“If I end up on YouTube I’m going to be Upset”

TheDrewKS, on YouTube, made the video above regarding his camera being taken by a local police officer of the Ramsey County Sheriffs Department. Even though TheDrewks was filming her legally, in public space, the officer still took the camera. She, the officer, even acknowledges TheDrewks’s right to film but them mumbles something about the privacy of another person. Sorry folks, if you’re in public space it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, you can be recorded. In fact, this is extremely common due to all the camera at business and in possession of government (like red light cameras), so you’re already being recorded.

TheDrewks then heads down to the police station to try to get his property back. After a long conversation with two police officers they promise to help return his property and sort out the misunderstanding. Yet, two weeks go by before TheDrewks ihears anything back so he attempts to inquire about his property again. That’s when he finds out that not only are the police keeping his property but they’re actually charging him with disorderly conduct (contempt of cop) and obstruction of justice. All because the police simply don’t want to admit their officer did wrong and make right. It’s more logical, in the minds of police, to place a few charges on TheDrewks to justify the actions of their fellow officer.

I feel that TheDrewks will win this case, even if only in the court of public opinion, because he’s done what most forget (or are unable to do). He took video of the incident and posted it publicly, as well as the video/audio of the follow up incidents. Making it clear to everyone that the police are simply protecting themselves and highlighting, with amazing clarity, who has the gun in the room.

I’ll keep you posted on the progression of this case and feel free to check out TheDrewks’s other CopBlocking videos on his YouTube Channel.



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  • http://thorax232.blogspot.com Ethan Glover

    I wish him luck. I think he’ll win too, cops always think they can do whatever they want until they have to go to court. Their like little child bullies who always get scared and will only apologize when they’re sent to the principals office.
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  • Ken W

    Awful. Government thievery.

  • pedro

    u need to file your complaint with the station and immediatly file your lawsuit,,,that fuckin bitch should hang and the rest of the pussy cops that side with here should loose their jobn and if the district attorney doesnt drop the charges immediatly file a lawsuit on him and the city as well, make thenm pay ,,thats the only recourse and the only thing that will make them somewhat accountable,,, altho they really dont care because it really comes out of your pocket anyway , but if she gets enough lawsuits go against here they will fire here,,,,and now she is on u-tube,,,suck it bitch,,haha

  • Ken W

    Who can I call? This is serious bullshit and makes me angry as hell. Straight up intimidation. This needs to be a call flood. These people need to know they can’t intimidate people like this. “The charges can be dismissed after one year”? How about you file theft charges on that officer?

  • steve H

    Mickey O. of NPPA can help you out on this and get you the right referrals. As soon as the prosecutor knows you have a competent 1st Amendment attorney, charges will be dropped because if a statute intersects with the 1st Amendment the attorney can motion for declaratory and injunctive relief. Meaning that the statutes could be found unconstitutional, and while there is an injunction, no leo in the State could arrest anyone for those two “crimes”. A competent prosecutor isn’t going to risk that.

  • Preston

    LEO Mullner should know that cops that act above the law and,”don’t want to end up on you tube” are the videos that get the most attention.
    Then they put him in a prisoners dilemma by charging, intimidating, and not allowing him to view the evidence.
    No right to privacy in a public space, for anyone!

  • BluEyeDevil

    Fuck the legal mumbo jumbo these idiot cops admit he committed no crime but steal his camera and are trying to cover it up. What the fuck who where has the crime been committed here, the theft of his camera and the violation of his first amendment rights. YOU PIGS ARE SICK ANIMALS………………………….

  • BluEyeDevil


  • DTom

    sent an email to the Sheriff’s office – everyone should call or do the same. This is getting out of hand people!

  • simpleton

    To TheDrewks, Good video and it looks like you have your bases covered with one exception. At the end of the end of the video when you were talking with the Sergeant….did you make him aware you were recording the conversation? That got Ademo in a heap of trouble, hope it doesn’t for your sake. Good luck.

  • simpleton

    I do find some humor in the fact that as soon as a LEO utters the words “I don’t want to end up on youtube” they’ve just sealed their fate. They WILL end up on youtube.

  • Exador

    There must be a forensic data recovery company that can recover the video. Just because the dumb cop deleted it, doesn’t mean it’s gone. Recover the video and end that bitch’s career.

  • BigPoppaAZ

    According to Randy Gustafson (Reminds me of “Grumpy Old Men”), spokesman for the Ramsey County sheriff’s office, “It is not our policy to take video cameras. It is everybody’s right to (record) … What happens out in public happens out in public.”, though he declined to discuss details of the case, saying it is an “ongoing investigation.”

    So here’s the rub, Deputy Muellner did after the fact of confiscating Andrew Henderson’s property, Deputy Muellner wrote on the citation, “While handling a medical/check the welfare (call), (Henderson) was filming it. Data privacy HIPAA violation. Refused to identify self. Had to stop dealing with sit(uation) to deal w/Henderson.”

    We all know Muellner didn’t want to end up on “the YouTube”, by her own admission. Seems like HIPAA was quite far from her mind.

    The allegation that his recording of the incident violated HIPAA, or the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is nonsense, said Jennifer Granick, a specialist on privacy issues at Stanford University Law School.

    The rule deals with how health care providers handle consumers’ health information.

    “There’s nothing in HIPAA that prevents someone who’s not subject to HIPAA from taking photographs on the public streets,” Granick said. “HIPAA has absolutely nothing to say about that.”

    She had never heard of a case in which a law enforcement agency cited HIPAA to bar someone from recording, she said.

    Once again, an LEO attempting to justify their unconstitutional actions, by grasping for straws.


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  • http://www.yourrightscount.com Ted Buselmeier, Esq

    I am an attorney and I would like to get in contact with Andrew Henderson. I am seeking to represent him pro bono (no fee). If you have his contacts, please have him contact me at 763-682-1324. Thank you.

  • Helping Out

    When an officer tries to take your camera, be respectful, but remind them that the camera is recording evidence and by them taking the camera and stopping the footage, they are technically tampering with evidence, destroying evidence, and obstructing justice. If they still want the camera, give it to them, but at least those words will be on film.

  • courtofpublicopinion

    what??? no comment from t or senseless??? has anyone checked on them are they ok? rofl notice how they stay away from certain posts? hmmmm,

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  • greg adlesperger

    I myself have been forced to bring lawsuits against approximately 10 judges in Hillsboro County and the state of Florida. I fell in have permanent nerve damage in my back in 2006. I had a shady attorney who did nothing to bring forth the evidence that would’ve brought a reasonable settlement to my pain and suffering in my two year time frame. I filed a malpractice lawsuit against Tim Prugh and Associates precedents is clearly been set forth in this case. I’ve had my child support stopped and arrearages forgiven due to my injuries. I was let off probation due to driving with a suspended license early because of my injuries in Florida. If you get caught driving on a suspended license due to a DUI, which I blew .00, it was because of prescription medications that I received this, the judge would not put me in jail due to my injuries. I have earned my Social Security disability due to my injuries and finally on January 13, 2010. Judge Martha cook ruled that Tim PruGH was not there helping me and that he had never helped me and the $4000 check that was made out to him was reissued to me and she said he could sue me if he wanted the money will that leaves me with a wide-open door to sue him. Unfortunately the judicial system would do anything and everything to try and stop me from seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which are my constitutional rights. So I wish this man well and hope that he has better success in dealing with the corruption that runs rapidly through our governmental system

  • http://www.facebook.com/OregonCopblock chris p.

    http://alturl.com/9ypcs they stole my camera here in Oregon