Man in Cuffs Tazed, Kicked by Police While His Pregnant Wife Screams – Rehoboth, DE

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A man was tazed repeatedly and kicked in the head by police while he was in handcuffs in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. His wife, who was eight and a half months pregnant, watched and recorded the event, begging the police to stop tazing him.

Throughout the disturbing and graphic video, the wife’s voice may be heard begging the three police officers surrounding her husband to let her take him home. She screams “stop tazing him,” and moves in close as an officer she identifies as “Robert Whitman” begins to taze her husband in the face and head, while he’s on the ground in handcuffs. “What is wrong with you?!” the pregnant wife screams as Whitman kicks her husband in the face.

The video, uploaded Thursday, includes in the description that the man, identified as Jeremy, was tazed by police 13 times.

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  • Common Sense

    See, after two dozen bullshit articles you finally copied and reposted one that actuall has some misconduct.

    Baby steps copblock, baby steps…

  • slappy

    What a dumb ass. He fought the officers, his wife is a retard, and you could tell he was drunk as hell. Obviously he was drunken disorderly and when they went to arrest him, he began to fight just like most idiot drunks. She want’s to press charges? Give me a break. That will never happen. He went to jail, more than likely will be convicted of drunken disorderly and resisting arrest. It’s sad to see such stupid stupid people breeding. I feel sorry for their unborn child.

  • Prisoner416

    Wow, common, that’s awkward because I don’t think this case has misconduct. The guy was noncompliant, combative, attempts to bite the officer, and tries to take the taser. Meanwhile the wife could have easily been brought up on interference charges given how close she was and how she carried herself.

  • Prisoner416

    And again, it pains me to admit it but I agree with Slappy.

    He was kicked in the head after trying to BITE the officer. The tasers occur at multiple points. 1. Told to put hands behind back. Instead, stands up, curses, and puts them loosely behind his head. 2 and 3. Tased while attempting to get back up. 4. Unwarranted taser applied to leg. This tase should not have occurred. However, he then attempts to GRAB the taser. Told to roll over multiple times and place hands behind back. Refuses to give arm for cuff. Tased. 1:29 bites officers hand, kicked.

    The start of the video is missing, so we do not know if he was informed prior to this of charges. It seems they attempted to detain him for questioning, and he resisted. When a suspect is drunk or possibly on drugs, sometimes a taser or spray is the only safe option. If they had used nightsticks or forced him to the ground, he would have been injured even more. Granted, a few of the tazes are questionable as said before, but this is hardly brutality. The kick occured after a BITE.

  • Dan

    Let me guess, another child the state will be paying for because the babies daddy is in jail, Great

  • rick

    Stomping a prone man’s head is NEVER an acceptable use of force.

    I’m willing to bet any use of force training teaches that the head is off limits except in the most extreme circumstances.

  • BJ

    We don’t know the reason for the police contact so to quote one of law enforcement’s most used excuses “the totality of the circumstances” might well make this a case of police misconduct; but, from what is shown in the video I just see officers doing their job.

  • Shawn

    “As Jeremy’s wife questions police in the video, police state Jeremy is being detained for “resisting”. ”

    I would love an answer for how a person’s arrest can be only for resisting arrest. If you’re arresting, you have a charge to make already.
    If all you’re arresting for is ‘resisting’ then obviously you have nothing.

  • Greg

    It’s not the fact whether or not this guy broke the law it’s how the officers conducted themselves during the execution of their duties. They need to be professional, as safe as possible, and more responsible that the drunk suspect that they are taking into custody.

  • underoath

    He wasn’t in cuffs…he was in a cuff. One. Whole different ball game.

    I’m not sure about kicking him in the head. He was trying to bite the cop,but there’s other ways to avoid that without kicking him. I wouldn’t say what the cop did was dead wrong, but I don’t think that’s how I would have handled it.

  • t.

    From what is seen, the only problem I have with it is the officer allowed it to go on to long. As soon as he fell after being tased they back up officer should have moved in and cuffed him. That would have stopped a lot of his stupidity.

  • Chad Thor Brodgesell

    Sorry, once in handcuffs and on the ground it’s over. At that point there is NO REASON for what happened. These officers should be charged with a variety of CRIMES. The one that’s handcuffed also should have charges laid against him too.

  • Shawn


    Did it occur to you that that wouldn’t be as much fun? Bullies doing beat downs like to play with their food a while.

    I won’t say they were wrong with using force, but I still remember my training was that the head and spine were off limits unless you want to seriously hurt someone.
    There is also the issue of if they were simply playing with him, the added time put at hazard everyone involved.

  • padraig

    Local Philadelphia news reports: The Rehoboth Beach police officer, seen in this video tasering a man, has been placed on administrative leave.

    The police chief says Cpl. Robert Whitman is on leave, while an internal investigation is conducted by Dover Police.

    The man in the video, 34-year-old Jeremy Anderson of Mechanicsburg, Pa., says he didn’t deserve the treatment he received from the three officers.

    He claims the entire ordeal started after he got into a verbal altercation with a hotel worker over a room key while vacationing in the Delaware city. Once police arrived, Anderson says they began to use a taser on him.

  • Pissed of citizen

    First off, it wasn’t the “officers” kicking him in the head. It was the one officer. From what I have read on line, he has been suspended. Put your hands behind your back. “Fuck you”. For the film taker who claims to be pregnant, not sure what that has to do with anything in this given situation since she wasn’t “assaulted”, she seems to be trying to calm her husband down. Then she begs to just “take him home”. She is pregnant yet, I would be willing to wager she had a drink or two as well. The video leads me to ask what happened prior to the filming? Aside from officer kick me in the head, I thought everyone else including the film taker handled themselves quite well.

    Get the fuck away from her. Then the film taker tells her husband “he’s not doing anything”. Hmmmmmmmmm.

  • t.

    Shawn: right. Until they bite you. My advice to officers has always been to control the head. Where it goes…so does everything else. That isn’t saying punch, strike, kick the head. But control it it. Keep it pinned down and the rest of the body will stay down too.

    Still looks pretty good.

  • shawn


    Exactly. Control the head, not beat on it.

  • slappy

    The guy was trying to bite the officers foot. He may have even bitten the officers foot. Where is the rest of the video? ie.. Why the officers were called there in the first place? Funny how it was edited to show right when the arrest was being made. This video was even poorly edited. He obviously spent 12 hours in the drunk tank and then went home with a bunch of charges. I find many on this board amusing that they would have done this or this. Again, armchair quarter backing at it’s best. Maybe the guy has a drinking problem. Maybe this will get him help. Who knows.

  • slappy

    Padraig – I would recheck your facts. The chief said the video may not tell the whole story. I never saw anything that said the officer was put on administrative leave. Even if he was it’s because this stupid video attracts stupid activists who would put the officer and his partner in harms way. The guy spent two days in jail and has multiple charges. He was a loser.

  • Prisoner416

    It’s still scaring me that I agree with slappy, t., and common.

    However, I would like each of their opinions on one matter.

    I do feel the fourth tase, the direct contact press to the leg, was a bit out of line. At that point the subject seemed to be in a more controlable position and could have been cuffed via two officers.

    Honestly, I think a lot of officers overdepend on tazers. The taser should not be a compliance tool, it should be a less lethal option. Modern training should reinforce this. Also, the only other violation was that a warning should be given that the taser is about to be deployed, if at all possible. Often the threat of force is good enough to gain compliance, like the mere sound/threat of a canine unit.

    One quick burst of pepper spray would have been good from the start, and would have lasted, allowing them to take control.

    Thoughts? I truly am curious as to what our normal police defenders think. Also trying to show that not everyone thinks everything is brutality.

  • t.

    416: The taser is a remarkable tool. When used properly it keeps EVERYONE. From being hurt. Injuries from tasers are extremely rare. Injuries from officers fighting / going “hands on” remain high. For both sides.

    For those that have never been tased, it is to say the least a very unique feeling. I don’t know if I’d call it so much painful as I would describe it as something you really, REALLY want to stop. It feels very hot and its really loud in your ears. The “drive stun” as seen in the video just hurts like crap. But always keep in mind that as soon as the taser is removed (either by turning it off with the trigger or pulling away from the skin on a drive stun or the timer running out) the pain / sensation stops.
    When “going hands on” with someone like this guy…the chances are extremely high that at least one person is going to get hurt. Jammed knees, wrists, shoulders. Pulled / strained backs. Broken ribs, fingers, noses. All very common outcomes when fighting The use of a taser or pepper spray hopefully keeps that from occurring.
    While tasing or spraying someone might not look good, punching people in the face looks far worse. 5 seconds or a taser versus a serious injury from a “hands on” fight…which is better?
    Unfortunately some short sighted court rulings have seen the”ugliness” of someone being tased, or the rare injury and departments are restricting their use. I say shortsighted as now the option is to punch, hit, kick, tackle people. The chances for injury goes way up. Suspects being injured costs money. Officers being injured costs money. It’s lose lose.

  • Ken

    I realize that censorship is not something that the founders of Cop Block are in favor of, so they allow their website to be used as a source of misinformation. They should consider exercising some editorial control. The officers and apologists who post on here prevent people from using the discussions for the purposes of organizing. Providing and encouraging the people in the stories to post updates would also be very helpful and would elevate the journalism of the website.

    If we take this video and the posts related to it as an example, someone makes the false and absurd statement that the victim tried to bite the foot of the cop who then stomped on his head. The claim then gets repeated. From the video, however, we see that he was speaking as the foot came down on his head. As if anyone could bite through those boots or such force could be justified.

    Meanwhile, the victims hands were up before the taser was initially discharged. There’s no getting around that. Nor the repeated taser discharges while he was handcuffed.

  • Ken

    Again, BS propaganda from t. The victim in this video did not fight with the police. He made an ineffective effort to slap away the taser at one point after being tased multiple times. The first use of the taser was excessive and unjustified. The victim had every right to defend himself at that point. And yet all he did was resist being based without violence. The video is clear.

    As to the claim above of the video being poorly edited, there is not indication that it was edited at all. The threat from another officer in an attempt to have the women leave so they could kill this man off camera is also revealing.

  • t.

    The only “edit” would be what happened before this part, about what brought about his contact.

    @Ken: Where did I say this guy was “fight(ing) with the police”? He was clearly actively resisting. He was clearly not obeying lawful commands. He wanted to fight / resist. Those are his free will choices. Heck, he apparently thought it was all funny as he gives the officers “the finger” in the middle of the brutality (not). BTW he appears to clearly try and bite the officers hand, not that you would understand or care.
    Unfortunately we really don’t know much about what lead up to this. I’d bet there is more video that got cut from the front end that we’ll never see.

    Oh, and I’m not trying to keep you from “organizing”. Go ahead. I do find it sad that you want to squash anyone that doesn’t believe as you do. Silence their freedoms. Kinda sounds like that would be the opposite of what you stand for. Oh, that’s right, you only care about your rights, not anybody else. Thanks for reinforcing that.

  • Padraig

    Slippy, Not my facts. NBC 10 News, WCAU Philadelphia reported it on their website. They didn’t say anything about losers?

  • Aaron

    This is nothing but torture. That sick son-of-a-bitch did not need to tase him in the first place – the guy was putting his hands above his head – and then to tase him repeatedly, when the guy was not resisting, but sitting on his butt, is just sadistic. I would feel oh-so-bad if someone shot that mother-fucking psycho with the badge – and his supporters on this site – square in his forehead. You sick perverts.

  • Ukeroc

    Uh….This guy and his wife are clearly a couple of drunk 12 year olds. Should the cop have kicked him? Probly not. But I wanted to kick him and his obnoxious wife by the end of the video so…..

  • t.


  • Common Sense

    I’ve reviewed this at length, the young lad’s hair was on fire and the cop was bravely trying to stomp it out.