This Week’s Corrupt Cops Stories

There are problems at a Maryland state prison in Baltimore, fallout continues from a bust of crooked cops in suburban Chicago, and a jail guard goes down in a Texas border town. Let’s get to it:

In Schaumberg, Illinois, two former Schaumberg police officers were sued last Thursday by a man who alleges they planted drugs and drug paraphernalia on him during an illegal search in August 2012. Wisconsin resident Chris Nelson said former officers John Cichy and Terrance O’Brien rousted him outside a nightclub and planted cocaine and digital scales on him, then arrested him. Those two officers, along with former officer Matthew Hudak, were arrested in January on federal charges that the stole and resold drugs. Nelson is seeking more than $50,000 in damages in the five-count suit, which accuses the village and two officers not only of false arrest and conspiracy but also violation of due process, negligent supervision and indemnification. At least a dozen people convicted of drug offenses have been cleared of the charges since the trio of rogue cops were arrested.

In Baltimore, 13 Maryland state prison guards were arrested Tuesday on federal charges they aided and abetted a prison gang’s drug trafficking scheme. The 13 prison guards, all women, are accused of “essentially handing over control” of the Baltimore City Detention Center to leaders of the Black Guerrilla Family gang. Four of them got pregnant by one inmate, and two of them had that inmate’s name tattooed on their bodies. The guards allegedly helped the gang run its criminal enterprise by smuggling drugs, cell phones, and other contraband into the prison. The gang leader allegedly used some of the proceeds to buy luxury cars, which he allowed some of the guards to drive. The 13 guards are charged with racketeering offenses.

In Rio Grande City, Texas, a Starr County jail guard was arrested Tuesday on drug possession charges as authorities investigate whether he was selling them to inmates. Rogelio Canales, 67, now a former Starr County jail guard was caught possessing “a slew of narcotics,” including marijuana and cocaine while working at the jail. He currently faces four counts of possession of a controlled substance.

  • Steve Pert

    Amigajoe says:
    May 2, 2013 at 11:57 pm
    Ok I get it now. Trolls are what keep the comment section going around here, isn’t it? Without them, the place would dry up and blow away. It’s kinda sad…

    I agree. I thought I had found a forum to learn. Instead I have found a forum that continually argues with people that are in place to redirect the focus of the group. They are good at it. Almost professional it seems. We have sloppy who can’t say anything viable and t who downplays every story that shows a cop has been arrested. t can’t even admit the focus of this group is to show cops get reduced sentences after their arrested. “Arrested, accountability, check.” Accountability comes after the arrest.

    Might just let you girls and boys have at it without me. I have learned to open my eyes to much larger issues than these. Cops not being held accountable is just the end result of the formation of a police state. They are doing what they are told to with glee in their eyes. Your rights are gone my friends. They left through the back door when the patriot act was signed. What you are seeing here is the after math of the patriot act. Good luck to you all.

  • slappy

    Steve Pert – Fagot extraordinaire. Who care is you don’t comment. You aren’t that important. Stop throwing your temper tantrums. Go choke yourself.

  • courtofpublicopinion

    yep another slime trail left here, check

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Slappy, seems you are a keyboard warrior. You don’t have the balls to act like an idiot in person, so you hide behind the internet. Pour schmuck.

  • YankeeFan

    Yup rusty, he is a troll and not a very good one!

  • David

    The truth of it is Cops aren’t being held to the same accountability as the average citizen. The prosecutors are dropping dismissing or downgrading their offenses every day. Meanwhile we have to pay for every right we have by hiring lawyers paying court cost fines while these cops get away with murder (literally). This isn’t a black or white thing anymore it’s all about the rich & poor. The rich can pay bail and get attorneys while the poor struggles to pay their own bills. When Jesus comes back these cops will be out of a job and will most likely side with the anti-christ

  • dainty39gm

    Hello, everyone. I just now found this site when I goggled “corrupt cops”. Actually, I was trying to locate a specific article regarding a D.A.R.E. police officer who was recently terminated from the force he was engaging in behavior unbecoming of a police officer. He was busted in a house/hotel with a prostitute. From my understanding, it was her boyfriend who reported the incident. LMAO!

    These bi**hes above at the Maryland are all black. Yet, black women in particular complain that all the good men are in prison. Good men aren’t behind bars unless they’re innocent. When will these these dumb black broads ever learn?

    Another thing about this D.A.R.E officer is that he’s married w/ children. Wonder if he’s related to Al Bundy? Hope he at least wore a condom everytime he f**ked a wh**e. There were a couple of town meetings concerning his termination. Towns people who are basically involved in some type of criminal activity(mostly crack) referred to him as a “pillar in their community.” That’s b/c he bangs half the black chicks in town and allows dealers to sell their drugs. But he’s days (and nights) of being an officer are over.

    I just absolutely LOVE it when corrupt police officer are terminated, sent to prison, or given the death sentence for their crimes. Far too many of them get away everyday with committing crimes.

  • dainty39gm

    Does anyone come to this site to comment? I wanna drag these corrupt officers’ name thru the mud. But I need someone to communicate with.

  • dainty39gm


    I don’t know, but this could be a black thing. Check this out: The officer that I mentioned above is black. The former mayor of this town, who’s also black) suspended him w/o pay, but made efforts to reinstate him before leaving office. By this time, the officer had a DWI/DUI and another offense. So by the time this prostitution ordeal happens, a PUBLIC hearing (majority of ppl are black crooks, including his family and friends) takes place. They demanded for the officer’s return. Called him “a pillar of the community.” But a new mayor had been elected and he’s not only black but a close friend of the family. However, it’s a very good chance that this new mayor means business. He stated that he couldn’t/wouldn’t reinstate the officer b/c this situation has been going on around this town for years.

    You see, for at least 3 decades, ghetto black females have been having sex w/ police officers, mostly black. These females were crackheads, alcoholics, or whatever. While cops were upstairs banging the female, their sons were downstairs bagging up drugs. Long as the officer’s got a cut of the drug money, they didn’t report it.

    So, the crime of an officer having sex w/ a prostitute is ghetto-approved. Ghetto crooks, who really don’t like or respect cops, will support a corrupt officer b/c they see him as one of them.

    Guess you could call it a black thing b/c there isn’t any white ppl involved.

  • dainty39gm

    Just finished watching the “Shattered Shield” episode where 8-9 police officers charged drug dealers to secure their drug shipments. The head “gorilla” in charge of this crooked group actually ordered a hit on a 32-year old, single black mother of three. He paid a street coon 300 bucks to shoot this woman on her daughter’s birthday. I get so mad that I cry while watching this episode.