Get Cops Out of Schools Before It’s Too Late

The following story caught my attention because I went to jail for highlighting something similar – police abuse (or interactions) with kids in school. This story comes from Akron, Ohio where it seems a Middle School Police Relations (funny, relations) Officer fractured the arm of a (then) 13 year old girl because she was swearing. According to Ohio.com:

A mother is challenging the school assignment of an Akron police officer accused of fracturing her daughter’s arm while physically restraining the eighth-grade girl.

The incident was recorded on a security camera at Jennings middle school. The video shows Officer Jon Morgan rushing 13-year-old Tamika Williams at a doorway and forcing the student backward across a hall and against a locker.

The officer then grabs the girl’s left arm and spins her around, raising the arm up toward her right shoulder. At one point, the girl appears to be lifted by the officer several inches off the ground while other students mill through the hallway.

Morgan appears to speak into the girl’s ear before escorting her by the arm to an assistant principal’s office. There is no sound to the video.

The student, who has since turned 14, is not charged with resisting arrest or any other crime related to the Oct. 26 incident.

She has since transferred to another Akron middle school. Morgan remains assigned to Jennings while an investigation into the incident enters its third month.

Before I get to the actions of the officer and my rant about the utter silliness going on here. Take a look at the video again and this time watch the other children. What do you see them do? Nothing right? In fact, some stroll on by like nothing is going on. Wake up Parents! You’re raising your children to be obedient slaves who accept violence by some random government agent without question. Fathers, would you want the man (eventually/hopefully) dating your daughter to stand by, doing nothing, while some government agent breaks her arm? Please talk to your kids about doing what’s right, even if just filming the interaction for transparency and accountability.

Now that I got that off my chest let’s talk about having cops in schools! I know with the recent school shootings people are calling for more Cops in schools so let me clarify. I’m all for responsible people having firearms in schools and by responsible I also mean accountable. For example, Officer Morgan – the arm breaker – has continued to work at the Middle School with the internal investigation is completed. Meanwhile, the girl – who had her arm broke – has since transferred to another school. Are you freaking kidding me? This is how the public officials running the police and school departments decided to handle this? This is accountability? They can’t even put the officer on a desk job for a little while but have no problem shipping off the girl who swore.

Who’s a bigger threat, or more likely to use violence, towards the student body? The 13 year who swore or the grown adult who broke her arm for it? Give me a break people! Stand up and speak out. Get these people, who just so happen to be cops, away from your children. The Parents of Jennings Middle School should be pulling Officer Morgan out of the building by his shiny little badge. Maybe the parents would if they weren’t just as scared as their kids are in this video. End the fear, live in peace.

If you (dis)like this story, check out the Manchester Excessive Force post/videos that landed myself in jail for 90 days. Once again proving how backwards the system is. Neither I or this 13 year old girl ever laid our hands on anyone, yet, we were punished. While those who did  harm others walk freely amongst your children. Are you concerned yet?

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    Ademo, welcome back, and great comeback story as well.

  • clyde Voluntaryist

    A good book on this is LOCKDOWN HIGH by Annette Fuentes.

  • http://thorax232.blogspot.com Ethan

    It all starts in the schools. Those kids seemed to be used to those kinds of things happening like it’s normal, they’re going to grow up thinking so too.
    Family Survival Course Book

  • thinkfreeer

    Great post. I never thought they belonged in schools in the first place.

    First of all, it may be a matter for editors to edit out, but is it not a FUCKING crime to swear! So, in both cases it was intimidation, not law enforcement.

    As for police at schools, you know this is not going to be a good thing, if you read the news at all. We have kids getting arrested for stupid shit, drug dogs sniffing around, abolishment of the 4th amendment in school, and zero tolerance policies. The proposed solution to public school mass shootings (yeah all SIX of them – 3 with so called assault weapons) is to put a police officer in every public school, presumably because they have a gun and can stop a mass shooter before it is mass (4 or more)? That’s just plain dumb. It might work if every public school was a one-room schoolhouse. But with one police officer in a large school, the response time is not enough to stop the mayhem, unless the officer was right there (unlikely as most shooters have eyes) and was very brave (.40mm handgun vs. AK-47 is no contest). And, since the bad guys could have assault weapons, I guess the officers should, too right? And let’s make sure they wear those all-black combat uniforms, too. Doesn’t work? Hell, no.

    So, maybe we put a half dozen of them in plain clothes? Please no! Headed toward the absurd. And who pays for this? Just one officer at each public school would cost about $70 billion, yep, with a B.

    So, if there are maybe 80 million gun owners, I’ll bet we could get enough volunteers! Especially if they get a free gun and ammo! Or, how about letting teachers and staff carry? My guess is that would never fly with the school officials or the police, even though it makes the most sense.

  • Nbcrew

    Fantastic read

  • thinkfreeer

    Sorry, correction. I was thinking 9mm and changed my mind to .40, but that should not have the mm.

  • rick

    Police in schools is bad news. The common officer is reactive and excellent for acting upon a crime in progress. The idle officer, as YouTube shows time and again, will harrass citizens (and ignore civil liberties) in their overzealous attempt to be proactive.
    Worse yet, as mentioned above, is the indoctrination of students to never question authority or hold accountable the actions of any citizen including officers and teachers.

  • shawn

    ” The idle officer, as YouTube shows time and
    again, will harrass citizens (and ignore civil liberties) in
    their overzealous attempt to be proactive.”

    That is probably the best point. When a cop gets bored, he makes work for himself or looks for a puppy. Remeber the forgotten merchandise story? No fan of theft, but if he had nothing better to do, i can help him.
    While normally i would say use a professional to protect the kids, cops are born cowards who are more likely to shoot a kid to save their own worthless lives. Remember the cop who shot the clerk fleeing an armed robber?

    If cops are going to be in school, they should be restricted to police activity ONLY. If it isn’t a crime, it isn’t your business. You are there to protect the kids, not discipline them.

  • t.

    Funny. All of the pro-gun cop blockers (NRA supports / types) should be for cops in schools as the NRA and others are calling for more police, not less.

  • shawn


    Mostly, i am supportive. But they should limit themselves to protective functions, not worry about potty mouths.

    But i also don’t trust a cop to put the kids’ safety first. Cops have proven that their life is first, and all else will be sacrificed to that god.

  • certain

    Peace officers in schools, maybe, there are pros and cons. Thugs who break a little girl’s arm should be prosecuted just like any other child abuser. Let a parent break their kids arm for swearing, what do you think would happen?

    No double standard here, move along or we’ll beat your kids up.

  • thinkfreeer

    Peace officers? Please. That’s so old hat. I wish that were their role. That was the intent. As I noted on a city court building built in the 30s (WPA) with an inscription on the front, “Obedience to law is liberty.” That used to work. And we need something. But we don’t need this shit. Police (not peace officers) have become enforcers of 100’s of thousands of laws we don’t even know, and tax, er ahem, fee, er ahem, violation penalty money grabbers. Or, if they don’t like what you are doing, they arrest you for “wiretapping” or “disturbing the peace” or “disorderly conduct” or some shit. Then you are left to the court system for processing. Gee, thanks! That’s like saying, “Better have some money, asshole. How do you like this shit?” And even if you can successfully defend yourself, you have to pay your lawyer and a bunch of court fees. Like we weren’t already paying for the government in all forms.

  • thinkfreeer

    I’m not sure if I am the only NRA supporter on Cop Block. But, I am life member NRA. That does not mean I agree with LaPierre’s proposal on the table (as I said, a dumb idea, but it may be a political position to placate (look it up) the bleeding hearts who are so upset about 20 kids), any more than I agree with the Asshole-In-Chief and any of his shit. The fact that he appointed Crazy Joe Biden to work out the proposed restrictions on our liberties means he can’t be too serious about following through, though. But when I see lots of anti liberty (gun grabber) stuff, I always donate more to NRA-ILA. Bring it on. I have paid lobbyists and some cash to make it happen.

  • thinkfreeer

    Oh, and please, be my guest. Ban High Capacity Clips. I don’t have any. Only Magazines.

  • Common Sense

    Akron school girl accused of assaulting teacher, student

    By Phil Trexler
    Beacon Journal staff writer

    Published: January 9, 2013 – 03:53 PM | Updated: January 9, 2013 – 05:06 PM
    Tamika Williams, 14, suffered a fractured arm when confronted by an on-duty Akron police officer at Jennings Middle school. Williams was arrested Tuesday for assault. (Karen Schiely/Akron Beacon Journal)
    View More Photos >> Akron school girl accused of assaulting teacher, student January 09,2013 10:06 PM GMT Phil Trexler Beacon Journal Publishing Co. Copyright � 2013 Beacon Journal Publishing Co. Inc and Black Press. All Rights Reserved. Any copying, redistribution or retransmission of any of the contents of this service without the express written consent of the Akron Beacon Journal is expressly prohibited.
    An Akron middle school girl whose arm was broken during a confrontation with a police officer last fall was accused Wednesday of assaulting a fellow student and a teacher.

    Tamika Williams, 14, was arrested at Litchfield middle school, the third district school she has attended this academic year.

    According to an Akron police officer’s report, Tamika was yelling and angry while chasing a boy down a hallway at about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. At one point, she tossed a binder at the 12 year old, who ducked away. The boy then ran into a classroom where he tried to hide behind a female teacher.

    Police say Tamika pushed the 55-year-old woman and knocked her to the floor in an effort to get to the boy. Tamika eventually left the classroom and was taken to the principal’s office.

    The extent of the student’s and teacher’s injuries, if any, was not available. School officials would not comment on the incident.

    Police have charged Tamika with two counts of juvenile delinquency by reason of assault, one count a felony, the other a misdemeanor. Her status as a student and potential disciplinary sanctions is not clear. A family member took the girl home.

    The arrest of Tamika comes about a week after an attorney representing the student and her mother shared surveillance video depicting an October confrontation between Tamika and Akron police officer Jon Morgan inside Jennings middle school. Tamika suffered a broken arm during the confrontation.

    Eddie Sipplen, an Akron attorney representing the Williams family, said he has yet to gather all the information regarding the Litchfield incident.

    “Whatever happened still doesn’t diminish the actions of officer Morgan or change the fact that he broke her arm,” Sipplen said. “We all know that she is a troubled child, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.”

    In the video, Morgan appears to rush the girl, force her against a locker and twist her left arm behind her back. The twisting broke Tamika’s arm. The student had just transferred to Jennings from Innes middle school because of disciplinary issues.

    Tamika’s mother, Sandra Williams, filed an excessive force complaint against Morgan in early November. The investigation is not complete.

    During an interview last week about the incident, Sandra Williams questioned why Morgan continued to be assigned as a resource officer at Jennings. A day later, Police Chief James Nice and Akron Public Schools Superintendant David James agreed to reassign Morgan until the conclusion of the police investigation.

    School officials on Wednesday declined to comment on the incident at Litchfield and referred a reporter to Akron police “or to the parents or attorney of the student involved.” In an email, spokeswoman Sarah Hollander also said: ‘‘We take discipline in our schools seriously. Each incident is handled based on the individual facts in each particular case.”

    In the Jennings case, Morgan’s report shows that during her first two days at Jennings, Tamika was walking around the school cursing in the hallways and pulling papers off the walls.

    Morgan also wrote that he spoke to Tamika in the stairwell just before the incident to tell her how “her juvenile behavior if continued could become criminal.” It was then that Morgan alleges the girl “turned into me with her chest, like a chest bump” and with her hands on her hip said, “Now, what are you going to do about it?”

    Morgan then writes that he pushed her against the locker and used “an arm lock to gain control and affect the arrest.” At one point, Tamika “tries to pull away from me,” Morgan said.

    The student was not charged with a crime.

    Akron police officers are assigned to the district’s 18 middle and high schools to provide security. They are not expected to become involved in school disciplinary issues.

    Phil Trexler can be reached at 330-996-3717 or [email protected].

  • Jim

    The NRA is the biggest batch of badge-lickers in the country.

  • t.

    @Shawn: No, the school, and therefore the officer should be very concerned with “potty mouth” in schools. Its the simple things, kind of a broken window theory type of thing. Kids who can’t respect not only teachers, but their fellow students. I don’t my kids, who have to be there, to have to put up with that kind of disruption. Maybe if her parents took care of things at home, it wouldn’t be a problem for the school. But alas, like so many things today, everyone wants to be at the extremes and not living and acting with any common sense.

  • http://www.nvnc.org Corporate Entity

    Agreed…Its like the common sense has been bred out or from the fluoride in school programs is really working…

  • shawn

    And T proves the comment that when a cop doesn’t have a crime, he’ll find some reason to boss a citizen around. Gee, why is there so little respect for cops, or other officials for that matter? Stick to the job you were told to do and let those trained to handle basic disciple without a taser or breaking bones handle the kids. They will tell you when they need your assistance, i promise.

    Her cursing is at worst a school issue. It was not a crime, no matter how you or i might feel.

  • Common Sense

    Apparently she it was more then a ‘potty mouth’ the second time she was arrested. She lacks basic social skills and that’s why she was arrested the second time, for assault on both a teacher and another student, one misdemeanor and one felony.

  • t.

    Shawn: So apparently you overlooked ignored @common senses comment and post article? As usual, you are looking a single thing and ignoring the large issue(s). Without looking at the totality, all of it, you are making an u informed judegement (and no offense…it is classic @sShawn behavior – narrow views).

    Look at @commons comment. That girl is well beyond just a school problem. But you are so ready to excuse her behavior, and place everyone else (in this case the students and teachers) in danger. You need to start seeing things as they really are. You are just u willing to place responsibility where it belongs…on her and as a juvenile, on her parents.

  • KAZ

    To show everyone the complete double standard for accountability look at this incident. A cop breaks a young girls arm after he confronts her for her bad behavior at a middle school in akron Ohio. (not his job by the way) The police officer is not charged with any crime and was allowed to continue working at the middle school.

    Several months down the road the same girl who was forced to changed schools due to the above incident is accused of assaulting another student and teacher at her new school. The girl was arrested and immediately charged with assault. (thanks @common sense for pointing out this double standard)

  • shawn


    I don’t excuse anything. I’m just saying that the cop had no business in the isse. A fact common bore out when he posted that the officer had no authority over normal student discipline.

    There is a difference between giving her behavior my blessing, and reminding cops to remember the limits of the badge. There is no totality of
    situation here. Her actions have nothing to do with the officer’s. He had no authority in the situation, but TOOK that authority. A common issue with cops seems to be knowing where to stop, regardless of their opinion. A cop is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own laws.

  • shawn


    “You are just u willing to
    place responsibility where it belongs…on her and as a
    juvenile, on her parents.”

    You seem unwilling to accept this one truth. We are each only responsible for our choice. Do you see no responsibility for a cop to control his use of force? He injured a 14yo girl. I suspect he let his anger overcome his self control.

  • t.

    Oh. I guess I just doubt that these are isolate incidents. The is early a child with big issues that creates big problems for everyone else. The officer does have authority and duty to keep the peace. Heck, that’s what you always say you want us to do, keep the peace and not enforce the law, right? I’m not misquoting that idea am I? Long term discipline is absolutely for the school. But immediate breaches of the peace are clearly inthe pervue of the officer.

  • Shawn


    The cop has the authority to enforce the law, period. Nothing else. He isn’t a teacher, councilor,ect. Now the school has every right to make rules for the purposes of keeping order, just like any other organization. It was within their rights, if she broke the rules and refused to accept discipline, to request officers remove her from the premises. But a cop has no right to make his own rules. That isn’t your role.

    And it was specified, I say it yet again, that the officers had no place in ordinary student discipline. In short, his job was to scare anyone planning to go in with a gun, and enforce the law if need be. That was it.
    Her other behavior had nothing to do with his choices to take authority not granted to him. That behavior does need addressed, but from within the school authority and parents, not a cop who doesn’t know his place. When she committed a crime, that is when the cop was needed, and not for any other reason. It isn’t your place to raise her, regardless of whether her parents do so correctly or not.

    What is it that you think? Because you have a badge it is your place to do anything you want for the betterment of society? It isn’t, even if I agree with you. You need to learn when to mind your own business. Correcting children for legal but rude behavior isn’t a power of your badge.

    “Long term discipline is absolutely for the school. But immediate breaches of the peace are clearly inthe pervue of the officer.”

    cussing, which is the part I’m addressing, is not an immediate breach of the peace. Hell, cops cuss up a storm when dealing with the public, and it doesn’t bother you. Cussing was not a crime, it was a school infraction at worst, and the school’s problem.

    Again, when a cop is bored, he makes work for himself. A cop just can not resist exercising power over people.

    You need to get over this view that your badge lets you dictate your social views. I long accepted that I don’t have to like what someone else does for it to be legal. There are lots of things I don’t like.

  • t.

    Again, you prove my point nicely. “cussing” in general conversation is fine. Even as as means of protest, acceptable (within limits). But as part of a disturbance, as in disturbing the peace through speech (cussing or not) and / or other action / behaviors…is, well a breach of the peace…which clearly falls within the officers duties. Why do you think she has the “right” to disturb the other in the school? That’s clearly what you are advocating here. What about all of their rights? Don’t they matter there oh protector of the rights? You would really want your kid to have to sit there and not only listen to this kid screaming obsenitiy but risking assault as she did during her next outburst. While I don’t know her history, from what we can see, she certainly has some problems. So you just keep ignoring the rights of everyone else.

  • shawn


    I think you might be combining two seperate incidents. One seems to be nothing but cussing in the hallway. Big woop. the other involved chasing a boy and getting into a confrontation.
    That one needed a cop.

    And in either case, fracturing her arm is a little much. I haven’t seen her picture, but she’d have to be a big girl to need that much force.

    All i’m really saying is that unless a crime happens, like the second incident, let the school handle basic discipline. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill. I know cops think they have all the answers, but the rest of us are usually pretty competent at doing our jobs, without all the legal protections and excuses cops need. I’m sure the school knows how to handle a little cussing in the hall. And I’m sure that if they need you, they will tell you so.

  • http://clarkcountycriminalcops.wordpress.com clarkcountycriminalcops

    If the goal of putting cops in schools is to save lives, then we need to take a breath and look at the statistics.

    You are more likely to be shot and killed by a cop than shot and killed in a mass shooting.

    Add to the that the fact that cops are sexual predators at a rate nearly three times the general public who prey mostly on children, it doesn’t seem at all sensible to put them on school campuses.

  • http://clarkcountycriminalcops.wordpress.com clarkcountycriminalcops

    @T makes a very good point. It is useless to expect more from a police officer than a teenager. As he is quick to point out, we should expect rational behavior from teens, but to expect a similar level of maturity from a police officer is nothing more than a pipe dream.

  • t.

    @clark: shhh, the grown ups are talking.

    @shawn: I’m just combining them as theyare showing a more complete picture of this girl, as opposed to just singling out one instance from the other. As I said, it’s highly unlikely that these are isolated incidents with the girl. And all of her behavior (her free will choices BTW) needs to be taken into account. Now you are wanting to see just a little bit of a single event. But you, nor I, know the totality…not of her past behavior or even of the two detailed events. But just taking the little that is know, she is WAY out of control. And her behavior shouldn’t be tolerated. And, again, as clear as I can make it, a breech of the peace clearly falls within the officers duties. Makes no difference if its in a classroom, or on the sidewalk or in the park. As for tactics / force used against her. Well, I guess the old adage of “ask them, tell them, make them” applies. If you don’t think a teenager can resist arrest or anything else, go try and arrest one.

  • Anonymous Coward

    The kids should have taken his gun and waxed that cop. Want to send a message? Lawsuits and protests DO NOT EVER WORK! TAKE DECISIVE ACTION. That works well. Ask George Washington.

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  • thinkfreeer

    Seeing how we can’t ask George, what actions can you take right away?

    Participate in your town or city budget process. Work for reduction of police department funding to a level that makes sense. Make them drive old cars like you do. They don’t need tanks and many other expensive things. Work to pass local policies that they will not accept federal mandates, funding, or materials. The feds need to butt out of local policing. It will only lead to a police state.

    Call or write your representatives in Congress and ask them to stop sending federal money or federally funded items to local police departments.

    These are the most effective ways to reduce the abilities of local police to be where we don’t want them, and do things we don’t want. Many of the checkpoints use federal or state funding, not local.

    Remember that the old “To Serve and Protect” has been ruled on by the Supreme Court – they have NO DUTY to protect you. Don’t count on it. Protect yourself. You may have to protect yourself from the police. But there’s certainly no reason to encourage them to interfere with day-to-day life lived within the law.

  • t.

    Thinker: keep thinking. Most places are increasing their budgets and department size because they realize the effectiveness of the police. If you haven’t heard…crime rates are down a dnso are traffic fatlaites. Direct result of the police. Thanks for playing.

  • YankeeFan

    That is true, T but coupled with increased police forces,the chance for increased complaints of police abuse, misconduct and etc. Not saying they are valid but the two do seem to be related. If we do see a legit increase in police misconduct then what do we do about that?. Take it as the ends justifies the means. Just a random thought as I do not have stats on police misconduct numbers for last year or even the last few years. I am asking because the number of departments that are being investigated at the minimum by ther DOJ seems to increase. There is a 60 minutes investigative report on the Chicago PD as they lead the nation in confirmed false confessions and they are being investigated by the DOJ for their interrogation practices.

    Let me add this disclaimer. I have no issue with police but an increase in police forces has the great potential to increase the chances of police misconduct of all kinds!!

  • t.

    YF: Just keep in mind, it is an old tactic, that unfortunately works due to weak administrators,for those who are wrong doers, or wanting to be wrong doers, to complain about officers who are aggressive in eenforcing the law or even the entire agency, because they want to do whatever they want too, to whomever they want, and they don’t want to get caught. Then of course there are the huge uneducated, wrong complaints. As example, I happened upon a YouTube video of Ademo getting arrested for an outburst in court. OK. But the funny part was that he, and his crowd, were absolutely dead wrong in what they thought. It was all about a judge commenting on, what I think was Pete’s statement that he hasn’t beenread his Miranda rights. Now iI know I use Miranda as an example frequently. But that isbecause it is a case from 46 years ago, that iisn’t particularly tough to understand. But there they were, bitching and complaining because they thought that judge was so wrong. Uneducated point of view. My point of bringing it up is, as I started with, just because there is a complaint of misconduct or abuse, doesn’t mean there is misconduct or abuse. Just look to this over site for the evidence. So many of the articles and videos posted don’t show misconduct or abuse. They generally show that someone thinks the way they were treated was wrong, when it wasn’t. Just saying.

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  • Frank

    You people are All sick in the head. She was not restrained for just cursing, she was acting like a fucking animal and got treated so. I would love to hear how all of you think would have been the right way to stop her actions after being kicked out of other schools then comming to this one assaulting two people then acting like a animal Tearing down the new schools that were just built. Maybe we should just sit back n let her do what she wants because of what? Because she was black? Get a grip on life u clowns these kids are who we need to run this country if they want to act lik animals they get treated so. If my kid acted like this the school nor the police would have to deal with it because I would. And for the mother it looks like she should have never have had kids if you can’t raise them to be a normal person with a little respect. Last how many schools should she be transferred to?