Hartford, CT Police Brutality

I was the victim of police brutality. I broke up a fight outside a concert at the Webster Theater on March 19th, 2013. I was asked to leave the venue, even though the guy who punched my friend in the face was allowed to stay. The security told me to leave, and I said I couldn’t because I had driven people there and could not leave them stranded with no way home. I had also paid to be there and had done nothing to warrant being kicked out.

I kept asking the police and security what I did to get kicked out, but they would not answer. They only stood there and smirked. The security guard told me that he wanted to talk to me inside before all that had happened with the fight between my friends, and he stated that I had walked by him. He was not dressed in security uniform. I asked him if he was trying to hit on me, and he said, “So what if I was?” and smirked. I said,”Basically, I am being kicked out because I would not talk to you?” He smirked again and looked at the cop.

The cop told me to leave again; I said I couldn’t and that it was not fair that this was happening to me, and not to the person who punched my friend in the face. I got upset at this point because I really was not doing anything wrong. I was asking him to tell me what I did; I was crying, I was begging him to let me back in. He cuffed me and threw my face into the front window of the concert hall, shattering it and cutting my face open. I also received minor lacerations to the chest and neck. He then threw me onto the ground, cuffed, where I injured an already bad knee I had hurt in a car accident a month prior. The ambulance came to bring me to the hospital, and I asked to speak to the sergeant.

He came to the ambulance and I told him I wanted to speak to him about the unlawful force and brutality I was the victim of. He told me to, “Shut the F*** up” and slammed the door on me. I have numerous witnesses to the fact that I did nothing wrong and that the officer assaulted me. They gave me trumped up charges, including criminal trespassing, criminal mischief, assault on a police officer and interfering with an officer. I spent all night in jail  and my fiance was not allowed to know how I was doing or what had happened. The whole time that I was in custody before being taken to the hospital, the police refused to tell me what I was being arrested for. My witnesses said that after I left in the ambulance, the police officer who assaulted me was laughing and bragging about it with other officers. I had to get stitches in my face. I am traumatized by what happened to me, and I do not know what to do. I am collecting statements from my witnesses to bring to a lawyer to try to get my charges dropped and prosecute the officer for brutality.

Here is the information on the case:

MF#:A136479 Arrest #:7123869 Case #:13-008719
Arrest Date: 03/19/13 22:18 Location:31 WEBSTER ST
Release Date: NOT RELEASED BOND $10,000


  • t.

    Sounds like you should have left the club when you were asked. May e you got injured while “breaking up the fight”.

  • Common Sense

    pity party starts at 8pm

  • underoath

    So you were asked to leave private property and refused to do so?

    Well done.

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    3 boot lickers in a row……


  • courtofpublicopinion

    @badgeabuse rofl!

  • t.

    Full house with the addition of the 2 tards

  • tim

    sounds like u were acting like a jerk when your told to leave a private club you have to leave even if you did nothen wrong if you want your cash back you have file suit the cops not there to tell the club you can stay life not fare and if you refuse to leve he will throw you down and cuff you if you think it was to hard you can sue but i dont think you will win now those charges are out of control give you everyting in the book if you didnt do those things probuly not all the scam is they most likely have it on a dash cam and you will be found not guilty on some charges but get jail time or they will get you to plead guilty on all charges to get probation and lose your rights as an fellen you need a good lawyer next time tell the cop you are leaving and ask permissing to pick up you freind later if he say no ask if you can wate down the block for them if no then your freinds out of luck.

  • courtofpublicopinion

    @t lol still laughing pretty good comeback

  • Steve H

    the owner of private property doesn’t need a reason to tell you to leave. Even businesses that normally invite the public as a normal course of business can take away that invitation at any time. After you are instructed to leave, you are now no longer lawfully present.

  • slappy

    You were acting like an idiot. You should have left when you were told to. You got yourself into that mess and there is no sympathy for you.

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    Tic Tac Toe wins(game over)…..just like a shitty LEO to change the rules of the game…

    Slappy go play on the freeway…..IN TRAFFIC

  • Common Sense

    Also, you might want to take that metal out of your face too.

  • YankeeFan

    t. says:
    March 22, 2013 at 8:32 pm
    Full house with the addition of the 2 tards

    Well played,Sir. Comeback of the year.

  • Skeptical

    I’m sorry, if her face was shoved through a window, like she claimed, there would be more damage than that little scratch on her second chin.

  • http://bid-ninja.com/ quibids bid tracker

    This site is a walk-through for all the information you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask. Seem here, and you will truly find it.

  • heather

    I didnt leave because I could not drive after having a few drinks! That is the only reason. I only sustained injuries to my chin because he elbowed me in the back of the head and I fell chin first into it. I did not get any injuries breaking up the fight because the person only hit my friend once. You can think or say whatever you want to, if you were not there you have no idea what happened, but I assure you that I did nothing wrong here.

  • shaunatate

    it doesnt matter if this lady didnt act too wisely when the officer told her to leave. police have no right to single anyone out, just to use excessive force on them. yes it is private property, and the owners can tell her to leave anytime they want, but by that same token, they cant use unreasonable force to remove them from their property. you make the perp put their hands behind their back, and place them under arrest. but you do not do what this so called HPD officer did. yes she should have been arrested when she refused to comply. but she didnt deserve all of what i see in the picture above.

    judging from the story this woman did nothing to justify the excessive use of force. having her face shatter a glass window??? really y’all??? I honestly thought the good ol’ days of police corruption within the ranks of HPD during the late 90s early 2000s was long gone. remember back when cops were getting busted left and right for dope dealing??? once was even busted for sleeping with a hoooker in a police cruiser. and back then those acts were just par for the course, very tame when compared to the other shit that really went down over on Jennings Rd. but apparently i am sadly mistaken about the abuse being flushed out.

    while ive never been the recipient of such abusive behavior from the dirty cops of HPD, I have witnessed first hand a police officer do the exact same thing to my now deceased sister. and did i mention we were on our OWN property?!?!?!

    while I do realize many, if not most of the officers try to do their job to the best of their ability. they try to do the best they can, and simply make is home safe in one piece.but no one can deny that there are a few “cops” that give HPD a somewhat deserved bad name. being armed with a badge,and a gun DOES NOT give any cop the license to smash a non-compliant, but still non-combative/non-resistant person’s face into a plate glass window!!!!! this isnt the wild west. if years on the force has made a cop jaded with society, and the neighborhood they patrol, its then time for that officer to leave the force. a police dept is no place for a cynical person with a power complex.

    And if the officer did really act this way, its a damn shame. it took many many years after the assault on my sister before i was able to regain even a smidgen amount of respect for the good ol boys in blue.

    there’s something that Ive always heard about what all cops have in common. Ive routinely been told that people become cops because of the power it gives them. theyve been shitted on throughout life, and when theyre given the unaudited power that comes with being a cop, it goes to their head. they can now take out all of their frustrations, years of being picked last for baseball, years of being tripped in from of everybody in the lunchroom, years of having their lunvh money stolen, they take all of that and use it as a driving force, and as a way to “get even” with everybody that did them wrong. they take their mental issues out on this lady, the perceived bad guy. these cops couldnt beat up the real bully when they were in highschool, so what do they do when they get older??? they become a cop, thats how they deal with a shitty childhood. instead of sitting down with a good therapist, they settle for the next best thing…they settle for a police brutality victim, any ol’ victim is good enough. besides, who will people really believe? the nice officer in blue? or the girl with piercings in her face, or the black guy with tattoos, and a hoodie? im sure we all know that answer.

    there was a social experiment that was conducted many years ago. the experiment was about mob mentality, and what can happen to otherwise nice people when handed a little bit of power. would you like to know what the researchers concluded? they concluded that anyone will go bat-shit crazy with even the smallest amout of newly gained power, they experiment had to end prematurely because of how crazy the test subjects became when given the title of warden/guard. they came to to conclusion that power can go to anyones head, if its kept in check. and lets face it. many cops feel they have to answer to NO ONE. they begin to get delusional from power. I guess they start believing their own hype, thinking theyre Vic from The Shield I guess…out to clean up the mean streets of hartford AT ANY COST!lol/

    yes, the role of a police officer is tough, rough, and full of thankless assholes who call a cop a PIG to to their face one minute, and then pray that the same cop will come to their rescue when theyre in trouble. but if a person decides to become a police officer these are things they should have already known before putting that badge on. if they didnt realize that’s what it takes to be a cop when when they joined the force, then its not the right kinda job for them.

    suffering from ptsd because you couldnt kick the ass of your childhood bullt is no excuse to wield their power unfairly, and unevenly on the indefensible public.

    after reading this post. i was soooooo pissed i didnt even have time to proof read what i wrote. so my reply is very tl;dr