“Officer” Mustard Punches Man for “Failure to Honor cop”

From ABC7-KGO San Francisco

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) — The ABC7 News I-Team has uncovered a new complaint of excessive force against Vallejo police — the incident, caught on camera. The department is already reeling after a violent year, including six people shot and killed by officers.

The more I dig, the more questions I have. This story began when a package arrived in the mail from someone inside the department. It was a DVD, a police report, and a letter complaining about a “cowboy attitude” by officers and command staff.

Imagine you’re a police officer on patrol. It’s a warm summer day when the call comes in — a 22-year-old complaining his roommates beat him up and kicked him out of the apartment.    Read More…


Feel free to Contact Vallejo PD at their non ER number

(707) 648-4321

  • John Freeman

    *Correction- Steve Darden is the cop who punches the victim.

  • Common Sense

    Seems one thought the other owed them some respect or special treatment because of their profession…not sure which on though.
    I wasn’t gonna make a comment on how a US Soldier got smacked by a US Marine, some type of intra-branch thing. I did like how the Robles cried on tape, very touching.

    And again, this was from 2011. Seems like it wasn’t a big deal then, and it won’t be a big deal now.

  • KAZ

    Being in the Army and seeing how this reservist acted towards the police from the start of the interaction, he deserved what he got. In the Army one of our core values is respect. We are to treat others as we would like to be treated. He was disrespectful to the officers and got the same disrespect in return. The officer handled the situation quickly, using non lethal tactics to get him to act like a resonable person. The reservist was taking an agressive tone and stance, causing the officer to react the way he did.
    I have to say this was a good job by the officer.

  • Chris Mallory

    Kaz, respect has to be earned. No cop is deserving of respect just because he wears some costume jewelry. Both cops need to spend the rest of their lives in prison. The first for committing a battery under the color of authority. The second for not stopping the first.

  • fazenda

    this video seemed like a pissing contest between 2 government thugs who believe they are owed more admiration(respect, honor, esteem)than is deserved. Yes the kid was swearing and dissing the officer’s superior, but so the fuck what. Police should be used to being dissed by punks, it is kinda required for their mental health and community image that they let things like that just roll off them. If a officer stepped up to, I’d probably tell him to back up too. If he kneed me in the chest and I was certain the whole incident was on tape, I’d probably taze him.

    I agree with Common in this instance. Evin that it isn’t a big deal, but I would counter that it isn’t a small one either. What is shown in the video should be investigated and become generally known to the public to counter the spin by police.

    Counter spin by showing unedited truth.

  • shawn


    Your logic is that a cop’s sensibility must be coddled and he has the right to punish someone for not doing so. That is idiotic, especially when cops are totally disrespectful to others. They serve the public, not the other way around. In the professional world people are expected to be respectful even in the face of disrespect.

    But then I guess cops aren’t professionals. They certainly don’t act like it at any rate. Just look at the California cops shooting anything that moves.

  • certain

    Shawn – No shit. If I were a muscular black man in a SUV/truck, I would just go and ask the cops to put me in protective custody until they catch this guy. It’s obvious LAPD has a shoot-on-site (or even if you think you see him) order on this guy.

    I wonder what would have happened had those newspaper delivery ladies been armed and returned fire, capping one of the cops. Think they would get off the hook, as the morons who shot them probably will?

  • underoath

    What a mess on both sides. They both had shitty attitudes.

    “US soldier bro”

    “United States Marine!!”

  • Dan

    love how he changes his attitude after an “adjustment’ was made, that’s good stuff,

  • Kaz

    @ shawn
    My main issues with the reservist is that his actions do not reflect that of a soldier or what the Army stands for. If he were to uphold the values of the Army he would have been on a better track to getting his problems resolved with cop/marine.

  • Mike

    Don’t call cops if you are in trouble. They will assault you.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    There is a former Navy reservist out there who might react differently…

  • thinkfreeer

    Don’t give a shit about what branch anyone “served” in and it should have nothing to do with policing. Your big balls can be crushed, or otherwise dealt with.

    This so called “officer” should be sued with (apparently) his own video.

  • Aaron

    @Kaz: Yeah, because everyone who’s just been attacked by his roommates and had to wait 45 minutes for the police to show up is going to be calm and rational, right?

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    LEO has no right to punch the kid…PERIOD…very rude LEO’s

  • Dave Moritz

    The officer had no right to assault him plain and simple and the second that officer did that he was a criminal and he should have gotten his ass kicked. I don’t care if he didn’t like being bitched at for taking to long, simple fact he is on that citizens time we pay his salery! His is in fact a public servant. The guy got cocky with him but the officer stepped up and struck the man and acted like it was his right to do so. If that was me I would have complained about how long it took but I would not have stepped up like that. And if that officer took a swing at me I would sue is ass off and his department and the city!

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    Call for action

    You may leave messages for the Mayor by calling (707) 648-4377 and messages for the Council Members by calling the City Manager’s Office at (707) 648-4575.

  • Dan Sayers

    He was a victim, so he was upset. 45 minutes response time to assault is NOT OKAY. Expressing disappointment after having been assaulted, IS okay. I don’t get behind all the “I identify with this group, so kiss my butt” from either side.

    To me, the real story here is a media outlet that actually gets involved for the purpose of sharing information. Kudos to them.

    Oh and don’t believe that cop bonehead trying to say personnel file. We’re not talking about the local cashier at a Taco Bell throwing a sauce packet. They operate with public funds so they are to remain transparent to the public. That is a personnel file of a man the people have given power that need to know if he is abusing it so they can fire him and bring him up on criminal charges.

  • Anonymous

    When will these abuses by these pirates be held up by fullest extent of the law? It is ridiculous.

    Like the one black cop, got fired for abusing that black teen in the park.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, Love this comment and it got twenty nine thousand, six hundred and eleven LIKES!

    Pan (29611)
    If Robles was armed, he could have shot and killed Darden in self defense; however, with the enhanced climate of corruption at VPD, this video would have gone missing.

    Darden has always been a loose cannon. I know of a certain former LAPD officer who would love to come up from Big Bear and pay this guy a visit.
    Pan (29611) likes this.

  • Dave Moritz

    One of the problems is these criminals with badges know how much they can get away with before they will get in trouble. They know that the city or state will not come in and reform them, because the police represent the government authority. The last thing they want to do is hurt there own perceived authority! The police are so bent and corrupt that it would take some serious reforms and no one internally is going to do it, because they have no interest to do so! They can beat and shoot us but if we fight back of try to defend ourselves then we are criminals!

  • North Philly

    SEMPER FI!!!!

    ……… figures he’s a reservist

  • Hey

    Angry goon predators out in the streets preying on citizens…nice community policing.

  • Silvestri

    Whoa! In all the comments this struck me as particular:

    >>certain says:
    February 11, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Shawn – No shit. If I were a muscular black man in a SUV/truck, I would just go and ask the cops to put me in protective custody until they catch this guy. It’s obvious LAPD has a shoot-on-site (or even if you think you see him) order on this guy.

    I wonder what would have happened had those newspaper delivery ladies been armed and returned fire, capping one of the cops. Think they would get off the hook, as the morons who shot them probably will?<>Depends. 911 call goes out for active shooter, officer shows up and sees shooter doing the shooting, officer is legally allowed to cap the guy in the back of the head if the opportunity presents itself. This is the only “shoot on sight” situation LE is going to be within the boundaries of law and policy on.

    When dealing with a wanted fugitive, no, they cannot simply shoot on sight. Practical realities mean that in some instances individuals who have proven to be dangerous will be given minimal slack…so the individual is met by three or four cops with long guns, safeties disengaged, fingers on trigger. If he so much as breathes funny he gets lit up. If the guy proceeds to do just that, he dies, and it looks like shoot on sight when it really wasn’t. It was just cops who gave a dangerous individual no room to kill them as he’s killed others.<<

  • Travis Carlen

    I’m no fan of abusive authority figures, but that kid paid the price for getting in that man’s grill. Semper Fi douchebag !

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  • J. Panxer

    The kid shouldn’t have mouthed off to armed men w/ guns, but the cops shouldn’t have tried to kill the kid. This was a clear case of a psychopaths using asymmetrical force to feed their self image.

    My view? Both parties are really at fault. The kid for throwing insult, and the cops for reacting like psychopaths.

  • Chubs

    Obviously Just For Fun: Branch of Service means nothing. Remember Brandon Wolff the former Navy Seal vs Ben Saunders. Wolff was KOd in RD1 after knees to the face. At the end it was as if Wolff was stung by a bee with his forehead swallon. Very entertaining to watch.

    The cop overreacted. He should be fired or at the very least I think there is an opportunity for some remedial training. The victim, for his own safety, should not have cursed when complaining about the time. He then should have started to assert his rights after being physically assaulted. He then should have filed a complaint and contacted the ACLU after the incident.

  • takaru

    I hope his wife does not ” posture up” to him.

  • Rusty

    Looks fake to me. Only post real shit. There’s enough of it.

  • Dave Moritz

    If police officers can not control themselves then they have no dam business being armed or having a badge. The officer had the worse attitude and he is the one that stepped up trying to act like mr bad ass because he has a badge. I do no think you can train this out of someone because they are ether abusive or they are not! Police Departments need to get rid of these idiots because if they do not the police will go on being hated!

  • thinkfreeer

    Oh, he can control himself just fine. The problem was that he felt justified to use violence to teach the other guy a lesson in how to respect a cop. While he may have gotten a more “respectful” “citizen” temporarily, the real lesson he taught many people now is that cops may use violence on you and get away with it.

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    other LEO Officer Mustard(the FAT white guy with the badge) should also be charged.

  • Dave Moritz

    This is why I will no longer call these abusive turds if I can handle the situation myself! I will not call the police unless there is no choice! We all should try to avoid calling them and then lets see them justify there bloated police budgets when we have little need of them!

  • in.S.O.L.

    I think we all know how that would’ve turned out if the citizen dodged the punch and clocked the cop. The fact that the cop was commiting battery against the man wouldn’t make a Damn bit of difference. It would’ve been at least a battery of a leo and resisting. IF he made it out alive! This cop is guilty of battery. PERIOD. The other cop should be charged as well. Dereliction of Duty? False Informing? Its a good thing no one was in serious danger. 45min!?!?! Cops respond to crime, they can do very little to actually prevent it. That’s exactly why its important to carry a weapon.

  • Alex

    Officer Mustard sounds like something out of the game of Clue.

  • Zach

    Clear abuse of power, this is why every one needs to videotape cops

  • Jayballs

    Darden… all I can say is…”What a fucking jack-off!”… he’s a cop and should’ve shown more restraint than that… instead of doing his job, he used his position as a cop to bully someone… someone should put him in his place… oh, and his “rap” music is shit… he’d better stick to his day job cause no one would listen to his “music”…

  • Andrew

    As two men he got what he deserved. Unfortunately, this was not just two men. This was a professional setting and even though the little douche got mouthy, the cop should have held back and corrected the situation.

  • Bill Full

    I hope this officer tries to be a dick to someone with a gun who shoots his ass!