Here’s How Milwaukee PD Handles Internal Affairs Complaints…

This post is from Tim of MilwaukeeCitizenPress youtube channel.

Tim was arrested a few months back for filming police in Milwaukee. Here is that video.

I find it interesting that this man, Johnny Sgrignouli, is willing to do such a poor investigation without flinching. Is this how they all end up?

You can reach MPD Internal Affairs at 414-935-7939

  • Ray

    It seems you put yourself in a box since you won’t go to them and won’t let them come to you.

  • Tim

    I felt the Same when trying to get justice for what they [Indiana] had put me thru.

  • Mike

    I agree with Ray, I think this investigator was attempting to provide due diligence. Your unwillingness to participate on any terms other than your own makes it seem to him that if you don’t care enough to meet with him then it must not be that important to you . I understand not wanting to go to his office but meeting on neutral ground in public seems quite reasonable.

  • t.

    As with everything you have posted previously…you are the clear problem. You want to bitch…but can’t express yourself and your concerns very clearly. So he asks you to come speak with him about your concerns. No, you won’t do that. So he offers to come to you so he can hear all off your concerns. No, you don’t want that either. And then you are surprised when they say that the case / issue is c.used and your complaint has no merit? And then you’re mad about that?

    You remain as big a joke as Davy V.

  • Common Sense

    crybaby. I seem to remember you were arrested for trespassing, not filming.

  • Chris


    I personally have been abused by the police many times and it was no fault on my part. But in this situation you were clearly being an ASSHOLE – a public nuisance. You deserved to be arrested…

  • Frank

    why didn’t you go in to the station? he asked you numerous times to come in or he would come to you.
    You were just being a pain in the ass.

    And then I saw the original video and you were a prick. I would have arrested you to.

    Stop being a dick.

  • BJ

    Why would you expect it to be handled any differently? You want them to discipline one of their own off a merely 45 word complaint yet you’re hard to get in touch with by phone and you refuse to meet with them in person. If you’re not going to follow up and follow through on a complaint why would you expect anyone to take it seriously? Sorry sir, but you’re just coming off as a professional victim.

  • Chris Mallory

    The investigator is a government employee. His meeting with the citizen should be on the citizen’s terms and at the citizen’s convenience. The master does not bow to the servant.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

    All cops lie, all the time.

  • Tom

    Yeah this is bad but Indiana is much worse on police accountability.

  • 1605

    Chris Mallory said all I would have to say about this. Good words.

  • t.

    Chris: The joker here wouldn’t meet with him at all. Under any circumstances And then blames the officer. You know better. Its all right there in his own words. Don’t be lead.

  • jayduba

    Let me get this straight, you guys expect that someone who feels he will be abused by law enforcement to subject himself to law enforcement. Wow, I guess you really do think the public is stupid.

  • jayduba

    Come into the station, said the spider to the fly.

  • t.

    Wow, no comprehension at all.

  • steve

    you should have met with the cop in a fast food joint.

  • t.

    He didn’t want to meet. He knows his complainant has no merit. He just wants to bitch about it. The proof of that is in the video above.

  • jayduba

    Or maybe he doesn’t want to be assaulted or caged.

  • jayduba

    T, I get the feeling you have bruised knuckles all of the time.

  • t.

    Or maybe he knows he has no legitimate complainant.

  • wiguy

    This cop is a thug like the one who arrested him in the Milwaukee video.

  • t.

    Right. Being so agreeable…openly expressing a willingness to meet and hear the complainant….extraondinarily thug behavior. Cry me a river.

  • 585

    You tell them going off your written complaint is fine, and then complain about it? How nice.

  • Neil

    I find it hard to feel any kind of injustice for this person. The Lt. was willing to drive to meet him and discuss the situation. They were trying to address the situation, but you were unwilling to cooperate. What kind of result would one expect? You basically sank your own ship.