Milwaukee Cops Intimidate Videographer w/ Loitering Threat

Published On February 9, 2013 | By John Freeman | Videos

Milwaukee cops seem to do a lot of illegal things…

Milwaukee Police Department

  • (414) 933-4444

Milwaukee Cop Block

Wisconsin Cop Block

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  • t.

    Why post this again?

  • Common Sense

    They were high.

  • RadicalDude

    In this type of situation, just tell him your purpose for being there is to film him as an independent journalist. When you say “because I can”, it kind of does come off as you are basically doing it for no reason, which isn’t really true at all. You’re there to document video evidence of what the police are up to, which protects the peace, and the public has a right to know what their tax monies are paying for.
    If he tells you to leave and he can’t articulate a reason why, then tell him to go pound sand. If he tries to arrest you, just say, “if you touch me, you’ll be sued for criminal battery.” And then, if he touches you, sue him. And don’t take the settlement offer! I sued the police before, I did get a check, but I wish I hadn’t taken the settlement, since it comes from taxes(I think? Maybe it came from insurance, IDK exactly). Better to garnish the cop’s paycheck then for the taxpayers to have to pay for his criminal wrongdoing.

  • ED

    loitering applies to PRIVATE property…Public is fare game.

  • Steve H

    Better yet, make a T shirt with the words “Re-elect Judge (whoever is up for re-election)” and tell the leo you are campaigning for the Judge on a public sidewalk. If he arrests you, that would definately be on the Smoking Gun, every news website. “Man arrested for campaigning for Judge.” Leo’s don’t give a crap about the 1st Amendment or any of the others for that matter.

    I’m sure there are good cops out there, but it’s like people who win the lottery, I know that there are people who win the lottery, I just don’t know any of them personally.

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  • t.

    ED: You can loiter and trespass on public property as well.

  • Laurie

    Boy, some people have nothing to do.

  • ed


  • t.

    OK. You know best.