CopBlock Radio Show – Episode 6 with BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

BIG Announcement:  We’re going to be moving the CopBlock Radio Show to a new day and time.  Why, you may ask?  Well, because we’re going to be doing the show LIVE on the Freedom Phalanx Radio Network ( which will not only give us the ability to have a better produced show but we’ll be able to take live phone and Skype calls.  We’ll probably be doing one or two more shows at the current time on YouTube before we move over.  We’ll still upload the audio there if you want it and YouTube will still be the place we do special midweek interviews.  We should have an exact date soon and our tentative time slot will be 9:30pm on Wednesdays.  Make sure to like our Facebook page so you know the second we know.  Also if you have something you’d like to promote on the show please go visit to see about advertising with them.  Rates are awesome and it’ll really help out the show a lot.

We were joined by Copblock Co-founder Ademo for Episode 6 of the Copblock Radio Show.  We had a good conversation with him including what he’s been up to and what the future may hold.  Make sure to like us on Facebook so you get the latest news about the show and when special guest interviews will be happening or are available

Also this past week we had two interview.  The first was with Peaceful Streets Project – Sandusky and the second was Derrick J from the movie Victimless Crime Spree and his current project

If you have a question or story you’d like us to talk about on the show or you’re with a local chapter of CopBlock or any other police accountability organization and you want to tell us what’s been going on in your neck of the woods be sure to email us at [email protected]


Peaceful Streets Project – Sandusky – Interview Series


Derrick J from – Interview Series


Stories from this week’s show:

LAPD Cop Assaults a Guy Filming His Own Traffic Stop

Cops Seize Wrong Cell Phone Trying to Suppress Footage

Baltimore Police Sued Over Deleted Footage (Update):

Police Kick In Door and Tazers Occupants Filming

Wrong SD Card Taken at NYC Checkpoint

10 year old Sentenced In Murder and Rape Plot (Audience question: What’s the appropriate way to deal with this?)

US Military Civil Power Grab

Florida Shortened Yellow Light to Write More Camera Tickets

Keene Robin Hood Blowing Up National and International News

Cell Phone Users Have No Right to Location Privacy

Man Carrying Umbrella Mistaken for Carrying a Rifle

California Supreme Court Declines Officer Appeal in Kelly Thomas Death

Utah Police Corruption Runs Deep

Flashing Headlights is Free Speech

Spokane Police Officer Accused of Stalking and Rape

Love County Ohio Undersheriff Charged with Embezzlement

Colorado Sheriffs Sue State Over Gun Laws

Man Kicked Out of NJ Hearing For Pro-Gun View

Man Moving to Maine Travels Through NJ, Takes a Nap and Gets Sentenced to 3-5 for Gun Crimes.

Cop Block Websites:

Eric Freerock’s Liberty Website

Please send questions or stories you’d like to see to [email protected]

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