Pennsylvania Judge Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for Selling Teens to Prisons

The government is not there to protect you. The only way to stop the corruption happening every day is to stop allowing others the power to control your life and your money.

Disgraced Pennsylvania judge Mark Ciavarella Jr has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for conspiring with private prisons to sentence juvenile offenders to maximum sentences for bribes and kickbacks which totaled millions of dollars. He was also ordered to pay $1.2 million in restitution.

In the private prison industry, the more time an inmate spends in a facility, the more of a profit is reaped from the state. Ciavearella was a figurehead in a conspiracy in the state of Pennsylvania which saw thousands of young men and women unjustly punished and penalized in the name of corporate profit.

According to allgov.com Ciavearella’s cases from 2003 – 2008 were reviewed by a special investigative panel and later by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and it was found that upwards of 5,000 young men and women were denied their constitutional rights, and therefore all of their convictions were dismissed and were summarily released.

During his sentencing Ciavarella was defiant, claiming he had broken no laws and claimed the money he received was a legitimate ‘finder’s fee.’ Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Zubrod said comments such as these were typical of Ciavarella, according to the local reporting of citizensvoice.com:

I think that’s his way of doing things. Never retreat. Always go on the attack. Always blame somebody else. Always get them to back off. He tried it with the judge. It didn’t work.

  • Casual Observer

    I can’t wait for “slappy” to put his spin on this story. LOL

  • Jumpinjimmyjack

    Casual..why feed the troll? The troll uses non sequitur arguments to inflame only and it is pointless to debate with it. Make it go away by not engaging.

  • gnossos

    Things like this are happening all over the country. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! How many more people have to sit in jail for years so some fatcat judge can live in luxury? Astoundingly, there are still some people who think the justice system is “just.” As a naive kid I too thought cops and judges were there to help, that they just wanted to see you back on the straight and narrow. Well newsflash: ITS ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS, BRO! Citizens need to be more aware of their rights and what they need to do to preserve them!

  • http://www.FreeRockPress.com Eric Freerock

    that’s why it’s fun to just fluster the shit out of him and he start going berserk.

  • d0nj3nko

    Awesome! Lets hear the filthy trolls, oh wait no there nowhere to be seen lol! This is one of your lot trolls, he has just been busted properly, I suspect he sentenced the wrong kid with connections to land himself 28 years or we would not be hearing such a story. Lets hope we can now start moving down the ladder and purge some of the filth in costume from the streets… God bless all…

  • Shawn

    “During his sentencing Ciavarella was defiant, claiming he had broken no laws and claimed the money he received was a legitimate ‘finder’s fee.’”

    They should have raised his sentence for that comment. Seriously, who does he think he’s fooling with that statement?

    But this goes in line with the cop who was taking money from wives in divorces. They paid him to DUI their husbands and make the court battle easier for them.

  • t.

    So, in other words this is a really good reason NOT to privatized certain industries. Wow, this guy did wrong and it worked against the Cop Block cause. Too funny.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    Baiting trolls is feeding trolls, grow the fuck up and show some class in victory. no one likes a sore winner.

  • Shawn


    While I’ll agree that privatizing has its negatives, you can’t be so far gone as to not realize that government is no more immune to financial incentives than a business is. They are so hungry for money they play games with red light cameras.
    In their case, it isn’t incarceration. That costs money. But they love to keep people perpetually into the legal system, every step of which costs money. The screwy part is that there are people who SHOULD be sitting in a cell. Instead they are out and committing crimes. All because it is more profitable for them to be in the legal system, rather than where society is safe from them.
    That is a part of why cops keep seeing the same faces. The system wants them cycling through jails.

  • certain

    “Wow, this guy did wrong and it worked against the Cop Block cause. Too funny.”

    Nobody has ever said anything about privatizing prisons, dim-bulb. Why would they? It’s already a done deal. Your logic is in your ass. Which is crammed in your mouth. Where did I here that saying?

    And not everybody here agrees with the privatized police or no even police at all points of view anyway, so it’s not a “Cop Block cause”.

    Ass munch.

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    Anyone seen slappy? Bullshit conspiracy theory? Poorly researched report? All activists are liars?

    Well, someone is full of shit. Must be us.


    When you see common sense, t., underoath, psosgt and all the other shills spew their boot-licking propaganda here on Cop Block, remember, THIS IS WHO THEY ARE, THIS IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR, AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DEFEND!

    Wichita KS police officer Officer Joseph T. McGill, 28, was convicted today of committing a sexual act on a 3-month-old child and a 1-year-old child. Officer McGill pleaded guilty in January 2012 in an unrelated case to sexual battery while on duty as a police officer and was sentenced to three years probation. Those charges stemmed from separate incidents in November 2010 and February 2011. The judge set sentencing for March 1.


  • t.

    @certain: Really there dumbass. Nobody talks about privatizing prisons. Really? THEN WHY IS THERE A HUGE PUSHNFOR PRIVATE PRISON YOU DUMBASS???? Why do they exist? Damn, even for you that is dense.

  • http://yahoo Alvin

    Yeeepppppp, yep, yep, yep. Stories like this surely bolsters team blue’s position in society. I’ve said it many times. It is in the Police’s and Govt’s best interest to get at this corruption before it is too late. And we will know it is too late when the society at large start taking justice in their own hands. Before the likes of t & common sense bluster that that would never happen, perhaps they should review the case of the rogue officer in L.A. We are much farther down this road than they or any of the badge-wearers realize.

  • Ariel


    You might review that attack on @certain and check your caps lock. This “Why would they? It’s already a done deal…” should help you.

    I would have left this out: “They are so hungry for money they play games with red light cameras.” Regarding the money from those cameras, most goes to the company that owns them, and last I read those private companies influenced the reduction of yellow light time.


    “And not everybody here agrees with the privatized police or no even police at all points of view anyway, so it’s not a “Cop Block cause”.” Yeah, t. has this strong tendency to go us v them and think it means something to run with.

  • Shawn


    Depends on where it is at. The rules change from government to government, and state to state.
    In Tallahassee FL a man proved in court that they drastically shortened the yellow light. There is only one reason to do that, and it has nothing to do with safety. There is no doubting that whatever the financial arrangements that are made, money is their goal, not safety.

  • Shawn


    And whoever pushed it, there is a reason the government is choosing to shorten those lights. And short lights do not equal safety.

  • Bob Hope

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I was in Residential Treatment Facilities with some of these young people. I was talked into taking a plea bargain at a young age for something I didn’t do. Many kids from my hometown were sent to the same place I was placed 200-300 miles from home.
    He’s definitively not the only juvenile court judge that engages in this, he’s just one who got caught.

  • RadicalDude

    He made millions, but only had to pay 1.2 in restitution? Every penny this guy has should go to the victims…

  • rick

    Pretty frightening that it could happen for so long

  • slappy

    I can’t keep up this charade any longer. I’m just a troll. I’m a 34 year old mall security guard. I live in my mom’s basement. I failed out of the police training program at community college. The only sexual experience I’ve ever had was with my uncle. Posting comments on sites like this and pissing others off is the only way I can find to feel good. It’s really the only way I can get any attention or really get anyone to interact with me. I’m just angry at my own personal failures in life and I’m really lonely. I honestly just need a friend and a hug.

  • slappy

    If this fucker did that stuff then he deserves to sit and rot in fucking jail. Of course bullfucking shit activists jump on board to claim all judges are like this which is just stupid activist rhetoric.

  • http://yahoo Alvin

    Slappy, to some extent, that is true. Not ALL judges are like this, however, just as all cops aren’t on “the take” as a growing percentage are, the “good judges” have a responsibility to “make an example” of the “bad judges” in order to keep the folks from making the assumption that all judges are like this. The “good cops” are incumbent to ferret out the “bad cops” amongst them for the same reasoning. The longer the “good cops” tolerate or otherwise condone the “bad cops” the less respect and compliance the public at large are willing to give the “good cops” Surely you are able to see this point. How you could disagree with it is beyond my comprehension. Not all of us that make comments on this site are anti-police. We of the middle of the road viewpoint merely would like the police and justice system to apply the law, the enforcement of the law, and the adjudication of the penaltys to be meted out in a fair fashion. Please, everyone from either end of the spectrum, stop with the name-calling. Stop with the ad hominem attacks. The 1st amend. gives you the right to disagree, and to strongly make your views. It does not give you the right to be foul, vulger, or profane. I really enjoy reading the well reasoned and logically argued posts. I cannot stand to continually see the bitter back and forth that this site has degraded to. I strongly urge the moderators to regain control of the site and put it back to some semblance of civility and order.

  • slappy

    Alvin you fucking cunt. I can speak anyway I want to. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. Making statements that all cops are bad ect.. is just activist rhetoric. You fuckheads think you can do the job of a police officer so much better yet I see none of you out there showing them how it should be done by your standards. If you truly believed your bullshit you would be out there showing everyone how to do it your way. Instead you park your asses on cockblock whining that you could do it better. Go fuck yourself cunt.

  • http://yahoo Alvin

    And that is an example of how you can’t hold a rational conversation with fascists. Even when you hold out an olive branch to them, they resort to the usual name calling, ad hominem, and threatening speech. Rather than recognize the fault in their own camp, they would rather attack anyone who points out those faults. Rather than admitting that some housekeepping is needed in their house, they want to burn down the homes of any who expose the obvious. Thank you Slappy for showing America the true mind set of the badge-wearing unionists. As for you not seeing us out in society showing everyone how to do it, I beg to differ. I believe that my life is more than exemplary as to how to behave in society. And it is that which scares the likes of you. As long as I don’t do anything that paints me as a trouble-maker in society, you take that as a threat. You and your ilk wish to paint ALL of society with the same brush that the 2-3% criminal class is painted with. Thank you again for exhibiting how you badge-wearers think. So, in closing I’ll leave you with this thought. Either in front of you or beside you, I’ll be seeing you on the front lines.

  • YankeeFan


    Slappy is a troll and nothing more. I think he is common sense on another name as this style of trolling is more likely to get attention. The names calling, ad hominem attacks and insults. I could be wrong though but I have my suspicions as he responds first like common sense usually did and it is almost always a troll like common sense always did. Although his trolls are funny and in most cases deserved as most topics are crap but I digress. Slappy is a troll so avoid responding to him!

  • Shawn


    Slappy and Common are not the same. You can tell by writing style, and Common isn’t as vulgar as Sippy Cup.

    Alvin has it right. Any group that will not police their own, will be painted with the brush of their worst members. Cops have no intentions of truly controlling their own members any more than necessary. And judges are really no better.
    The reason is simple, the standard they hold another to, is the standard they will be held to themselves. Who wants to make their own life harder? So they let the bad ones go without calling them out, just in case the next offender is themselves.

  • YankeeFan


    I know that as he said on another post. I mentioned it because slappy has taken over the role Common Sense always had, The first to respond to every topic. Plus, I have come to appreciate his humour and when he responds with a good take, it is discussion worthy and I can respect that. But he did troll topics a lot and I do admit that many were deserved trolls and it was done in a certain manner that was funny.

  • Ariel


    I’m sorry, but if slappy is humorous I can only see it as unintentional. Unless he really is doing a parody, then he’d be damn good if he didn’t go so far overboard.


    The only thing I was arguing on the red-light cameras is that most of the money goes to the company that owns/operates, less to the city. I would blame the city second, the owner/operator first, but yes if the take is too little for the city, fines would be increased and YL times shortened to create more violations. I’m just not willing to lay all the blame on the city given the split with the owner. It’s onerous, the contract is onerous.

    And yes shortening yellow lights is not for safety but profit.