Huntington police again accused of civil rights violations

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Seems Huntington police are keeping up with the standard “whatever it takes” mentality police often have these days. The story below is the account of a man who said he was viciously beat and had video deleted. According to the West Virginia Record:

HUNTINGTON – Another Huntington resident is accusing the City of civil rights violations after a police officer allegedly used excessive force in arresting him.

The City and Huntington Police Officer Christopher Merritt are named as co-defendants in a three-count civil rights suit filed by William Daniel Hedrick Jr. in U.S. District Court. In his complaint filed Jan. 10, Hedrick, 42, alleges after arresting him on several misdemeanor charges two years ago, Merritt began beating him without provocation.

Hedrick’s suit is the fourth suit filed within the last eight months alleging civil rights violations against HPD. Those include one filed by a resident who alleges police attempted to delete footage he shot of them conducting a search of a vehicle following a traffic stop.

According to the suit, Merritt arrested Hedrick “for several misdemeanors” on Jan. 11, 2011. The location of the arrest and nature of the charges are not specified.

After he ordered him to the ground, Hedrick says Merritt began “forcibly manipulating” his arms for the purpose to “intentionally cause him pain.” Hedrick says at no time did he resist arrest.

In the course of the arrest, Merritt alleges Hedrick began a “vicious, unprovoked attack.” This included Hedrick beating Merritt with a baton which resulted in “severe bruising and injuries from his ankles to his buttocks… [and] to his ribs,” the lawsuit says.

Read entire story here.

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  • t.

    Isnt this the same tripe that was posted a couple of months ago? Unproven and so far baseless allegations? His mommy got arrested at the same time didnt she?

  • Common Sense

    Interesting, a William Hedrick was just arrested in a stolen car after fleeing the police in Huntington. I wonder if its the same person?

  • Glenn

    Note to Cop Block, please go back trough the archives and repost some of the more important older stories.

    Interesting. a common sense admitted he is a pedophile rapist. I wonder if that little bitch is the same little bitch posting here?

  • Ray

    The HPD beat and murdered a young man in Huntington in 2008. The mans mother is of poor and humble means and has self taught herself via a phone and facebook to tell her story. Look up justice for christopher lee ratliff on face book. Im sure after this matter is reinvistigated murder chargers will be coming soon on Huntingtons finest. coverup and murder

  • Common Sense


  • Common Sense

    It appears that Ratliff died after swallowing heroin during his arrest, not excessive force.

    From the civil suit “Maynard v City of Huntington”

    “to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that Mr. Christopher Lee Ratliff died as a result of asphyxia because of the plastic bag becoming lodged in his throat.”

    The court granted the defendants (the police) their motion for summary judgement in their favor. Case dismissed.