Carter County Sheriff’s Department informed of A Warrant For Their Own via Recorded Call.

March 19, 2013 – Southern Oklahoma Cop Block informed Carter County Sheriff’s Department of an outstanding warrant for one of their Dispatchers. Jon Collins had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for over two years. We recorded a call to the Sheriff’s Department in the video below. Sheriff Ken Grace was unavailable to take our call, but after the warrant was reported to the Sheriff’s Department, it mysteriously disappeared. Please view the video for more details.

Contact Oklahoma Cop Block at [email protected]


  • slappy

    What a bunch of idiots. Obviously these idiot activists have the wrong intel or out of date information. What a joke. They jump on the band wagon and assume right away they have the right information. OF course if an activists has a warrant well then, that’s a different story. OF course they believe the activists is set up and the information is all wrong. That is the double standard they preach about. Not the PD.

  • Joe

    hey Slappy, what makes you think he didnt have the right intel? the warrent was at the end and as usual the cops got it deleted…..its the COPS that have the double standard….not the activists

  • vanessa

    Lol…. Y’all will have to be sure to keep everyone posted on whether or not he does!!

  • Amigajoe

    Joe please don’t feed the trolls. It doesn’t help.

  • certain

    He’s not a troll – he’s a slaptavist!

  • Shawn

    There are many reasons for this. It wouldn’t be the first time the system forgot to clear a warrant after a situation was dealt with. After all, one of my peeves is the carelessness in which they play with people’s lives.

  • Steve H

    listen, I like slappy, slappy, is a paid troll to go to sites like this and write negative comments about people who believe in literal translations of the Bill of Rights. slappy isn’t going to change nis/her mind by what you say, because the power brokers are giving slappy the text.

  • Common Sense

    So it was a bench warrant for a traffic violation.

    Was the warrant valid? Or was it paid and somoene forget to remove it?

    I guess a journalist would have answers to those, and done some follow up. Last I checked, dispatchers lacked arrest powers, thus they are not the police.

  • Ps3 Ylod

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  • Dr Kranknstein

    As much as it fuckin PAINS me to say this I am going to have to side with…..ah fuck I can barely get it out….but I am going to have to side with common on this. I have had an outstanding warrant that was floating around for about 5 years on a citation that I paid. Got pulled over,low and behold a nice tax payer provided tour of downtown en route to the detention facility just because some assclown clerk failed to do their job. Not to mention the 2 days off work etc etc blah blah.

    Now we do not know that this is actually what happened because these facts where neglected in this bit of journalism…Bad journalism 101. However it would in no way shape or form surprise me if they did just make it “go away”.

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  • Common Sense

    See, another convert to common sense.

  • certain

    You must have missed the part where he said agreeing with you was like shitting a cactus sideways. Don’t hold your breath on gaining a convert.

  • Dustin

    After this warrant was reported to the SD, someone contacted a payment plan center called Aberdeen to take care of the warrant for unpaid fines. The payment plan center had the warrant removed. Last I looked, the fines were still not paid. The Dispatcher bought himself more time without having to pay the fines in full.