Cop SAVES dog

La Porte, Texas - Officer Kyle Jones and Cujo

La Porte, Texas – Officer Kyle Jones and Cujo

Submitted by Rick

With Facebook Posts like this Help stop cops shooting Innocent Dogs and Rochester, NY Police officer Chris Burgstrom Executed Codi from Behind, Shooting the Scared Dog as it was Running Away, Baltimore City Police Shoot and Kill Beloved Pet, and Cops Murder Yet Another Dog, it’s refreshing to see a Cop Saves Dog Story which has received much attention on Yahoo – Cop shuts down highway to save small dog, becomes Web hero and Channel 11 in Houston (Video).

It starts with one.

  • rick

    Thank you.
    Police should be lauded when doing the right thing.

  • BigPoppaAZ


  • Todd B

    Doing the right thing is their job. I don’t get kudos daily for doing my job. Maybe if they were not so prolific at abusing their position, then some accolades would be justified.

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  • BigPoppaAZ

    We’ve got to get over the collective “All Cops are bad”, that’s not the case. This Texas LEO did the right thing, and should be commended. Just like the cop in Albany who stood up for the First Amendment rights of those speaking for opt out of the TSA last year.

    Todd, I’m sure you’ve been lauded for doing good work, previously, and/or doing the right thing. Appreciation of such is a human response.

  • courtofpublicopinion

    way to go awsome guy!

  • shawn

    Being praised for good and criticized for bad are seperate. Both need acknowledged, and neither ignored. How many times have we seen a cop busted for doing something, and all cops want to do is talk about this good deed or that, as if that changes the wrong one bit.

    Civilian law enforcement isn’t about averages. 99% good and 1% bad isn’t good enough. Not when 1% still means hundreds or even thousands of wrongs done.

  • Jim

    It’s domestic law enforcement, not ‘civilian’ – cops are civilians too. Although it’s hard to tell these days since they act as an occupying army. Or maybe that’s the idea all along….

    And there are no ‘good’ cops – there are bad cops, and those who cover for them, or look the other way. That’s just the nature of the beast.

  • certain

    Good on you, dude. Those kind of actions make you seem human and not some kind of militarized thug. Seems like these days, most cops would have felt “threatened” and shot the pup.

  • t

    I too am please the dog was taken from harms way…but what does it say about where we are when — “doing the right thing”… becomes extraordinary ?

  • shawn


    That is kind of the point. Unfortunately, it isn’t a problem limited to cops. Not these days.

  • shawn


    You’ve got a sucky job then.

  • t

    More grist for the mill…

    …especially these days.

  • Shawn


    I’m seeing a second T floating around here. Will the real T please raise his doughnut.

  • t


    I’m trying to give up doughnuts for Lent (for what its worth) … but t-period is the “other” troglodytam.

    Nice to make your acquaintance, though !

  • bhoodlum

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a cop’s job to do good or not, if people, any people do something bad, they should be criticized and/or punished. But if we fail to applaud good deeds then we end up focusing on the negative acts in our society and the evildoers win. So kudos to this cop for doing something positive.