Verdict reached in fired police officer’s bar fight and cover-up

Published On February 24, 2013 | By CopBlock | Articles

Verdict Reached in Eichenlaub Trial

By: WTAJ News

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY – Former Altoona Police Officer Duane Eichenlaub has been found guilty on all charges, including aggravated assault and conspiracy stemming from a fight at an Altoona bar more than two years ago.


Mark Dunn

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  • CopsAreCriminals

    Outstanding,…..I hope he fucked in the ass in prison, and then Dorner’d. FTP !

  • certain

    Court – You don’t have to produce the flashlight, that would be self-incrimination.

    Jury (Being entirely sensible) – Guilty as fuck!

    I freaking love a happy ending

  • d0nj3nko

    You were supporting this filth right up to guilty CERTAIN you sneaky mofo!

  • t.

    Accountability. As always.

  • certain

    It wasn’t the cops that held him accountable, ass-wipe. The “system” tried to let evidence be suppressed to “protect the cops 5th”. Like that’s an option for a non-cop. No, I’m not going to give you the gun you think I used to shoot pee-wee, it would tend to incriminate me. LOL. Yeah, that would go over really well, wouldn’t it.

    But thanks for the new tag-line (even though your punctuation and sentence structure show you to be an uneducated buffoon, as usual)!!

    Mall-cop, as always.

  • t.

    Oh. Who arrested him?

  • john k

    What is funny this is PA look at Robert Leone life in PA hell.

  • certain

    LOL. Keep reaching.

  • t.

    Oh, I’ve got a grasp.

  • shawn


    ” Oh, I’ve got a grasp.”

    That is what got peewee herman in trouble. Keep your hand where i can see it please.

  • t.

    Quite funny. Well done.

  • shawn


    Thank you. It is a talent i use on everyone.

  • t.

    Well, even a blind dog…..