Idolizing the Police, tricked into feeding the homeless

This video is meant as a prank and a joke but there is something we can learn from it…

The pizza place gave the pizza away for free because it was ostensibly for undercover LEOs.

(the point of this post is not to discuss homelessness, whether they deserved the pizza, or even the pizza place’s prerogative to give pizza to whomever they choose)

Why would they give the Police a free pizza and not a garbage man, an entrepreneur, an accountant?

I’ll cut straight to the chase, I think it is a sick society with misplaced values to give free stuff and deify so-called “Law Enforcement Officers”.  This action would be less saddening if they “gave” the free pizza out of a sense of fear similar to giving a mafioso a complimentary steak at your restaurant. But no… this was likely given out of a misguided view that these “public servants” are doing what they do to “protect and serve” their communities. While that may be the case 1 time out of a 100, it is a fool who believes this enormous and glorified Police state will make your life better and protect your rights.



  • Common Sense

    Tom Mabe is funny as shit, the best was the carpet cleaner bit.

  • underoath

    Believe it or not, not everyone in society hates law enforcement. A lot of people appreciate what the men and women in law enforcement do for them.

    Just because you dont agree with it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

  • Zapeee


    Tom Mabe cleaned your carpets?

  • Backfire

    Impersonating a police officer?

  • Common Sense

    look it up, YT I’m sure has it. He’s a comedian.

  • HonorYourOath


  • 1605

    Hmm, something me and Common agree on. Maybe next we’ll work on him coming around to non-aggresssion principles?

  • Dan Sayers

    @underoath: A lot of people also believe in “psychics” and that it’s possible to communicate with the dead. By your own implication, do we accept this as anecdotal evidence that it’s valid?

    I don’t think anybody takes issue with the positive contributions ANYBODY makes for our society, including people with badges. I think the disposition you’re addressing is born from things such as lack of accountability and/or special treatment.

    I’m not even convinced that special treatment is what we’re seeing in the video. Some businesses will offer complimentary items/services to the police to be in good standing should said business ever need police assistance.

    Case in point: I once worked for a restaurant that gave every cop their meal for free. It wasn’t meant as a reward for the cops, but rather as very cheap security/crime deterrent. Whose going to try and rob a place police are in and out of all night long? One day, about 4am (nobody on the streets hardly at all), I was pulled over for doing 90 MPH in a 60. When the cop asked where I was coming from, I bothered with answering. He replied that he knows that we “take care of them” and he appreciates that. No ticket.

  • 1605

    Wouldn’t you hate to be the business next to the business who is bribing the police? Is there an etiquette for bribing the thugs in blue or is it some unwritten social doctrine that the sane members of society are missing?

    Thank you for supporting corruption.

    Do you know what special treatment is? You wrote two paragraphs that indicate you clearly do not.

  • mobooz

    @Dan: While I agree with a lot of the comments you’ve posted on this site lately, I’ve got to say that your comment above does seem to endorse special treatment, both for and from police officers.

  • Dan Sayers

    @mobooz: Some businesses offer gratuities to police to attract their visual presence and/or help make sure that they receive police response they may eventually need. That’s a statement of fact, not an endorsement. It was offered as an alternative theory to idolization. I didn’t own the company that I mentioned did that and I didn’t ask to be pardoned. I don’t think you’ll find anybody that in the face of a policeman saying they weren’t going to issue a citation for what the law categorizes as an infraction, would insist that they be separated from a couple hundred dollars. Especially if the “infraction” in question was a morally objectionable one.

    @1605: You are correct. I wrote “special treatment is what we’re seeing in the video” when what I meant was “idolization is what…”

  • steve

    ill give um a pizza after all the shit i got as a kid in california.

  • Liberty Web Alliance

    @Dan, seems you describe a phenomenon very common to mafia within a community.

  • AmigaJoe

    *Dan Sayers*

    -So a business that doesn’t bribe cops to be in ‘Good standing’ can expect delayed response? What you describe is a protection racket. Should they pay off firefighters too? How about Health Dept. inspectors? You advocate corruption and it’s disgusting.

  • Tim

    Hi, I don’t know why you thought the pizza place gave it away for free. While he was on the phone, he said, here is my credit card number. Perhaps I missed something and I apologize if I did.


  • Dan Sayers

    @Amiga: Isn’t making something up about a person to cast them in an unfavorable light corrupt? If you told me you saw a burning building, should I assume you advocate arson? You’re welcome to look up my name to find out exactly how much I “advocate corruption.”

    LWA got the point.

  • Quad

    I don’t know about feeling indignation about the free pizza. Mostly, the video made me hungry. For pizza. Gonna get some now.

  • Jeff

    Tom Mabe, this is the first I’ve heard of you. You are amazing, absolutely brilliant! I’ve forwarded the vid to friends without qualification. I expect most will respond with: how wonderful, or it’s nice someone cares. They’ll miss the bigger message.


  • badgeabuse

    underoath says:
    January 30, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Believe it or not, not everyone in society hates law enforcement. A lot of people appreciate what the men and women in law enforcement do for them.

    Again….Tell me again what it is police do for me? that I can’t do myself?????

  • john

    thats fucking awesome, imay have to try that to feed the homeless in Manchester,NH just a different rank most likely a captain.

  • Myke

    Priceless. Absolutely priceless. Getting a big corporation to deliver a free pizza to the homeless. Brilliant. *applaud*

  • keepinitreal

    Nice…way to steal and show what complete douche bags you are. I didn’t see those losers volunteering to give any money or food to the homeless. They would rather exploit and embarrass them by plastering their faces all over Youtube for a laugh. You should be ashamed of yourselves idiots.

  • jeffj

    WOW ! either by design or default, this short video tells it all. from free coffee & donuts to being on the take, anything and everything in between can, will and did happen. im at the point of “don’t call me, i’ll call you. . otherwise , let me be ………………