David Uliano – Bridgeport police employee – is NOT someone I’d hire for protection

In the post Bridgport’s “Finest” Lackluster, I shared a number of raw videos with some descriptive text, that showed the hostility exhibited by every Bridgeport police employee I met on Saturday, Jan. 19th, 2013.

This video – an attempted conversation with David Uliano – exemplifies this fact.

Bridgeport Police Department

re: David Uliano, badge #537

  • (203) 581-5100
  • [email protected]
  • http://www.bridgeportct.gov/content/89019/89755/90919/default.aspx


On Aug. 16th, 2012 the ctpost.com reported that David Uliano was suspended (with pay) for testing positive for narcotic use. I believe we each own our body but if dude is caging others for possessing, using or selling such items, that’s pretty messed-up.

That same article noted that:

Uliano, 41, of Derby, was placed on administrative leave last fall after a video briefly surfaced that allegedly showed Uliano in a loud dispute with a woman. He and five other officers were cleared of excessive force charges in a 2004 domestic violence case in which a man was fatally shot.

A Nov. 10th, 2011 article, Decorated Bridgeport cop suspended published at ctpost.com on Nov. 10th, 2012 noted that Uliano:

has been placed on administrative leave with pay pending an internal investigation.The action was taken against David Uliano, 41, of Derby, after a video surfaced on a public website and remained there for several hours Wednesday. The video, which sources said involves a heated discussion with a woman, has since been taken down.

The Office of Internal Affairs is investigating the matter.

On Saturday, I attempted a conversation with Uliano. At one point, he told me, “If you want to talk to me personal, I’m asking you to sing ‘god bless america’ and then put it on your website.” My question to him, “. . . do you think your actions tonight are perpetuating the ideals expressed in that song?”

David Uliano – employed at Bridgeport police – is NOT someone I’d hire for protection.

If you appreciated the message and ideas conveyed in this video consider learning more about The Cop Block Tour .

UPDATE Jan. 27th, 2013

More contact information both for Uliano and Connecticut Cop Block, should you feel inclined to reach-out to either:

David K. Uliano

  • Home (203) 732-2700
  • 114 Marshall Ln
  • Derby, CT 06418-2327

Connecticut Cop Block

  • http://ctcopblock.webs.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/connecticut.copblock
  • [email protected]
  • Disgusted

    Uliano is a pussy ass drugs using bitch with a badge. I hope and pray that some crackhead rolls up on him or one of his family members and teaches them a lesson on how not to be treated. It’s thug cops like this little bitch that need to be reported to the department of justice for EVERY violation he commits against the citizens he swore to protect and serve. Angel,….put the word out on the street about this thug. It’s time for him to understand accountability. His entire demeanor was with such disdain I actually think there’s more going on with this one. You guys need to rig mirrors around your camera lenses, and stick mirrors on your hats and jackets so their flashlights reflect back at them. Ask them to stop with their lights (on video) and if the don’t then hold out a mirror at them. Make sure it’s alll automatically uploaded so these thugs can’t destroy evidence.

  • Dan

    You guys (Cop Block people ) were puling at straws trying to think of things to say to the cop, trying every angel, Kudos to the cop for not falling into the trap.

    “You winged that, didn’t you’ too funny,


    I’ll bet Diane and Melissa are proud of this asshole. Maybe if they were treated this way they might have a talk with tough guy withg a badge David. Ah hell,….Angel check out lil ole Timmy.

    You see David, you are easy ! Keep reading David. Hey Davey,….you still doing drugs ?

    Let’s ask Judith,…….Ms. Burgos, is little David still doing drugs ?

    David K Uliano
    Home (203) 732-2700
    114 Marshall Ln
    Derby, CT 06418-2327

  • Dave

    Reall, what a bunch of A-Holes you guys are. You’re trying to bait this cop, but he’s not failing into your trap. You guys are a bunch of dicks for trying to bait cops!


    Here’s more of your FAT dirt bag friends David. I believe the FBI needs to clean out the cockroach infested Bridgeport Police Department.



    ANGEL from CT Copblock,……you need to raise hell about this video to all that will listen. NEWS NEWS NEWS

  • Preston

    Cops shouldn’t be harassing people, including intimidating, theft, and following afterward in the car. Blasting a loud horn, lights and flashers in that neighborhood disrupting people in their homes, while they wanted to ask a question.
    Dan, when you are trying to argue a point, spell correctly. Seems more valid then…. Angel or angle? I think you are looking for the latter

  • wiguy

    This cop is a time bomb. The last part of this puzzle is his picture. You have a lot of publicity coming David. Once Ademo gets through cutting up this video you’ll be a youtube star. Congrats on your bad decisions. Thank you for bringing attention to our cause!

  • wiguy

    I’d be willing to bet both of these guys were active duty military (Iraq/Afghanistan)relatively recently… They are occupiers, not protectors. I think once you murder someone under government order…I think it changes a man…ie- “You can’t handle the truth!” I may take this on as a side project.

  • Lisa

    How can any of his arrests be substantiated if he is on drugs? This was already proven! He is a liar~! His suspension was for 6 months. Why is he on patrol? Does anyone see an issue with a “Dirty” “Dirty” cop working the streets? What is to stop him from getting high and hallucinating and shooting a kid for having a candy bar? Opps…Slap on the wrist and right back to work. If it were you or I then we would be in Prison forever. They get suspended. If anyone has been arrested by this cop within the last 12 months I strongly suggest seeking legal counsel and fighting the validity of the charge. How can he be trusted to have handled any investigation with the standards put in place by NYS law? If he is high during an arrest I am certain he is making mistakes. He needs to be exposed for who he really is. Putting him down and calling him names really doesn’t fix the problem, I am guilty of that. I am going to do what I can to make complaints against this officer and get him off the streets. Just an FYI, I have not been arrested by him and have no ulterior motive for this other than watching him arrest a few people this summer while he was seriously intoxicated. His pupils were the size of silver dollars..As were his partners that day, Ivan Clayton. WTF

  • t.

    Pete: I was disappointed by you. You couldn’t keep on task and the focus of your rants wasnt focused at all. The message was mixed at best.

    But the pales when you listen to the retard buddy. You guys walk up to the officer and that idiots asks multiple times “am I being detained”. When he stopped the officer….classic. He has no clue. And then, at about the 29:30 mark, he issues the only truth he spoke…”he’s heard our bullshit”. Boy, no more truth was spoken.

    Have fun with the editing

  • Tim Osmond

    The officer safety excuse in this instance for the use of the flashlight and spotlight is BS. The excuse that “Cop Block” was “Baiting” is BS.

    First of all, you NEVER sit your car and deal with people during an interaction with the public. If the officer felt there was a concern for officer safety, the officer should of exited his unit and interacted with the two people. Every new hire knows staying in the car is suicide. He could of exited taken a good POI stance and actually spoke to the two Cop Blockers.

    What I saw tonight in this video was not a display of being a Peace Officer, sadly it was a display of being a Law Enforcement Officer, there is a huge difference between the two. When I attended and graduated from the academy 26 years ago, we were PEACE OFFICERS who are PUBLIC SERVANTS not the breed I see today who act as enforcers.

    Think of the department image that would have been shown and displayed for the world to see, if the officers would have spoke to the members of the public as they would want to be treated?

    There is a definite US vs THEM mentality these days, we no longer have public servants and peace officers, we now have men and women who think they are enforcers in the most disturbing sense of the word.

  • Ian Battles

    More from Bridgeport, this video was shot 2 years ago but just uploaded mere days ago.


  • Fred S.

    You might not want to hire these three Bridgeport officers either.


  • t.

    Osmond: In the car out, out of the car…it wouldn’t matter. The intended officer was clearly screwing with Pete, and rightly so. There saint any real desire to conversation, there is only a desire to video tape the officer while they ask pointless, biased questions that are only designed to push their agenda. The sad thing was that after a few minutes, both Pete and hisbuddy ran out of their preplanned talking points and then they had nothing left today. And then of course will come the classic hatchet job edit that will edit out all of their rambling minutes and only focus on the officer. The COP BLOCK TOUR is operating with some “perverse incentives” of not seeking truth, but only pushing their agenda. And that’s OK, but just see it form what it is.

  • wiguy

    Watch 24:40 through 25:30 of the video show just how incapable these 2 cops are. This is really scary stuff.

  • t.

    Wise guy: watch the entire video and see how incapable the cop blockers are!!! Ha ha

  • silver shield sideways right up your pork ass

    They wanted you to sing god bless america.. so you would say “Stand beside her, and guide her Through the night with a light from above.”. because he was shinning light at ya.

  • HonorYourOath

    Hmm,I wonder what would happen if we shined a spot light in Uliano’s face? I think I will call Bridgeport PD and ask.


  • RadicalDude

    You say “The intended officer was clearly screwing with Pete, and rightly so” Really? You think “screwing” with people is a legitimate use of tax money? Remember, this guy is on the clock at taxpayer expense and instead of doing something productive he’s just going around “screwing” with people, and you have the nerve to come on here and tell the taxpaying people in Bridgeport that their tax money that they worked hard doing something productive to earn needs to be taken for them to pay a drug addicted fuck up like Uliano to drive around with a loaded gun and “screw” with people? “Screwing with” people is also known as criminal harassment, and to say it is “rightful” that he be engaging in this boneheaded behavior on the clock at the taxpayer’s expense is an outrage!

  • t.

    Dude: Is Pete and his retard buddy stopping him to ask him pointless questions / express their ideas at him a good use of our tax money? No. So since you’ve got him stopped with you stupidity…why not screw with you a little. Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. If you approach anyone, the police or anyone else in a non aggressive manner…and not just wanting to shove your ideas down their throat, you would probably get a better reaction. As for harrasment. Looked more like Pete and the idiot were harassing the officer, not the other way around.

    Dude you don’t have to like the police. Heck, there are lots of people that I’m glad don’t like me. I want them looking over their shoulder for me every waking second. Being the police is only a popularity contest for the chief. The guys on the road have to cartel less about the popularity…and more on making the hard decisions.

    But (no offense) I don’t expect you to understand or see that. You see it as wrong for the police to stop and talk to folks that are out in the middle of the night. The peoples who’s houses didn’t get broken into because some of those people were reminded that the police were out there…and they had to look over their shoulders for me….and decided to go back home instead of swipe someone else’s stuff, those home owners, whom don’t even know that anyone was out there stalking them, that’s why I there. There is a far bigger picture. You don’t have to look at it, but that doesn’t change the fact that its there.

  • t.

    PETE: please keep a lot of your buddies comments in your final video edit / compilation. Have enough intergrity to show how limited he was, all he knew was the mantra he has been taught.

  • RadicalDude

    @t: not really gonna respond to ad homonyms your post is so loaded with, but to respond to your question: Which is basically that you seem to be asking should the cops have to answer their questions?
    He can at least say he doesn’t want to answer their questions in a peaceful, professional manner. Some would say that a legit government(which I’m not saying there is one) includes a right to petition the government, and to government transparency, and that there would be some obligation to at least “respond” to a question while claiming to represent “the government” as an “official”. Respond, isn’t the same as answer, Dave might not know the answers, he doesn’t have to know all the answers. So my question to you: Do you believe cops are “officials” who claim to be agents of a “government”?

  • t.

    Dude: To answer in a word…sure (to a point at least). I have no duty / requirement to sit and listen to your crap just because you want to say it. Think about your first comment about this. You seem to think that this officer did something wrong….when he was stopped by Pete and the idiot who didn’t want to have a real conversation, they just wanted to preach at him, or hope to antagonize him into a a good “video clip”. (BTW, that why I hope the Pete has enough integratiy to leave in his buddies stupidity, to show how all he knew was the b.s. cop block mantra he has been taught).

    But to expand on your question…
    Should the police and the government in general be answerable to the people? Absolutely. Does that mean that I have to stand and explain myself to you about everything? No. Do I have to stop and tell you everything I dong in a situation that doesn’t involve you? No. You brought up the idea of wasted tax dollars. That’s is all Pete and the idiot were doing, wasting tax dollars. If you want to know about something that’s going on the doesn’t pertain to you…stand back and film…wait until its all done and ask. If the officer doesn’t want to talk to you about it…he doesn’t have to. The department has a PIO, seek that person out and ask them. But even they don’t have to just answer your pointless questions. But I certainly don’t,and most likely wwon’t have that conversation on video. Why? Have you seen this site? Or YouTube? The edited videos, the hatchet jobs? Just as there are things the people in my profession do that I’m not happy with, you too should dislike that type of actions in your “activism” world.

  • Ice t.

    t. You are not a cop. You are obviously a troll. While I appreciate the art of trolling, this is not the place for it. Cops are starting to get killed daily for their crimes against humanity. Websites like this can save lives, cops and civilian lives alike, by spreading awareness of the corrupt mentality that is infecting the police departments like a plague. As for you mr. t.bagger… this is your only warning. You now have our attention. Do not show yourself here again.
    expect us

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  • Kevin D

    Hey guys,

    I appreciate what you are doing. I also know know Mr. Uliano from his “work”. I work with a lot of the Bridgeport PD because I am a Paramedic in Bridgeport – I see them and see what they do all the time. I pick up their tazer shots and dog bites all the time, and to be honest, most of the assholes in Bridgeport deserve it – it is the closest thing to a third world country as you can get.

    But, I am writing for some advice for you guys…. You’re site and what you do is awesome, and these guys need it. However, get your shit together. You stutter and stammer about what your points are, and the “walking my kid down the street” thing is not a heart string for guys who beat the shit out of drug dealers for a living. You need a human rights position, and the duty with which they became police officers as an anchor. Also, to be honest, Angel in the camo jacket smoking a cigarette doesn’t help your point. Those guys see you as wanna-be thugs with a camera who are interrupting their “jobs”. Try all wearing the same things – I know – It’s a control thing you’re gonna say – BUT, it’s also a perception thing. Look professional so you can minimally be taken seriously. Dressing like you are running out with the hunting rifle is snubbing your point. Perception is reality – if you look like you rolled out of bed to start shit, that’s how you’re going to be perceived. Those guys are not to be fucked with from some guy who decided to start some shit – which you are most obviously NOT. But your persistence, and messages that are repeated over and over are the ones that work. Look at any jingle, marketing plan or advertisement – “melts in your mouth, not in your hands” – was invented in 1953 – or something like that. If you use the same messaging, you will eventually be heard, if not memorized. I hope you consider this help.

    Be safe. Be careful.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • bittersweet

    So lets see. Little unremoved from his mothers tit Pete is upset cause he tried 3x to become a cop and failed. Now he is taking it out on ALL of law enforcement. But whats your goal Pete. You and your copblockers run around in the snow chasing men and woman doing a job not only you want to do, but do a job protecting your 1st amendment rights that you soooo never earned!!! Why dont you wake up and look staight into realities face. All your bloggers n followers do nothing but comment about doing harm to cops and their families. Real nice. Talk about escape n hostile!!! Pete, why dont you try policing your own followers regarding violence and violations of ones rights!!! Like your little bitch in Bridgeport Conn. Angel ( Hilberto ) Martinez 9-10-77 of 659 Noble Ave. who is a registered sex offender. Hilberto, was it a little boy? Or was it your sister?

  • http://www.freerunningonline.de/ nike free run

    So lets see. Little unremoved from his mothers tit Pete is upset cause he tried 3x to become a cop and failed. Now he is taking it out on ALL of law enforcement. But whats your goal Pete. You and your copblockers run around in the snow chasing men and woman doing a job not only you want to do, but do a job protecting your 1st amendment rights that you soooo never earned!!! Why dont you wake up and look staight into realities face. All your bloggers n followers do nothing but comment about doing harm to cops and their families. Real nice. Talk about escape n hostile!!! Pete, why dont you try policing your own followers regarding violence and violations of ones rights!!! Like your little bitch in Bridgeport Conn. Angel ( Hilberto ) Martinez 9-10-77 of 659 Noble Ave. who is a registered sex offender. Hilberto, was it a little boy? Or was it your sister?