Who’s Responsible for Andrew Layton’s Death?

Andrew Layton, a former combat medic, assigned to 492nd Engineer Company, was honorably discharged in March 2012. Ten months later he died while in the custody of Mankato police employees Daniel Best, Kenneth Baker, Kyley Groby, Audrey Burgess and Craig Frericks. So what happened?

Unfortunately as Layton can’t weigh-in himself, we’re forced to try to ascertain facts from the so-claimed “authorities”, who have, since Layton’s death, claimed that he was found unconsciousness, while at the same time, noting that he became combative when they arrived. Huh?

But that’s not the only questionable aspect of this incident. As Layton’s uncle, Brad Hanson noted:

We just learned there’s some discrepancies between the police report and the BCA investigation. At first they didn’t say there was a taser. Now they’re saying a taser was used. We’re getting that from the bureau.

The indented text below was written by Dan Nienaber. The italicized text below, written by Digits puts-forth some good questions surrounding the Layton’s death. It appears some of the so-claimed “authorities” weren’t entirely transparent about their dealings with Layton.

If, after you become more familiar with this situation, things don’t quite add up, feel free to call and question those involved.

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I wonder if Hy-vee, the grocery store where the police employees first made contact with Layton, has any surveillance footage? If you’re on the ground in the area perhaps you can do a follow-up? The store is (507) 625-1107

Mankato Department of Public Safety

  • 507-387-8780
  • 710 South Front Street, Mankato, MN 56001
  • http://www.mankato-mn.gov/Police/ServiceArea.aspx

Blue Earth County Jail

  • (507) 304-4830
  • 401 Carver Road, Mankato, MN 56002-3129
  • http://www.blueearthcountymn.gov/index.aspx?nid=321


And Daniel Best, Kenneth Baker, Kyley Groby, Audrey Burgess and Craig Frericks – since you were on the ground interacting with Layton, if something happened that night, or since then, that doesn’t bode well with your conscience, get it off your chest: [email protected]



Andrew Layton

MANKATO — A 26-year-old North Mankato man who died after being found unconscious at the downtown Hy-Vee store was tasered twice by at least one of the police officers who arrested him.

Andrew Layton was unconscious in the store’s entry when police officers arrived at about 4:40 a.m. Jan. 1. An initial news release only said he was arrested because he became combative, his heart stopped on the way to the jail in an ambulance and he was brought to the Mankato hospital after he was revived. He died there Jan. 5 (…)

The above was the initial news release. It gets confusing after that…

The initial Department of Public Safety news release also said an ambulance responded to Hy-Vee and Layton was taken to the Blue Earth County Jail in the ambulance. Layton’s family also had questions about why, if an ambulance was necessary, Layton was taken to jail and not the hospital. Layton’s heart stopped at some point on his way to the jail and he wasn’t taken to the hospital until after he was revived.

What does that mean? So he was taken to the jail? His heart stopped on the way to the jail? But only after being at the jail did they take him to the hospital? Did they revive him at the jail or in the ambulance on the way to the jail?

When Hentges was asked those questions, he provided some answers by forwarding an email to The Free Press that was sent to him by Todd Miller, director of Public Safety.

The email said Layton “immediately became combative” and fought “violently” with the first officer who arrived at the scene. It also confirmed a tasing device had been used on Layton.

So Layton was found unconscious at a Hy-Vee; Became “immediately combative” and “fought violently” with the first officer and, was at some point, tasered.

“The officer called for assistance and additional officers and a commander responded to the scene,” Miller’s email said. “During the struggle, the individual did not respond to officer’s (sic) repeated commands and subsequently was tased twice in an effort to control him.”

Officers were able to handcuff Layton and identify him as someone they had been in contact with before. A Gold Cross Ambulance crew was called because the officers were concerned about how violent he had been and suspected he had been using drugs.

But had Layton’s heart stopped at this point? Or was it after he was already on his way to jail via ambulance? Yes; ON his way to JAIL via ambulance.

“An ambulance was summoned for Mr. Layton and for reasons that remain as of yet unclear, Gold Cross Ambulance personnel transported Mr. Layton, along with two Mankato police officers riding in the ambulance, to the Blue Earth County Justice Center.”

So…when did his heart stop? It seems his body (at least) made it to jail [via ambulance] and then at some point his body was taken to the hospital? Via same ambulance?

  • certain

    So he was found unconscious and became combative, did he? The worst part of this is that nobody on “that” side of the fence will even question such a ridiculous statement.

  • Common Sense

    From reading several articles about this, the timeline is rather murky. Either he died in an ambulance, or he died after being in custody for 4 days. Either way, the article above also fails to note the timeline as reported by several other news agencies. From trying to peice together the clisp, it seems the confrontation between Layton and the police took place on Jan 1st but Layton didn’t die until Saturday the 5th. -Or- maybe his heart stopped at the jail and he was taken to the hospital on the 1st, but didn’t die until the 5th.

    With a rather poorly written article(s), one can only assume that he was arrested and lodged (mode of trasportation not withstanding) but never the less, after 4-5 days of incarceration, if he were alive (not dying until the 5th) as one news agency implies, he requested no medical assistance from jail staff? Apparently he was screened as part of the intake procedure and deemed ‘fit’ for incarceration. No family upon hearing that he was lodged make notification about pre-existing medical issues? He made no calls for help from family for friends? His drug past notwithstanding, it seems that it was a medical issue and not police, that cause his death.

    One news account of his past:
    “…The Jan. 1 incident isn’t the first time Layton had been arrested. He had been charged with methamphetamine possession as recently as August and he was arrested in 2010 for assaulting a police officer during a routine traffic stop in Austin…”

    Another of the timeline:
    “…According to the Mankato Department of Public Safety, it happened on New Year’s Day just after 4:30am in a grocery store parking lot on Riverfront Drive. Authorities say Andrew Derek Layton, 26, was found passed out in the store’s entry-way. Police say they woke Layton up, and he became combative.

    Authorities say he was taken to the Blue Earth County jail by ambulance. Once they got to the jail, they found Layton was not breathing and had no pulse. Life-saving measures were taken and Layton was taken to the hospital.

    Layton died on Saturday, January 5th. He was taken to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner for an autopsy. Results are pending….”

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    Another veteran that fell through the cracks. Or was shoved down under them more likely.

    And common sense is a pedophile rapist.

  • Common Sense

    Oh look, the clown is back, say something funny clown. Make me laugh.

  • KAZ

    I see once again that the so called authorites are trying their best to blame the victim for his own death. It’s no suprise that that there are conflicting stories from the police, that happens every time people lie to cover up their mistakes. I sure the police didn’t want to kill this young man, but they did make some serious mistakes that led up to his death. The thin blue line will eventually come up with a story that all officers involved will follow and accept as truth.

  • t.

    KAZ: What “serious mistakes” did the police make? Was it that the police responded to an uncounsicous person in the doorway? Or was it trying to render aid to him? Oh, I know, it was when they defended themselves when he went crazy after he came to?!? Oh, no….it was because they used a “tasting device” (“Taser” BTW is a brand name) while trying not to have to hurt him?!?!?! Wait…no it must have been because they called EMS to help, yeah that was must have been it??? Wow, with all those arguments, yeah the authorities were way out of line. His method. Use / abuse is a far better thing and him trying to hurt others while on said method should just be tolerated.

  • Buford T. Justice

    Who is responsible for Andrew Layton’s death?
    Here is a big ol’ leap…
    Andrew Layton is.

  • http://digits.newsvine.com Digits

    claimed that he was found unconsciousness, while at the same time, noting that he became combative when they arrived. Huh?

    Right. When there are inconsistencies right off the bat like this, especially when the victim ‘gets dead’ and cannot tell his story, there is an undeniable cover-up of facts in progress.

    And because no one desires to get investigated – cops included and perhaps, maybe, even especially – it makes whatever did happen look a lot worse.

    I look forward to hearing more on this. Thanks for reporting it CopBlock!

  • t.

    Digits: Doesn’t who found him unconscious there scooter.


    So there is no question ask to…wtf brought him to become passed out at the store at the 1st place???? I’m sure that had nothing to do with his death………………………….

  • jackie

    I am his girlfriend and all you people with the nasty comments can fuck off. Andy was a wonderful person who had his share of struggles and made mistakes like the rest of us. He died 4 days later because when he got to jail they revived him after 24 minutes and was brought to the hospital. He wasn’t breathing on his own and his family had to make the decision to pull the plug. He was at hy vee after he chose to leave a party because someone was trying to fight with him. After asking several people for a ride to no avail he left on foot. He was probably just trying to warm up and make some calls. I am proud to say there wad NO drugs found in his system and very little alcohol, does that answer all your questions you fuckers who have nothing better to do than write hypocritical things about others you know nothing about…

  • Fuller Malarkey

    So sorry for your loss Jackie. Thank you for the information about how and why he came to be at HyVee. I can’t apologize for the antagonisms of the cretin cops that lurk here. If it’s any consolation, every time one of those antagonist cops posts here, a few of their brother cops will get a load of jawack in his lunch. I have an arrangement where I contribute a 12 pack in exchange for a dose of justice anytime a citizen is wronged.
    For the disrespect shown you and yours, today I’ll buy two.

  • TLN

    You do a great job of reporting the part of the story that works for you. Unfortunately there is a bit that you left out. You may be seeking justice but why not be honest and tell the whole story.

    The Jan. 1 incident isn’t the first time Layton had been arrested. He had been charged with methamphetamine possession as recently as August and he was arrested in 2010 for assaulting a police officer during a routine traffic stop in Austin.

    Hanson said, as far as he knows, Layton had quit using drugs recently. He also said hospital staff told his mother there were no drugs in Layton’s system, but there was a “little bit” of alcohol.

    It is very sad he lost his life but do you really think the police were out to kill him. If he had been arrested in 2010 for assaulting a police officer is it a stretch to say he could become combative towards an arresting cop? Who’s responsible for Andrew Layton’s Death? Andrew Layton.

    Who’s guilty of poor journalism and trying to take advantage of someone’s death to promote their cause? Pete Eyre.

  • http://digits.newsvine.com Digits

    Jackie – I am sorry for your loss Jackie. And of course I am sorry for the loss of Mr. Layton’s life. I am sorry for what his friends and family have endured and can only hope that there is future justice in this travesty. Innocent people shouldn’t die at the hands of the police; Especially in a country that still promotes the dream of freedom.


    TLN – I don’t see how his former possession or arrests have dick all to do with his death brought upon by the Jan 01 2013 incident.

    Why do people do that; Bring up a person’s past police/legal encounters/issues? To show they were ‘worthy’ of a brutality or impropriety? To display how they were not ‘good citizens’ worthy of the full rights that John Doe withOUT run-ins should be able to enjoy? Not good enough.

    You asked: “If he had been arrested in 2010 for assaulting a police officer is it a stretch to say he could become combative towards an arresting cop?”

    Being arrested doesn’t mean he did it. And if he DID do it, maybe you are trying to show he has a temper he cannot control. In either case, although I see your point, I think if he WERE combative on Jan 01, that being found unconscious in public might could lend more to that verb. It might be disorienting & confusing to be woken up in such a situation and, in future situations moving forward, I would hope the police would think about potential brain injury. Would the police feel justified in tasering someone they’d just woken up who was suffering a concussion despite any combativeness?

    And for the record, I do not think the police are out to particularly kill anyone. It just so happens that, in this case, it looks like a lot went wrong.

  • Shenanaigans Guy

    “Who’s responsible for Andrew Layton’s Death? Andrew Layton.”

    TLN… Your argument is based on the assumption that people will only ever continue down a single path of behavior. Your assertion could hardly be more wrong… There is not a time-line of this incident that makes any sense whatsoever. The police DID, in fact, know who he was was soon as they made contact with him. Irregardless of how “combative” he became and whether or not the police “defended” themselves or acted out of anger, Andrew’s death still falls at the feet of those PROFESSIONALS who responded to him.
    If he was truly in need to aid, and truly warranted an ambulance ride to the jail (which, by the way, is not even close to routine- EMS takes you to the hospital; cop cars take you to jail), there is zero reason he shouldn’t have been immediately taken to the hospital. The ambulance literally DROVE PAST the hospital to arrive at the jail. Upon arriving at the jail, SUDDENLY Andrew was dead? Yet neither the police officers nor the F***ing EMS “professionals” noticed he wasn’t alive during the ride? There was no heart monitor hooked up to him? That doesn’t make any sense at all… No, far more likely, is that at least one of the police officers involved decided Andrew “deserved” to die. Either in the parking lot when they repeatedly delivered electric shocks to him (an action which they denied when first asked about the incident [I wonder why…?]), or during the ambulance ride when his heart stopped, someone PROACTIVELY decided that Andrew’s life was worth less than John Q Public’s.
    Someone is responsible and I hope they hate themselves. If there was no wrongdoing being covered up here, the police and EMS would not be afraid to release an honest narrative of the events that night. But what do we hear instead? Silence… Broken only by the higher-ups releasing of cryptic nonsense intended to make it sound like everyone involved “did their duty”. Note how there has been to statement by the EMS involved. No statements by any of the individual officers involved. Silence speaks volumes and their lies are a slap in the face to the public who pays their salaries. Put as much make-up as you want on a horse, it’s still a f**king horse no matter how many times you tell me it’s an elephant.

  • last minute

    looks delicious

  • Dan Zarmbinski

    Rock county is where my family had to go through a traumatic ordeal with Baker. I can’t go into detail because we are currently in preparation to once and for all get rid of Baker and also our County attorney who has covered Bakers messes for to long. It is simple Baker will eventually have to answer questions in court about our situation. when he does and i have no doubt try to lie under oathe, well that is against the law and violates the agreement he signed. If anyone see’s him tell him Dan said to ask hey ken how many people were there at our home at 2: am the night you forced your way in and threatened my 15 year old son because he asked to see a warrant which you did not have and if you did you also refused telling him open the door or I’ll put you down and take you with us! should of done it by the book you know clear the house make sure those who are innocent are out of harms way? Not force your way in quietly m,oving around after treating my wife the way you did my son. two words ken surveillance system. Also like i said who was in our home and how many? their names etc… I promise you folks that realize kato took in a Rat that he is through. To think he left the scene of his dui twicw left a trail a blind cop could follow and went home only to talk through the to a suspect and let him sleep it off and sober up. they locked down our school and 5 came in to our home to arrest me for not talking to the public defender that I had fired 4 months earlier. If they had waited a few minutes my kids would have come home and answered the door! I have spent more than five years with the help of many and also have spent many months in washington DC working on cleaning up Rock county. I am there now. You will be hearing about it as will the whole country. Baker is done. also any of you cops who don’t like us who talk about your brother ken baker, come see me and tell me what your feeling and about your stress etc… Or not. ken knows how to reach me not physically he would need a ladder and a sack lunch if he ever had the guts to face me or anyone eye to eye he is a coward. someone said he wrestled in school and must have suck or something poor guy as issues. lol be seeing you baker in court.

  • Mike Wilen

    Ken baker is one of the arresting pigs was also involved in a hit and run case a few months back. He was drinking at a downtown pub.when he left for home he slammed into a parked car then he took of. his bumper came of with a licence plate. he then came back and retrieved his bumper. someone are the scene wrote it down and he was picked up a full 24hours later with all of the booze out of his system. he got a slap on the wrist and is still a pig here in Mankato.