The Feds Are In Town (Multiple Raids Occur in Oakland)


On April 24th, 2013, scores of Federal Agents alongside the Oakland Police, California Highway Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies descended upon the Acorn Projects in West Oakland, executing multiple simultaneous raids. According to ABC 7, residents along with main stream media outlets were given no immediate explanation for the raids. At 1:am OPD released a press release stating that they had participated in hi risk weapons and narcotics warrants search warrants.

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  • t.

    I really need to ask….why do you guys think the police have to stop and tell you anything about an incident that doesn’t involve you? We don’t

  • WeCopwatch

    @T . That’s why so many people view police as “pigs”, because they don’t feel that they need to be accountable to the public. If you ever wonder why folks don’t trust or respect police, it’s because law enforcement is reliant on very simple ideas that revolve on force and coercion. Not too much honor in the job. But we don’t have to tell you that.

  • t.

    That has NOTHING to do with accountability. There are very real reasons that we don’t discuss ongoing / elvoling incidents. Now, to question / wonder why the people’s whose homes were searched didn’t get a copy of a search warrant is a different thing. Asking for a PIO is the right way. Just shouting questions at various officers not get you much. In that scenario, I would t even acknowledge you. It simple is t your business. If they want to tell you about to…they can.
    As for those who don’t trust / respect / like the police…not an issue I care about. I’m not here about popularity. There are lots of people that I don’t want to like me. People I want to have looking over their shoulders all the time.
    And I’m also very sad to inform you, but just because YOU and some other folks that are more interested in shoving your “rights” to the forefront at the cost to the rights of all the others around you. The “only my rights matter” crowd. But the overwhelming majority of people love their police. Why? Because I keep the crowd you’re in, at bay
    At the end of the day, the only one that cares about you is you. They like me because I keep you from bullying them, keep you from taking their stuff, keep you away from their kids. What they care about is their own rights.
    Oh, and your idea of the basis of law enforcement being one of for e and coercion. Ummm, no. It’s about cooperation. Now you won’t believe that as it doesn’t for into the idea that someone formed for you, it breaks what you think is the mold. Well, through hurts I guess.
    As for honor. You’re welcome to you opinion. But sense you have a clear bias, it’ll be treated that way.

  • Joseph Libertarian

    Hey fuck your reasons t.

    The very real reason they are almost certainly there is to arrest people for participating in the violation of laws that are not crimes at the state level.

    Fuck the federal government and their intrusion into state affairs.

    The feds ignore the 10th amendment which was specifically put in place because of the N&P clause… IN FAVOR of the N&P clause.

    This is why people hate you.

  • 1605

    What an unfortunate situation for these cops. I am proud of what I do for a living and I will gladly stop to explain what I do and why I do it if the opportunity comes up. Why are cops so embarrassed of their activities that they just clam up? Or when they do unhinge their jaws, it’s to tell lie after lie.

    Here’s something I’m proud of, I come for generation after generation of not-cops.

    My heart goes out to Oakland. What a shame

  • spirit of 46

    Perhaps it is time for Cop Block to officially throw support to the CSPOA since they are against the feds…

  • t.

    1605: My heart goes out to the citizens of Oakland as well. The plague of drugs and crime have reduced that city to a cesspool. I applaud any legal effort to rid the city of the bullies criminals that terrorize the good citizens, forcing them to cower in fear from drug related drive by shootings, robberies and assaults

    I really would have thought that with all the TV and movie educations that comment around here that you at least could have figured this out. But since you can’t…I’ll let you in on the secret. Whatever information / evidence that was obtained before or during this “raid” (BTW…Raid is a pesticide used to kill disease carrying insects…maybe your word is appropriate, but I didn’t say it) will undoubtedly be used elsewhere. In the drugs and vice word, he old phrase “loose lips sinks ships” sums it up best. Heck, even TV and the movies get that part right (most of the time anyway).

  • 1605

    I didn’t see any cops being run out of town, as long as OPD still operates, the area will be over run with drugs and crime. Maybe it’s time to raid head quarters?

    The bullies wear black and blue now.


  • YankeeFan

    For those that have no idea about Oakland, It is a pure cesspool. I live 2 hrs from Oakland in Sacramento and it is notorious for it’s high crime rate involving gangs, drugs and guns. T, is dead right about the “my rights” only crowd here. The good citizens do not want ganbangers roaming their streets, selling drugs and shooting at everything that moves. Actually live in Oakland or better still, know what is going on in Oakland crime wise before starting with the typical line, the jackboots are rolling out!

  • YankeeFan

    (BTW…Raid is a pesticide used to kill disease carrying insects…maybe your word is appropriate, but I didn’t say it)


    Next time you say something good, own it man. This was funny and appropriate

  • certain

    No shit, in East Oakland I’m not sure there’s really any difference between how ANY of the gangs operate, badged or not. Funny, though, how cops can rant about violence and oppression that gangs commit, when they’re willing to throw an explosive device through a window into a room where a child might be. Somehow that act of random violence is different.


    Parts of Oakland are simply a cesspool of crime. Guess us cops should just wait for someone to dial 911…..

    Willing to bet none of you live in a shitty neighborhood. Just tonight, 2 hours ago actually I was in a parking lot talking to another cop in a shitty part of town. we heard about 2 dozen gun shots ring out a few blocks away. We could tell that they were from 2 different guns so we are guessing a small gun fight maybe. As we search for who ever it was…. NO ONE dialed 911!! This aint out in the country, this is in the middle of shit town just after midnight. NO ONE CALLED to even report the shots. Happens all the time. sometimes we will get a call or 2. Or only if someone’s house get’s hit. But many times they wait until the next day so there wont be a cop car parked out front of thier house after the shots cause they don’t want to be labeled a snitch. Hoods are shitty areas. period. And Oakland has some of the worse.

  • Common Sense

    “I demand to know!” Ha ha ha

    t is right, this is nothing to do with accountability.

    Once again, we’ll let you know, what we want you to know, when we want you to know it.

    Nothing to see here citizen, move along…

  • t.

    Common: “t” is always right. That of course doesn’t mean imposter guy. I still find it funny that whoever that is is so scared of my “exercising free speech” that he feels the need to impersonate me and try to mislead. Maybe he’s scared that people are beginning to see the truth and that many of the cop blockers are not what they appear to be.

  • t.

    Hold up. Imposter t. is the one commenting. I am the real t. all you “citizens” love to hate

  • Common Sense

    No, t. you are right. But then again, who cares about the little t.

  • Quinn

    You get what you ask for~the idiot democrats voted away their constitutional rights, so now the anti-American globalist agents get to raid, search, and seizure all guns owned by minorities and the poor. Besides the globalists know what’s best for you cattle, you can’t be trusted to be free…enjoy your new slavery under the new world order~you should have spent your time learning instead of hustling, then perhaps you would have seen the deception…America is being conquered by foreign banks who control the Feds and they are disarming you so you can’t fight back when they collapse the economy on purpose.

  • Equality?

    This is pretty plain and simple. If this raid was for any reason other than defending an individual from another or a group of individuals who were or attempting to violate human rights/ natural law, then the raid was immoral. As for this citizen not having any right to know where his money is being spent after having it stolen by the threat of violence ( the very thing the officers on this blog claim to protect people from) is just ridiculous. The only way for the state to say that the money is being put to better use, if it was not given to them voluntarily, is to increase the opportunity cost by using violence and coercion. Human discretion is human discretion. These cops need to realize that there is no difference between them and a citizen; both were born, both are humans, their productivity or jobs do not change whether or not they can infringe other’s liberties because they are just doing their “job”. It’s the hit man’s job to kill his subject, it doesn’t make it just. And for those posting h8 cops and fuck cops, the police officers just need to be educated, so try educating them instead of demeaning them and making those who question their authority look illegitimate. If anyone can correct any misguidance that I have given, please and thank you. Also if you are a police officer and became one with intentions to do good and to promote peace; thank you, but please realize that if u are interacting with someone who has not violated anyone else’s rights or a voluntary contract, you are acting immorally and limiting someone’s freedom with coercion and violence.

  • t.

    Equality. No.

  • http://copblock David Swan

    Oakland cops have a long history of corruption. SD and LA included. Dorner showed us just how corrupt and incompetent the thugs at LAPD really are.
    CA is flooded with thugs that are grossly overpaid. And no I dont need and never will need a cop. I have a 1911, 870 and a few other pieces that keep me nice and safe. What was the name for OPD? The Night-riders or something like that. Its a toss up between OPD and the gangsters on who commits more crimes on a daily basis in Oaktown.

  • t.

    Swan: So violence first. Is that your answer. You are part of the problem then.

  • http://copblock David Swan

    T unlike you I have an honest job and dont rob people. Im not abdicating violence unless someone is gonna try and rob me. And how can I be part of the problem when i pay taxes and bring a commodity to people: electricity in exchange for money. You take from people and give niothing back. Now who is the problem? Cant wait to hear how you twist this one around. Just like Wecopwatch said this is why people dont like cops. Cops just take and think they can do whatever they want. Have a nice day and oh I almost forgot, Heil Hitler.

  • http://copblock David Swan

    T are you one of those nice guys they call the night riders? Sorry I know its a sore subject and you prefer not to talk about it right? Have a wonderful day, Heil Hitler

  • http://copblock David Swan

    T Dorner was trying to be a good honest cop and unfortunately LAPD is a cesspool and they got ride of him because he didnt fit in. Poor guy should have gone out of state. There are lots of good cops out there just very, very few here in Communist Kalifornia. Have a nice day, Comrade

  • t.

    Swan: I don’t have to “twist” anything. your boy Dornir was a low life criminal who was identified and removed from the force. LAPD doing exactly want you claim you want…but no you defend him instead if their decision to get rid of him. Typical, part of the problem behavior.

    What do I give back?? Are you freaking kidding me? Every drunk driver I get off the road, every domestic assaulter I arrested, every child abuser / neglector, every person caught for breaking into cars and houses, every drug dealer and user that plague our neighborhoods, every shoplifter (that drives up prices)…..limiting their access to the community, or removing them from the community (either through arrest or their own choice to leave as they don’t like the attention they get), those are just the beginning of what “I” give back everyday.

    I saw a stat the other day that auto crashes are the number 1 cause of death for people between 5 and 35 y.o.a. Every time I stop a car….not only does that driver get alerted to the dangers…but so does everyone driving by who see me out on that stop. Reminders to pay attention (even if its only to avoid seeing red / blues lights in the mirror)….all good things.

    CA is grossly over flooded with thugs. The liberalism that overruns that state…those that don’t believe in personal accountability…those that feast on the entitlements and demand more and more hand outs from the government (who lays down and gives it to them, mortgaging tomorrow to hand it out today), all have combined to a mass exedous of the businesses and money creators that only compounds the problem.

    You blame the police for that? They are just about the only glue left holding that state together. Without entitlement reform, that state will continue its down word spiral.

    By the way, its you that lives there, I won’t even visit anymore other than NAPA and Tahoe. You can keep the rest of that mess. Heck, just look at the ninth circuits rulings. Almost every ruling is eventually unturned. Your “occupy” movement is just more part of the problem….walking around d trying to kill the corporations and wanting more from the government. You defend them yet say you want less intrusive government. Are you not bright enough to see the issue there?