Manchester NH Police to conduct sobriety Checkpoint

Sobriety Checkpoint
Submitted by John Brady

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire  are permitted to set up a sobriety check point as of March 1st. The checkpoint is set to take place in Manchester on Friday March 15,2013 and Saturday March 16,2013, the weekend of Saint Patrick’s Day. The petition to stomp on our rights even more was granted by Hillsborough County Superior Court North In Manchester, NH.  On March 4,2013, I decided I would call Manchester Police and ask them the location or closest landmark location the officer in charge told me that it was a matter of public safety to not disclose the location of the checkpoint. He continued by saying they have my interest and the rest of the public’s interest in mind and safety is there first priority. I asked him how wasting mine and other taxpayer dollars was in my best interest by entrapping peaceful people, he abruptly hung up on me. SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON FRIDAY MARCH 15,2013, AND SATURDAY MARCH 16,2013 THE GANGSTERS IN BLUE WILL BE OUT TO ENTRAP YOU IN MANCHESTER, NH.

On a side note, this is an excellent opportunity to participate in the Checkpoint Content Contest – Make sure to take your Camera!

To ascertain the location of this Sobriety Checkpoint you may want to contact Captain Rick Reilly (603) 668-8711 ext. 5429 email: [email protected] or Lt. Maureen Tessier ext. 5433 email: [email protected]

“Open records requests” means knowing what is happening(and not happening) at checkpoints. The reports of local police regarding
each checkpoint is public information through the Freedom of Information Act.

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  • Kaz

    Could you please elaborate more clearly on how you found out about the checkpoint in the first place. I’m sure other people as well as myself would like to find out about checkpoints in our own towns.

  • slappy

    Don’t be an activist, drive drunk, or both and you will have no problems.

  • Glenn

    @Kaz, I think there is an Android app called “Police Scanner” that will allow you to monitor radio traffic from your local department.

    @slappy, are you attempting to discourage activism, or those that are already activists?


    When you see common sense, t., underoath, psosgt and all the other shills spew their boot-licking propaganda here on Cop Block, remember, THIS IS WHO THEY ARE, THIS IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR, AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DEFEND!

    Wichita KS police officer Officer Joseph T. McGill, 28, was convicted today of committing a sexual act on a 3-month-old child and a 1-year-old child. Officer McGill pleaded guilty in January 2012 in an unrelated case to sexual battery while on duty as a police officer and was sentenced to three years probation. Those charges stemmed from separate incidents in November 2010 and February 2011. The judge set sentencing for March 1.

  • Truthspew

    Here in RI the police are expressly forbidden to do checkpoints. I think MA might have the same court view of it. It is blatantly unconstitutional to perform checkpoints.

    My first encounter with one was in North Carolina. I had the cop flustered.

  • Steve H

    You should be able to obtain a copy of the written operational plan. Sobriety roadblocks are required to have a detailed written operational plan for that specific checkpoint and not a general “this is what we normally do” plan. The attorney’s in our area (FL) get them from the agency before the roadblock is deployed, maybe you can do the same in your area. The OP should tell you where the roadblock is scheduled to be set up. If you are really ambitious, you can usually find a few holes in the plan, where you can file an emergency injunction motion with the local court, asking this to be cured before the roadblock can be deployed.

    Usually these roadblocks fail constitutionally because either the plan isn’t specific enough as to how the vehicles are to be stopped, every one, every third or every fifth and then if someone can record the entire deployment, the leos will normally deviate from the strict every one or every 3rd and then that’s how defense attorney’s attack the roadblock later on.

  • Dan Sayers

    We should let people with guns come in and check our houses at random. You know, “just in case.” It’s funny how the people that support these things aren’t too keen on following it to its logical conclusion.

  • Steve H

    The roadblock also has to be at a place where there has been a high number of citatons, accidents and/or DUI arrests in the past. Usually the leos just pick a place that is convienient to them. The deployment also has to predict a good probablity of success and thet is usually something that could be argued in an injunction motion because you can get all the statistics from the prior roadblocks and argue that the number of stopped cars is something like 1000 and the number of DUI arrests were 1 or 2, with neither charged person being convicted.

  • KAZ

    @Steve H
    Thank you for the helpful information I think I will go to the local PD and request the operational plan for any upcoming sobriety checkpoints. I will post again on this site what I come up with.

  • Glenn

    @ Steve H, that is very good information you have provided, thanks. I think I will see if I can get a hold on some operation plans here in Roanoke, Virginia. Let me know if there is anyone I can confer with should I be able to obtain an OP.

  • t.

    Steve h: Dude, don’t quit your day job.

  • JOHN

    @ Kaz i pulled it up off the Manchester website after a friend told me they were granted the petition.your local media outlet may or may not have the information,however the superior court in the county you live will have it you may have to file a right to know request or call your local police and ask if they have any dates for them as i said above the manchester gangsters in blue are very tight lipped about the area it will be held in.

  • JOHN

    @ slappy activism is a good thing you putz you must be a rights stomping
    gangster in blue or you do not believe in people’s right’s it is a choice and as long as no one gets injured or worse it is there choice, you schmuck.

  • JOHN

    @ T i still see that you are still being a trolling gangster with a badge, you are a douchebag of the worst kind.

  • JOHN

    To: Mr. T
    From: John’s Wife

    I see that your being a troll again. Since I am not a lady, its ok for me to say this. If I could post a picture here for you it would be my ass and telling you to kiss it. Then again, since you are a troll…I don’t need to catch a disease because I don’t know if your lips have been kissing police ass or others. So do us all a favor…fuck off and stop trolling Copblock!!!

  • t.

    Your not a lady? Oh, so your a man. That explains a lot.

  • JOHN


    It was a figure of speech “you dumb piggy”. I am a lady but I don’t act like one. Do me and everyone else a huge favor…get on your knees and eat your service weapon.

  • JOHN

    Jesus Christ…they say pigs are the smartest animal on Earth but I guess it is far from the truth when its the human variety of pigs.

  • Shawn

    @ Slappy
    “Don’t be an activist, drive drunk, or both and you will have no problems.”

    Letting the tyrant in you show a little I see.
    One. Activism is not a crime or some kind of social deviancy. It is a part of what this great nation holds to be the best way to address wrongs. But you apparently can’t accept that people are allowed to disagree with cops.
    Places that don’t allow public dissent usually get their change with AKs. Would that be more to your liking? Personally, I prefer letting people speak out over shooting at each other.

    Two. As for no problems. I find it a problem if someone stops me from going about my business without one shred of justification. The entire point of checkpoints is that you have no RS or PC to stop a person, but do so anyway.
    Why is it you guys think that won’t be an issue to people?

  • Melanie Ross-Brady

    I’ve decided to add “extensive experience in dealing with stupid people” to my resume.

    That has got to be a marketable skill!!!

    Do you agree T since I am talking about you……….

  • al

    I think I have your solution for the manchester revenue agents.

    I have been on the web checking out lots of law on the right to travel. My theory is to get as many people to go through the road block as possible
    Make sure you are all “clean” going through.
    Give them their govt.issued drivers licences if you have them.
    When they want to search your car tell them no. Hopefully there will be enough to refuse they will be too busy seeking concent to actually search.
    Get everyone to sign affitdavits of civil rights violations by the police against all parties involved. You might get some money. You have to do it as a person asserting his natural rights under law. Start looking into this you could even charge a Judge in court so police or D.A. are no trouble at all.
    We give the police power and we can take it away at will.
    You cannot use a Lawyer they are part of the system as they are officers of the court,Perhaps a paralegal can help You cannot deal with anyone where the BAR association is concerned. Good luck!!!

  • t.

    John: You and your man lady need to lighten up. I was just pointing out that Steve H’s advice was not very good. Not many checkpoints are found “unconstitutional”. It just goes along with the small view thinking that Cop Blockers engage in. And that’s OK. Go protest. Go “activate” (that’s what an activist does right…activate”). Take your man lady with you. Call it date night. Heck, get in the way and get matching bracelets. That’d be sweet.

  • Melanie Ross-Brady

    @ T if you stupid cops impede my rights when i have not done anything to warrant pig harassment,then yes i have a big problem with you badges wasting my hard earned tax dollars, and for your information pinhead neither me nor my husband drink and drive so why should we be detained for something we are not doing, and Manchester police only catch 1-3 maximum d.w.i. offenders who are intoxicated,they use these checkpoints to pad there ticket pad for stupid shit such as defective equipment, or to make arrest for bench warrants and other right stomping cops should catch real criminals such as child molesters, earn the tax dollars you bastards are stealing from the tax payers instead of wasting taxpayers dollars.YOU STUPID BADGE WEARING TROLL KISS MY ASS.

  • john

    @Kaz your welcome sorry i could not be of more help to you on the checkpoint issue.

  • t.

    I don’t drink and drive either. Lots of folks do however. But talk about “pinhead”….your thought process is horribly limited.

    The reason checkpoints have been found to be constitutionally valid is that it is such a very limited intrusion. The constitution doesn’t say that there can’t be any government contact (after all…the constitution set up our government there dimwit), it just limits the amount of contact.

    With out going into all of the other goods done by the other violations found during checkpoints….let is just examine the limits of your thought. Setting aside the amount of drunks they actually get (and everyone is worth taking off the road)….let’s look instead at what doesn’t happen. Where I work checkpoints are publiziced ahead of time. The result is those that might go out that night and drink and drive….might not. Or might take a cab, or use a D.D. Yours is the same limited thinking that think the police only show up after something happens. You can’t see (or choose not to see) that the suspicious person that I stopped earlier in the night was headed to your house, or your car, or your business. Or that speeder I stopped would have plowed into you 2 miles down the road.

    You need to expand your thinking and look beyond just what your eyes see. There is much more to it.

  • john

    @ Steve h. today march 8,2013 i called the Manchester Nh police and spoke with Lt. Flanagan about obtaining the operational plan for the checkpoint, i was told it is not public information that i had no right to know anything that the police do, i then called the hillsborough county Superior court-north where the petition was granted and was told i would have to file the request in writing within 10 days of the action the police were considering for the judge to even look at it,i tried i guess next weekend i will just have to drive all around Manchester looking for the gangsters with badges and let the good people of Manchester know about the checkpoint. thanks for the advice on how to obtain the information

  • Common Sense


    looks like you have a new girlfriend.

  • Melanie Ross-Brady

    @Lack of Common Sense

    I would not touch T’s short pig dick if he was the last oinker in the filthy pig pen.

    Last I heard, you enjoyed being on your knees and sucking that “little oinker’s stubby”.

    You and T, along with POS and other trolls need to have one major group orgy. Maybe then and only then you all will stop trolling on this site and take your aggressions out somewhere else.

  • t.

    Melanie: Wow, nice mouth on you. I calmly reply to you, giving you an alternative view and you lose your mind. I did t show you any “aggression”. You are projecting that on me….that’s your style, not mine.

    But since you got so nasty….maybe you should gem up with George Sands. You’d probably be an ugly couple…but you both have the same nasty little attitude and small thinking. You may have to fight over the strap-on…as you both show some clear penis envy.

    Wow, your reaction is that of a clearly over matched person….lash out with nothing but a personal attack when you have no good arguement to make. Wow, that’s like a first round knock out.

  • Melanie Ross-Brady

    Hey T:

    Tell me, how many people have you beaten on or planted drugs on or stomped on today alone?

    Not that it is any of your information but I am John’s wife you sorry excuse to public relations.

    Your a pathetic excuse of law enforcement. You and your brothers like raping civilians of their rights. Me? I am on the other end of the law chain that help civilians make sure that their rights don’t get raped!!!

    If anyone needs a strap-on it would be you since your penis is nothing my filled with germs and green infectious sperm.

  • t.

    Ok. You have swayed me with your powerful intellect and forceful arguement. I now before your enormous intelligence.

    Wow look there, I guess I do lie sometimes. Ha

  • Melanie Ross-Brady


    Your just another human in pig skin…

  • t.

    I’m just blown away by the conti he’d force of your intellect. Awe inspiring.

  • Accountability

    These DUI checkpoints have to be declared. When & where is part of it. There HAS to be a turn around point prior to the road block. There has to be signage prior to the road block. If these items including who they are pulling over (every 7 car etc.) are not followed then it can be shut down.

    This is where the fun starts, and you must record the encounter. Have other friends with cameras from the sidewalks record also.

    Get all your friends together and everybody slow that bitch down. Enlist as many people with cars that you can. Roll your window down 2 inches and no more. When they say roll the window down more say NO THANKS. (Make sure your door is locked) If they start bullying then ask for a supervisor. If the supervisor comes over just say you would like to continue traveling down the road and by law you are NOT required to answer any questions.

    Don’t answer any of their questions, ask them a question when they ask you one. IE; have you had any drinks tonight,….you say, “whats the purpose of this stop. Piglet says, “are you refusing to answer my questions,…you say,…ask me a question I am required to answer”.

    Don’t do any sobriety test, don’t do the PBT (preliminary breath test) on the side of the road. They will lie and say you are required,….well sure, implied consent says you do, but not that hand held PBT. They will have to either take you to the station, or if they have their mobile trailer unit there then they will have the big machine there that you must blow in,.,….AFTER they read you the required blah blah blah about if you refuse to blow you will lose your license etc. They also have to observe you for a set amount of time prior to you taking the test to make sure you dont burp as it can skew the results. So if you are good at making yourself burp then have fun with them.

    If everybody does this then you will be wasting their time. Also, have your buddies approach the road block, and at the last turn around point do just that, turn around. The piglets always place a pig there and will go after anyone that turns around. If pulled over then do everything slow, when looking for license, registration, insurance. When they ask you questions then REFUSE to answer. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ANYTHING ! WASTE THEIR TIME. I have done this and guess what ? IT PISSES THEM OFF.

    Make sure you read up on your States checkpoint laws and make sure everybody is briefed on their rights. Stay calm and smart. They may try to threaten you with obstructing, but it will not fly as they impeded your right to travel and you are not required to cooperate with there road block. FTP !

  • t.

    Accountibilty: Pretty much right. (Without knowing the specific s about checkpoints in NH, as all states are different).

    As for the “slow them down” idea. Most plans are drawn as too allow for the relief of traffic, as in they can stop checking every car or every third car, whatever, and allow the back ups to roll freely through the checkpoint. Where I work it just has to be noted as to why the change was made and for how long.

    As for the don’t roll down your window silliness. Watch Buehlers rece t video and you get the idea…I can just make you get out of the car. Now that may delay me specifically for a small time….it’s your time and money that’s wasting. I’m paid to be there.

    As for the childish word games…whatever makes you happy guy.

    As for the PBT and testing. More often than not PBT’s help the driver, especially at checkpoints where there isn’t the bad driving portion of the stop. Again, you are right in that you don’t have to speak or take any tests. So that leaves the officer very open to whatever other evidence there may be. Appearance, odors, observation of motor skills. Now try and follow this…I’ll go slow…if you refuse any PBT or SFST’s, and you smell or look like you’ve been drinking…I can and most likely will arrest you. Now, after that, if you refuse to blow (or continually intentionally sabotage the test (like your burping or not blowing hard enough)…can can then “refuse” you and you will….regardless of actual guilt…face the penalties for that refusal.

    As for your turn around idea. Again, ok. It’s your time and tax dollar. I’m still paid to be there. Anyone you have doing this needs to make sure their business is straight. And that they not anyone else has had any drugs on them or in the car for quite sometime so that when we walk the dog around the car it doesn’t alert.

    Hey, but other than those critical areas of facing searches for drugs and loss of driving privledges, and wasting your whole night and lots of tax dollars….sound like a great idea.

  • Accountability

    As you can see by T’s answers/comments to how to slow this down,……I’m spot on. Like T said, make sure you guys that do this, do this with your shit all together. No alcohol, no drugs, license in order, registration and insurance with the car etc;

    You guys thru the checkpoint, and then go through again. It’s your right to travel on these roads. T said he can make you get out of the car,….Yup he can. But you see, we are not wasting our time because this is our goal. We welcome you all wasting our time, because thats our goal, for you to waste your time with us.

    As to them stating you are under arrest for DUI. Don’t freak out folks. They can make up any excuse they want, but that doesn’t give them anything. Now you will be taken to the on station DUI trailer where the actual table top blow machine is, or they will take you to the station for that machine. YAY ! Were winning folks,… make them go through the motions being polite and smile the whole time. After they read you the required writings by law, and they watch you (ask them what the law states) for the required amount of time (make sure you let the cops know the time) then blow into the machine for them. This machine you are required by law (implied consent) to take. PLEASE take this one or you will lose your license, and there will be nothing you can do to stop that show.

    Again, as T has said,……”As for your turn around idea. Again, ok. It’s your time and tax dollar. I’m still paid to be there. Anyone you have doing this needs to make sure their business is straight. And that they not anyone else has had any drugs on them or in the car for quite sometime so that when we walk the dog around the car it doesn’t alert”.

    He is correct.

    I also recommend that you guy’s all get together and make a before video, where you all seriously state your name, the date, time, and how your plan is to drive down whatever road to where the dui checkpoint is and will make sure that police accountability is being maintained. State that you have not been drinking, and any statement from police that you smelled like alcohol, marijuana, and any other made up lie will be just that,……A LIE. Make this video so in case you have to go to court, you will have proof, plus this video can be released to the local news stations to prove any misconduct committed by the police.

    This is about ACCOUNTABILITY !!

  • Accountability

    Oh yea,…..on that video you make, you also state that you will be refusing all roadside sobriety test, and roadside PBT test. Then state,…..I WILL NOT REFUSE THE REQUIRED IMPLIED CONSENT TEST THAT I AM REQUIRED TO DO BY LAW ! If I am standing before you Judge, it is because the Police Officer LIED and committed a Color of Law violation that by this time has already been filed with the FBI, and an official complaint with the Police Department and the States Attorney has been made.

    This will work people.

    Let these cops make their comments all they want, but it’s your right to do this and they CAN NOT STOP THIS.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Just do as you are told. Cops always do the right thing, so putting your life and future in their capable hands is always a good idea:

    SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Hundreds, or even thousands, of drunk driving convictions could be overturned because the San Francisco Police Department has not tested its breathalyzers, officials said Monday.

    For at least six years, the police officers in charge of testing the 20 breathalizyers used by the Police Department did not carry out any tests on the equipment.

    KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

    Police Negligence Throws Countless SF DUI Convictions Into Doubt

    Officers instead filled the test forms with numbers that matched the control sample, said Public Defender Jeff Adachi, throwing countless DUI convictions into doubt.

    “We do expect that the cases will be in the hundreds. It’s possible that it could go into the thousands. The District Attorney’s Office is still investigating the scope of this,” Adachi said during a joint news conference with District Attorney George Gascon.

    Gascon said there did not appear to be any malicious intent behind the police officers’ actions. He said the coordinators were apparently just too lazy to perform the test required every 10 days.

    “If we find cases where this evidence was central to the case,” Gascon said, the District Attorney’s Office would dismiss the case.

    San Francisco police are not using the breathalyzers while the prosecutor’s office conducts its investigation, Gascon said, adding that convictions stemming from stops by other police agencies such as the California Highway Patrol would not be affected.

    Adachi invited anyone arrested by San Francisco police on suspicion of driving under the influence and later convicted because of a preliminary alcohol screening test to contact the Public Defender’s Office at (415) 553-1081 or the attorney who handled the case.

    So no need to worry. The dedication of our knights in blue should put you at ease:

    City fails breathalyzer test in 1,100 cases

    By DANA DiFILIPPO, [email protected] 215-854-5934
    Posted: March 24, 2011

    Philadelphia police have discovered that four breathalyzer machines routinely used to test motorists for alcohol and drug impairment were improperly calibrated, throwing at least 1,147 recent or ongoing DUI cases into uncertainty.

    “We screwed up, folks. We screwed up, plain and simple, and now we’re paying for it,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said yesterday morning at a news conference at police headquarters.

    District Attorney Seth Williams promised that anyone whose case included evidence from the improperly calibrated machines will be permitted a retrial. His office is mailing letters to affected defendants. This comes at a time when court officials are crusading to cut a crippling backlog in a clogged court system in which some cases linger in limbo for months or even years.

    None of those at yesterday’s news conference dared guess how much the retrials – or possible lawsuits – could cost the cash-strapped city.

    “Our interest is justice, not merely convictions,” Williams said.

    The breathalyzer blunder irked both drunk-driver defenders, who questioned whether innocent people have been wrongly jailed or punished, and activists against drunk-driving, who worry that the mess could give hundreds of drunk drivers a free pass.

    “[Criminal] consequences are based on the [Breathalyzer] readings, and if you have readings based on a badly calibrated machine, you could affect not only innocents, but someone could get a more severe penalty than they deserve,” said Joseph Kelly, the Port Richmond-based DUI attorney who alerted police to the problem late last month after finding the discrepancy in a client’s paperwork. “They could lose their [driver’s] license or go to jail because of a [faulty] machine that should have never been used.”

    But Carol Heimerl, a victims’ advocate with the Philadelphia chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, countered: “Certainly we don’t want licenses returned to repeat offenders and people who were driving with a blood-alcohol content above the legal limit.”

    Police initially thought that one machine caused the problem, affecting 416 DUI cases. But as they tested more machines, they uncovered more problems. By Tuesday, they determined that five of the department’s eight machines had been miscalibrated, although one had not been in service.

    That added up to at least 1,147 arrests dating from September 2009 through November 2010, Ramsey said. That accounts for more than 10 percent of the 10,000 DUI arrests the city averages a year.

    Ramsey blamed the bungle on one officer who was responsible for calibrating the machines. That officer has been reassigned. An internal investigation is under way.

    “The error was human error,” Ramsey said. “It is inexcusable. Period. Should not have happened.”

    A Pennsylvania State Police trooper who specializes in breathalyzer calibration visited Philadelphia yesterday to test its eight machines. Ramsey took the machines out of service but by last night they had been recalibrated.

    Again, just do as you are told. You would never get railroaded by some 85 IQ goon too lazy to do his job…

    Failure to calibrate breathalyzer causes “black eye” for Galena Police Department


    GALENA, KAN. – A prosecutor chooses not to charge the former Pittsburg State head football coach for driving while under the influence because of something the police did wrong – the improper use of a breathalyzer.

    The letter of the law follows a series of documents and procedures which police must follow flawlessly. Even though police have their accusations, they are expected to put forth evidence that must meet a standard.

    In November, Pittsburg State University’s then head football coach Chuck Broyles was arrested for allegedly driving while drunk. Now, the prosecutor says he will not file charges against Broyles.

    “Within out agency it’s kind of a little black eye for us,” says Galena Police Chief Larry Delmont.

    A black eye for the lack of a DUI.

    “You know what you’re doing, see you’re trained for this,” Chief Delmont says.

    “We used to have the (Intoxilyzer) 5000, we have the 8000, which is a newer instrument, which is a good instrument, but you still have to do your proper procedures,” Delmont explains.

    One important procedure is calibration.

    The state of Kansas sends contained air samples to the Galena Police Department. Within these samples are simulated alcohol contents that are unknown to police.

    Once the samples are tested in the machine they are sent back to the state to make sure the breathalyzer is working properly.

    This procedure is required weekly for the breathalyzer to be considered calibrated.

    But during the week Chuck Broyles was arrested police admit the test was not done.

    Chief Delmont explains why.

    “The officer that initiated the traffic stop is still here – he did everything just right – though my custodian over the intoxilyzer is no longer with us due to other incidents – something else happened.”

    Delmont clarified that the incident with Broyles did not have anything to do with the custodian of the intoxilyzer being released.

    Police say Broyles did fail a field sobriety test and a different electronic breath test.

    But any DUI charge was still blown away.

    “It was because of technicalities this was thrown out,” Delmont says. “Being what it is, that’s the way it is.”

    Though Chief Delmont can not reverse this mistake he says he will “tighten his belt” from now on making sure no minute detail before, during, and after a crime goes overlooked.

    “We deal with different types of crimes and it’s very important, be it a homicide, or be it a burglary, we want to make sure we get the proper, if we catch the bad guy on the burglary, we want to make sure we do the right thing and the get the proper evidence.”

    Chief Delmont believes his department’s failure to calibrate the breathalyzer did not and will not dismiss evidence.

    So just submit. It will only hurt more if you resist.

  • Common Sense

    Ha ha ha, the comments are a riot. Must be locals currently being oppressed.

    I recommend that all residents, at maximum speed, rocket though the checkpoints. They’ll never be able to catch you. Trust me.

    @Smelly Mel

    No one cares about your opinion. Now go make me a sammich.

  • Tom Joad

    It worries me a lot that so many people don’t understand what living in a free country means anymore. Police are not supposed to dragnet, stop people without reasonable cause. Once that goes out the window, we are no longer free.

    Of course you shouldn’t drink and drive, but cops need to do THEIR jobs. How much more effective would it be to check out local bars, stopping drivers that go to their cars and seem impaired? How about driving on the roads and stopping cars that are weaving or driving badly (for any reason)? And how much safer, a bad driver might not be drunk, just should not be driving.

    They often use those stops as an excuse to search also.

  • Jean

    @Tom Joad,
    Please go back to being a ghost.
    How much more effective would it be to check out local bars, stopping drivers that go to their cars and seem impaired?
    The above has ALREADY been abused, in Virginia. If you left the bar, and went to your (a?) car, you were arrested for DUI. The Police were INSIDE the bar watching patrons. (And the convictions did stick.)

    And there is no need for “impairment,” the BAC is contrived to be so low that you can eat bread with dinner and have a “BAC” of 0.03. The bread breaks down in your mouth into alcohols…
    Ever wonder why breathalyzer is useless if you take a drink in front of the officer? You don’t need to actually swallow it, and i’d love to see the reaction if you used mouthwash (and then spit it out, of course). Of course, they’d probably INSIST then on drawing blood… (And if you haven’t had a drink, but you’re being an ass, maybe that’s justifiable reaction, but it STILL violates the law as written, before the courts “interpreted” it to mean they can do what they want and justify things later.)

    Really pathetic, this “land of the free.” Free to follow orders, follow the herd, obey the Judas Goats. :-P

    (and to be somewhat fair, it’s much harder to nail someone randomly, but… Isn’t it the crime that HAPPENED that we prosecute? And we could argue about intent, too, versus statutory, where statutory – such as DUI – doesn’t require intent. In other words, DUI is like an expired meter, and you get a parking ticket, except… it’s not. It’s like a girl telling you, in a nightclub that requires ID, she’s 21 – and it turns out she’s 17, and now you’re a rapist. Funny, isn’t it, how we can get screwed… If we don’t have the magic badge. Yet legally, it’s written the same as an expired meter incident, it happened, therefore we are guilty, period, no mitigating factors permitted, no defense allowed, nothing. Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    But it all comes out in the wash, right? I mean, police don’t plant evidence, shoot innocent people, prosecute “us” for the things they would get away with, endanger us when off duty, or intimidate anyone because they Felt like it, right?

    The point of these, and for that matter, MOST police interactions, is to GENERATE REVENUE for the State. Tags out of date? No insurance? Not enough insurance? Headlights out? Too bright? Too high off the ground? Too low to the ground? (Yes, those are real.) Tail light out? Turn signal out? (who uses those, anyway? More people in NJ than MA, I’ll tell you…) License plate light out? No plate in front? (Some states) Search of car turns up a glass pipe? Drug paraphenalia. Tobacco? Contraband. “Unreasonable” amount of cash? Must be illegally obtained (and is subject to forfeiture, and you must PROVE your cash is legitimately obtained.)

    “Police state” seems the correct terms here.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    As long as you aren’t pretending to be a cop, “common”…

  • t. There is never any doubt that I am always correct. Make sure you post the video on line. That way they officers can get a copy and charge you all with conspiracy if anyone steps out of your carefully arranged script.

  • Accountability

    The went way over my head. Was that code for your a city cop instead of some little old town cop ? Either way I’m not impressed.

    t, are a blow hard and we all see it. If you took the time to follow the constitution the way you spend your time on this site, the folks that come across you in the field would respect you. Let me ask you something, have you ever reported another cop for violating someone rights or acted improperly.

    A conspiracy is when a group (more then one) conspire to do something ILLEGAL. Not answering questions at a checkpoint not blowing in the breathalyzer and not doing a sobriety acrobatic test on the side of the road is not illegal. So you are wrong, and you did say you are always correct.

  • Melanie Ross-Brady

    @Lack of Common Sense

    The only thing that smells is you. Stop wiping your cum under your nose. It looks real disgusting!!!

  • t.

    As for your conspiracy issue. Your right. Post the video like I said that talks all about your plans to interest (BTW…it might even be better to store some drugs inside the car for a couple of days prior to your operation that way you’ll be sure to get a hit from the k-9). But as I said…if your carefully laid out plan goes off track…and they find the evidence of your plans…conspiracy is a felony. But, rock on with your plan guy.

    As for dealing with officers. As an investigator, I work a on several “tarnished badge” cases. Some of those are still ongoing and I can’t discuss. But the results are that, while I haven’t been able to put any in prison (where they belong) but none will every be the police again and a couple of prominent ones lost all of there retirements benefits as well. As a supervisor I’ve been involved in the discipline of officers at various times and for various reasons. That’s why I can speak based on lots of experience that just because you don’t hear about something…doesn’t mean nothing happened.

    As for me being right…what can I say other than…here we go again.

    Melanie: nice mouth. Do ever have anything constructive? Or is it just pure retarded insults?

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Cops are too lazy to calibrate their instruments (see above). Why should I stake my freedom, bank account and reputation on a tool that the cops maintain (or fail to) themselves?

  • t.

    So don’t. I suggest all the time to refuse to blow. I win for sure at that point. In a good driving case, if you refuse…your license still gets suspended and if the other evidence is still good enough, I convict you as well.

    But by all means, refuse.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    They cannot even be counted on to do this stuff correctly, as shown in multiple situations. Even though I do not drink, I would demand a blood draw, since an 85 IQ cop would not be the one fucking it up. I would capture all of it on my iPhone and post it. Then everyone can decide for themselves how honorable are our Knights in Blue, harrassing the innocent.

  • t.

    OK…do that too.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Texas is a no refusal state. Their THREAT is a blood draw. All things being equal, a blood draw is harder for a cop to fuck up / falsify.

    Again, note above. Thousands of conviction are being thrown out because cops are too lazy to maintain the equipment they are paid to maintain. Or they blatantly falsify their reports like the female trooper in Utah.

    Only fools trust cops.

  • t.

    OK…don’t b.ow / blow. Get a blood draw. Lot easier not to drink and drive. As always, I notice how you don’t want to promote responsible behavior…you just want to throw stones. Typical of a follower type.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Again, I do not drink. But I do have to put up with the bullshit of “no refusal weekends”. I have no reason to be harrased by 85 IQ dipshits at checkpoints, but that doesn’t stop them. And if one is so stupid as to try to get me to blow in his magic “probable cause tube”, I’ll make things hard for him. Again, see above. Cops are too fucking stupid to maintain their own equipment, and too lazy to do things the right way (Utah). Why should I give them the chance to railroad me?

  • t.

    Well if you do t want to be harassed by 85 IQ dipshits….stay off of the base.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    The only 85 IQ dipshits in the Army are MPs. And reservists who are cops in their civilian jobs.

    To find an 85 IQ dipshit in Texas, just look for an $80,000 cop car outside a Shipley’s donuts. They will be the ones looking like a human-mongoloid hybrid with a 52″ waist.

  • Common Sense

    In my state, its rare to even use a breathalizer. Its a blood draw, all the time, barring a medical expection and those are rare.

    Not suprising, convictions doubled.

    One local hospital now has a tech with priority for cops with DUIs. And guess who pays for the tech’s time? The DUIs themselves upon conviction of course.

    Cost Recovery Program. Just a simple way that cops are easing the burden on tax payers.

  • Common Sense

    Smelly Mel, where’s that sandwich? Shut that cock-holster of yours and move that fat mushy butt.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    And when they are not convicted, due to not being guilty, who pays?

  • md

    Normally ManchVegas PD sets up on the bridge street bridge.

  • t.

    The easiest way to find a sub 85 iq’r in Texas is to see you standing by your mailbox. Very seldom are any cops not college educated, most with a bachelors. That is, other than the ex-military guys. They generally aren’t educated at all. Those are the GED types.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    “College Educated”

    You mean a few credit hours at Asscrak Community College…

  • t.

    No that’s you.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Hyuk, hyuk. Cop humor.

    Does anyone doubt for a minute that “t” is indeed a cop?

  • t.

    I think I hit a little to close to home on you. Let guess further…. Your a nurse in then army because you couldn’t get in school anywhere else? Sounds about right.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    Just like you’re a cop because all of the morally upright jobs were out of your reach?

  • t.

    That and my ASVAB’s scores were so high as the army couldn’t offer anything for me. I’m sure yours were remarkable low. Just like your SAT’s that kept you of college.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    So let me get this strait. You were so smart, your only logical choice for a career was cop?

  • t.

    I worked for two Fortune 500 top ten companies. I way more than halved my salary to join the police department over 17 years ago. I realized then as I do now how important this work is. As I said before, not everyone has that idea…some guys do just see it as another job. I just finished helping train a couple of guys that just got out of the military. Their service had left them woefully unprepared for the real world and they as I’ve said above…have zero college education or real world life experience. We had to basically teach them how to think for themselves as their responsiblities were now huge. How will they be over the long term? Don’t know. One seems to be getting better, one maybe not so much. Im not bashing the military….but it is about as far from the realm of the saintly and virtuous as it can be. I have a bunch of buddies that work down around Bragg. One just sent me a story about a marine who killed his 1 year old and threw him out of a car window. They related to me all the time how all they arrest are guys currently in the military or recently out . The real world where violence isn’t the answer to every question just escapes them..

    The reason I openly laugh at you and so many others around here is the non stop outlandishness and the complete lack of any reasonableness. The story you told about your kid getting pulled over. Now I have no idea who what when where or why about that. But it amazes me (well, not really because I hear it all the time) how you insist that it couldn’t have happened…your teenager would do something stupid to get stopped and then not tell you the truth about it. So much stuff gets done but nobody ever does anything. Hilarious.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    So which Fortune 500 companies did you “work for”. Let me guess…

    2 Wal-Mart Stores
    107 McDonald’s
    183 Dollar General
    301 Family Dollar Stores
    373 Dollar Tree

    Do you still have the maroon polyester uniform to go with the blue / black / brown polyester uniform you wear now?

  • Jean

    t. @ March 12, 2013 at 10:04 am

    So don’t. I suggest all the time to refuse to blow. I win for sure at that point. In a good driving case, if you refuse…your license still gets suspended and if the other evidence is still good enough, I convict you as well.

    So, what you’ve said is: The onus of proof is on US, ALL the time, REGARDLESS of facts. You weasel slightly with “if the other evidence is still good enough,” but I’ve seen people convicted without even the complainant (cop) present. “Based on Officer X’s Amazing Record…” BULLSHIT. That’s a sign of a kangaroo court, and violates the Constitution. You have a RIGHT TO FACE YOUR ACCUSER – and the accuser is NOT “the State,” it’s the OFFICER who filed the complaint. Meantime, the officer’s record just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER, doesn’t it?

    So now the judge and the prosecutor and the cop are all complicit in a travesty of justice. But you want to call it a good thing, because “you win … either way.”

    Remember that when someone shoves a blade in your ballsack. All he/she is doing is making sure they win – either way.

    Kind of sick in my contra-example?
    But the original is OK?
    “Yeah, Just keep telling yourself that… And stay an inch or two out of kicking distance…. Mankind has got to know…. His Limitations…”

    Per 3/14/2103 –
    Also, t, LOTS of people work at/ have worked at Fortune 500 companies. I have a short list so far, 3. 2 of them were fortune 5, I believe; does that make me somehow better? (Answer is no, of course, I just went where the job was. I’ve been in the Fortune 2500, too, at what I’d HOPE is 2,499, based on their business acumen, but I digress..)
    Pointless comment, that, sort of an “appeal to authority.” Like saying you know Obama, so you’re an expert on Constitutional Law. (Neither is he, don’t feel bad. But you SHOULD know more than he does… I’m still learning.)

  • t.

    Jean: First, I’ve never said I was different or better than anybody. Youre projecting.
    As for my response to @Accountability’s suggested tactics. I’ve worked probably 50-60 DUI checkpoints in 17 years. (Personally I hate working them). I can’t say that there haven’t been examples of people being asked / made to blow that were real .0% But I have never seen one nor have I heard of any. Now that’s a be difference then people blowing “green” and being below the legal limit. That happens a lot. But it also happens in good driving cases too. That’s where SFST’s and a PBT come in. If you haven’t been drinking much….you should quickly ask for the PBT which will show right away that you are not near the limit…and on you go with your night. Same goes for SFST’s. If you haven’t been drinking or not much…it’ll show pretty quickly. But at checkpoints or when stopped for driving….without some other reason, you don’t get asked to participate in the drunk Olympics. Its your choice if you agree to take the tests. Like I said…I love a refusal. You still lose you license. If its a good driving case…I can still convict you too.

  • Melanie Ross-Brady

    Lack of Common Sense:

    Whats wrong…that cocaine sandwich not controlling your hunger? Last time I checked my skin was “white”. As for being smelly….sorry to disappoint you but I know how to wash between my legs better than your girlfriend or wife. I don’t need to spray down there with perfume.

    Besides, the last time I smelled you, you had that very bad “CLAP” infection that you got from a hooker. How is the antibiotics working for you?