Stomp a Man & Get Paid Vaction, if employeed at Bridgeport Police Department

“Elson Morales, Joseph Lawlor and Clive Higgins, all 10-year veterans of the Bridgeport Police Department, are shown on the tape kicking and stomping on a man they had already subdued with a stun gun.”

I’m not too surprised to learn of the actions of Morales, Lawlor and Higgins, considering the hostility displayed by every single one of their colleagues I met when in Bridgeport on Sat., 19th, including David Uliano. In fact, it’s likely that a heavy-handed culture permeates the ranks of Bridgeport police – something that can never entirely be mitigated when the very institution is based on coercion.

Fortunately an individual nearby recognized what was happened and documented the aggression through the lens of a camera. It’s great this practice is becoming so pervasive. It is making a positive difference (for more related, check out

While the video evidence may be enough for anyone with common sense to draw pretty accurate conclusions, the so-claimed “authorities” are only now “investigating” themselves for an incident that happened in May of 2011. Oh yeah, and the aggressors are on paid vacation.

Will this affording of double-standards to bullies, simply because they wear a badge, deter such wanton violence in the future? Or might there be a better alternative?

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Three Connecticut police officers caught on camera ‘kicking and stomping on man they’d subdued with a stun gun’
originally published to on Jan. 26th, 2013

Three Connecticut police officers have been put on administrative leave after they were caught on video brutally beating a suspect in a local park.

Elson Morales, Joseph Lawlor and Clive Higgins, all 10-year veterans of the Bridgeport Police Department, are shown on the tape kicking and stomping on a man they had already subdued with a stun gun.

They will remain on paid administrative leave while the May 2011 encounter is investigated.

The sobering footage was uploaded on YouTube on January 18 by an anonymous user. It is unclear who filmed it.

In the video, which goes in and out of focus, the pop and sizzle of the electric stun gun can be heard before a man shouts ‘nice shot’ from off camera as the suspect falls to the ground.

Within seconds, two officers stand over the motionless man and begin kicking and stomping on him as he writhes around on the grass. A third officer drives up in a police cruiser with the sirens blaring and attacks him.

At one point a witness yells at the officers, ‘You got him, cut the (expletive).’

Carolyn Vermont, president of the Greater Bridgeport branch of the NAACP, slammed the police response, describing it to the Connecticut Post as ‘horrible, totally unacceptable.’

bridgeport-connecticut-police-departmnent-elson-morales-joseph-lawlor-clive-higgins-copblock-squad‘No person should be treated as an animal, no matter what they are charged with,’ she said.

Police Chief Joseph Gaudett Jr. said he learned about the video last week and promptly ordered the city’s Office of Internal Affairs to investigate the beating. He also notified the Bridgeport State’s Attorney.

‘I’m concerned by what I saw and ordered the Office of Internal Affairs to conduct an immediate, thorough and timely investigation,’ Gaudett told The Post.

‘If violations are found, we will take action. Our officers are held to high standards and rightfully so, and we intend to maintain these standards.’

Gaudett refused to release the name of the man being kicked and stomped by the officers in the video and what charges were lodged against him.

According to The Post, police sources said the man was being pursued by officers following reports that he had a gun.

When the officers finally subdued him, no gun was found, but the man was wearing a holster, the source said.

The man was charged in the incident and did not file a complaint against the police officers.

The sources told The Post that the man, who wasn’t seriously injured in the beating, is now serving prison time on unrelated charges.

  • BluEyeDevil


  • Dan Sayers

    One of the biggest mistakes made by law enforcement is their role. Some of them, like these guys, view themselves as judge, jury, and executioner. We as a people cannot afford this mistake.

    Another problem I see with these things is “If violations are found, we will take action.” These are the words of the police chief who has apparently seen the video. Where is the IF? The question isn’t if violations are present. The question is if, given the specifics of what occurred and the backlash from the public (why they will not release the name), they can get away with saying it is justified.

    “‘We’re here to protect and protect we do.’ But I ask who the fuck protects us from you?” – ICP’s Southwest Ghetto Zone

  • Radical Dude

    Blame the criminal gang subculture that is so pervasive throughout the police. The current system of what is called “law enforcement” has proven itself to either cause this kind of gang violence, or to be ineffective at stopping these authoritarian gangs from committing these kinds of violent crimes. Either way, society needs to get rid of these
    violent, authoritarian criminal gangs.

  • Anonymous

    Do we understand Chris Dorner now? Does the idiots at PHQ finally understand why Chris Dorner is doing this? Over shit like this.

    PHQ stands idling by with their thumbs in their holes. Pure uncommon sense. DerpDerpDerp. iretaiiiiided.

    “timely investigation”? Are you fucking kidding me? Took me 20 secs to see what happened.

    Takes them a year or so or more plus give them paid vocation?

    Chris Dorner rules!

  • Blister

    They all should be fired! Check out this one too…

  • Glenn

    Why are there so many strange things happening in Connecticut lately?

  • badgeabuse


    Nice link…I bet he gets paid now…..can’t unring the bell…Video is out…

    and he’s a ©rapper

  • cookie

    If the first cop to get to the guy had reported the other two for kicking the man after he was cuffed, and the first cop reported them for brutality, he’d be “Dornered” out of his job.

  • Anonymous

    @Blisters link

    This video tipped the boat for me as well as for many others.

    Just wow, unfucking believable, see all the Dorner comments? ” zyrify 11 hours ago – Can’t wait for Dorner to take these bitches out.” Not just me that hopes death on these motherfuckers, I HOPE dorner gets as many as possible and their family’s. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I swear to Jesus Christ, these corrupt “leos” lifes need to end asap. People are going to snap just like Dorner very soon, very soon.

    That was not a fake knock out, the kid was really hurt, you can find that sound on youtube street fights or live leak street fights, especially one video where some guy curb stomped someones neck. Gasping for air. Pig asking, what was all that sound you making on the ground. That is the sound of a knock out, head hitting ground, brain becomes unavailable to control voluntary & involuntary organs.

    This pig could have killed the victim, even put him in a coma for life, veggie state. Where is the fucking justice?

    Fucking pig sucker punched him, what a bitch. Even with video PROOF, these motherfuckers are still working or either pay leave. The kid is unbelievably sorry? WHAT? Over and over, sorry sir sorry sir, fuck that.

    The watch commander said fuck you and hung up on the victim. rly? srly?

    Pig asks the victim, why did you do this to me? As if the pig here is the victim.

    Lieutenant is extremely professional, just like the pig that violently knocking out the helpless victim?

    This pig is lying through his teeth.

    PIG:”We are hard working professional agency” AKA “We are hard working pirate corrupt corporation ready to beat and loot you”

    Victim asks to sit, this ain’t good.

    Firetruck arrives, videos cuts: I am guessing if the ambulance came, the victim should have went into the custody of the paramedics, and gone for MRI’s, need the fullest evidence of internal&external bodily harm, with the hospital as a secondary proof.

    Look at the comments roll in, man, the hatred for the pigs.

    copblock care to open a copblock Chris Doner fan page?

    Care to display this video on the front page of copblock?

    Fuck you all lifeless scumbag cunt corrupt pirate whores pigs.

    The pig stating the victim is getting in his face, truth is all on video.

    Dorner, you get them, you get as many as possible. You have my fullest support.

  • http://cnn?84739 news article

    Unquestionably believe that which you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the web the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people think about worries that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thank

  • Common Sense

    Looks completely justified, the man was a menace. I suppose he should have not been in possession of a handgun, drugs and feld from the police…

    Well, a few 100 grand will make him, and this all go away.

    I know Lopez-Soto is gonna spend the next 5 years in prison (he plead guilty), so I’m sure the Department of Corrections in Connecticut will be happy to accept settlement money from Lopez-Soto for his phone calls, meals, and even medical care while he sits in his cell.

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  • Wicked Vet

    @Common Sense… seriously? Looks justified? He deserved it? Cops are to be held at a higher standard then that, if they can’t be they shouldn’t be cops.

  • Common Sense

    Just seeing if anyone was paying attention…

  • Joe

    Since there is no humor in this, I must take action and make some; perhaps the officers simply thought that the man was on fire and were attempting to put him out.