Salt Lake City Cop Rips Out My Insulin Pump

This story was shared by Nisemono by way of’s ‘submit‘ page.

This isn’t something I ever thought would happen to me. The truth is, I read your web site and Facebook page all the time, so I thought I was prepared. I should have stood my ground, but I was caught off guard and didn’t remember everything this really kick ass site taught me. My mom and me moved to Utah from Arkansas last year and everyone is really nice here, except the police.

I was just exiting the gym in SLC on Saturday May 18th 2013 at about 7:30 PM. I was walking to my truck, then standing outside my car taking a phone call when a SLCPD (Salt Lake City) officer asked me why I was loitering in a parking lot.

I explained that I was just leaving the gym and taking a phone call, and I’d be on my way soon. He told me to basically shut up and made me give him my ID. I asked if I was under arrest and I was about to leave. He said that he didn’t like my “SHITTY” attitude and he took my phone away, which was still connected to my mom, and spun me around to face his police car where he started patting me down. I asked again if I was under arrest and if I could go; That’s when he handcuffed me. When I was illegally handcuffed, he ran his hand ran over my side where my insulin pump is and he asked what it was. I told him it was my insulin pump. He looked at it and said he never saw one like that before; I said that they all look almost identical. I also told him right away that a tube runs from the pump to the port in my belly, and to please be very careful. He told me to shut up and look forward. His hand went over the port and I instinctively moved my hand to guard it. He literally ripped the pump off my belt, pulled the tube out of the port and smashed me into the hood of his car. He yelled into my ear that if I moved again I would get “the shit tazed out of me.” He went through my gym bag and found my stash of vitamins and other stuff I use, (no, not drugs!) like protein powder in a shaker jug and a soft sided cooler where I keep a spare insulin tube, glucose and other medications. I even have a tattoo that says that I am diabetic, and an indent bracelet that says the same thing.

I told him that I need continuous insulin, to which he said that the device is not an insulin pump and that I probably use it for steroids. I asked, “Does it look like I use steroids?” and he got even madder at me. Thankfully, a buddy from the gym came outside and tried to help, but the cop told him to, “Get the fuck back,” and started walking me to the back seat of his car. I asked what I was arrested for. He said that I wasn’t under arrest, but that I was being detained until he could verify the prescription on my insulin and other medicine.

My mom showed up, all mad, and started yelling at the cop. She saw my insulin pump on the ground, picked it up, and asks why it was not attached to me. He said that it was for steroids. My mom pulled out her nursing credentials and said that insulin is a hormone, not a steroid, and that I need it or I could die. She called 9-1-1 to get an ambulance on the scene and to get a supervisor there to get me out of there.

Long story short, the supervisor showed up and made the cop give me back my pump. The ambulance showed up and I went with them because I was then bleeding where the port is.

I completely forgot to record this with my iPhone, but I will get the police reports and share those. I really would like to hear what the people on the website have to say, in case it happens to me again, or to anyone else – especially when it comes to medical devices like an insulin pump.

Thank you everyone for reading.

  • slappy

    More fucking bullshit stories on cockblock. If it didn’t get on video it didn’t happen. If anything did happen, The idiot in the story did it to himself. Just more creative writing 101.

  • Film Police

    Talk to a Lawyer ! Also you must file a formal complaint !

  • Virtualfrog

    @slappy… That is a good name. Try it on yourself… idiot

  • d0nj3nko

    Take no notice of foul mouthed muppets with zero credibility and follow the advice of ‘Film Police’, that sounds like the way to go. I would also check around the area for cctv, for example the gym may have cctv camera’s that covered the whole indident. If you get anything I hope you post it along with the filth’s name who targeted you… I wish you luck.
    God bless all…

  • RadicalDude

    File for a civil restraining order, this is criminal battery. You were the victim of a violent crime. If there were no articulable facts that he had suspicion that you were “armed and dangerous”, then he really has no excuse to touch you for any reason.

  • RadicalDude
  • Casual Observer

    As legal restraints on the actions of civilian police become less and less strict, the law enforcement profession will continue to attract even more deranged sadists and psychopaths. Without decent men and women in uniform willing to expose such individuals, and then work with authorities to convict and remove them from the force, incidents like this will not only proliferate, but are highly likely to increase in severity.

  • shawn


    Hey, two curses in one sentence. That can take some work. But since you only cursed twice while sounding insane, you can have a doughnut.

  • Backfire

    Hey morons, quit responding to slappy!

  • Common Sense

    Bullshit story…

  • D21anielle

    I am in tears. This is so wrong. I’m so very sorry.

  • Slappy

    I can’t keep up this charade any longer. I’m just a troll. I’m a 34 year old mall security guard. I live in my mom’s basement. I failed out of the police training program at community college. The only sexual experience I’ve ever had was with my uncle. Posting comments on sites like this and pissing others off is the only way I can find to feel good. It’s really the only way I can get any attention or really get anyone to interact with me. I’m just angry at my own personal failures in life and I’m really lonely. I honestly just need a friend and a hug.

  • Keith

    Formal complaint, Lawyer. Simply put, it’s assault. The more noise you make, the more the mormons will scurry, they hate national media attention that does not come directly from the temple. As far as Crappy goes, does anyone else find it funny that in one thread he ridicules people for filming police and tells people that’s what they get for doing it, but then says, if you don’t film it it didn’t happen. Yeah, that is funny as hell. When I was growing up my sister had a 3 legged half retarded dog that make a shitload more sense than Crappy ever has on this site. HAH!

  • slappy

    I am a horrible, god awful excuse for a human being and ask all of you to have mercy upon me. As a man, I fail.

  • slappy

    Shawn the pecker slapper. It’s funny how think what you say is logical yet it’s so full of bullshit it makes no sense. There is no video to back the fucker’s story. There is no proof to back the story and the list goes on and on. You of course would believe anything some dippwad activists would post about police. Someday, I am going to submit a story to cockblock and you activists will be falling all over yourselves siding with a story that never happened. That’s just how fucking stupid you are.

  • Nisemono

    Wow. Thanks! Nobody even wrote me to tell me this would be posted.

  • Nisemono

    I hope the truth comes out soon.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    I have SERIOUS reservations about this one…

  • Nisemono

    Hey “Slappy” I wasn’t being nasty to you so please don’t be nasty to me. I just wanted to share a story.

  • Nisemono

    And 31 bravo. Really? Come on bro! I didn’t share this because its lies. I’m just a student and have nothing to lie about at all. How do you think it’s lies?

  • RadicalDude

    Slappy trolls this site relentlessly with authoritarian hate speech and
    ThirtyOneBravo is a cop and he’s probably gonna doubt your story because it’s so outrageous. Not saying it didn’t happen, but do you have a police report? Any chance this was on video, like maybe security surveilance, etc?
    There should be a plice report and some record of a 911 call, right?

  • Nisemono

    Radical Dude,

    I’ll ask for any video from the owner of the gym. He’s a good guy. The supervisor gave me lots of good information and said that the cop that stopped me crossed the line because by even the cops account he saw me walking from the gym to my car so there’s that. But I have a request in for the records the police use to account for their time since there was no real police report. The supervisor even followed us to the hospital to make sure I was OK and even offered to work out with me so I get some real good tips to grow my body

  • Nisemono

    Also I don’t think there was a call to 911 because the cop just pulled into the parking lot. I read the story about the cops breaking into the guys house so don’t get me wrapped into that one LOL! I expected some guff from 31 Bravo but I don’t think he’s a bad dude. It looks like he just calls out bullshit when he sees it and that’s pretty good in my book.

  • oooorgle

    Been here my whole life and there are many other crazy lunatic sociopathic/psycopathic law enforces like that crazy bitch Lisa Steed. She would of behaved the same way. Fire them all and replace them with Dale Brown of Detroit.

  • RadicalDude

    Nisemono says:
    May 22, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    Also I don’t think there was a call to 911 because the cop just pulled into the parking lot.

    ^^^I thought you said your mom called 911?
    Hopefully she and your buddy @ the gym can back up your story, like I said, I think a restraining order would be appropriate, as well as criminal complaint and lawsuit.

  • certain

    Actually 31, unlike some of the recent “stories” that have popped up, this one has the ring of truth to it. I think it happened just as described.

    Funny, if that cop wanted a steroid bust, he should just go search lockers at the PD. Since he’s into illegal searches anyway, it should be no problem for him.

  • ThirtyOneBravo


    Ring of truth? You’re far more gullible than anyone thought. There are far too many inconsistencies to believe one bit of this “story”. Read the first two words of the first two sentences of the first paragraph.

  • slappy

    Nisemono. Your story is full of shit. Why don’t you tell the real story of what happened. It’s amazing how you forgot to record everything. Remember what fucking loser activists say, IF you didn’t get it recorded it didn’t happen. Your creative writing bullshit is only for entertainment purposes only and it wasn’t entertaining. Fiction is fun.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    Yeah even the photo is from 2009. Way to go Cop Block. You fucked up again and posted a fake story.

  • Keith

    31B, how does that make it fake? It actually makes it more believbale. He showed the pic so you can see where the pump is, he didn’t say that pic was recent. And if you look for the image, it leads to a message board about weight lifting by someone who lives in SLC Utah. So, that much is verifiable. It’s kinda funny how you cops, who know full well there are plenty of these types out there, still deny it. That’s like a hooker telling you she doesn’t know anyone that gives a blow job. Highly unlikely.

  • Unjustified

    If this story is true and accurate, it is very disturbing.

  • ThirtyOneBravo


    You’re as gullible as the others. Read the first two words of the first two sentences of the first paragraph. It reads “this isn’t the truth” Look at the inconsistencies in the story. Standing by his truck? Then it’s a car? He’s handcuffed but moves his hand to guard his insulin port?

  • Rick Myrtue

    Slappy, you ignorant prick- can you say “Diabetes”. I am Diabetic and is does funny things to your brain. To say that it makes you forgetful, let alone confused is an understatement.
    That some Bully-Boy Cop would act that way is absolutely believable to me.
    Get a real life, Slappy (fap fap fap). As to the kid who underwent the ordeal, please post a follow-up, with names and results. Go get the bully/punkass cop.

  • Shawn


    “Standing by his truck? Then it’s a car? He’s handcuffed but moves his hand to guard his insulin port?”

    People often refer to their truck as their car, I did it numerous times as a truck owner. So no dice there.
    As for moving his hands, I thought the prime defense of the cops accused of murdering a suspect in the back of a patrol car was that he managed to reach up his butt, pull out a gun, and place it to his own head. All while handcuffed in the back seat.

  • ThirtyOneBravo


    Not buying one word of it. Not one single syllable. I firmly believe this is a completely fabricated story. Chiefly because of the “This isn’t the truth” as I mentioned above. But realistically, the kid’s right. Insulin pumps all look nearly identical for one and another is when we see an obvious medical device, we take things very slowly and gently so as not to disturb the device and its periphery (in this case, the tube and the port site which usually has a pronounced bump. If the officer really did yank it out, the search stops and medical is called to roll code one.

    None of this makes sense at all. Not even the chain of events.

  • thelastthingslappysees

    Slappy, feel lucky that I dont know who you are or I would kill you myself.

  • Josh

    While I am not sure if there story is true or not, time will have to tell. I love the badge lickers responses every time. If there isn’t a video it didn’t happen, if there is a video it is fake. If there are witness’s they are lying. There is no way a cop can ever be in the wrong in their eyes cops are completely infallible.

  • ThirtyOneBravo


    This site is notorious for posting stories that they don’t verify. They post that story as if it were factual and correct. They accept stories with incomplete or completely missing corroborating information (such as a full video or any supporting documents). Most, if not all stories submitted via the submit tab is a bunch of who shot john.

  • Panxer

    Sue them for everything…everything like the fillings in their teeth everything.

  • john

    i hope that when you do obtain the police reports the pig does not falsify the report cops are known for being bullies then covering there asses, i would if i was you hire an attorney and sue the mother fucking pig,here is just advice i give to my insulin pump patient’s i am a physician’s Assistant ask your doctor for a written notice to law enforcement with your name, the pump name what the dosage of insulin is and have your medical provider sign it that way if this shit were to happen again you could show the pig the medical notice signed by the provider.and maybe just a slight maybe you won’t have to endure the pig’s brutality and abuse of the badge.

  • john

    @thirtyonebravo you must be a dumb ass pig code one IN NH atleast is not an emergent response code three is just as in most places go back to abusing the badge you suck at playing nice guy,Fucking pig

  • ThirtyOneBravo


    I don’t know about the planet you’re on, but here on earth, codes vary slightly from land to land.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    Even the original posters name “nisemono” translates to “liar” (or similar variants) in Japanese. This seals it for me. This is a phony.

  • Chris Mallory

    No citizen should be handcuffed unless and until they have caused serious bodily damage to another citizen.

    All cops lie, all the time.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

  • Chris Mallory

    31B, wipe your chin, you have some cop dripping off it.

  • Chris Mallory

    31B, man up and post using your real name. Like most of the badge lickers around here, you don’t have the guts to say your real name.

  • ThirtyOneBravo


    I’m a cop. As for not posting my name, I don’t see very many others doing so. And to be honest, I’ll lay odds that you’re hiding behind an fictitious name yourself.

  • Josh

    Ah that’s a new one because of the guys name this is fake. It’s funny how fast something is called fake without any kind of evidence. You would think all these cops and badge lickers would know something about proof…. or nevermind too many cops believe what they think or feel is evidence enough. With that said I am not saying this story is for sure true there isn’t enough evidence either way yet would need a follow up but to hastily judge in either direction shows a major bias towards either side.

  • Ariel


    You have as much right to use a handle as anyone else, and given your job more reason. I’ve seen some really good cop blogs shut down by their PDs. Never doubted you were a cop, I’m surprised others missed it (though using the “if you are” is fun).


    How’s that anti-Mormon bigotry working for you? As well as the anti-Catholic? Or that anti-Southern Baptist? Do I need to add
    some Abrahaimic religions not Christian to round out the picture? Why did you even add that when Mormons make up only about 35 to 40% of Salt Lake City? They’re roughly 60% in the state. Utah isn’t your parent’s prejudice anymore.

    As for slappy, yep, for him one side of the mouth is a good as the other and both should be used at the same time. He is consistent though, if you remain silent and just take it you aren’t an activist. Damn good German he.


    I only remember reading one other case of police mistaking an insulin pump for “other” and screwing up, no it wasn’t in Utah, so that’s really good actually. TSA screws up near routinely on insulin pumps and badly.

    As for handcuffs and reaching the pump or port, my son wears his pump sometimes where he could reach it if handcuffed and he varies the port position to where it could also be reached when handcuffed. A diabetic will protect that port and pump to his utmost if he thinks some ignorant ass is going to touch it. It’s instinctual.

    Could one cop out of 800K or more do that, why would you doubt it? Emerson gave us this wonderful quote:”A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” The problem of course is what constitutes a foolish consistency and where does it lie. Think about it.

    Where cops do screw up routinely is mistaking a hypoglycemic attack as “drunk” and non-compliant deserving of violence even when the medi-alert bracelet is there.

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    Salt Lake City Cop Rips Out My Insulin Pump | Cop Block

  • certain

    31 probably wrote this. The “check the first 2 words of the first 2 sentences” made me suspicious, and then when he referenced the posters name as being Japanese for “liar”, that convinced me.

    Boy, a cop writing a bullshit story and then laughing about it. What a novel fucking concept. Get a lot of practice with that fictional writing, don’t you?

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    I have better things to do than fabricate this sort of thing. The words stood out because of how it appears on my tablet and my son pointed out the Japanese name.

    So yeah. Nice try.

  • john

    31 bravo so you are a gangster in blue, no wonder you stick up for the rest of the fucking pigs, do the world a huge favor lay bleeding to death in a ditch somewhere fuckin cops are all bullies

  • ThirtyOneBravo


    Owie. My pride. Please. Stop. Mercy. Mercy. Yeah…

  • Ariel


    At least you recognize the damage, but begging for mercy is just weak. :>)

  • Eric Peterson

    Hey Nisemono, I’m a reporter with the Salt Lake City Weekly. Shoot me an email and lets talk about what happened to you. epeterson AT cityweekly DOT net.

  • Nisemono

    No way. I thought cop block was a good site but i see its full of people who are out to just attack each other. Nobody wants to work together. I see some good people here but the bad people outweigh the good ones. I’m not interested in damning myself to any more shit and I’m done with this sham site.

  • Ariel


    The comments section of a good blog on political views have opposing views, often expressed with rancor. If you want full agreement, go to the diabetic blogs that have seen this crap from both police and TSA. They’ll know where you are coming from and won’t make exception for government employees that live in small boxes.

  • cookie

    Give us an update after you’ve reported him to internal affairs. And try your local news media, too. If the cop is this bad, they should want to hear about it.

  • Ariel


    I have two children that are Type 1 (one on the pump, the other injection). My third child can’t store enough glycogen in her liver to make it through one day. An unfortunate confluence of genetics.

    All wear medi-alert bracelets, and all have been schooled on how police need their authority to be recognized and how violent they get when it isn’t, even when the fault is theirs through their own ignorance.

    My children have been trained to show the bracelet. Too few cops have been trained to look.

  • Ariel

    So now my cross-comment to all LEOS from t.’s “I have to protect EVERYONES RIGHTS. You are only concerned with YOUR RIGHTS.” I use “you” for the profession

    No you enforce the law. If tomorrow the law was “free speech is confined to a 100 yard radius” at a municipal center, you’d enforce that law. If tomorrow the law said “round up Muslims” you would enforce that law. You enforced Jim Crow. You enforced anti-miscegnation laws. You beat bloody the Labor movement, the movement that gave you your Unions and wrongly because private isn’t public. If tomorrow SCOTUS made the 4th and 5th moot by decree, you’d move accordingly. You wouldn’t wait for the amendment, SCOTUS would suffice.

    If the laws are wrong, you enforce them. You aren’t a moral agent, you never have been. Your profession isn’t based on moral agency, it’s based on enforcing the law. You enforce laws even if morally wrong. You need to get that. You need to understand your part in injustice, accept it, and realize who you actually are: you enforce laws, no matter the morality. You aren’t moral agents, you enforce the law.

    The rest of us determine the law and it’s moral worth. You don’t, your profession has nothing to say on it. You are not moral agents.