PoliceOne.com Comments Exposed. Has Your Dog Been Murdered by cops?

According to this link from PoliceOne.com,

The man who stabbed an Aiken Bloodhound Tracking Team police K-9 while fleeing from law enforcement received a maximum sentence this week.

Feel free to consider taking a look at an up and coming FaceBook page entitled:  Help stop cops shooting Innocent Dogs.

It’s interesting how police tend to differentiate the value of  “Police dogs” vs “Non police dogs.”

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  • Anotherandomvoice

    How typical.
    Someone stabs a police dog, they should “have gotten a much longer sentence, hope he gets shanked in prison.”
    Yet police shoot civilian dogs, many of them friendly or defending their territory like dogs do, all of the time without a second thought.

    It never ceases to amaze me how firmly cops cling to their double standards.

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    just buy another with tax money..

  • certain

    2-faced piles of shit. It’s not just your dogs that are loved and valued, ass-hats.

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” — George Orwell, ‘Animal Farm’ (1945).

    One of my favorite books, by the way. Read it to gain a much greater understanding of the motivations of admitted pedophile rapists like common sense.

  • Common Sense


  • slappy

    Keep your dogs in check. IF the officer perceives them as a threat they will destroy them. Owners need to be in control of their animals. It’s the owners who are at fault not the police.

  • steve H

    I have cats, has a leo ever shot a cat during a home raid or visit?

  • BluEyeDevil

    Common Sense=Plagiarizing Hack

  • Common Sense

    Poor Devil, see, when I post something with quotes, that means it from another source. I foolishly thought you’d understand that. Its okay, I know most CB’ers are all that quick.

  • certain

    Hey slappy, how about when the cops enter a private yard and shoot the dog? Whose fault is that?

  • Dave Moritz

    It’s amazing how even when police show up on a property without a warrant and shot the dog anyway. It is also amazing the lack of respect so many in law enforcement have for life and others rights. How much trouble is it for these so called professionals to knock on the door and ask if there is a dog and if it is clear for them to enter the back yard? There is a horrible disconnect with the mindset of we have badges and we will do as we please or us and them mentality!

  • Aaron

    slappy, many of these dogs were in check – some chained up, or in pens – as if that meant fuck all for the cops, who felt they were “in danger” and justified in shooting the dog. I’ve been attacked by dogs numerous times – I delivered papers as a kid – and, yeah, it hurt, especially the time three German shepherds came at me at once, but I lived. Postmen and delivery people manage to survive as well. If cops are such enormous pussies that they have to destroy chained or penned dogs, maybe they should take up some other employment.

  • dougo

    I know.I shouldn,t say it because in the little minds of cops they will believe it true, sniper training for dogs.

  • gina

    Colorado sorry cops (Adams County this time) just murdered another family dog last week. A cow dog mix, 8 years old, beloved pet – all when the cops kicked in the door having the wrong house. And all he was doing was barking. More to come.

    Common Sense, you are so, so sick and evil. Try and get out of your mother’s basement for the day, but don’t go to the mall. The other mall cops will think you’re STALKING THEM TOO if you’re there on your day off.

  • Matt

    Looks like officer jcolter has a conscience. There’s one cop who believes in equal treatment

  • zon

    sadly the only way to get rid of common is probably the same way that you would have to get rid of the devil himself. as for the double standards on police dogs, figure that if the police feel that open season on family pets then their pets should be considered open season for anybody wanting to hunt them.

  • KAZ

    I think there is way to much attention being put on pets of all things. Really? There are a lot more important problems this country is facing and we’re worried about a few dogs. We as a nation need to focus more on people, you know the ones that are losing their homes or jobless. If we took all the time money and effort we spend on these “pets” we could help so many more people.

  • http://yahoo larry

    People, dogs it doesn’t matter. Shoot first. Ask questions later. Right? War zone tactics. Right? Oh but wait. We do not live in a war zone. At lest most of us don’t think we do. Getting tired of the others that think that they do? It is a good thing that people are finally starting to open their eyes and turning these war mongers in.

  • http://clarkcountycriminalcops.wordpress.com clarkcountycriminalcops

    Consider this. In 2012, nearly a dozen police dogs were killed by the police themselves. At least ten animals died after being left in their cop-handler’s vehicles. Cops pretend to care about a lot of things, but all that really matters to them is their power and their pensions. Until we begin hitting cops in those areas, things will never change.

    Imagine if all future settlements stemming from police brutality were taken from the officer’s pension funds. Something tells me they would be outing the bad apples left and right. After all, here in Clark County, we had a cop who met all the qualifications to be dubbed a serial killer. But it wasn’t until he used the department gas card to fill his personal vehicle that he was dealt with.

  • s

    If you take much steroid, it kills your brain cells.