Deputy Sheriff Cary Beuchler is one bad cop!

Deputy Sheriff Cary Beuchler, of the Mission Viejo’s Sheriff’s Department, Badge# 2153, is one “crooked cop”! And thats a fact that I would swear in a court of law. It would take me several hours to explain her negligent and “above the law” use of actions towards me and the lies on the police report she stated. There is one extremely fraudulent LIE that Deputy Cary Beuchler filed against me on her police report that was so far above and beyond the realm of truthfulness that I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. Deputy Cary Beuchler actually had the audacity that she stated that I intentionally inflicted my injury to myself by myself, in order to force the outcome of the incident to her own fraudulent conclusion. Basically, before I was ever interviewed by Deputy Cary Beuchler, and heard any of my story and how my girlfriend and I were assaulted and attacked, had already decided I was the guilty party and was going to send me to jail no matter what. And she was going to make sure that happened, even if it meant by blatantly lying on the police report she filed that night, in order to send me to jail. What I am saying is that Deputy Cary Beuchler lied over and over again to myself and my girlfriend in order to coax, intimidate and coerce a false statement in order to have me arrested. She lied to me repeatedly in her best attempt to try and find some fault in my actions, but when that didn’t work, Deputy Sheriff Cary Beuchler intentionally lied on the Police Report, in such a bold and evil way, that she was able to barely justify arresting me and hauling me off to jail.
Deputy Sheriff Cary Beuchler of the Mission Viejo divisions fraudulent LIE has cost me over $20,000.00 in lawyers fee’s and now her lie is what the other party in this incident, is clinging on to in order to try and “cash in” on me with their civil suit.
Because, Deputy Sheriff Cary Beuchler of the Mission Viejo division, is a lying cop that has no business wearing a badge, her prejudiced and unwarranted actions have cost me much more than that over the past few years.
Concerned Citizen

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  • Glenn
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  • Chris

    what the fuck man?

  • C.C.

    Thanks Glenn, you are absolutely correct. I fully expect cops to lie during an investigation, and I can live with that. Unfortunately, some cops don’t know when to stop. When it comes to saving their own ass or just plain want to see their own prejudiced outcome, whether its true or not, for whatever messed up reasons they may have, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a “bad cop” took their lying too far and wrote it into a false police report. It happens way more than the general public realizes. One of my closest friends is a retired cop, turned attorney, turned Judge for almost two decades, and he would be the first one to tell you how corrupt and “self serving” some cops can be. I know realize that “cops are the biggest gang in town”. The only difference is that they wear a Badge.

  • t.

    Wow, I’m blown over by way e after wave of facts in this article.

    She cute enough though. I mean, if you have get arrested, get arrested by a cute chick

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  • C.C.

    I agree, she is cute.

  • C.C.

    I agree. She is cute.

  • unclezip

    t, she looks like your sister, whom I’ve already banged.

  • Difster

    This is story is very short on facts and seems like nothing more than angry rambling. It could be true of course, but there are no facts of the case to even give us an idea if the author has a plausible claim.

  • C.C.

    Difster…. You make a good point. I’ve intentionally stayed vague to a point for good reason. 1. I am currently in litigation over this incident. 2. I don’t want to name specifics because I don’t need anymore unwarranted attention. 3. Why would anyone go out of their way to post a photo, name and badge number of a cop on a public website if the story wasn’t 100% true.

    After 3+ years, it still makes me angry when I think about it, especially now that it could cost me so much more in a civil suit. Its a bullshit case and if I was at fault, I’d be the first one to admit it.

  • Dan Sayers

    If I’m reading this correctly, author and author’s girlfriend were assaulted. They called the police. Responding deputy presumes domestic violence and does whatever it takes to weigh down on author as if this is so. A prolonged, legal proceeding took place in which the author suffered greatly. Author discovers site that he misinterprets as cop hating. Author makes use of site to seek what little recourse he has, but is so emotionally invested that he does so in a mildly incoherent manner.

    I was actually in a similar situation once before. It sucks, yes, but with a 2nd person serving as a witness to what actually happened, I have a hard time visualizing how it could be drawn out into a $20k affair.

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  • Common Sense

    Once again, another poorly written opinion letter.

  • shawn

    ” t, she looks like your sister, whom I’ve already banged.”

    Something you and T have in common.

    Seriously, this story was a lot of typing to say nothing. Who, what, when, and where would help.

  • underoath

    Was this an assault or a domestic violence?

    This is confusing as shit.


    She is THICK and U G L Y !

    Built like a meat & potato eating farmer. Y U K

  • C.C.

    This was an assault. No domestic violence!

  • slappy

    Another paranoid rant. You didn’t get it on video so it didn’t happen. Isn’t that what you activists always say. Sounds like someone was figured out by the LEOs on scene and now that person is back peddling because she is in trouble.

  • C.C.

    It is on video.

  • BigPoppaAZ

    Posts such as these are a disservice to the Copblock concept. Without tangible support, i.e., police report, video, etc… this is just a rant of some pissed off individual. Conjecture and hyperbole, should be placed in a separate rant blog.

  • Pete

    Awesome rant with no facts. Let the meth wear off then try and send a coherent email with facts. My suspicion is that you are a total idiot who got what they deserved. Cops suck, blah blah blah.

  • Pete

    Facts…we dont need no stinking facts…
    The guy who wrote this beat a woman at Starbucks so severly she lost her eye. His injury to himself was a shaving cut that he picked at to make it bleed to contend he was attacked. Felony assault. The incident happened about 5years back. Still memorable for it’s savagery.

  • thinkfreeer

    We don’t need no Internet police. They get to say what they want. They can lie just like cops do, all the time. Stop suggesting that this site has to do anything about anything you don’t like. Video is pretty new for the average person knocking about. There are plenty of true stories that have no friggin’ video.

  • Gina

    Common Sense, seriously. Are you just an evil person or are you insane? I guess both. I couldn’t even begin to read all of the postings on CopBlock, but when I do read a few, you are always on it with some weird, obsessive, stalker comment. Whatever your obsession with CopBlock, tell your croanies as well that it is winning against you nut/criminal/bully/murderers/child molestors/dog killing kooks and will grow and grow and grow no matter what sick pleasure you are getting when one grows weary (for AWHILE)and this has hit suburbia and the mainstream press finally and much more. I’d pity you, but you’re so weird I know you’re probably out murdering people and dogs and you’re going to burn in hell either way, so why should I bother?

  • steve

    cant find e-mail address for orange county sheriff. i have had many run ins with those pigs.

  • Common Sense, destroyer of Liberty and Freedom

    Hey vagina, a smart woman such as yourself, you should know your place. If a woman’s comment was desired, a sandwich would have been requested.

    While I wait for your pending revolution, be a dear and get me a beer, hockey is on.

  • C.C.

    Pete, you’re full of shit. Check your facts asshole. You’re obviously another “cop pig”. Also, check the footage from Starbucks, which you obviously haven’t seen. You’re another “lying cop”. She did not lose anything. She got a mild bruise when she attacked myself and my girlfriend, while gauging a major chuck of flesh from my face. I still have a nasty scar to show for it. COPS LIE to get their way.

  • wiguy

    She is hideous.

  • C.C.

    Hey Common Sense. You’re another prejudice cop who is compensating for something… like most cops.

  • C.C.

    Hey Common Sense….. What R U compensating for, cop?

  • C.C.

    Say what you want. Cops lie every day. It’s an epidemic. I tell the truth.

  • Lurker

    So you disagree with her findings of the investigation? That’s unfortunate. I’m confused how her findings translate to lies? If the evidence and testimony pointed to you being the suspect, yet you disagree, how does that make her report a lie?

  • C.C.

    She found nothing…. she lied and made a false police report. She fabricated her own findings in order to create the outcome that she wanted, even thought there was no truth to it.
    Look, I could go on and on, but I’m not going to debate it here. Believe what you want, I could really care less. I’m not here to convince anyone, just to alert the general public about this bad cop. Maybe one day it might get her to think twice before she decides to fabricate information and ruin someone else’s life. SHE IS A LIAR and so blatantly lied on a police report that I’m sure one day her lies will catch up with her. I hate to be the one to do this, but someone has to stop this rogue cop.

    I’m done commenting on this topic. Peace, and thanks to everyone for you’re support.

  • thinkfreeer

    C.C. Thank you for offering additional information and submitting valuable information that we may use to see reality and be careful out there. I encourage you to continue commenting. Don’t let the stupid pro-cop-no-matter-what assholes bother you. That’s what they do out there and that’s what they do here. They are baiting you to make you angry and overreact. Ignore them, That’s the way to get back at them. Trolls hate it when you turn your back. But after a while, they will find something else to do. Engaging with them on their terms is how you get into trouble out there.

  • Dan Sayers

    The links Pete provided don’t really serve as proof of character.

    The first is intra-departmental back-patting. Volunteers and/or paid caregivers help the mentally absent elderly every day. Are they getting recognition? Does getting recognition for that denote the inability to abuse a position of authority in different circumstances?

    The second link actually lends credibility to this post. Were the DUIs administered through one of those highly unconstitutional sobriety checkpoints? Are all DUIs handed out to people who have actually harmed (the property of) another person? I noticed her boast of having received the award a 2nd time. Do we want police to approach their job of dictating the course of other people’s lives with the mindset of the score keeping of a video game?

    Even if we were to accept that a DUI is automatically bad and therefore the lassoing a purveyor of the same is inherently good, is the community being especially dangerous/irresponsible something to celebrate? Is ticketing the most DUIs an indication of skill? “That guy crashed into a tree near me. I rock!” If it is in fact a skill, then what we’re talking about is manipulating situations to make them look like something they’re not, at the expense of another human being, for the sake of some contest.

  • t.

    Sayers: checkpoints have been found constitutional time after time. You inability to realize that is why you believe this crap article.

  • Pete

    I am intersted in CC sharing his case # so those interested can view the details as seen in the courts. I shared a few links as a way to stimulate real conversation. I appreciate that there are some bad cops out there who shouldnt be on the force but I don’t see any facts from the poster as to why this deputy is a liar or a bad cop. I suspect the details of the case would be helpful for all. If the contention is that all cops are bad and the courts are designed to convict the innocent than there isnt a need for discussion. I don’t feel this way about courts and the justice system. I am not a cop but am a person who can engage in real discussion and also discern the difference between a rant and a clear delivery of facts.

  • shawn


    The USSC upholds a lot of things that are wrong. Why so much faith in judges? Oh, because he tells you can steal my time and dignity without any justification first. So whatever makes your job easier is good.

  • Pete

    Sentencing guidelines are another topic worthy of discussion. Thankfully they are changing some guidelines on Powder v crack cocaine but they are still not fair… but I digress. The question is whether this deputy is a liar/bad cop. Doesnt seem to be proven here. Is there issues with our justice system that need to be addressed? Absolutely. Are all cops bad and everyone in our justice system out to screw us? I don’t beleive so. Any more detail on the actual case would be helpful so we can understand what exactly happened. If this happened 3 years ago, why the rant now?

  • t.

    @Shawn: so. I’m supposed to put my faith in you? Or the rest of the inbilcies the rant on this site? The same ones that at times want to only believe in natural law (whatever that might be) but at other times cling the the constitution that was…ohright, written by men. YOU can’t caliam to love the constitution only want to follow / abide by parts of it. I’m not just sworn to the bill of rights of any all of it. You know…like the parts that allow for the federal and state governments to pass laws and regulate things. And the parts that allows for the courts to oversee (for lack of a better term) the laws. I find it all both sad and funny. A profound lack of any insight by so many. And its sad that these folks are just lead farther and farther astray b pool who oought to know better. I don’t like or use the term, but it is truly the behavior of sheep. I think it is the worst thing about this country…the extremes. The one issue people. Those folks can’t see any of the bigger picture….of how things connect. I havesaid many times that every person iI’ve ever arrested to breaking in to house or cars…all. had extensive drug histories. Most of the drug arrests had histories o breaking into stu n swipin crop. Connections. No simple answers.

    So yes, I will trust to the courts. They may not be perfect. But what is? The system of government designed over 2 centuries ago is what has allowed this nation to seperate itself above all others. People are coming to this country in droves. Wave after wave of immigrantsseseek life here. That doesn’t happen anywhere else.

  • cookie

    Cops don’t have to tell you the truth, but once again, a poster to this site is withholding pertinent information. How about some specifics? What was he arrested for? Exactly how did the deputy lie, in person and in her report?

    It just seems like people write here sometimes to get sympathy, but if they told the whole truth, that would be the last thing they’d get.

  • jayduba

    I came for the rants, I stay for T’s inability to spell words.

  • jayduba

    How’s about an analogy, T. I build a boat. Let’s call it the Constitution. This boat is solid, Stable, and is an over all good boat. But over time I build more superstructure. The boat becomes top heavy. Yet I continue to build it higher with things it doesn’t want or need. It gets taller and more unstable until it eventually capsizes and sinks. That is whats happening to this country. more and more laws until the Constitution eventually cannot be recognized and is undermined by the politicians until it no longer serves its purpose. Illegal checkpoints, make em legal by heaping more laws on the books. Got a gun? Pass laws that make the second amendment conditional. Assault illegal? Allow it for cops who feel afraid 24/7. Officer safety is more important than your right to be free of assault. Want to lie, cheat, steal, ruin someones life, or assault and kill others? Become a cop. The courts will almost always believe you over your victim. Now they just need to get rid of that pesky ‘Free Speech’ malarkey.

  • jayduba

    So you won’t have to tolerate us loonies.

  • t.

    The only laws that have been “added” to your “boat” are the amendments. But setting that aside let us discuss the rest of your idea.

    You are clearly in the “I love the amendments part if the constitution, screw the rest of it” crowd. You want to forget that the same document that you claim to love allows for congress to pass various laws. And it also empowers the states to do the same. It also creates the courts to interpret those laws…to hold it up to the constitution and see if its covered or not. When cases work their way through the various federal courts, ultimately up to SCOTUS, it’s not “new laws” being added to your boat. Your checkpoint example is perfect. They have been ruled constitutional time after time (if they are done right). And why? Because the 4th amendment discusses reasonableness. It doesn’t rule out ANY government interaction (the wouldn’t even make sense…the constitution set up GOVERNMENT…set the rules for how GOVERNMENT works). It demands that the interaction must be reasonable. (BTW, not trying to be a smarties but you all should really read and get to know Graham v Connor. It is the the pivitol case about the police and reasonableness. It is what police “force” is measured against).

    So your boat remains the same with but a few changes in over 2 centuries. But you need to have it all, from preamble through amendments. You can’t just “cherry pick” the parts the you want when it fits the situation. It’s all there, all the time.

  • jayduba

    hows about a link to that wonderful caselaw you love so well?

  • C.C.

    Another cop abuses our rights….

  • t.

    Just look up graham vs Connor. Easy to find

  • Dan Sayers

    t said “The same ones that at times want to only believe in natural law (whatever that might be) but at other times cling the the constitution that was…ohright, written by men. YOU can’t caliam to love the constitution only want to follow / abide by parts of it.”

    shawn already pointed out that being found constitutional doesn’t mean that it is, and he’s right. This is where thinking for one’s self comes into play. I will say there’s an irony in the quote of yours I provided that I don’t think you see. When the supreme court says that stopping individuals with no reason to suspect guilty of a crime is constitutional, THEY are the ones choosing to “follow / abide by parts of it.” Amendments violated:

    4th: The right of the people to be secure in their persons … and effects, against unreasonable searches … and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause …

    5th: … nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law …

    Contemplate for a moment if you would the various charges we would amass if we (those without badges) were the ones conducting the stop and somebody with a badge was the one trying to pass freely on an otherwise open, public road.

    It is true that if you placed every person in a cage, there would be no more theft and murder. Stopping everybody for what a few MIGHT be doing is not only the opposite of liberty, but it’s also pretty lazy law enforcement.

    I wonder how many guilty people they have to find to absorb the cost of the objects and manpower they throw at such an effort. I wonder how many people they have to infringe upon to find that many guilties. I’d wager the answer to either of these questions would be enough to convince even those asleep at the proverbial wheel that it’s a wasteful endeavor at best.

    Not that I even concede that the capability of harming another person is a crime in and of itself.

  • C.C.

    Another police abomination…

  • t.

    Sayers: Exactly. “unreasonable”. Just like I said.

    Your comment drips with proof of what is aid. You don’t agree with the ruling…so the court must have gotten it wrong. This is were the checkpoint conversation is the good example. YOU don’t like them, so that means to you that they must be unconstutional. A simple reading of the fourth amendment should show you that it makes common sense that it is constitutional. Again, the constitutional doesn’t outlaw government interaction. Just unreasonable interactions. Simple. But, yet you chose to miss it because you just don’t like it.

  • jayduba

    T, you don’t understand that driving is not just cause for a stop? That being stopped and searched for driving on a certain street at a certain time is unreasonable. Sounds like you don’t understand what freedom means.

  • jayduba

    I looked up Graham vs Connor. Man, is that a bad decision, empowering jack-booted thugs like you and undermining
    the actual Constitution. Looks like people like you and your ilk just don’t care about freedom or what this country used to stand for. Keep pushin.

  • t.

    No, sounds more like you have zero idea of how checkpoints work and believe all of the people who are claiming they were searched for no reason. Just because the driver and passengers can’t smell what in the car anymore…doesn’t mean I can’t smell it. He k I stopped a ad the other night based solely on the sense of smell alone as I could smell the dope as it drove by on the street, and I was standing in a parking lot. And just guess what I found. The privilege of driving is highly regulated, and for a very good reason. The amount of criminal activity associated with vehicles is HUGE. Checkpoints are highly regulated as well. The plans are set out well before the start of the checking station. Seldom is every car stopped (unless the traffic at the given location is slow). So it’s every third car, or 5 th. whatever. It’s not random. It’s not profiling. The checking pattern can only be changed to alleviate traffic backlogs. Again, no one is guarnenteed no government contact or interaction.

    As for graham v Connor. You prove me right. Just like @sayers, you don’t like a decision so it must be unconstitutional. Well, I would suggest that you both look into a basic constitution class. You will see that the courts (including SCOTUS) are governed by the same constitution. You are wanting to cherry pick the parts that you like. I am bound to the entire document.

  • t.

    I am ad though that you looked at that case. Hopefully it will help you understand why I and others here look at things the way we do. That is one of the most pivitol cases in law enforcement. Hopefully you will be enlightened

  • jayduba

    Your right. It does help me understand. The enforcement arm of government always appreciates more weapons (laws) to use against the subjugated. Only thugs want more reasons to screw with people. Let’s change one of your sentences to more reflect reality. ‘The amount of activities associated with driving that have been criminalized is HUGE’. Checkpoints that supposedly check for drunk driving have been abused by LEO’s by requesting ID’s, asking to search the vehicle based on non-existent odors or the agitation of individuals caused by the stop and interrogation itself. When an arm of the government grants itself more powers by making the Constitution conditional, everyone suffers. You think by being an arm of the government, your immune to their largess, but when they decide your pension is to large and decide to do away with it, we will have no sympathy. You may be the last on their list of people to screw, but your on it.

  • t.


    And just so you understand, we get stopped at checkpoints too.

  • jayduba

    And you treat each other the same way you treat us.

  • courtofpublicopinion

    training cops to lie part 1 true must read for all

  • http://google workingman

    i am pretty good at calling these things ..look like a carpet munching femiNazis to me

  • courtofpublicopinion
  • C.C.

    Current Manhunt for “Bad Cop” and suspected murderer Christopher Dorner…..

  • C.C.

    Torrance Cops mistakenly shoot two asian women delivering newspapers last night, thinking they are firing at their own “Cop gone Bad”, Christopher Dorner… who is suspected of a double murder.

  • C.C.

    Torrance Cops mistakenly shoot two asian women delivering newspapers last night, thinking they are firing at their own “Cop gone Bad”, Christopher Dorner…