(Video) Officer Valerio of JSO Acting Noteworthy…


In another creepy encounter with JSO, HONORYOUROATH meets up with his old pal “Officer” Valerio.

  • Gordon Freeman

    Good to see officer short dick is still on the job. NOT

  • 1605

    Why do so many cops make so much effort to look like motorcycle “gang” members? Who are the emulating?

  • thinkfreeer

    They ARE gang members, just not motorcycle.

  • HonorYourOath

    John,thanks for posting this!

  • shawn

    Excuse me, but did i just watch a cop hold someone’s ID hostage to get something he had no right to demand?

  • HonorYourOath

    Shawn yes you did just see that. Here is the original video of what happened.

  • def

    ahah, I got one! As if he reeled a fish in. ROFLMFAO.

    Lot of cops standing around getting paid by peoples taxes to do nothing, mean while, someone is being raped and/or murdered.

  • Dan

    He showed you that he still has your ID, That’s funny,

  • HonorYourOath

    Just to be clear,Officer Valerio does NOT actually still have my ID. I just thought it was funny when I noticed he had an ID in his hand.

  • t.

    Can’t believe I wasted my time watching this crap.

  • Backfire

    So, what was creepy about the second encounter?

  • BluEyeDevil

    LOL, all I got from this was the nice ass that the K9 cop was sporting.

  • Zee L Usay

    At what point does his unlawful retention of you ID become a theft? Report it stolen and make a report, report the theft to the local paper then tell them how it was stolen. Once you make the “official” report things should have to be handled differently; it depends on how bad the system is there.