(Satire) Officer Jason Kotarak’s Mowhawk Haircut Saves the Day!


(Click on the picture to see the full mohawk)


This just out from photography(IS)acrime.com

Officer Jason Kotarak saved 4 citizens and 41 cops from hearing “profanity” uttered by a man being physically abused by bouncers, on property next to the bar they bounced for, and and by Sgt. Walter McCullough of the Milwaukee Police Department.

“You can’t be filmin’ nothin like that” yelled a bouncer from Tutto’s on Old World Third in Milwaukee. “You gotta get outta here with that camera” yelled another mis-informed bouncer seen on a video.

“You can’t be loitering on our property” Said Neil Steffek of  “Suite” on Old World Third in Milwaukee who claimed sole rights over the public sidewalk abutting the club and pizza place he works for.  Mr. Steffek reportedly made a plea for help from Officer Jason Kotarak’s Mohawk who, under the cover of an MPD issued motorcycle helmet, promptly sprung into action and arrested the alleged police film-er.

“We had to arrest this guy” said Kotarak’s Mowhawk in an interview with photography-is-a-crime.com. “Although it is completely legal to film police, especially on a public sidewalk according to longstanding case law, we (Kotarak and his Mowhawk) decided that we’d go forward with contempt of cop charges. Just because something is constitutionally protected doesn’t mean it’s gonna fly on our beat.”

Officer Jason Kotarak’s Mohawk and/or Officer Jason Kotarak himself have now charged the film-er with 3 different charges. The first one was dismissed in November 2012 and 2 more are scheduled to go to trial this spring.

We obtained copies of the police reports and noticed some substantial discrepancies between them and the video. When asked about the differences, Mr. Kotarak’s Mohawk fell down to the floor and started crying and kicking it’s legs like a small child in the candy isle of a grocery store yelling, “I can do what I want, I’m a police officer’s Mohawk!”

Here’s the Video

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  • FTP

    Oh my god,….look at him. Tell me he doesn’t look like an idiot ? (In my really dumb Mohawk wearing voice) Duhhhhhh,…mommy said to bring her home a bumble bee,….I need a baby bumble bee.

    M O R O N !!

  • ben

    B******* it’s not illegal to video tape police!!!!

  • t

    … maybe feathers and some war paint ?

  • certain

    What are you talking about t, that’s one of the boys you admire so much.

  • t

    I wouldn’t be so *certain* about who made the above referenced comment. *t-period* is the “other” lower-case letter.

    An unfortunate case of mistaken identity. Then again, a cogent remark coming from him must have been disorienting. I forgive you.

  • t.

    Certain: You are such the fool. My impersonator lured you right iun and you fell for, just like the simpleton you are.

  • wiguy

    I am the author of this article. Fuck coward cops who arrest folks who film them. ie, fuck Jason Kotarak.

  • t.

    Wise guy. You author lots of things that aren’t very true or accurate. Not much to brag about.

  • slappy

    What does his haircut have to do with anything? He did his job and you and your ego were busted. Stop being a big baby. You call LEOs cowards but I Haven’t seen any activists out there trying to stop armed robberies or hostage situations. Activists are the cowards.

  • t
  • http://yahoo Alvin

    Nor do we see the badges preventing those same armed robberies or hostage situations. They only show up at those instances with the hope of being able to shoot or pummel someone, or to write up the paperwork. What do the police DO for us anymore? What positive action do they perform for society? Perhaps it is not the average citizen that is out of sorts (as t and others claim here), but it may be the police that have changed in our society over the past few decades.

  • t.

    Alvin: Nice show of limited think. You should be an activist. You don’t see the ones the police prevented…..because they were prevented and didn’t happen. Wow, your statement was like the ones @certain makes all the time. No thought what so ever.

  • certain

    Yep. Just ask ass-wipe. Of course, if you ask for other opinions on this site, they might not agree with who spouts nonsense.

    Torrance cops openly commit attempted murder, shooting 60 shots at innocent women from behind. Will they be charged? Or even fired? Maybe have their hands slapped and be told really, really firmly not to do it again? Doesn’t this make you feel safe and protected?

  • certain

    Slappy is some cops gay lover.

  • RadicalDude

    *Face palm*
    Cops are the ones perpetrating armed robberies and hostage situations, and yes, it is the activists who are trying to stop them.

  • Riddlemethis

    If you had any credibility, you totally lost it with this one. What’s the point of attacking the officer’s physical appearance?? All it shows is the complete immaturity that you already show with the constant whining of mistreatment by police. You need to show you are better than who it is you complain about. I’m all for filming the police, it’s a right we have since they are government officials… However, you are all very very up on “people’s rights”. Did you ever concern yourself with the citizens that are talking to the police and their rights?? Or just other citizens in the background?? They could be a victim of a crime, they could be a suspect of a crime (that hasn’t been proven guilty yet) or they could be a good witness to a crime. Do they deserve to have their faces plastered all over YouTube or this website???? Don’t they have rights not to be filmed?? Citizen “bouncers” have a right to not let you film them don’t they???
    If you are really trying to do a good public service and hold cops to high standards, then it only helps your cause to hold yourself to a higher one. Just food for thought. Good luck.

  • Riddlemethis

    And to Alvin, at the end of your post you state “maybe the cops have changed over the decades”. Well I’m in my 50’s and I can tell you that “back in the day” before surveillance cameras everywhere and people having cell phone cameras, cops were much much more heavy handed…. And I can also tell you that people actually respected the police a lot more back then. In today’s “kinder/gentler” society, nobody respects police, especially the ones who chase them around with video cameras trying to instigate them. I have a high respect for police. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a problem with them. Yes I’ve had my share of speeding tickets and even a disorderly conduct ticket when I was 21 years old, but I never held a grudge on the cops for doing what they are paid to do whether I agreed with it or not. I “manned up” for my petty mistakes and moved on in life. I didn’t whine about the unfair society and the government officials that govern this unfair society.

  • http://yahoo Alvin

    So, you are in favor of having the police return to an even harsher, more legally lenient form of law enforcement? You condone even more illegal activity from the men/women in blue? Shame on you for even thinking this. Shame on you for assuming that I have no respect for the police and lumping me in with the occupy crowd.

    This country is not divided all black on one side, all white on the other (although our current President likes to portray us in this light). There is a greater number of us that see the shades of gray. We are the ones who see both the extreme colors as the enemy. The police with their out of control egoes and untouchable unions as well as the Marxist influenced occupy crowds. Both of you are as bad as the other in our eyes.

    All we are asking is that the law be adjudicated equally. Stop bending it one way or the other for you to look good for your supporters. It would be easier if you both would take a few steps back (legally speaking) and leave us in the middle the hell alone.

  • http://yahoo Alvin

    One more thought. Perhaps people respected the police more in the past because the police weren’t being reported as corrupt. Today, in part because of the internet, corrupted police are being reported on their activities more readily. Either the police are just a corrupt today as yesteryear and are just being more exposed, or they are just more susceptible to the temptations of the dark side. Either way, you cannot argue that we average citizens should be hero-worshipping thes people as you suggest.

  • wiguy

    I’ll keep writing such articles as long as necessary.