From the Copblock Archives: Milwaukee cops Hide Identities…

Published On January 19, 2013 | By John Freeman | Videos

Milwaukee cops doing what Milwaukee cops do…

Feel free to post your sentiments on Milwaukee Police FaceBook page.  They’ll be promptly deleted.

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  • rick

    I would hate to think that this practice is legal. At the least FOIA request for names and ranks of all officers shown happen. Everyone that views the video should file a complaint to the MPD.
    Looking for state law requiring identification of public servants…

    MPD general rules and regulations (read 255.00):
    loophole in last sentence

    MPD code of conduct:

  • 1605

    Hey, A12, why do you use “t” here? Why aren’t you proud of what you do?

  • Mike

    As a Wisconsite I can tell You that the thugs in blue in S.E. Wisconsin, which is where I am from, would make their fellow gang members in the big cities of America proud as they seem to enjoy the brutalization of their citizenry as much as the NYPD and the Chicago P.D. Just look up the current scandals of sexual assault in the guise of cavity searches and the execution of Young Mr. Bell in Kenosha in ’04. it is much harder to identify your attacker if the name tag is covered up. Wisconsin is a nice place as long as You are outside of the urban areas of S.E. Wisconsin. Oh and the pigs in Green Bay aren’t any better either. There is a tradition of police thuggery during Packer games known as “Pigs in the Bay”. FYI

  • Glenn

    I LOL’d hahaha!

  • enslave keene

    But your name isn’t Ademo, lmao… It’s Adam Mueller… (cue the jackal laugh)….

  • Chris Mallory

    All government employees should be required to provide their name and home address to citizens upon request. All government employee personnel files should be open public record. All government employee personnel matters should be conducted in open public hearings. It should be a felony for a government employee to lie to a citizen at any time. No government employee should be allowed to join a union or other collective bargaining organization. If you want to live off the sweat of the taxpayer’s brow you should be required to lose most rights that honest citizens enjoy.

    All Cops Lie, All the Time.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

  • Common Sense


    Don’t say his name three times, or he loses his high…