Man Looks Everywhere for his Lost Dog, Only to Find Out that his Best Friend was Executed by a Rochester, NY Police officer.

By Davy V.

Steven Jodoin-Benus says he must have covered 100 miles over the last couple of days looking for his best friend Codi, a 1 1/2 year old pit bull terrier.

On Monday January 7th, when Steven took his friend home after they had gone ice fishing, Codi got out and wandered off.

Steven barely got any sleep looking for his beloved dog that night.

After posting an ad in the lost and found section of Craigslist, Steven and Ranger, Codi’s brother, searched everywhere near near his Greenleaf Rd. home in Greece, NY.

They looked through fields, streets, a golf club and the Greece, NY animal control.


The next day, Tuesday, with just a few hours of sleep, Steven was up at 4 am, continuing to look for Codi.

Steven then went to Rochester Animal Control on Verona Street near downtown.

An employee walked him back to the cages housing dogs, most of them pit bulls.

But no sign of Codi.


Before leaving, Steven filled out some forms describing what Codi looked like.

Wednesday morning, Steven got a call from a woman who had seen the Craigslist ad.

The woman told Steven that on her way to work Tuesday, she had seen Codi near Abbott’s ice cream on Lake Ave. near Lake Ontario.

Steven raced there, but once again, disappointment set in as there was no sign of Codi.

Then, Steven went back to Rochester animal control on Verona St. to see if Codi may have turned up.

It was then that Steven learned what had happened to his best friend.

An employee who overheard Steven describing Codi, pulled Steven aside and told him that Codi had been shot and killed by Rochester Police near the Lake Ontario pier.

Steven broke down.

Too distraught to see his best friend, Steven’s mom later went to Verona St. and identified Codi.

“My mom said he had a bullet hole behind his shoulder, that was a kill shot. He was my best friend.” Steven told me as we sat down at Tom Horton’s in Greece, his eyes watering.

He told me about how he and Codi met.

Codi was just 5 months old when Steven rescued him from a home near his job on Rochester’s northeast side.

“I actually saw Codi being born, then as he grew I realized he wasn’t being taken care of. His collar was gouging his skin, he was dirty, he had fleas and worms when I got him.” said Steven.

Then Steven told me something about the first time he had gone to Rochester animal control to look for Codi, when he was taken back to see all the dogs.

“They were all barking and their ears were cropped, they had the big collars on, and looking at them you could just tell that they had a rough life.” he said.

And as I sat there with Steven I realized just how much he loved his best friend.

I also couldn’t help but think how ironic it was that Steven had rescued Codi, a beautiful dog, so he wouldn’t end up like those dogs Steven saw in those cages, only for some trigger-happy Rochester Police officer to shoot him before Steven could find his best friend.


I will be updating this story.


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  • Aaron

    I definitely feel for ya, bud – my son’s bull terrier, Nala, is just the sweetest girl you’d meet – but this could’ve, and should’ve, been avoided just by keeping her on a leash. Nala loves to run free in the snow, but that’s in our yard, when they come over for sledding and we’re all watching her.

    It’s just for his own safety because it’s not that you can’t trust the dog; it’s that you can’t trust the cops. Sorry to hear about this. I hope Codi didn’t suffer long.

  • Don

    I’m sorry for your loss, but your dog, Codi, is NOT the one needing a leash. All leash should be put around the necks of the Rochester, N.Y. police who committed this wanton act of animal cruelty.

  • wiguy

    Keeping the dog on the leash? Every single dog owner has at least one story of the dog getting loose. It happens.

    RPD seems to be a rather sick bunch.

  • t.

    A little short on facts. Actually, a lot short on facts.

  • BluEyeDevil

    Hey T.,
    Gonna use a line that I’m sure you will appreciate. “I will not respond to this post with emotion”, because you are right who knows what the fuck happened. The story is real short on facts or substance. Having said that, it is obvious that there is an animal control in this town, why did they not handle this? Is it police policy to shoot every stray animal they come across or was the animal a danger to the public? Did the animal try to attack someone and the police had no choice? If there were innocent bystanders around why where the police firing their weapon in a public place? Seems to me a quick call to animal control would have fixed the problem and everyone is happy? Was there a police report filed since the use of the service weapon was used? If not get a lawyer because law enforcement was derelict in their duties! You have a witness it sounds like use them to get paid, give the witness a little kick back for their troubles. not trying to sound insensitive and I am sorry for your loss but pigs do this shit all the time and need to be held accountable!

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  • Backfire

    Next time, don’t let your dog get out. If it had been hit by a car, instead of being shot by police, would it be the drivers fault? It’s your fault your dog is dead…

  • Zapeee

    @t glad to see you are not taking sides

  • Zapeee


    let me know how that logic works when your son gets hit by a car on the way home from school

  • Levi

    @ backfire, He Didn’t LET his dog get out, he Just Did!, Dogs sometimes get out, it happens. All you can do is your best to prevent it. But like children at a park they get loose sometimes, and Wander.

  • Levi

    Ive seen Cops reach over a fence and pop dogs, just BECAUSE they have a badge, even when the yard isn’t even of a house under investigation. Guess what happens to the cops? Nothing!!!!! To those saying “maybe you should not let your dog out, you are ridiculous to think that its even possible to prevent your dog from escaping at least once! All of my dogs have gotten out At least once in their lifetime, and ALL have even been INDOOR dogs. But even if you could keep them from getting out, so many dogs get murdered in cold blood by police! I swear its their favorite pastime, go around and shoot dogs that resemble pits (even if they have NO pit in them)

  • Backfire


    If my kid had the menatl capacity of a dog, I would not let them out on their own.

  • Stephen Olney

    Although I empathize your loss, I also find hard to believe that an officer of the law who took an oath to serve and protect, just as your beloved friend did when he was rescued, could possibly have intentionally found it in his protective blood, to shoot an animal that did not impose a threat. As this would be considered Dog hunting. If this is the case, then perhaps the RPD should start thinking about doing the same with the hood-rats walking the corners peddling drugs-n-thugs life to the city’s youth. Boy would the crime rate go down…. Highly unlikely that was the case, my condolences for your loss.

  • underoath

    Nice edit of the original title!

  • / Susannah Duonola
  • forex

    Fuck you all Forex bustards

  • Artie

    Enter “Backfire”, another gloating sociopath.