Bracelets are HERE!

Get your “ the Police” bracelets, seen below, by clicking the WePay feature at the conclusion of this post. These are a limited number for a limited time, the more you buy the more you save, check it out!



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  • Dan Sayers

    I can’t wait for the who owns you hoodies to be back in stock. I’m hoping Pete still has one in my size by time he gets to Toledo.

  • justin jumper

    What’s the best way to get started I like to as soon as possible because my city is perhaps the worst corruption I have seen thus far possibly going as high as the Mayer maybe further its getting ridiculous any comments would help I have been posting vids to Facebook but no-one watches them or reads the posts

  • justin jumper

    Any comments would I help iam the only one doing it in my town

  • Dorey

    I’d buy some, but I don’t note sufficient security on your site to be willing to input my credit card information. Switch to PayPal and I’ll buy some. Thanks.