Open carrying 460 Magnum; Denying giving ID to the cop upon request

I was open carrying a 460 Magnum on my chest walking home from the gym when I encountered this. I saw two cop cars (one with its lights on) next to a civilian car that was parked and off. I didn’t see a civilian. It was about 3:00 AM in the morning.

The reason I stopped and filmed was because I saw the cop going inside this car. When a tow truck pulled in the lot I assumed that they were just towing an illegally parked car (car was in a handicapped spot). I dont know police proto call but I found it weird that the cop would have his emergency lights on for just simply getting a car towed in an empty parking lot with 0 traffic around with the assistance of an additional cop car. And also for the fact the cop was going through this car looking for stuff. I decided to continue filming just encase the tow truck driver accidentally damaged the car or something and claimed that it was that way when they showed up. The cop didn’t seem to like me filming and asked me if I needed help several times. After the tow truck drove off with the car I proceeded to walk home. The cop pulled up next to me and proceeded to ask me for my name. When I refused to answer he was quite rude in telling me “thanks for cooperating.”

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  • Common Sense

    3am and opening carrying but when the cop shows up, you hide your cell/camera?

    Nah, I think you where waiting in hopes of a confrontation and the cop, who was professional, just drove away….

  • Glenn

    Taking the comments of an admitted rapist pedophile like common sense with a grain of salt, one has to wonder if police officers ever act in a manner that could be considered excessively confrontational.

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  • Common Sense

    t was right…


  • certain

    Out late at night, carrying a .460 Bright. And your next of kin MIGHT even get a nice cash payout when you eventually get filled full of lead. Is it really worth risking your life to prove a point? If it were necessary in day-to-day life to carry a large caliber rifle around, to protect yourself and your family, I would be the first one out arguing for it. But all you’re accomplishing is putting yourself and anybody in your immediate vicinity at risk.

  • In

    Yeah. It was about an hour long walk in Alaska. So yes I do find it relevant to carry a large caliber handgun. Bear attacks happen every year here.

  • Dan Sayers

    @certain: So if a law-abiding citizen is doing something that even the law admits is legal, and somebody harms him for it, it’s his fault? So when your sister gets raped, you will tell her she shouldn’t have had on a short skirt? It’s NEVER okay to blame the victim. Also, what does necessity have to do with it? Is it necessary for you to carry a spare tire with you wherever you go? Are you LOOKING to get a flat tire? Of course not. But we all carry one anyways despite them being far more unwieldy than a firearm. I carry a spare tire and a firearm and hope it won’t be NECESSARY every day. In the few times it has been necessary, I was glad I had it.

    As for the policeman saying “Thanks for cooperating” I’d respond “I cooperate with lawful advances only.”

  • Ed D

    I don’t see the big deal in what the cops were doing. The emergency lights were there to warn any traffic that might come by in the area. When towing a vehicle, cops routinely inventory the items inside the vehicle before having it towed.

  • J

    He just wanted to get a closer look at him.

  • t.


  • Common Sense


  • certain

    I’m not saying right or wrong. I’m just questioning if the risk is worth it. If your in Ak, then it makes sense.

  • In

    @Certain… I do not need a good reason or even a reason at all to open carry. I don’t understand the “risk” you are talking about. Are you one of those people who thinks that because someone is walking around with a gun that someone is just going to try to shoot them or steal it? That’s just nonsense. If someone wants to shoot me they don’t need me to be carrying a gun to do so; and, your gun is more likely to be stolen from inside your home (even in a safe) while you’re out as opposed to off your persons while you are out. Also, me being in Alaska just doesn’t suddenly mean its ok for me to carry and not someone in NM or elsewhere. When I’m out walking I’m more worried about defending myself from people (including cops), and stray dogs who may be aggressive, than I am bear. Bear and moose is only a small reason in why I open carry a large caliber handgun. Being from any state most of those apply.

  • Justice_League

    @in cognito

    Vehicle inventories are an exception to the 4th amendment:

    If you are going to hold law enforcement accountable, then you need to know what is permissible and what is not.

    For your reading:
    Vehicle Inventory
    Cady v. Dombroski, 413 U.S. 433
    Colo v. Bertnine, 479 U.S. 367
    Ill. v. Lafayette 462 U.S. 640
    S.D. v. Opperman, 428 U.S. 364

    Abandoned Property:
    California v. Greenwald 486 U.S. 35

  • In


    Sorry I disagree. #1 I never said anything the cop was doing was wrong. All I said is i was filming just to make sure nothing does go wrong. IE If the tow truck drops the car and damages the shocks I have it on film in case they deny doing the damages. In no way do you need to know what is permissible to hold law enforcement accountable. All you need is a camera. Hell you don’t even need a person behind the camera. Often times just the fact that someone knows they are being filmed means they will dot their I’s and cross their T’s.

  • D.J.

    One thing I have noticed about many Copblock videographers, is that they seem to be uneducated and illiterate. Example: proto call, encase. Wow, you’re a f@#*ing idiot. You guys wouldn’t like it if someone came to your work place with a camera, poking and prodding at you, especially when your job is such high risk anyway.

  • courtofpublicopinion

    @ dj since most workplaces already have video surveillance cameras and since i already drove past at least 10 red light cameras on my way to work i would not be upset i would chalk it up to the world we now live in and if you are not doing anything wrong who cares who films me in public, i personaly LOVE the videos of cops telling them to stop filming them especially on the streets of say orlando or tampa yea right officer i will turn off my camera when they turn off all street corner cameras all redlight cameras all store cameras that are also filming parkinglots streets ect we live in a world full of cameras bend over take it and get used to it!

  • paul

    Inventory searches are done for accountability that way if something of value goes missing we know where to start looking for it (cop, tow truck driver, etc).

    I have to say it’s nice to see comments with some reason in them and not just a bunch of people jumping all over the cop for asking a guy for his name. So what if his he gave you a smart ass response? From his perspective, you’re out walkin around at 3am , maybe there’s been a series of house breaks recently and he’s suspicious and wants your name in case something gets reported later and you’re either a suspect or a potential witness to something. Either way it’s 3am and after asking if he could just grab your name he realizes you’re just looking to push his buttons so he just forgets it and drives off. What do you expect everyone to be officer Friendly? I probably would’ve been a smart ass to you too. I’m sorry if that offends you but cops are supposed to do their jobs and be accountable for their actions. I don’t see that he didn’t live up to that in this case. I don’t even know why this video is posted on here, nothing happened.

    And on a side note who gives a shit that his lights were on, I do that sometimes so the half asleep tow truck drivers can find me easily. And maybe the other cop was there to share information from a previous call or just bored sitting by himself in a car out in podunk and thought he’ stop and talk for a minute, who cares? Go be a cop and you can do it however you want to but don’t criticise someone for doing his job a certain way if it’s not hurting anyone.