The Cop Block Tour visits Richmond

copblock-tour-route-ricmondOn Wednesday, Jan. 23rd, 2013 I met-up with some good folks at a Richmond diner to discuss ideas and tactics on how we can together help to bring-about a world free from the coercive monopoly of policing.

It was a good crew – some folks present were already active with Virginia Cop Block, including Nate Cox, who founded the group, Chris Staples, who recently brought his solid writing skills to the table, Jimmy and Phil, who helped on the ground with the Liberty Empowerment Project, and a number of others active on the periphery or who had interest in learning more about the ideas and tactics those present utilize.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, one of the main reasons for The Cop Block Tour is to help facilitate the connections between individuals who live near each other, so that they can collaborate and have support on the ground. One example of that happening at this meetup was that now, one person active south of Richmond, largely alone, is now aware of someone else who lives not too far away, who has interest in getting more-involved, which should make future efforts even more effective (and less-risky). Good stuff.


Pete Eyre & Nate Cox

The actual Copblocking efforts of this stop weren’t too frequent. I used my down time to do work online. Yet, when we rolled around town we had our cameras at the ready (nothing I saw necessitated any further on-site activity) and during many interactions, outreach, including the sharing of literature, was had.


Virginia Cop Block


It’s clear that Nate and others active with Virginia Cop Block have had a significant positive impact in the Richmond area and throughout Virginia. Check out related posts made to Cop Block about their efforts. Just imagine if their reach were had in every city and town (it’s starting!).

Whenever an email is received at [email protected] that shares a recount of a situation in Virginia, I don’t hesitate to pass it along to VA CB, knowing full-well that the high-caliber of people involved will be able to reply, assist, or support those seeking help.

As I was rolling south to my next stop – Winston – I did a recap of my time in Richmond and shared some related thoughts:

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