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Submitted by Brandon Vreeland

Hello Cop Blockers!

I’ve started the Jackson, MI offshoot of Cop Block. Jackson Cop Block. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and soon our own website. I was falsely arrest on 4-28-2013. Since then I’ve begun to mobilize my community, starting with the Facebook page. I’m glad to be leading the liberty charge here in Jackson. Please reach out to us with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Our email is [email protected]



  • slappy

    Good for them! Maybe they can catch some of those lowlifes who abuse their authoritative power.


    Amazing that cops can not see/realize that normal everyday people that they have screwed over are the ones that are causing them grief by starting a new Police Watch Group. These organizations are popping up everywhere, and where there isn’t one, there are 1000’s of citizens that will pull out their smart phone or camera in a nano second to record these dumb bastards violating our rights.

    Good luck and congrats on starting a Copblock branch.

  • slappy

    Hilarious!! Another piece of shit activist who was arrested and more than likely convicted and now he has a hard on for the police. These activists will never take responsibility for their own actions. Instead they want to form this so called bullshit victim squad because they are such fucking losers they blame everyone else for their self created problems.

  • Common Sense

    Go get’em tiger. I can’t wait for your comical, confrontational videos where you harass the police.

  • t.

    Love the required “I was falsely arrested” line which translates into “I’m mad cause I got caught”.

  • certain

    Your guys logical thinking is in your ass. If being arrested, tried, and convicted was the trigger to starting a cop block branch, there’d be a LOT more of them. No, it’s more likely as he said, in that he was FALSELY arrested, and has decided to expose the lying, cheating, POS criminals who did it.

    Your logic also fails in my case – I’ve never been arrested for anything, ever. I have a federal security clearance that I’d lose if I did. But I did have a cop jack me up in a minor way, violating the shit out of my rights because he had a “hunch” (which was completely incorrect) about what I was doing. That incident (once again, very minor, no arrest, no beat-down)was what made me open my eyes a bit to what was happening to people, due to dishonest criminal thugs with badges. And opened my eyes to the cops who don’t actively do wrong, but cover for those who do. Because this is one of those subjects that the more you learn, the more you realize you didn’t know to begin with.

    Slappy for president.
    Slaptavism 2016

  • slappy

    Certain – you are a dumbfuck liar. You don’t have any federal security clearence for anything you dumbshit. What color is the sky in your world? With all the bullshit statments you have made on these boards you would have lost anything having to do with needing a federal security clearance. Is this how you intice little boys to sit on your lap you dumb fag? Go choke yourself.

  • t.

    No he’s a security cleared aircraft engineered. Allegedly.

    But this, most likely just like his case…is BS. for proof, just look around this site. Even the videos that are posted with the stories show the the arrest was not only legally correct, but the right thing to do. The buttplug from Milwaukee jumps immediately to mind. But there are so many others, nearly all. They don’t care about the rights of others but just about themselves. It’s a sad but typical story. Lots and lots of crime, but no one ever does anything wrong. Amazing really

  • jacksoncopblock

    Go to the facebook page and read the description on the illegal arrest video. Than you can make a more informed opinion. Thanks, Jacksoncopblock.


    @certain. Jackson PD over the years, like many placing in Michigan has seen a big decline in revenue, and the number of cops on the road. Minimal staffing. They;’ve had to close fire stations as well. I know a few Jackson PD officers. They don’t have the time to roll around looking to falsely arrest people. If so.. where’s the lawsuit and settlement??? Heck, even getting something CLOSE to a false arrest ends up with a paycheck these days.

  • slappy

    I sucked a cops dick yesterday! I couldn’t believe it. He said I could fuck his mom and little sister to. That made my mom and little sister happy!!! Tomorrow he’s taking me to the station for a circle jerk. I get to be the cum dumpster in the middle!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!

  • certain

    LOL, slappy, what is your fixation with homosexuals? You can’t make a single post without mentioning them.

    As far as statements and lies, funny you should mention that. I have never advocated violence against anyone, I have never and would never advocate or approve of any type of sedition, so how could anything else I have said on these posts ever cost me my clearance? Actually , I really can’t call you a liar, it’s painfully obvious that for the most part you have no idea what you are spewing out.

    So PSO, now budgetary factors are a limitation on bad policing? You are going to claim that? Really? And while I don’t espouse the theory that the cops would be rolling around looking to make any odd wrongful arrest, I have seen with my own eyes what can happen when an all to human cop gets mad and abuses the authority that he is ENTRUSTED with. And he gets backed up by all the other cops who just don’t want to upset the status quo. Back up somebody getting falsely arrested, and possibly having the rest of their life ruined, because you don’t want to make waves. That’s the part of this that makes me the sickest. What kind of morally bankrupt person would allow that level of harm to wrongfully come to someone, just so they didn’t “break the blue wall”.

  • slappy

    Certain again you are a fucking dipshit. Everytime a fucked up activist gets arrested they want to jump on this get the police bandwagon. Every criminal activist says they are falsely arrested. Funny how they always seem to lose in court. When these dumbfuck activists get arrested they need to ask themselves what did they do. This pass the buck bullcrap is immature at best.

  • A

    It is funny how they seem to lose in court… Not because they work for the court system practically…-.- you get arrested, court tries you, and now you owe whatever state you live in thousands of dollars. Fuck taxing people just arrest everyone that’d sure help the national debt deficit.

  • slappy

    Fucking dipshit activist. Do your part and jerk off your local cops. It really helps. Just get on your knees and take it. I do it every time I can and I never get arrested. Fucking stupid activists.

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  • Todd Oetken

    ALL cops are CRIMINALS. They are the most powerful criminal force in America since they are “immune” to prosecution.

  • Rikki Roll Tide Atchison

    Stop walking into police stations with your AR-15. You are making all gun owners look like jack asses and fueling the fire for the gun grabbers. You could have easily obtained the FOIA request without the cam or the Ar-15. To many of is the right to bare arms and open carry is sacred but not to be used as a publicity stunt. Grow up. You’re hurting the cause not helping it.

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