Police Beating Turns Into Death in Custody for George Ivan Salgado

The following story was submitted to by Emmanuel Rendon.

My nephew George Ivan Salgado died on April 13, 2012. I can remember this horrible day like it was yesterday. I arrived to Larkin Community Hospital to the Intensive Care Unit on Thursday April 12, 2012 . I saw my nephew laying in a coma, unresponsive and clinging to life, loosing blood by the liter. He looked disfigured from all the lumps and bruises on his face and head.

My nephew George and I lived in the same house. To tell you the truth, I could not recognize my own nephew. All I saw was blood from his nose, mouth ears, and eyebrow. His legs had more lumps and bruises. According to West Miami Police and Miami Dade Police, they responded to man acting irrational and naked in a backyard of a home in 57 avenue & 23 street S.W on Thursday 4/12/2012 AROUND 3:30 PM, just outside Coral Gables area in West Miami.

Officers say my nephew was combative. Eight to ten officers were at the scene with my nephew. Details, even a year later, are so UNCLEAR that you can easily tell the police are hiding something. Anyhow, my nephew was beat to death. Well, almost to death – he collapsed at the scene and immediately entered a coma, which eventually was how and where he died. George Ivan Salgado held on for dear life for 13 hours after his encounter with police. According to doctors, he bled to death. George was given 5 blood transfusions in 13 hours; after his 5th transfusion, he went into cardiac arrest. The doctors could not bring him back. My nephew George suffered 12 cardiac arrests before the 13th cardiac arrest took his life. George was at a girl friend’s house partying at the time of the incident.

My nephew George, at 5’6 and 150 lbs, was an unarmed college student. George was literally beaten ’til the cows came home. According to one witness, she heard screams as if they were killing or butchering someone. She came to my nephew’s rescue to be threatened by police to mind her business or suffer the consequences. Being that she is illegal in the country, she felt that the officer meant his threat to her.

She briefly described seeing my nephew on his chest, naked, hog tied, handcuffed by wrists and ankles. Several officers huddled around him, while he was screaming, yelling out for help. Little did my nephew know, help was going to kill him. Because the hospital was afraid of a multi-million dollar suit, the hospital protected themselves by taking pictures of my nephew’s condition upon arrival to the Emergency Room of Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami, FL . My nephew was in compulsions, bound by ankle and wrist cuffs. Once my nephew died, his body was kept out of families reach, preventing us from taking any incriminating photos that would show police brutality. These photos would have been the key piece of evidence that would paint an entirely different story from the one officers in the Internal Affairs Investigation are stating.

My nephew died Friday April 13,2012 at 4:00 am from the extreme amount of bruising and internal bleeding. Any doctor can tell this patient suffered intense or massive trauma to the head and body. Any one of these blows could have taken his life. Here is where the story get juicier: We called the news and media and told them my nephew got beaten and that the police were going to cover it up; they were going to make my nephew George I. Salgado the aggressor and make them the heroes in this story. Sure enough, the day after my nephew’s death we get contacted by John Turchin of WPLG channel 10 news in Miami, Fl. He stated to us that Miami Medical Examiner Dr. Lee made his medical analysis and came to the conclusion that George I. Salgaldo died from an overdose of cocaine and not from the blunt force trauma to the head and body. At least 10-15 doctors painted a completely different story, we told John Turchin.

Well, we knew then that he did not die from cocaine that day, and we know now also. Why? The hospital ran urine and blood analysis while at the hospital, before my nephew’s death. No drugs and no alcohol were found in his body. NONE. The toxicology report came six months later, which is a bit long if you ask me for a police-involved murder. The toxicology report came out negative for any narcotic or alcohol. The police justified this by saying my nephew was on a steroid which made him resistant to police pepper spray, handcuffs, and electric stun gun.

According to pictures obtained by the hospital, my nephew’s wrists and ankles were bound while he was beat. He died with no defensive wounds. None of the police officers suffered any scrapes. It’s a shame that in order to convict a police officer of beating someone to death, you must first get a medical examiner who is willing to cooperate. Dr. Lee has ruled in favor of the police, stating his death was done by himself, basically. He said he committed suicide with cocaine. It took us 10 days to find a competent medical examiner who was willing to contradict all of Dr. Lee’s medical findings and analysis.

Why did it take us 10 days? There’s so much police intimidation and fear of retaliation that it seems there’s no competent medical examiner who is willing to take on the police in a murder case. All the doctors who we interviewed told us for a 2nd autopsy it would range from $7500 to $10,000. We would respond with, “What if the person you’re examining was beat to death by police?” All the Miami Dade county medical examiners denied us their services after being notified that this was a police-involved homicide.

Luckily, we were referred to Dr. Marraccini, a high profile murder case medical examiner in the Los Angles area and in South Florida as well. Dr. Marraccini notified Dr. Lee that he was taking a look at his medical analysis and finding relating to my nephew’s death. Dr. Marraccini told him he did not have cocaine in his body. “How did you come to that conclusion?” he asked. Dr. Lee replied by saying the doctor was right, he died from another medical condition called Pathariumtheyrom, which is where the body overheats itself to 110 degrees Fahrenheit due to narcotics in the body. Dr. Marraccini countered Dr. Lee’s statement. He told the doctor that the vessels in his eyes were not bleeding, which is a clear indication of Pathariumtheyrom. “You’re right, I guess I have no idea what possibly killed George I. Salgado.” Yes, you have heard correctly, the cause of death a year later is still conveniently UNKNOWN.

There’s a saying in the court room; the “truth shall set you free.” If the officers in this Internal Affairs Investigation share the truth, it will put them behind bars. Why? They lost self control, they betrayed the badge and acted like vigilantes, and furthermore they took a life of a person who was unarmed and restrained according to all the evidence. Dr. Marraccini was able to discover a dictionary full of missed possible causes of death, in order from head to toe. George Ivan Salgado suffered lots of brain hemorrhaging, a fractured frontal cranium, fractured eye socket, fractured upper & lower jaw, fractured trachea, fractured shoulder, 6 broken ribs, fractured pelvis, dislocated hip bone, and massive trauma to the penis/testicle area. Also, there were signs of the electric stun gun marks; he had 12 entries which means at least 6 cartridges or stun guns were used on George I. Salgado. He had four asp bruises or markings, one size 10 boot print at his hair line on the back of his neck, two swollen and bloody wrists and ankles, with a 2 line parallel pattern like the markings of handcuffs.

My nephew never spoke to anyone and said what happened. Like the killers in the movies, no witnesses means no convictions in a murder case. The officer’s stories are the only piece of story we have from that horrible day. We all see Mixed Martial Arts on TV. I have not seen a fighter get beat as bad as my nephew looked the morning he died. He looked like he was being initiated in the GANG of Fraternal Order of Corrupt Cops and died in the process. Sorry, you took the beating but did not live to tell the story. The worse part of this story is that these eight to ten officers all have some sort disciplinary report against them. Instead of firing them and holding them accountable, they were transferred to another agency in another city to beat up more people. Ten to fifteen doctors say he was beat to death, one high-profile medical examiner says he was severely beat to death and one medical examiner can not determine what the cause of death was.

What can we do? Fire the medical examiner, and ask for a competent doctor. The evidence is clear as day, but when police corruption runs deep in Miami, you have a better chance of winning the lottery and getting struck by lighting in one day than of being able to have these cops held accountable for their crimes. According to Katherine Fernandez Rundle State Attorney in Miami Dade County, no crime was committed as officers are allowed to discipline or combat a combative suspect. Please, if you visit Miami, know the cops here kill… for fun. No case will be solved in your memory, like my nephew’s hasn’t been. The case has gone cold, no one has been arrested. The first 48 hours came and went and no one is held responsible for his death… it sucks trying to cope with his loss.

All the attorneys we encountered were too busy worrying about the financial retribution for his death from the two agencies in this matter. No amount of money will ever bring my nephew back. We don’t give a fuck about money, we want heads to roll. This is a bitter, sad reality in Miami: police do kick ass first and ask questions later. It’s like we have a gang of angry men dying to release their anger on anyone who looks worthy of them getting their adrenaline up. Do you know anyone important… enough to make heads roll in Miami, Fl?
Emmanuel Rendon


    I read these stories all the time and let me say this, I SWEAR I will hunt down anyone that kills one of my kids. Cop or not, I will get them or one of their family members. Eye for an Eye !

  • slappy

    Your nephew died of a cocaine overdose. You obviously didn’t know him as well as you thought you did. You can’t accept the fact that he killed himself with drugs and I am more than willing to bet it was also in the Dr. notes. You have no idea what drugs can do to someone. You can whine and complain all you want. It doesn’t change the fact that your nephew died from an overdose of cocaine.

  • Jumpinjimmyjack

    Slappy…badge licking again. If you read and understood the article, you would what you have realized the toxicology report from the coroner came back negative for you and the rest of your comrades in blue claim. Nice way to insult a man who is grieving. God is watching you and your evil and will dole out your just rewards. I have a suggestion…shut up, listen,, and learn.

  • shawn


    A little quick there aren’t you? Especially when beating someonee to death is not an unknown for cops. As for medical examiners, how much can they be trusted? Intimidation is a way of life for cops, and they work for the same government that is responsible for the actions of the cops. That government has a vested interest in denying responsibility.

    I’m far more interested in the hospital’s view.

  • slappy

    Jumpinjimmyjack, I suggest you reread the article. The coroner said he OD on cocaine. You need to take your own advice. I’ve seen the news reports and news paper reports and they all same the same thing. The coroner as ruled the death by cocaine over dose. This guy obviously didn’t know his nephew as well as he thought he did. He can’t accept the fact that his nephew was a drug addict and chooses to blame something else. He needs to get a grip and move on in his life and stop blaming everyone else for his nephews death.

    Shawn, A coroner has very heavy guidelines in regards to cases like this. No MD is going to sacrifice his license for a case of drug overdose. That is pure paranoid thinking at it’s best. Look up the articles by legit news. This story came out over a year ago and the coroner has stated that he died of cocaine overdose. The guy just hasn’t accepted the fact that his nephew was hiding an addiction. Yes, even the closest people to you may not know your addiction. The guy needs to move on.

  • Shawn


    When is the last time you saw a government or its agents declare their responsibility? They don’t do it.

    Even the chief over the officers who shot the newspaper ladies refused to own up to it. Every excuse imaginable came instead.

    Same with T and SWAT. Every excuse imaginable. These people will do anything to avoid accountability. So trusting the ME is not the smartest thing to do.
    I’m more interested in the opinion of the hospital. They have no dog in that hunt.

  • d0nj3nko

    Cops are supposed to have the same set of guideline’s. Your thoughts on Kelly Thomas please slappy? Google Kelly Thomas people, this has all the hallmarks of that case, unfortunately this was not caught on camera. I assure you if Kelly Thomas’s murder was not captured then the filth would have got away with it. As it stands one of the murderers is in court on a murder charge. I truly feel for you and your family, I pray that this filth are brought to justice one way or another. I also hope that slappy’s family suffer at the hands of this scum he defends regardless of their crime. Again your thoughts on Kelly Thomas slappy if you have the minerals to address my question?
    Slappy are you a Jew? Just curious. God bless us all.

  • d0nj3nko

    Oh man I truly despise these trolls… I know slappy has one family member that talks to him, his mum… The rest of them despise the little runt and it is clear to see why. Oh and you can badge lick to your hearts content, you will never be a cop, you are a little runt. You only have your mum in this life and she doesn’t even like you. What a disappointment you have turned out to be! God bless us all.

  • certain

    Slappy – Were you born this stupid, or did you have to practice?

  • Prisoner416

    Jeez, I wish we could just ban the obvious trolls. There’s only two or three of them, and they invade every single article.

  • Shawn


    Actually, I think they make the point for us.

    Slappy defends the idea that only cops should control cops, and everyone else should shut up.

    T clearly wears blue glasses. Even another cop called him on that, pointing out that when so many rooted for Dorner, there is an issue. T is also blatantly arrogant and dismissive with anyone who doesn’t see things his way.

    Common is good for laughs. His milkshake comment was perfect.

    We have a few on the other side just as bad. There was one who’d sided with me in some discussion or other,and his help wasn’t helpful.

  • slappy

    The guy didn’t know his nephew as well as he thought he did. He may have known he was a drug addict and just turned away. The kid did it to himself. No one forced him to take cocaine. Yes, their was a victim from drugs. Activists always say there are no victims with drugs. It’s a sad situation when someone dies because of drug abuse. Don’t blame the police for everything. The guy needs to come to turns with the situation. His nephew is gone. Go out and help others to stop taking drugs. Find the dealer who sold the drugs to his nephew. He could do a lot of good right now instead of placing blame on everything else. Obviously he hasn’t allowed himself to grieve. Just blame.

  • jennie ruiz

    Is that person saying there are no bad cops? I was not aware that cocaine use causes massive trauma to the body. I am aware that there are rogue cops everywhere. They kill with impunity. They lie, cover up for each other. How do I know this? They killed my brother. They killed a depressed, intoxicated, suicidal marine corps veteran who had never hurt anyone in his life. So shut up slappy, you are full of shit. As long as people accept this brutality from the cops, and never demand that they be held to the same standards as everyone else, people will be beaten, harassed, shot, by our noble boys in blue.

  • pedro

    only way to make justice a reality is to kill one of their family members ,,,its the only way,,,,,if u kill the pig he doesnt suffer

  • Pig Hater

    I’m with you d0nj3nkoour and Thugs in blue.

    Let’s start hunting these fuckers. Find them at home and kill there familys in front of them. Thugs, lets shoot there fucking kids as they get off the bus. Fucking pigs. There familys are just as bad for bing a pig lover. Im sick of this shit lets start exterminating these fuckers. Bring the fight to there house. Fuck you pigs none of you are ever safe. Lets wait for them to leave and rape there wife then kill her in front of her kids. Fucking pathetic bitches.

  • Shawn


    We’ll just totally ignore the beat down and trauma, the blood loss and all of that. How do you dismiss the negative toxicology report? I’m pretty hard on drugs myself, but this one stinks of pig shit.

    Man, you are real good at believing the system. Like I said, the examiner works with the cops. He works for the same government as the cops. His employers will not reward him for declaring their own fault in this. And I don’t trust cops not to intimidate the ME to give the answer that covers them.

  • slappy

    The examiner is an independent entity. Yes, they work with the PD because they are the ones who have to do the autopsies so the PD can catch a murderer that just may take your family’s lives if they don’t do it right.

  • Chris



    ok, now I’m going away…

  • d0nj3nko

    Hahahaha that’s funny calling slappy a cop… He is a cop wannabe, he is the runt of his family and despised by them. His mother is the only one that gives him the time of day and that is it! People you have to feel sorry for him, he is a keyboard warrior only lol… Please all pity the little runt and remember this trolling and trying to get in the police is his life and it is all his life will ever be. Doesn’t that sound sad? God bless us all.

  • Libertymike

    Badge lickers will get theirs.

  • Steve Pert

    Emmanuel, you have my deepest sympathy. I wish I knew a way to help you my friend, I really do. Please disregard the unsympathetic comments made by the cops that like to agitate people here. Keep your chin up and continue to seek justice. I lived in Miami for three years and it was blatantly obvious your nephew was beaten to death. Corruption runs deep in Miami. It always has. I hope and pray it will come to an end for you and everyone else. My sympathies to you and yours. I have you in my prayers buddy.

  • Pig Hater

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  • courtofpublicopinion

    looks like senseless has been busy again

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  • slappy

    d0nj3nko – You must be the head dumb ass in your family. I am not a cop nor have I ever been a cop. Since you know nothing about me you make up stuff because you are obviously threatened. You are a complete dumb shit package.

    Pig Hater – You are obviously another dumb ass who makes computer threats yet has no balls to do anything about it. How many times a day do you molest your sister? How about your mother? Lets see you do what you are claiming you want to do. Piece of shit loser.

  • Common Sense

    The family’s own attorney said he was on LSD, or cocaine, maybe both. Don’t due drugs, try and bit others, and then fight the police. You’ll live longer. does one ‘bleed to death’ while at a hospital?

    Either way, file your wrongful death suit and get your experts lined up.

  • enslave Keene

    @ Pig Hater;

    Your bark is loud but your bite isn’t vicious………….

    And those threats you are making, are quite boody-licious …

    You get with Enslave, oh is it crazy?

    With ya moms and your pops hollarin BABY!!!!!

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan


    Flesch-Kincaid grade level on the above comment is a stunningly low 4.0. Are you sure that you don’t work as a pipe fitter with “Common Sense” the pseudo-cop? You seem just about incoherent enough to be some sort of blue collar zombie besotted with porn and Wild Irish Rose.

    As for “enslave”, yours barely registers as sentient at a sub-mongoloid 2.2. There are emails from Nigerian princes in my inbox with more coherence than your general commentary. You should be arrested for crimes against normal human culture. If you are a high school graduate, you have a good case for gross educational malpractice.

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    “ does one ‘bleed to death’ while at a hospital?”

    You are stupider than usual tonight, Officer Welder. Read the article:

    “George was given 5 blood transfusions in 13 hours; after his 5th transfusion, he went into cardiac arrest.”

    Massive exsanguination, followed by large volume transfusions often leads to death, even in a trauma center. If you are beaten so badly that your internal organs are paste, you keep bleeding despite the best efforts of the best surgeons (apologies to “t”). If that doesn’t kill you, acidosis or out of control clotting cascades can. They kept him alive for a while, but the cops had already killed him at the scene. It just took a while.

    Stick to welding and taking smack about the gender you have so much trouble getting close to. You know jack and shit about medicine.

  • Backfire

    I find it very amusing that slappy says “He didn’t know his nephew very well”. I guess you were best friends with his nephew then, slappy? I mean, you must have personally known the mans nephew to draw your conclusions, right? I mean, surely you aren’t basing your “facts” on a couple of news articles you read and things you heard, right?

  • Backfire

    Pig Hater:

    Shut up you fake ass fool. It’s really easy to type your words here, but we all know that you’re too much of a pussy to do a damn thing. Go ahead, prove me wrong…

  • Lakewood_in_Afghanistan

    I had no idea that slappy was another poser like “common”. I wonder if they work at adjacent lathes?

  • Joe in Michigan

    Dear Mr. Rendon. I want to personally apologize to you for you and your family’s loss. This is a horrible tragedy that you suffered, and I hope that some justice comes about with this.

  • Nina

    I love George. He will forever be in my heart.