Rochester, NY Police officer Shoots Family’s Dog in the Face

By Davy V.

Teddy Padilla remembers his wife Ada calling him, but it’s what she told him which still seems surreal.

“They police shot Choco!”, Ada told her husband, who raced home to find Rochester, NY Police officers in front of his 97 Bleacker St. home, on Rochester’s east side.

“I pull up to my home and I get out and the first thing I ask the officers is what’s going on, and the officer tells me we had to shoot your dog” Teddy Padilla, his grey long sleeve shirt showing smears of his Choco’s blood.

“I said what do you mean you shot my dog, and the officer, very nonchalant says ‘yep, we had to shoot your dog’, I couldn’t believe it.”

Here’s what is known.

Around 6:00 p.m., Ada Padilla was in her home when she heard Choco, a pit bull terrier, barking.

Ada then looked out of an upstairs window and saw a Rochester Police cruiser in front of the house.

“I ran downstairs and the officer was saying ‘Get your dog, get your dog’, and I said to him I’m trying, but the officer kept moving all over the place, then Choco ran in the house and the officer walked up as if to talk to me and Choco came back out but he was never aggressive and he never charged at the officer, it was more like he was excited but not aggressive and then the officer that had stayed inside the police car all this time got out of the car, walked up, took out his gun and shot Choco”, said Ada Padilla.

“Then Choco ran inside the house crying and bleeding from his mouth, there was blood everywhere, and he ran inside his crate, scared.”

The Padillas rushed Choco to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic on White Spruce Blvd., where Choco underwent emergency surgery, which will cost the family between $950.00 and $1,200.00.

There are people who own dogs who should not own dogs.

Then there are people like the Padillas.

Responsible, loving, dog owners.

I’m sure the RPD officers thought that Choco was just another pit bull in the city.

They were wrong.

Very wrong.

Choco is licensed and registered.

Choco is not just a dog.

He is a member of the Padilla family.

And it shows.

At the clinic, the Padillas were besides themselves, completely distraught.

When I first spoke with Teddy Padilla, on the phone, he was crying, telling me “They shot my dog, they shot my dog, I love my dog!”

Later, back at their home, I met with the Padillas, and I learned something very interesting.

Something which was yet more proof of just how responsible the Padillas are as pet owners.

Teddy Padilla told me that he had installed a 6 foot high fence on his property.

Then, the City of Rochester made him take it down, telling him that the fence could not be more than 3 feet tall.

Somehow, Choco got out of his yard Thursday evening.

Like dogs do.

And two Rochester, NY Police officers showed up.

Then, ironically, the officer who stayed in the patrol car, is the one who gets out and shoots an innocent family dog.

Not the primary officer who mistook an energetic dog, for a supposedly ‘aggressive’ one.

And just like that, another trigger-happy RPD officer shoots an innocent family dog.

I will be updating this post.


The Rochester, NY Police department is out of control!..

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  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    One has to wonder if the entirety of American culture is just one big shooting gallery and rape room in the eyes of the police.


    When you see common sense, t., underoath, psosgt and all the other shills spew their boot-licking propaganda here on Cop Block, remember, THIS IS WHO THEY ARE, THIS IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR, AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DEFEND!

    Wichita KS police officer Officer Joseph T. McGill, 28, was convicted today of committing a sexual act on a 3-month-old child and a 1-year-old child. Officer McGill pleaded guilty in January 2012 in an unrelated case to sexual battery while on duty as a police officer and was sentenced to three years probation. Those charges stemmed from separate incidents in November 2010 and February 2011. The judge set sentencing for March 1.


  • Glenn is a


  • Justin

    Yeah we get it dude, and the cop in that article should have his balls cut off and fed to him before being shot between the eyes.

    @Davy V.
    Ok thats great, you have a ton of pictures of the dog in surgery…..But where is the proof that the dog was not acting aggressively?
    You just take these peoples word for it?? Because distraught people, angry people always tell the whole truth, right?
    If the dog was doing nothing dont you think the officer’s shot would have been more on target? If that dog was calm and not being aggressive, the officer would have been able to shoot it in the head, not the face.

    Just another RUMOR to feed your blind sheep and to keep stringing them along. I have made suggestions to you in the past few days on how to REALLY help the community, but have you listened? No, you just delete them and block me. You just dont want your followers to get BOTH sides, you just want them to listen to you, not someone that might make them think..hmmm maybe Davy V isnt right all the time.


  • t.

    So…the wife hears the dog barking enough to alert her. She goes outside and tries to restrain the dog but can’t…….. ……. ……. And the officer mistook a an excited dog for an agggressive one. This is the same dog that was aggressive enough to get out of his fenced in yard….. …… ……. Really? That’s what your trying to sell?

    Looks like yet another Davy V miss. (Has he ever gotten one right?)

  • courtofpublicopinion

    really, stay out of peoples yards with dogs you perverted creeps is your city to cheap for animal control? or maybe you bullies in black are to greedy for kills that you refuse to share a chance to shoot a living creature.

  • fazenda

    @ T

    What does a dog getting out of a yard have to do with aggression??

    ” This is the same dog that was aggressive enough to get out of his fenced in yard….. …… ……. Really?”

  • courtofpublicopinion

    @justin like you know like YOU were there piss off twerp! your daddy wants his boots licked

  • d0nj3nko

    Common hasn’t perked up yet, he is probably gutted his mate has pleaded guilty to child sexual assault! Was no one was arrested at the house with the dog? What were they doing there? God bless us all.

  • t.

    Opinion & fazenda: It goes to the totality of what was going on, the totality of the dogs behavior. I just saw a story on national news of a oitbull attacking a young child whom was walking with her grandmother on a city sidewalk….in a business area. The careless owner was walking without having his precious family member (soon to be viciously aggressive attack dog) on a leash on the opposite corner. The dog saw the little girl as prey and ran at top speed at her, viciously mauling her for several minutes before passing motorist could intervene. A precious animal.

    As for staying out of the yard. Now from Davy V.’s less than stellar reporting (sorry…journalism) we don’t know why the officers were there. But as I have expertly and correctly pointed out many times….the police can be anywhere the general public can be. Meaning if the Avon lady can walk up your sidewalk to your house, stand on your porch, and knock on your door….so can the police.

    Now based on your argument now being shown as being totally baseless…anything else?

  • fazenda

    @ T
    “anything else?”

    Yes their are a few things now.(1) Where did I make an Argument?

    “Now based on your argument now being shown as being totally baseless”

    (2)What does the story you heard on national news have to o with this story?

    (3)If this story were about a Mexican man being shot by police, would another story about another Mexican man mauling someone be relevant to the demeanor of the man in the original story? (Yes,No)

  • underoath

    @courtofpublic….you say that to Justin but not the author? Hm….

    Take off the blinders.

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  • fazenda

    @ T
    Also I think I may have missed the part about What a dog getting out of a yard has to do with aggression??

    Was it this part? “It goes to the totality of what was going on, the totality of the dogs behavior.”
    Because I don’t see the answer in there.

    Please let me know what in your first or following response(s) show my “argument” as being totally baseless.

  • Jean

    I notice some weasel words in there, but I also notice SEVERE misconduct, which should’ve resulted in at least one officer DEAD, maybe both.
    Weasel words are:
    Choco came back out but he was never aggressive and he never charged at the officer, it was more like he was excited but not aggressive

    Reason for shooting officer 1: Was in car, didn’t have contact with dog other than to shoot it, based on the story above.
    Reason to shoot officer 2: Interferes with shooting of Officer 1. Possibly shot in leg, say, instead of face, but if he doesn’t act against officer 1, he’s complicit after the fact; if he interferes with defense of property (dog, under law), he’s in conspiracy to deprive owner of property without due process, violating his oath – and essentially a traitor.
    Closed casket for each one.

    All is predicated on the story as told – those weasel words make it difficult to be certain, though.
    I have an American bulldog. He’s a big, loving, mush most of the time. Great with people, but he and the boxer (together, mind) have issues with other dogs. Either one alone is OK, but as a pack? Not good. To the point the Bulldog doesn’t even notice a shock colalr. And he’s 100#, heavy, muscular, strong. The dogs he tries to socialize with? Are actually drawing out (NOT inciting, though) his behavior. He wants to play with them – which, for him, involves “boxing,” jumping, nipping, biting – rough-housing. Our attempts to train him out of this behavior have been unsuccessful.
    He can’t jump the wall outside – brick, about 4′ high. He barks when people go by – to the point that some people won’t pass by. Tail wagging, paws on the wall, barking like an idiot – with us right there. (People will walk by then, then it’s OK. Not if he’s out without us.) He wants them to say hello.

    From where THEY are? He probably seems like a slavering, barking, homicidal mass of bad attitude. (could be true with small children, even without intent – his paw is like 4″ across, he’s HUGE. If the bear hits you by accident, don’t make you any less dead, right? )

    But we try to correct his behavior, mostly because he makes it impossible for our other dog (think flower-child or hippy, and a pussy at that – would probably be a flamer if human) to have any socializing with dogs other than the bulldog.

    Anyway – if the cop above was seeing a fairly large dog, barking, running around, even witht he tail wagging – and wasn’t a dog-person? Yeah, he’d be scrambling to avoid the dog, JUST IN CASE. If you haven’t been bitten, you don’t comprehend the damage that can happen. As in, 47 stiches is a low count. 7 stiches for a minor bite on the hand. AND, the hand may be permanently damaged due to nerve injuries.
    So, I “get” this one – IF it were Officer 1 who shot the dog. Officer 2 shows intent – if he’d shot a person that way, you cuold term it intent to commit murder (IE, was only accidental he didn’t succeed in killing someone.)
    Asshole #2 just didn’t want to deal with things, and knew he’d get away with shooting the dog. So, he should be relieved of his miserable, evil, worthless life. For the good of the community. And if there is some court event, and the other officer can’t recall the details, or perjures himself – he should also be executed, he’s unfit for duty. He’s violated the oath to uphold the law, willingly, intentionally, and is complicit – and if we can’t trust him in a SAFE situation, like a courtroom, we can’t trust him when there’s no one watching, either. Thin Blue Line in reverse. That’s why it’s “us” against “them.”

    Hinges on those weasel words, though. On the actual events, on people’s knowledge, and willingness to engage (socially or violently.) I’ve given up on the social side, and the problem is, I’m not alone, I’m not just a social malcontent. If I were a fring Anarchist, you would be right to write me off – I WAS an establishment Republican, though, and just last election went Independent. Because, if the dog were RUNNING AWAY, he’d still be shot. If I were running away, I could be shot. If I defend myself, even in a clear-cut self defense case, _I_ can be shot, and charged for crimes.
    Because the government – not just the local cops, but all the way up the food chain – is completely out of control. ALL their edicts are enforced at the end of a gun, AND they want me to bleed money out my @$$ so they can give it to someone else – at a cost of 90%, mind. 90 cents to administration, 10 cents to the task at hand… Because I’m “the Rich.” Living paycheck-to-paycheck is REALLY LIVING THE HIGH LIFE, let me tell you!!!

    (Doesn’t even account for the $10,000 in debt we now have from the girl getting Mono, and the woman’s medical costs. Yeah, I’m REALLY rich… this is the point we are reaching: This is the end of society, basically. “Society” enforced at the end of a gun; only the state (is allowed to have) guns; freedom of assembly and association and religion (non-statist) and petition for redress of grievances are being detroyed: due process ignored; torture is permitted – by US, not YOU; I could keep going, but it’s the textbook definition of tyranny, and the sooner you badge wearers and badge fellators realize it, the better.
    You might get to live. You’ve got a history, so I wouldn’t bet on it…. but when the bovine excrement hits the rotating bladed device, we’ll ALL get covered.
    Wearing that badge just means, “Insert bullet here.” Being known as a sympathizer (collaborator) will mean worse – bullets are more costly than knives.

    People are ANGRY, and speaking out. The only saving grace for “you” is, most don’t seem to talk to each other. If all the 3%ers knew of each other? Might even be 10% by now. But it’s sea to shining sea as things stand, even Commiefornians are waking up to the Reconquista down there…

    How hard is it to STOP enforcing bad laws? To CONTROL yourselves? To stick to GOOD laws, instead of REVENUE GENERATION MECHANISMS?
    Or is that Federal Teat so tasty, and the toys so shiny, you can’t see where this is going?

  • Randy Ayn

    sorry, but I if was a cop and saw a pit bull, i too would shoot first.

  • dougo

    I’m training my dogs to shoot first,since they will be murdered any way.

  • t.

    Fazenda: The dog getting out of its fence….a 3 foot high chain link fence (generally a pretty sturdy restraint for a dog…goes to show how strong and aggressive this dog is or certainly could be. Its barking widely enough to get her attention (this is important to note….if the dog was barking like crazy to get her attention, or if its is a quiet dog and suddenly starts barking when it normally is quiet….both of those can show its aggression…. its notable as Davy V. reported it as what the wife said happened.). Her inability to restrain her precious and peaceful dog…even though, according to the story that it ran into the house and all she had to do is close the door…the totality of that (known “facts” according to Davy V.) certainly tend to point to an animal that is more than just a little excited. Its also notable that Davy V. fails to discuss why the officers where there. That suspiciously absent information could very well be key to what really occurred.

    As for the story about the dog attacking the girl. It is a clear illustration of how careless ownership of these potentially dangerous animals has serious consequences. If the owner in the news story had restrained his dog….no mauled girl. If this owner had restrained its dog…no injured dog.

    But let me ask…
    If you had pulled up and stopped on that street and parked in front of that house to go visit a friend who lives across the street. You get out and let’s say your kid gets out the passenger side door. Suddenly a pit bull that you don’t know starts barking and going crazy, rushing at your kid. Your kid didn’t do anything wrong right? Just got out of the car onto the sidewalk. But there is this dog acting like it is getting ready to pounce and maul your kid. Now let’s add that your armed. What do you do? Do you wait until the dog bites you or your kid to act? Basically that’s what happened here. The players are a little different of course, but the basicsare the same.

  • fazenda

    I admit being able to get over a 3′ chain-link fence shows strength agility, but I don’t see aggression from that ability.

    Less than an hour ago I jumped a 3′ electric wire fence(it was on) and don’t see myself as any more aggressive.

    As for the barking, no-matter how wildly it may have been, it has nothing to do with my question

    “What does a dog getting out of a yard have to do with aggression??”
    Which was in response to your sentence.

    “This is the same dog that was aggressive enough to get out of his fenced in yard”

    I am not disputing weather or not the dog was aggressive, peaceful or well restrained.

    I was only asking what the ability to GET OUT of a fence has to do with AGGRESSION?

    “This is the same dog that was [AGGRESSIVE] enough to [GET OUT] of his fenced in yard”

    To your question.

    Draw weapon.
    While aiming at the animal rush to get them.
    if it comes within 2′ before I can pick them up, shoot.
    if I can pick them up and they are aggressive to me without biting, Kick away and yell at them.
    They bite, I shoot.

    now to you here is another hypothetical
    If you had pulled up and stopped on that street and parked in front of that house to go visit a friend who lives across the street.
    You get out and let’s say your friend gets out the passenger side door.
    Suddenly a pit bull that you don’t know starts barking and going crazy, rushing at your friend.
    Your friend didn’t do anything wrong right?
    Just got out of the car onto the sidewalk. But there is this dog acting like it is getting ready to pounce and maul your friend.
    Now let’s add that you AND your friend are armed.
    What do you do?
    Do you let your friend act to defend himself?
    Do you shoot before he has a chance to deal with his situation?
    Do you wait for a call for help before giving help he hasn’t asked for.

    This is a little closer to what is claimed to have happened, what would you do?

  • t.

    Easy…I’d shoot the dog. Just like I would in the example I gave you. Your willingness to wait as long as your said you would is very stupid IMO.

    I don’t know how much more clearly it can be said. It speaks to the totality of what happened…the totality of the circumstances.

    BTW, if you don’t see the difference between you and a dog…well, you said it, not me.

  • Glenn is a retard

    @ Jean.

    Please go take your medication.

  • fazenda

    I actually didn’t say that I didn’t see a difference between myself and the dog, but if you interpret(translate,re-purpose-words) that I did say it. It is easier to understand how you think
    ” It speaks to the totality of what happened…the totality of the circumstances.”
    is a specific or clear statement of how the ability to get out of a yard shows aggression.

    (IMO)While barking,running, jumping and being excited all together can can show aggression. It can also show playfulness and each individual action can be seen as aggressive or playful and inherently is neither. They should be looked at as neither without evidence one way or the other.

  • Tom

    Dirty stinkin pig.

  • 585

    The pants-pissers on this page sure are funny. They say things about cops, that if said to them, would cause them to run to a lawyer, tearfully exclaiming how their rights were violated. I will expect at least a dozen threats posted after this.

  • t.

    Play the semantics of it all you’d like.

  • Common Sense

    …Another ridiculous article by Davy V..

  • Common Sense

    Jean, go have a beer.

  • jayduba

    T makes a valid point. I often site stories of aggressive, murderous cops to illustrate how aggressive and dangerous that breed of animal can be. Do all cops kill? No, but all cops have the potential to be killers, so you should automatically assume, when confronted by these vicious beasts that your life is in danger, and act accordingly. If you feel threatened, shoot first.

  • jayduba

    And fazenda, T is famous for putting words in other peoples mouths. its a cop thing.

  • t.

    Duba: Hello pot, your black. BTW, look back at the discussion. Fazenda was doing that to me, playing little semantic word games. Not me doing that to anyone. Yet somehow, I’m not surprised you missed it.

  • fazenda

    @ T
    Well yes near the end their were some things that were “playing semantics”

    But at the beginning my 1 and only question was straight forward and the answers given were either nonsense or a sidestep.

  • jayduba

    You call me black , does that mean you want to beat me, racist?

  • t.

    Duba: Ah, stupidity. Can always count on you.

  • jayduba

    Dont care for semantics, eh T?

  • Justin

    Ok first of all, say what you will about me, you have just as much reason to listen to me as you do Davy V. You know him as we’ll as you know me.

    Second, none of us were there to see what really happened, but yet we take the people who’s dog was shot at face value?? Yeah because everyone is so honest when it comes to authority.

    Out of all you commenting, how many of you actually live in Rochester? Because I do, and I know our police dept. I know there are good cops, asshole cops, and just plain lazy cops.
    But in the end , they all protect us at some point in time.

    Davy V. Still can’t handle me telling the truth, he blocked yet another FB page of mine from commenting on his, btw Davy V. You’re a fucking pussy.

    How many of you have actually been bitten by a dog? Let alone a pitbull?
    I have, a Bassett hound almost took my thumb off.
    So I know what it feels like, and it hurts like hell, I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a dog if it was coming at me either, someone’s pet or not, if I feel there is any potential for that animal to bite me, it’s dead. Call me what you will, I don’t care, my life and my body are more important than an animals. All you bleeding heart hippies can suck a fat one if you think otherwise.

    And in closing…….Davy, be a man, and unblock my profiles, let people get both sides.
    Actually, I have an idea, an anti-Davy V. Page.
    Where I can put your record, any court documents with your name, your number, and address. Maybe even a copy of the order of protection your ex had against you. Then every story you post , I will debunk on my site.

    You still haven’t told us how you witnessed RPD officer taunting people with their weapons , and called it in, when you were in Miami still.

  • Justin

    So Jean, what you are saying is, that’s dogs life is worth more then the 2 officers??
    Since when did we as a human race start thinking an animals life is more important then another humans??

    You are actually sitting there behind your computer saying that 2 police officers should be shot because they saw a threat and acted in a manner which they are trained?
    Man, people and their pets are lucky mail carriers are not allowed to carry weapons, there would be so many dead dogs. I know 3 mail carriers personally that have been bit by dogs, 1 still has not been able to return to work because of his injuries. Pepper spray does not always work, and if any of those 3 would have had a gun, all of them would have killed those animals.

    I have seen people say, taze the dog, hitting a person the the taser is one thing, bigger target, hitting a charging dog, an officer would be lucky to get one probe to attach. What are they expected to do? Let the dog take them down and zap it while its biting??

    I think you guys should stick to talking about what you really know.
    If you have not been bit, you don’t know what you would do.
    And since some of you don’t even live in Rochester, why not focus on your own city or town, you know nothing about ours!

  • Justin

    It’s to bad, I wish every cop in Rochester was corrupt, I would love to show you how much of a “twerp” I really am. But, since not all cops are corrupt, I would only get arrested for beating the shit out of you. Oh but wait, you don’t live here do you? Lol just another keyboard commando talking tough and hiding behind the Internet.

  • jayduba

    Justin sounds like the dangerous breed of cop animal.

  • jayduba

    Justin, are you illegally accessing peoples records? Or are you sitting nude at your keyboard rubbin one out while you fantasize about being a real cop?

  • Justin

    Really? Lol who said anything about doing anything illegally?
    People’s records are public record, anyone can pull up someone’s criminal record.
    Same with court documents, like orders of protection.

    I don’t know why you are trying to bash me like this, I did nothing to any of you, I am just exposing Davy V for the liar he is.

    He won’t answer so many questions because he knows it will hurt his reputation and credibility. He avoids conversation about his accusations because he never has any hard evidence, just the supposed “victims” story.

    He claims there are all these police officers that support his work, well where are they? I have spoken to many officers, most don’t even know him by name.

    One example – last week RPD got a phone call from Davy V. Telling them there were officers taunting people with their weapons and laughing about it in the St.paul area, those officers were responding to a call of a man with a gun, when no one was located they walked back to their cars, one was carrying a shotgun, and they were both laughing. Now the funny part of that call, Davy V. Was still in Miami when he made that call. So you tell me, how does he know what happened? Maybe an associate called him, and over exaggerated the whole thing…..AGAIN. Again, Davy refuses to answer my questions regarding this.

    He claims he is all for free speech, yet he deletes my comments disproving some of his stories, he blocks me from his face book so I can’t fill in what he leaves out of his posts.
    How can he stand for free speech when people are not allowed to practice it on his own pages????

    He talks of double standards, yet he himself is a walking, talking, breathing double standard.
    Instead of exposing real criminals, street dealers, child abusers, or people committing welfare fraud ( which is where most of your wasted taxes go ) he goes after the police, why? Because he feels safe doing that. A real criminal would have put him in the ground already. He is nothing more then a coward!

  • Justin

    You act as if I am the enemy here. And I am not, I have and still do stand up for the community. I helped shut down a well known drug house 20 feet from my own, by photographing and video taping drug deals , and people coming and going all the time, by calling the police every time, now it’s an empty building all boarded up, better that then the drug house it was. I have children, and the last thing I want is for a stray bullet to miss its dealer target and go through my walls! We have street gangs with kids as young as 8 involved, and they are carrying guns, already breaking the law, but you just want to focus on police and make their job that much more difficult.

  • Backfire

    I still want to see a source for this story. The only news reference to this was written by Davy V. So, he either:

    1. Got the story as an exclusive from the Padilla family
    2. Dug up an old story from years back
    3. Made the story up

  • Justin

    How about this for a situation…..The dog is charging at them, they are backing away telling the woman to get her dog, the dog gets too close, officer shoots, not having time to aim for the head (kill shot) and hits the dog in the snout, dog is shocked, turns and runs inside. Now that sounds a lot more like a believable chain of events then an officer just getting out of the car and shooting the dog in the face.

    Like I said before, people are mad, and emotional, animals are a part of our families after all. When in that state people are more likely to exaggerate the situation.

    In this situation, not only would we expect it to be exaggerated, but there more then likely is already an underlying bias twords police officers, why do I say that, I profiled Padilla of course, so why anyone would take this story for face value, I have NO CLUE!

    Whats that saying? Oh yeah…..You cant believe everything you see on the internet.

  • Joe

    According to T the only dogs who get out of their fenced in yards are aggressive? My parents had two dachsunds who regularly broke out of their fenced in yard….they must have been aggressive too. Watch out, T, there may be ‘aggressive’ weener dogs wandering the streets! GET YOUR GUN!


    i dont agree at all with the shooting. i think there could have been many other ways to have taken care of the dog then shooting it. they could have used some sort of spray or even water to just calm the dog down. unless they were being bit or charged, then i agree they should have shot the dog. but theres no proof that that happened. plus the owners tried to keep their dog in the yard with a taller fence but the city wouldnt let them. just because a dog gets out of a fence doesnt make them aggressive. i dont think they had any right to shoot the dog. i mean we arent going to shoot a child just because they are out of control and wont listen to an adult would we?

  • Jean

    Justin @ March 18, 2013 at 7:15 am

    Yes – the lives of my FAMILY MEMBERS matter more than the lives of pigs. I say that with two dogs who would potentially be put down just because the cops are there. One is an American bulldog, one is a Boxer. The American bull is 100# of muscle and GOOD attitude – but somethign that size coming at you? Hell, his intentions don’t even matter, if he knocks you down to say Hi! you’re still broken. Understood!

    Doesn’t mean I won’t want to set the scales level again.

    And it’s wrong of a NON-involved party (cop in car) to draw and shoot the dog, as outlined above. Had the officer who kept scrambling shot the dog, we’d be having a different conversation: but HE was the one who could feel at risk – not the other officer.

    Even been bitten by a poodle? Not fun there, either. They are BIG dogs, BTW – slight build, but they can reach your throat. How about shooting a pekingnese? Or a Chihuahua? Chihuahua is a ratter, VERY nasty, actually.

    for comparison, I recently had an issue with the two dogs while walking them – the bulldog isn’t so friendly towards dogs (I think it’s how it plays out, not his nature. If he’s alone, no problem; the boxer, no problem. Together? OY! you run out of four-letter words, because they seem to egg each other on. Anyway – ) bulldog and Boxer are both “talking” to another dog while we walked. I prefer to pass by. Had the girl holding the bulldog, saw the other dog too late, so we ended up “talking.” Bulldog drags the girl down the road to say hi, Boxer is now able to get involved, barkign in the other dog’s face. hitting the “+2” button on the shock collar – Bulldog doesn’t even NOTICE. Collar’s at max, BTW. Finally get to where I can manage Boxer, get hold of the bulldog’s harness, and pull him out of there.
    No real damage, no injury at all I know of – but I was completely unable to control BOTH of them because I wasn’t braced (and there goes the whole, “They feed off your energy” thing, we saw a person, figured OK – saw dog, said OH, SH- and things were in motion before we could finish.) The parallel? If someone had walked up during this, and simply shot one (or all) of the dogs. Had the OWNER of the other dog had an issue, SURE, I get that. A third party walks up and shoots the dog? Now I have an issue. (And which dog is immaterial – mine or his.)

    If they send one of yours to the hospital – send 10 of theirs to the morgue. The Untouchables, remember?
    The badge doesn’t make these people untouchable.

    For comparison, BTW – if a Mundane did similar, he’d face arrest and imprisonment. And if he shot a person instead, it might be charged as Murder 1.

    Unless the games stop, there WILL be a reckoning. As I’ve noted elsewhere – it’s not jsut an occasional cop, and not just local. So we’ve got an entire mindset to deal with, and ALL the offenders ARE guilty. Just, they never seem to be held accountable.
    “Man charged in gun crime!” (Page 1, Day 1)
    “Prosecutors charge man over guns!” (Page 1, Day 2)
    “Man Faces Life for guns!” (Page 1, Day 3)

    “Man charged in gun crime cleared of all charges, judge apologizes for search of wrong house” (Page 502, Day 627, entire article)

    Hmmm…. I foresee a move in the man’s future. and the press, of course, isn’t repsonsible for the POLICE actions – but the press sure exacerbated things in this contrived example. (They do sometimes WRT cop misconduct, too, but it follows the same pattern, resolution is a by-line somewhere in the back pages.)

    The problem that we are living in a one-party oligarchy evades them, somehow. What is legal for ME, is illegal for THEE. Bullshit.

  • Jean

    Re; Above comment: “Understood! ” is correct, it’s meant as, “I understand that!”
    Not a typo on a question.

    I get being bitten, it’s happened to me, and to firends, and the intent of the animal doesn’t much matter. Results do.

    Again, it’s the third-party angle to this that is an problem.

  • Justin

    Jean, you sure do type a lot to say nothing.
    Your issue is with the second cop being the shooter, ok.
    Now if you knew anything about police, and by your statements, I assume you don’t,
    The role of partners is to watch and protect each other no matter what the threat might be…
    Human, animal, whatever. Get it now?

  • Justin

    What proof do we have that the dog wasn’t aggressive??
    The owners word? Ok, because people don’t lie at all.
    Davy V’s story? LOL yeah ok!

  • jayduba

    Right Justin. Because cops never lie, Even when their allowed to by law.

  • Art

    @Backfire: in other words, you can neither refute the story based on known facts, nor find any inconsistencies in it as reported.

  • Voluntarist tippy

    How about all you boot-licking police apologists/defenders come over and juggle my nuts in your mouths.

  • Justin

    @Voluntarist tippy
    If you’re looking for a date, I’m pretty sure you’re on the wrong site.
    But it’s good to know that bitches like you don’t call the cops when you need help, must a badass then, don’t wanna piss you off I guess……lmao! Jump off a cliff boy!

  • Common Sense

    Hey Davy

    I made up a bullshit story and Copblock printed it too! Its like were brothers, just making shit up as we go along. Can I ask for money too?

    As always, if you care about Common Sense, and the cause of exposing Copblock’s lack of accountability or standards, please donate.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Davy-V-Exposed/560067040693020 Justin
  • http://dk diana kunselman

    Any cop that could do this is trash. They need to get a lawyer.

  • michael

    What is the latest on Choco? The FB page has had little comment, I am trying to see what developments have taken place, especially on his condition and funding.

  • hgcarol

    I am so appalled at his video. It is disturbing and unwarranted. Why didn’t the police officer stay the hell in the car? Sounds trigger happy to me, an adrenaline junkie with an itchy trigger finger. There was already an officer in the house…he apparntly wasn’t afraid of an attack, which makes me wonder though, why was the dog outside unattended while the officer was in the house? The are holes in the story…