Ten Atlanta Officers Arrested and Charged in Corruption Sting

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Submitted by Eric Freerock

I wrote the following article pertaining to the Atlanta sting that seems to have been way under reported since Chris Dorner was on everyone radar.

Atlanta’s Official State-Sanctioned Gang Works With Atlanta’s Drug Gangs

Posted on February 15, 2013 by Eric Freerock

Ten Gang Members Arrested in Atlanta on Corruption Charges

While everyone is focused on Chris Dorner and corruption in the LAPD, a huge story out of Atlanta has been pretty much un-circulated. U.S. Attorney Sally Yates announced on February 12, 2013 that ten Atlanta area police officers have been arrested on corruption charges stemming from their involvement in street gang activity. That isn’t figurative; they were working with street gangs.

Officers from various Atlanta area agencies have been accused of providing protection for street gang members in their conducting of drug deals and trafficking. Often they would be in full uniform and use their patrol cars to protect informants and dealers exchanging cash and cocaine in backpacks. One officer from DeKalb County offered to use his patrol car in his conducting of protection, for a fee of $800. Payments for the protection racket ranged between $700 and $7,000 dollars to protect transactions occurring in crowded shopping areas and school parking lots.

In a secretly recorded conversation Office Dorian Williams, of DeKalb County, told one of his cohorts, Shannon Bass, that if shots had to be fired that wounding someone was not an option. He said, “I gotta fucking kill him, I just can’t shoot him.” Both of them were among those arrested in this FBI sting operation.

The FBI investigation started back in August of 2011 when the ATF was alerted by undercover agents that the local gangs had law enforcement personnel on their payroll.

Those arrested were:
•Atlanta police Officer Kelvin Allen, 42, of Atlanta.
•DeKalb County Police Department Officers Dennis Duren, 32, of Atlanta and Dorian Williams, 25, of Stone Mountain.
•Forest Park Police Department Sgts. Victor Middlebrook, 44, of Jonesboro,and Andrew Monroe, 57, of Riverdale.
•MARTA Police Department Officer Marquez Holmes, 45, of Jonesboro.
•Stone Mountain Police Department Officer Denoris Carter, 42, of Lithonia.
•Federal Protective Services contract Officer Sharon Peters, 43, of Lithonia.
•DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office former jail officers Monyette McLaurin, 37, of Atlanta and Chase Valentine, 44, of Covington.

So just because the focus of the country is currently on the LAPD we cannot forget that corruption is widespread all over the country. It’s sad that something this huge is going on without any national coverage because this should be front page national news.


Eric Freerock
[email protected]

In addition to running Free Rock Press, I also admin and write at over at OhioCopBlock.org, as well as admin the Facebook groups for Ohio, Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

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  • The Realist

    This story has been posted on copblock already (SMH). The FEDS are holding the police accountable for their criminal actions…

    Calling these officers “gang memebers” is retarded and juvenile.

    The reason why this isn’t front page news is because no blood was shed and no children were hurt. Some people hate cops and all people hate drug dealers. It’s a win/win situation for all parties involved!!

    We have to do better for the greater cause dude!!!

    Grow the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    The Realist.

    They are the same as the ones they protect…gang members

    you calling them officers still is retarted ….notice the age of most them? 40’s? not some new cop and I bet it goes further back than just this…..

  • Shawn

    @the realist

    Actually these guys are effectively gang members. And there are strong parallels between cop protectionism and gang loyalty, and how both will treat those who ‘betray’ their own.

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    I have long asserted that for each year a cop spends on the force, he becomes 10% moire likely to become a criminal, with the 10% accumulating year over year. Thus, a cop with 10 years of service is virtually guaranteed to be a criminal, and a cop with 20 years on the force is pretty much a flat-out mafia stooge.

    Oh, and thank you for posting this story twice, because everyone knows for a fact that all cops are gang members.


    When you see common sense, t., underoath, psosgt and all the other shills spew their boot-licking propaganda here on Cop Block, remember, THIS IS WHO THEY ARE, THIS IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR, AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DEFEND!

    Wichita KS police officer Officer Joseph T. McGill, 28, was convicted today of committing a sexual act on a 3-month-old child and a 1-year-old child. Officer McGill pleaded guilty in January 2012 in an unrelated case to sexual battery while on duty as a police officer and was sentenced to three years probation. Those charges stemmed from separate incidents in November 2010 and February 2011. The judge set sentencing for March 1.

  • G. Asher

    Realist, the cops in the article were engaged in activitites that certainly allow for charging under RICO. This means that the government considers them to be gang members.

    The fact that the Feds had to step in to clean APD’s house speaks volumes about the lack of credibility to be found in APD LEOs and Georgia LE in general, as well as the prosecutors and the judiciary. These are people who not only turn a blind eye to criminals in their ranks, they actively seek to protect them from prosecution.

    The fact that the MSM hasn’t published this means that the MSM is unwilling to confront police corruption. It doesn’t mean anything but.

    The difference between a drug dealer and a cop is that a drug dealer has to work for his money and he provides an item and a service people desire. The cop extorts people for his pay, the grug dealer seeks merely to buy and sell. Morally, drug dealers are head and shoulders above cops.

  • t.

    So…law enforcement doing their job…..and some how that’s new?

  • Shawn


    No T, they didn’t. The feds had to do it because the locals who SHOULD have done it DIDN’T.

  • G. Asher

    t, forgive me if I misunderstand what you are implying here. Are you trying to say that cops are normally employed to facillitate the distribution of illegal drugs?

  • t.

    “the feds”…..as in Federal law enforcement. I think that says enough.

  • G. Asher

    Actually t, you aren’t saying anything, really. How about you expand and expound a little? What are you getting at?

  • shawn


    The locals should have already handled the swine. You know this. If the feds have to police local drug dealers because they are cops, then the locals are choosing notto do their job. Or do you actually believe no on knew what was going on?

  • t.

    Asher: Which part did t you understand? Law enforcement – policing law enforcement. Those who did something held accountable. Now, I know this is a pretty simple idea…hopefully you could still keep up with it

  • G. Asher

    Ah t, you are lying once again. LE did not actually do their job, they had to have Federal LE come in to clean up a mess created by local LE and allowed to continue by local LE.

    A fire department putting out the flames on a burning building may be doing their job, but if the fire was caused by a fireman, and his buddies helped him in any way, they are then complete fuckups despite showing up later to water down the destroyed dwelling.

    The cops are outrageous scumbags. They are NOT doing their jobs. They are doing the exact opposite of their jobs. Your eagerness to gloss over that shows that you also are a crooked cop.

  • t.

    Asher: OK there Mr. Super Dense….what is the FBI……. Its OK, you can say it….. I’ll wait……

  • t.

    Shawn: more than likely, the local PD called in help from the “feds”….looking for assistance. Just because YOU don’t know about it, doesn’t mean much (no offense to you directly). But RICO style cases take a very long time to build.

  • t.

    Asher???? G…..are you there??? Still waiting…….

  • t.

    Ahser must not be coming back. Shocking.

  • G. Asher

    Sorry I didn’t respond sooner t. Not everyone is a taxpayer funded parasite like you. Some of us have real jobs that take up our time.

    The fact that you are having to stretch so hard to give your bizarre assertion any creedence shows that your assertion is without credibilty, just like you and every other holster sniffer, badge bunny, and crooked cop.

  • t.

    If that’s the best response you have….you should have just not replied.

  • jon

    T- You said that most likely the local PD asked the Feds for help? lol

    Do you not know that local and State PD want to keep those IN HOUSE so it doesn’t get out and embarrass them? Every county and large city (like Atlanta) have their own Internal Affairs that are supposed to police the police. The Feds came in because they couldn’t trust the Internal Affairs in Atlanta since they do not know how far up the ladder this corruption goes and they know that the other cops will try to protect their own.

  • t.

    Jon: Yours is clearly a voice of ignorance, a view jaded by those who thrieve on misdirection and inaccuracy….yours is the Cop Blocker view.

    Local agencies routinely seek out state agencies for assistance. Much like prosecutors seek out a “special prosecutor”…someone from the outside to look into things without bias and uninfluenced….departments seek out outside help to rid themselves of problems. No department has a goal of intentional keeping problems in their midst.

    I have been involved in many investigations that go across jurisdictional lines. That being the case….on my own I couldn’t do anything with the information I developed. We routinely use both state and federal agencies for that part alone.

    As I said before….RICO type cases take a long time to develope. Asking for assistance from federal agencies clears those jurisdictional issues. That’s is of course is keeping in mind thatyou aaren’t so goofy as to believe as Asher does that the “feds” aren’t law enforcement (still one the all time dumbest things ever put forward by a Cop Blocker…and that beats out a lot of really dumb things).

    I’ve worked case myself that had me involved with GBI. They may have been involved at some point in this case and they, like any local PD would of had to call in a federal agency to adopt the case to get into federal court. I can’t just arrest somebody and charge them in federal court. One of the alphabet soup agencies have to adopt the case for that to occur.

    No need to thank me for that lesson. Just hoping to expand minds and understanding.

  • Ginny

    It hasn’t gone unnoticed that these cops are black. While a large majority of blacks have been blaming the FBI, CIA, and Bugs Bunny for flooding black communities/neighborhoods with drugs, its actually been dirty, black cops who are in cahoots with drug dealers. This has been going on since the 70’s.

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