Overview on Weinhaus: audio analysis, his status, how we can help 7min



This video was ripped via http://keepvid.com and uploaded to http://youtube.com/thecopblock to help expose more people to Jeffrey Weinhaus’s situation. It was originally posted to http://youtube.com/541heavy which had this text description:

During my analysis of the 23 minute -5 second video documenting the shooting of Jeffrey Weinhaus by Sgt. Folsom of the Missouri State Highway Patrol on September 11, 2012, I discovered this abbreviated report of the shooting, given by Sgt. Folsom to “George” less than 2 minutes after the shooting took place. That audio record demonstrates that Sgt. Folsom lacked any lawful justification for shooting Jeffrey Weinhaus. It was not until after the shooting that any allegation about Weinhaus opening the holster to his lawfully carried sidearm was first created. To make things even more bizarre, Sgt. Folsom claims that after the shooting him took the pistol from Weinhaus’ hand, and shoved it back into the holster.

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    can we get the raw audio?

  • Ray Brown

    Unless we hear the raw, unedited tape in its entirety or at least first 5-10 minutes we have no idea what was said immediately after the shooting. Bits and pieces are less than useless and subject to contextual errors. Why can’t at least the first 5-10 minutes be released. It makes me suspect that Mr Weinhaus may have said something not exactly exculpatory.

  • John

    I hope that someone or some entity come forward to aid in his defense. WHERE ARE THE LIVE Camera’s; too much bullshit here.

  • Smoker

    I completely understand the desire to have the entire, or even majority, of the video/audio made public. -That’s not going to happen any time soon.

    The audio is still being analyzed. Being that it is low quality, that is not an easy task. What may appear to mean nothing at first, may take on significant meaning when related to something said later.

    For the benefit of those interested, I have not come across anything said by Jeffrey Weinhaus after he was shot. Given the extent of his injuries, that is what I would expect.

    For too many, this is some sort of game. They have little care for the truth. I have no interest in games. Though I choose to refrain from posting my personal information on this site, or on a YouTube video, I can assure you that the various law enforcement agencies involved know my identity. In addition, if what I was publishing is a lie, or s distortion of the facts, I would be subject legal prosecution by any party I was defaming. I would not put myself in that position.

    Why publish what I did in a video? A number of law enforcement agencies have been contacted. None of them dispute the words that I claim Sgt. Folsom stated in the video. However, as you would expect, they have no desire to investigate one of their own…at least, not at this point in time. It’s called “cognitive dissonance”.

    I would be happy to answer any reasonable questions presented on this forum. However, please be aware that I have only scratched the surface when it comes to fully analyzing the video/audio.

    I am not a close personal friend of Jeffrey Weinhaus. I hardly know him. I have a very close relationship with members of the law enforcement community. If anything, people who know me would say that I am “pro-cop”. I have long-term personal relationships with members of numerous law enforcement communities going back for many, many years.

  • Pete Eyre

    badgeabuse – I have been attempting to get a raw copy of the audio since learning of its existence. Thus far it has not been shared with me nor have I heard it in its entirety. Hopefully that’ll soon change.

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    Thanks Pete…

    Hope everything is well man…..

  • Smoker

    Update: Today I had a chance to perform some more analysis on the video/audio. At 5:56 into the video/audio, Jeffrey Weinhaus says his first identifiable words after the shooting. He appears to say “Let go of my god damned leg”. (I am providing that piece of audio to Pete)

    In addition, I have been authorized to release from 7:31 to 13:58. Any of you are welcome to identify what was said during that portion of the audio. (Maybe then you will see what a difficult job it is to determine what is being said and by whom.) Have fun, and be sure to identify what was said and the time at which it was said. I’m interested in seeing how many takers I have to provide serious investigation of the audio, and how many will just be interest in providing nonsense. —The portion from 13:58 to 23:05 has been assigned to another group.

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    Smoker says:
    March 26, 2013 at 10:07 am
    I completely understand the desire to have the entire, or even majority, of the video/audio made public. -That’s not going to happen any time soon.

    you know what the audio sounds like with the narration?

  • Smoker


    Did I ask for input on how to present the material? Are you a court-accepted expert in the forensics field? Well, I am. As such, I will do what I think is best, in the way that I think is best. I learned a long time ago that there are many critics in this world. I just have to put up with them when I want to.

    I will provide updates when I think they should be provided, and I will do so using the method I feel most comfortable with. Whining won’t get you anywhere with me. If anything, it will result in nothing coming from me.

    I’m doing this investigation for free. My motivation is the truth…wherever it takes me.

  • t.

    Smoker: I have to admit that I’m laughing my butt off. Even your own are turning on you be ause of this tripe. Too funny. And now you’re all mad about it. Facts are facts and this crap ain’t facts.

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    this is a blog….people will comment…just put up with it when you want to I guess…..

    I like to have my own opinion….not the one you want to give me….

  • certain

    Let me ask a question I’m sure will get me some grief, but I haven’t seen anybody ask it – Why, but why, would anyone ever show up to a meeting with what they suspect are corrupt cops with a gun strapped to their side? Why not just wear a T-shirt that says – “I’m going to make it nice and easy for you to kill me using the old “officer safety” excuse”?

    Somehow cops have become allowed to kill anyone they want, armed or not, with just a “he reached for whatever” to justify it. Showing up to a meeting with cops, armed, while certainly within your rights, just seems to be inviting the worst.

  • t.

    I can’t believe I’m gonna say this….

    Certain, you make a very good and important point.
    Weinhaus’s actions make no sense at all. I guess you (we) have to keep in mind that he is a lunatic. He is, by his own admissions a dangerous and violent person who willing seeks out violent confrontation with any authority. Heck, he openly expressed that he was going to execute people. (Just because you have a freedom of speech, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences for that speech).

    Everything about Weinhaus screams out that he showed up armed and looking for confrontation. Silly tripe like “smokers” video that show that he Nd his supporters are afraid of the truth and are desperate to throw up as much dust as they can hoping to cloud the issues surrounding him.

  • tim

    He has every right to opean carry a cowerd saw a man with a gun and killed him because he is threten of armed men. Why are you afraid why you cant rob people rape girls sell drugs if the people are armed The people have the right to defend them selves. Who made you god you are public servent you job is serve protect and cherish life if you cant do this that quit and put a bullet in your head. Let me guss your going to tri him for every thing you can make up because you cant find a real crime he did. Thankyou for the shield laws that alow officers to lie and not be charged with a crime. So after 25000 in leagle fees he will be found not guilty and win the sival suit but the punk who shot him is free to go shot someone else. If this storie is true

  • t.

    Tim: You’re right. People ha e a right to defend themselves from armed thugs. Like police defending themselves from an armed man who openly said that he want to execute them.