FLP Car Sign Cop Warning!

Submitted by Wendy Johnson

I live in a small tourist-driven town outside of Buffalo, NY. Needless to say, cops are constantly setting up speed traps and checkpoints to catch unsuspecting tourists on the winding roads leading into town. Locals know these locations well and I’ve developed a way that lets them warn tourists about upcoming speed traps. My FLP Car Sign has, among other things, a “COP” page that can be displayed to passing cars to warn them of a speed trap up ahead. I hope that it will make a communal environment amongst drivers who want to work together to protect each other from these traps!

The project is currently on kickstarter. For more information, see here:

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  • Smiley

    Outstanding ! Make a video of it and youtube it. Fuck the police.

    The WAZE app is doing a great job also with warning people with cops ripping people off.

    I think I’m going to check out and read about the newest arrivals. LOL Dead cops make my clitoris swell up and feel tingly.

  • HonorYourOath

    Love this idea! I hope you can quit your job on the money you make off of this. Send me a sign and I will promote it for you!

  • t.

    Warn everyone about the speed traps (do it when they aren’t event there). That helps the police control the speeders…just like we want.

    Thanks for the help

  • Kaz

    If cops really wanted to help control speeding they wouldn’t hide and wait for someone to speed and issue a ticket.
    Cops should proudly display their vehicles where people can see them with lights flashing if there is a speeding problem. I guarantee you will not only slow down a lot more cars but you will prevent them from speeding in the first place.
    Keeping us all safer and happier!

  • t.

    No…the flashing lights really tend to make thing worse. Visible patrol happens everywhere…everyday.

    But here’s the secret….(shhh,, but share this one) the “speed traps” are set up where the residents complain about speeding. I know, I know…the truth hurts you…but residents don’t want speeding through their neighbor hoods.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    dont feed trolls.

  • Kaz

    @Mr. Bawkbagawk
    I know the bootlickers have small brains so I will address my points to everyone from now on. Thanks for the advice!

    Ok according to this article a good way to help others avoid speed traps and tickets, is to have a way to help drivers communicate better. This will not only keep the jackboots from writing tickets for victimless crimes it will also prevent tourist from exceeding local speed limits in the process. The idea not only cost the city no money but helps prevent speeding from happening in the first place.

    The police departments way of stopping speeders is to hide and wait for tourists to break the speed limit. This does nothing to prevent a person from speeding. They continue to do this year after year never really fixing the problem at hand, or making the section of road safer than before they started writing tickets.

    I personally like idea number one because it doesn’t cost taxpayer money and it prevents speeding. If we start helping each other out more we will not need police to enforce laws with no victims!

  • t.

    Kaz: A well reasoned responded. You keep your (not you specifically…just in a general sense) buddies and neighbors from committing crimes…and the police will pretty much go away. But as long as you keep quiet…..”Hello officer”.

  • Aaron

    Hey, Wendy! I’m in your neighborhood. Yeah, that one in Ashford Hollow is a gimme. I sometimes see one on the top of the hill, heading south, before the lanes merge. And if you head further south to Salamanca on 219, watch out about three blocks into town: the locals like to park, there. I like the FLP idea. Do any of the local shops in E-ville carry this?

  • Jean

    Based on cases I’ve ehard about elsewhere – people adding coins into expired meters to prevent parking tickets, are charged with “obstruction of justice” or equivalent, and fined because they “cost the city money” – this would probably be seen the same way, IE, warning about speed traps is seen as aggression against the town, and it “costs the taxpayers / town money.”
    To me, that sort of (baloney)* indicates that revenue is the focus – not safety. And I wish it was apples and oranges (IE, parking tickets vs moving violations), but if the principle of “costing revenue” stands in one case – it’s likely it will be upheld in subsequnet (unrelated) cases as well. The logic is there, established in case law.

    Which means we’re back to an undocumented, undeclared war, effectively, over our wallet’s contents (IE, our money, at least what isn’t stolen by the government through taxes. And if I stick a gun to your head and demand 30% of your income, even ONCE, that’s theft at a minimum; when Uncle Sam does it once a year, EVERY year – that’s taxes. America was formed over less in taxes than the average citizen pays now…)
    Add in mandatory insurance laws, and the increases that go with tickets…? Potential to be searched without warrant or cause, potential to be shot, simply for being there? If it were uncommon, pages like this wouldn’t exist, but… Every day you find MORE pages dedicated to police abuses. Documented planting of evidence; perjury; shooting the wrong person for the wrong reason / no reason / “mistakes”…
    You cannot have it both ways. It can’t be “officer safety uber alles” AND “protect and serve” – one will always trump the other. A man cannot serve two masters.

    this is why average Joe Citizen is getting fed up, and feeling “If I’m going to be seen as / treated as a criminal anyway – I might as well enjoy the perks of that lifestyle, too!” (Weapons, fame / infamy, “gang” mentality, women, money, fast cars.) They might not all apply, but even a little from Column A and a little from Column B make life more interesting – and you can be shot because of officer panic if you’re HONEST and STRAIGHTEDGE, so – might as well enjoy a little.

    So, people are developing a “them vs Us” attitude, with Police as the “Them”, or the enforcers of “them”, and it’s just going to escalate… (ends badly for all, as it destroys society, but dead police are no big loss if so many are dirty. You feel like Officer Gordon: In a town this bent, who could you go to anyway, to talk about corruption? Better to just shoot them, hope it’s not someone fairly honest. After all, the courts will support anything that gives the cop free reign to do what would be criminal to anyone else. IE, lying during interrogation, perjuring on ths stand; doing drugs, buying drugs, selling drugs; explosives, same things; guns, same things; prostitution – either offering, or pretending to buy; speeding, reckless driving “But they’re trained for it.” Well, at least then we know Mario Andretti or Brad Keselowski or (whomever) would walk, too… Right? )

    I’m sure everyone gets the point. It really starts to break down, thoguh, once you’ve been in the car with a truly UNsafe driver, for example: You want them to get drunk just so they’ll calm the F*ck down and drive SAFELY…. Or at least, safer. ;-) And switch to decaf. Maybe with a martini intraveinously…. And a change of underwear anyway… (for you).
    Or, if speed is the problem… how can there be a MINIMUM speed limit? (Practically, we undestand why, but it belabors the point.)

    *: Balogna, yes. Baloney = BULL…. Obviously. :-)