Kansas City Cop Accused of Shooting Suspect Who Was on His Knees, Surrendering

If you haven’t yet, check out Reason’s coverage of a civil case involving a Kansas City cop who claims he shot a suspect because the suspect was armed and dangerous. Of course, the eyewitnesses disagree with the account. Two women who witnessed the shooting claim the suspect  had his hands up and was getting on his knees when he was shot at point-blank range. More here.


  • Adam Miller

    The dumb fucker shouldn’t of ran and fought the police. He has an arrest record a mile long. Boo hoo his mother started crying. Maybe if she raised him better she wouldn’t have a dead son. He was either going to be killed by the PD or his criminal activities. Of course the dumb fuck who wrote this bullshit takes the story off of an activist run website. Dumb fuckers.

  • Wrong

    By your logic anyone can and should be shot illegally by police. After all, we will all one day die. A surrendering suspect needs protection from the thugs that pretend to serve us.

  • d0nj3nko

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    God bless us all…

  • Adam Miller

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  • steve

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  • Bea

    It doesn’t matter what we think of the mother or the son. A human being is a human being and has innailible rights. If a cop shot a man who was no longer a threat then they committed murder.

  • Adam Miller

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  • steve

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  • Unjustified

    According to the article I read… “The police officer says he tried to pull the car Davis was in over for driving erratically (the car was stolen and Davis was a passenger according to court records) but it instead sped away, with Davis jumping out to flee on foot.”


    Witnesses said… “They claim Davis had his hands up and was getting on his knees when he was shot at point-blank range.”

    The article also stated…. “There were apparently 20 police officers and a helicopter chasing Davis by the end.”

    So… what happened to the driver? Did the cops continue to pursue the car?

  • Tk4usa

    wow !!!!!!!! reading these responces lets me know just how stupid this country has become. To see how all of you go after each other because of differing opinions just blows my minds. The issue here is how the police have become corrupt and how they act twords all of us. This country is getting exactly what it deserves, we are so fucked because of the lack of morals, empathy and a trashed constitution.

  • Jeff

    Adam Miller calling someone a “sad piece of shit”? Funny. All the while he is shooting off at the mouth like a fourth grader with a traumatic brain injury. Some people are just wastes of life.

  • Unjustified

    June 29, 2013 at 10:54 am

    You stated….
    “A surrendering suspect needs protection from the thugs that pretend to serve us.”

    Actually, I used to think the same thing until I read ‘the public duty doctrine’.

    Research it. They don’t serve us or even required to protect us.

  • YankeeFan

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  • Common Sense

    The jury ruled in favor of the police, 9-3.

  • Adam Miller

    The jury was right to rule in favor of the officer. The case was air tight for the officer. Of course these fucking activsts will make up fucking lies about the jury but it was a jury of his peers who found him not guilty and threw out the suit. I love the fact that these fucking worthless activists think they knew everything about this fucking case and they were fucking wrong as usual.

    Hey Jeff, You are just a stupid piece of fucking shit. Go fuck yourself.

  • Keith

    What a shame, hopefully he’ll get justice(the victim, not the thug in blue)

  • Common Sense

    Rule of thumb, don’t bail out of a car after a chase armed with a pistol. Things might not go as you had planned.

  • Ariel

    “Rule of thumb, don’t bail out of a car after a chase armed with a pistol. Things might not go as you had planned.” Yep even if your hands are free of weapons and in the air. You are a threat from the bailing on.

    Who has a vested interest in him having a weapon at the time and who doesn’t? All non-police lie…