I thought it worth sharing some of Gaillard’s efforts as I think it’s good to laugh at the aggressors, as that leaves no room for peddled fear-tactics to find purchase.

That enables one to be more open to the idea that self-government is preferable to external government, and that it’s more realistic that a community free from violence will come not from the top-down provision of policing, which demands that a certain group of people have the “legal” right to initiate force, but from the bottom-up, when we each police ourselves and each other.

I certainly don’t believe a stranger operating on stolen money and claimed double standards can provide justice. For more on that angle check-out http://CopBlock.org/Library

Thanks to my bud James Cleaveland who put Remi on my radar.

For more videos like the above, check out 4409.

The video above is somewhat timely to myself as I recently learned “the City of Keene” (whom I have yet to meet in-person) has threatened suit in legal-land. A couple related-links:



[I’ll have more related content out soon]

KEENE Petition for Injunctive Relief 2013-05-09 by CopBlock

KEENE Petition for Injunctive Relief ATTACHMENTS 2013-05-09 by CopBlock

  • slappy

    Videos of nothing but some French idiot trying to provoke the police. I’m sure his bullshit stunts have put him in jail many times but I do think some of it was funny.

    Now these fuck head activists are finally being sued. Can’t wait to see these pukes lose everything. Those fuckhead activists need to be knocked down a peg or two. I can see why their parents have disowned them. It will be great to see them get their asses kicked in court big time.

  • t.

    OK. French retard. Nothing new there.

  • slappy

    It’s sad to see when an activist is bullied and falls victim to bad police. Very shameful too see so many bad people are allowed to wear badges. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been victimized.

  • Greg

    This guy is hilarious, thx for the laugh.

  • slappy

    The French’s comic hero is Jerry Lewis. This guy is the fucking activists hero. A friend of mine is going to the lawsuit trial. Can’t wait to see these fucking activists get raked over the coals.

  • http://www.badgeabuse.com badgeabuse

    that was a good Monday laugh…I would target the FAT LEO’s though

  • RadicalDude

    This is basically a request for a restraining order, they are not being sued for money damages from how it looks. And it is unlikely that “the city” itself would have any basis for demanding any money damages in this matter. If the allegations of robin hooders touching and threatening parking cops have any evidence to support them, then they will likely get the restraining order, or as they would call it, an “injunction”, or “injunctive relief”.
    I don’t know if the parking cops were touched or threatened, though.

    And then, if the injunction is granted, more robin hooding will probably continue by other activists, however they will hopefully have learned to be less aggressive about it.

  • slaptavist

    I liked the camera box :)

  • Amigajoe

    This guy is my hero. There’s nothing authoritarians hate more than being laughed at.

  • slappy

    Hilarious!!! A fucking worthless piece of shit activist made a little video making fun of black people. Way to go you racist cunt. Hopefully you will piss the wrong people off and then you can answer to them loser. Go choke yourself.

  • BJ

    This guy is effing hilarious. Some people er I mean LEOs have no sense of humor.

  • Haasel

    Remi is a huge celeb in France. Half the cops are happy to be on his channel in the end. Dude is hilarious. Look into him. He does all sorts of crazy ness.

  • Slappy

    I can’t keep up this charade any longer. I’m just a troll. I’m a 34 year old mall security guard. I live in my mom’s basement. I failed out of the police training program at community college. The only sexual experience I’ve ever had was with my uncle. Posting comments on sites like this and pissing others off is the only way I can find to feel good. It’s really the only way I can get any attention or really get anyone to interact with me. I’m just angry at my own personal failures in life and I’m really lonely. I honestly just need a friend and a hug.

  • Just an American

    Wow-talk about nothing better to do with one’s time. Didn’t we read something where copblockers complained about the police not having anything better to do with their time? This seems to fall into the same category-I mean really? Why doesn’t this person get a job and apply himself a little more. This isn’t holding anyone in government accountable..

  • Wicked Vet

    <3 the French guy, hysterical. As for those loser cops attacking Free Keene, I really hope that it ends up biting them in the… Seriously what crime is broken by putting money in a meter for a stranger?