy or remorse whatsoever if common sense is anything to go by. It is also quite scary that they take the time out to do damage limitation by trivializing the police crimes exposed here, even poor Kelly Thomas for Gods sake. I hope people are realizing after reading these comments what common sense represents and what they are doing! God bless us all.

  • cookie

    I saw a Youtube instructional video on how to remove the extra battery from your cellphone. Just taking out the one you can see won’t stop the possibility of monitoring.

  • Common Sense

    With murder, you must prove malice aforethought. That’s the issue. You can prove negligence, but not intent. The sad, repeative song you are once again wrapped up in the emotion of the incident. You fail to actually look at statutes and jury instructions to actually see how a prosecution works. Again, you fail to understand that there are usually several specific elements to a crimes that must be proven to a jury. You can assume, but proving malice is difficult. That’s why there are lessor degrees of murder, like manslaugher, which is a more fitting charge, since ‘intent’ is typically not a requirement.

    Much like Culpepper, even though the cop was charged with ‘murder’ – but once again, the element of ‘willful, deliberate, AND premeditated killing’ is required to prove 1st or 2nd degree murder and would be rather difficult to prove beyone a reasonable doubt.