Will You Submit & Obey ?

By Eric Peters

In New York, we have a prequel of what’s to come – the repeal of the Second Amendment and summary criminalization of peaceful citizens merely for possessing the means of self-defense, even in their own homes. As in Great Britain, citizens of NY face prison if they use proscribed weapons against murderous thugs – even in their own homes. The tyrants Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo have made their decision. Now New Yorkers will have to make theirs. And so will the rest of us – if, as seems likely, the federal tyrants succeed in issuing a New York-style fatwa that applies to the rest of the country. Which brings us to the question:hag one

What will you do?

It is a very hard question. Perhaps the hardest question Americans have had to face since 1861. As then, there may be no peaceful way to preserve our rights. There may be blood. As then, one side is absolutely determined to impose its will at bayonet-point. To murder us in the thousands – perhaps millions, this time – if we refuse to submit. There is no reasoning, no discussing. What we face is violence against our persons by people who absolutely will not leave us in peace – no matter how peaceful we try to be – until we have submitted to them utterly and for all time to come. We wish only to be left alone – and demand that our right to defend ourselves against those who will not leave us alone be respected. That self-defense is the most basic of rights – a right conceded even to the lowest animal. They do not acknowledge our rights; they despise the very notion of us having any rights at all. They regard their power over us as limitless in principle – and rage at even the smallest assertion of freedom of action. They loathe our guns because our ownership of guns is an expression of our determination to defend our very lives – and thus, of self-ownership.

And that is what cannot be tolerated. Which is why the current bum-rush to disarm us has become absolutely frantic. The moment is at hand. We will either stand up and be reckoned with as free men – or we will sit down forever and accept any degradation, any humiliation. And in that case, we shall have proved worthy of such treatment.TSA 2 Future generations will look upon us with the same mixture of incomprehension and contempt that our generation looked upon those who meekly lined up naked in queue for their turn at the edge of the pit. Because it will come to that, in time.

For decades, in a slow and incremental way, they have progressively increased their claims on us. On the most intimate details of our private lives. On our literal bodies and those of our children. We no longer enjoy even the vestigial liberty of being free in our own homes. They are everywhere. They recognize no limits, no boundary beyond which they may not assert themselves over us. They read and record our conversations. They demand to know the minutia of our finances. They tell us with whom we must do business – and under what conditions. They lay claim to an unlimited amount of our income. They deny us even the prospect of real ownership of anything more than the clothes on our backs. They assert their “right” – that is, their unchecked power to do us violence – for any and no reason at all, beyond the reason that they have power and we do not. We are on the cusp now of literal, physical enslavement. Of being owned – because we are about to be rendered utterly defenseless.

Legally rendered defenseless.Holocaust

If that is not just cause for resistance, then there is no cause for resisting anything, ever. Which is exactly the point being insisted upon: That we have no right to resist, because we have no rights. It is our role to Submit and Obey. Immediately, quietly. To anything and everything they tell us to do. To complacently accept as natural and right that our lives are the playthings of others – who may do with us as they please. That our lives do not matter. Because we do not own our lives.

Our lives are owned by them.

If we lose this battle, then we have already lost the war. The rest will be a mopping up operation. Having taken away not merely our guns but succeeded in intellectually defrocking us of the principle of self-defense and self-ownership that possessing arms affirms, it will be a very small thing indeed to take away much else besides.To take away anything – perhaps everything. Why not? We have already surrendered – and thus, already accepted the idea that nothing is off limits, that whatever small measure of vestigial liberty we may still possess is not actually possessed but merely tolerated . . . for the moment. And may be taken from us at any time, at their whim.jefferson 1

A defenseless man should expect no mercy. And a man unwilling to defend himself – and his fellow men – against tyranny deserves none.

Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo have made their decision. Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama will soon make theirs.

Then it will be our turn.

I have already made mine. It is the same decision made by Joshua Boston (USMC):

“I will not register my weapons…

“I am not your subject…

“I am not your peasant… .”

I am not a “tough guy.” I am not looking for a fight. Rather, I desperately wish to avoid one. I’m a middle-aged American just trying to live my life, work, enjoy my pastimes and my friends and family. To be an American. A free American. I dearly value my life. Which is precisely why, if I am backed into a corner by those who refuse to leave me be – even though I harm none – then I will turn and fight. God help me.

God help us all.

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  • slappy

    You are advocating fighting and spilling blood and for what? Everything you wrote is BS. With the tragedies that have happened and the crime rate as high as it is, people want changes. No one has said you can’t own weapons. Taking your stupid battle cry to heart would be the losers way out.

  • t.

    Eric: I hear ya. And while there are cops (mostly chiefs riding a pitic wave) that don’t like guns, most want you to have one as long as you act right.

    But in NY and NYC, you have to remember, they voted for, and continue to vote for those folks and folks that have a similar outlook. Way,WAY to many people are single issue voters. Whatever that issue is: abortion, entitlements, race, legalizing drugs, medical “rights”, etc… The problem is that when you vote for say the person who is pro abortion, they may not be really in favor of you have a gun. The person that is pro gun…may be against legalizing marijunana. Give and take, no one is the perfect candidate for everyone. But in a liberal bastion like NYC and NY, do expect anything else?

    When you look at many other areas of the country the “gun culture” is not only more accepted, it’s a way of life. If you are living in NY, why not work for the changes you want? Or migrate to an area where you will find more like thinkers for yourself.

    Personally, I don’t see your revolution / rebellion coming. I think the media has done a wonderful job of polarizing the issue, and blowing it way up. I have seized a lot of various weapons in my career. Not just showing up at your house to get them….but seizing them as the possessor did something very wrong…and irresponsibly used or had a weapon on them when they decided to be stupid.

    We were speaking of this issue during training recently. Non of us knew of anyone with a concealed carry permit get involved in anything they should have. Why? Because the people who are responsible enough to get a permit, are responsible enough not to be stupid with the gun. And other than an occasional traffic stop, we hardly every run into he permit holders. The fill side to that coin is the people that get caught doing other things…and decide they need a weapon while they are doing it. Irresponsible behavior compounded by more irresponsible behavior. There is the problem.

    Of all of the guns Ive seized, none have ever made it back to the person I took it from. Not from a personal vandetta of some kind, but because the cases where strong enough, and the things they had done were serious enough that they should have a gun anymore. Their actions, their decisions, had consequences

    I wish you good luck. But please keep in mind that the hyperbole that fires the Internet and even the major media now days, isn’t always on point

  • Dan Sayers

    They want to eliminate “gun violence” (with quotes). They do this by first using gun violence (without quotes) against peaceful individuals. What’s left is an environment where gun violence (without quotes) is easier and more pervasive, both for those with badges and without.

    Can’t they at least be honest about what it is that they want?

  • Common Sense

    NYC has had a AWB and hi-cap magazine ban for about the last 20 years. If the author lived in NYC, he’d know that.

  • YankeeFan


    Very well stated!! Most voters are single issue types and I am trying to remember who said it but people get the government they vote for!

  • certain

    Cops have become the most untrustworthy part of our entire system, and they’re the only ones who would be able to have guns????

    Oh, I feel much safer already!!!

    How many guns you seize at the mall? Man, you learn so much from the posters on this site. I never new mall security had SWAT teams, vice and drug units, and even seized guns.

  • Shazbot Almighty

    Guys – Go to the original post and make comments. Eric does reply to them:


  • Shazbot Almighty

    “With the tragedies that have happened and the crime rate as high as it is, people want changes”

    No, your government wants change, and it is easily manipulated simple minded obedient little bootlickers like you who are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

  • t.

    Certain: You are at least consistent. But I thought back and tried to remember if you’ve ever contributed any thoughts on any topic and I can’t recall any. You offer no incite, only insult. For a guy who claims to be an engineer who designs aircraft…you don’t really seem to be able to muster up much on the original thought side of life. I don’t really even recall you even regurgitating anyone else ideas on much. Just straight to the insults. How very sad for you.

  • t.

    Almighty: ? (Pssst, here a secret…..all of those government workers….they are citizens!! Shhh….I know, you didn’t think of that. Hey, you know what else….the people elected to office, citizens!!! I know, I know…you had no idea. But shhh, keep it to yourself…we can’t have everybody knowing that. Hey, hey hey….guess what else…people are allowed to have differing ideas…to actually think something other than what you do???!!! Can you believe that. How uppity)

    But as you clinge (and rightly so) to the second amendment….let me ask. What do you do if the second gets repealed? (I don’t want that nor do I think could ever happen…it’s just a thought experiment). You claim to love he constitution…if that amendment changed by the will of your fellow countrymen…the same group that ratified the constitution in he first place…do you then get rid of all your guns?? If tomorrow it was unconstitutional… By amendment not a passed law or court case….but tomorrow the second got repealed…what do you do?

  • thinkfreeer

    t – 696 words so far. Zero sense, I’m sure (didn’t read any of them).

  • t.

    Really? 696? I only saw you short comment that made no sense. Was there another one?

  • t.

    Almighty? Any thoughts?

  • t.

    Hmm. Well. Guess not.

  • SouthernMan

    t. (psst… there are no citizens.) Citizenship is a reciprocal agreement of allegiance in exchange for protection. SCOTUS has proclaimed the police have no duty to protect anyone. We are submitizens, comply or die.
    Government – a group of men and women providing a service at the barrel of a gun.
    You want my gun… molon labe.

  • takaru

    The answer is anyone in the $113,000 tax bracket WILL obey. In today’s world it is financial suicide to resist even if you are right, being denied your rights or are being falsely accused. OBEY

  • takaru

    Sorry, at or under $113000/ yr bracket…..

  • t
  • Shazbot Almighty

    “You claim to love he constitution”

    No, bootlicker, I don’t follow the Magic Scroll Theory anymore. I could give a flying f&ck what a bunch of wrote on a piece of parchment 200+ years ago. Thea was their agreement, not mine.

    “if that amendment changed by the will of your fellow countrymen…the same group that ratified the constitution in he first place”

    The people who ratified that contract died long before I was born.

    ” If tomorrow it was unconstitutional… By amendment not a passed law or court case….but tomorrow the second got repealed…what do you do?”

    If it was suddenly ‘legal’ to cage, then murder your fellow human beings because they were, I don’t know, a different ethnicity than you, what would you do?

  • t.

    Well, at least you admit it. I give great credit for that.

  • t.

    @slappy: just so you know, the entry on the 25th at 6:03 wasn’t me. Regardless of what it says, wasn’t my post.

  • t.

    Murder isn’t legal.

  • Shazbot Almighty

    Murder is immoral, but that didn’t stop the likes of Hitler putting some words on a piece of paper declaring it “legal” and the people blindly following orders as if they were absolved of any responsibility for their acts. So, what would I do if “by amendment not a passed law or court case….but tomorrow the second got repealed?” I’d ignore it, and keep my weapons.

  • t.

    Again, I’ll respect honest. A man who lives by no laws…simple enough to deal with. I only ask it that way as so very many here speak of “constitutional rights” but ignore everyone else’s. They clings to it when it first them, and only when it fits them.

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