Boulder CO Cops Accused of Executing Neighborhood Trophy Elk with Shotgun


According to articles linked by Facebook Page:  Justice for Big Boy the Boulder Elk,


Allegedly, some cops in Boulder CO conspired (one took the night off) to harvest a friendly beloved neighborhood Elk which area folks referred to as, “Big Boy.”

I’m personally speechless.  Comments are always welcome.

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  • Common Sense

    I think they were both on ‘unpaid leave’ and were charged.

    Something tells me that posting pics of you and then calling your buddy and having him butcher it was probably the wrong direction to go in. It would have been better to just go to the zoo and shoot oryx.

  • badgeabuse

    Like most cops….they lack common sense!!!!!!

  • certain

    LOL, they just got carried away with the whole “we can do whatever we want” philosophy. But let’s see how much trouble they actually get into.

  • slappy

    The officer took the elk so it wouldn’t hurt or kill someone idiots. They aren’t pets and they will become very aggressive and destroy property. Idiots

  • BluEyeDevil

    LOL, I would love to mount a cops head to my wall next to this fine elk

  • certain

    Slappy, find out what actually happened, then you won’t look so stupid. Did you even read the story before you started flapping your fish-lips?

  • Chris

    T… So what is your lame opinion about this story? Oh the COPS did nothing wrong right? I’m sure that is what your thinking you worthless POS…

  • DoctorK

    slappy, The elk were here long before we humans were….he had more right to be here than we do. The elk was not showing any aggressive tendencies at all. Your comment makes no sense! The cops wanted a trophy and figured they could get by with it. They were wrong.

  • Maddness35

    Disturbing to say the least. Never should those that would harm the helpless be allowed this tyranny, so freely. The Elk was a threat? It could commit damage to property or people? DO YOU NOT SEE THE FUCKING INSANITY BEHIND THAT LOGIC?!!! I can easily harm and destroy, I could go do it right now, walk right into Slappy’s house and do as was done to that elk. So since all animals are capable of destruction and killing, shall we all be disappeared? Hunted? Killed? Detained? EXTERMINATED? huh Slappy?
    If I were a betting man, I’d bet Slappy will be a great example of what our global leaders expect out of a common citizen, no sense and complete submission.

  • YankeeFan

    They have been charged with felonies according to the update on injustice everywhere.

  • Vernie

    I live here in Iowa. I have read stories about this Elk several years ago. Don’t remember where but it was written up and I read it. I also gave up hunting years ago. Even then, it was a means to put food on the table and if I shot it WE ate it. That need isn’t there any more so I quit hunting. I have wild rabbits, Deer, Coons, etc. running around here. Agreed, they could do some damage but they don’t. Many of the “Wild” animals are harmless and I have some that come within 10 feet of me. But, if a person thinks about it “wild’ is just a term used for animals that NOBODY owns. Otherwise people would be eating their pet dog. Animals are living, breathing, things that have feellings, wants, and needs. Hunting them is like fishing in a bath tub!!!