The Cop Block Tour – Bellevue

copblock-tour-route-bellevueNote that the videos below are all raw (shot with my HTC Evo 5 via Cop Block’s Bambuser channel, my chest-mounted GoPro, and/or my Canon Vixia HF R10. At the conclusion of The Cop Block Tour I’ll make time to put-together some solid, over-arching videos using content from this stop. In the meantime, if you are so-compelled, you’re welcomed and encouraged to utilize this content and all other content at


Friday, Feb. 15th 2013 found me in Bellevue, OH, a town of about 8,000 folks in north-central Ohio, which happens to be home to many of those who helped found Ohio Cop Block (*note that there are now city-specific Cop Block offshoots listed at

Ohio Cop Block

My actual time in Bellevue was quick – I rolled into town, finished my conversation with my friend from Colorado who’s active with Cop Block, spied a video rental store with Ron Paul-related text on the window, went inside and shared some literature with the employee, then walked a few stores down to the Green Emerald, which I’m told is the oldest restaurant in Ohio, where I exchanged ideas and stories with five others.

We later went to visit another friend who was unable to join the meetup in person.

Last August I met with some of the Ohio Copblockers when passing through the area, during which time we had a pretty good convo with someone who operates in a paradoxical structure that steals while purporting to protect.


And as happened last time, I departed town with just a little bit less literature and outreach materials, which bodes well.

It was great to meet new people – learn of their journey and tactics they think effective, and to deepen ties with those individuals I’d previous met.