Texas State Troopers Forcibly Arrest 72-Year-Old Woman During Wendy Davis Filibuster

Published On June 30, 2013 | By CopBlock | Articles

A 72-year-old woman who appeared to be doing nothing more than observing Texas Senate proceedings following state Sen. Wendy Davis’ (D) filibuster of an abortion bill was forcibly arrested and charged with assaulting an officer early Wednesday morning. She was charged with “assault by contact” and “resisting arrest (what police always charge people with to cover themselves).

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  • Adam Miller

    She was fighting the officers you dumb cunt activists. What do you think was going to happen. Who is the dumb fucking piece of shit that writes this garbage on cuntblock?

  • t.

    Does the video ever load?

  • steve

    t, the video loaded for me. it was short and it did show a texas trooper being rather abrupt with the old lady .i did not show her use any violence or harm any trooper or any real resistance. not much video and non prior to incident. dont know why it escalated to her arrest.

  • d0nj3nko

    Foul mouthed troll… I would wager a lot of money you are a zionist Jew….

    God bless all….

  • AngryT

    Adam Miller you wouldn’t know what fighting is if it punched you in the nose. You must be use to submitting. Bottoms always are.

  • t.

    Steve: Still can’t pull it up on my tablet. Went to a desktop. Somewhat suspicious that there isn’t video of what lead up to her arrest. Maybe the videographer didnt see anything to record before the police appraoched her. Funny that there are lots of other people there that weren’t arrested but yet we are lead to believe that the police singled her out for arrest…for no reason.

  • steve

    t, they say some other people were arrested or removed before. i would like to see more before making a coclusion of whether or not she was mishandled. for all i know she could have been making fart noises while the judge was speaking. show more evidence.

  • steve

    adam miller is not your real name.

  • certain

    Hey d0nj3nko – Fuck you, you fucking racist anti-Semitic prick. What the fuck does being a Jew have to do with anything?

    Fucking conspiracy fruitcake. I know a couple of Jews who would love to discuss your “zionist jew” comment with you. Fucking worthless failure in life, so you just have to have somebody to blame, huh? You a big fucking loser because of Jewish people? Or just because you’re a big fucking loser? I’d go with the latter. Weak-ass little bitch.

  • CAWS

    Boys Boys; shame on you. Your mothers would wash your mouths out with soap. So sorry you never learned to express yourselves with a vocabulary instead of vulgarity. Shows a such a lack of class, education,intelligence and respect for others.
    I am all about 1st amendment rights but the moderator here really should make an rule about constant obscenities. It is so shrill & unnecessary and cheapens your credibility.
    [that goes for all of you]

  • Unjustified


    Here’s a link I found with a video of incident. Maybe there’s others.



  • t.

    Unjust: Still doesn’t show anything as to why there was contact or why, like the story leads us to believe, she was singled out for doing nothing. Heck, the video shows the officers clearly doing it right.

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  • Ariel

    hostile elite vs gullible white cattle,

    How’s Storm Front working for you these days? Still some really good articles on how whites are oppressed?

    ““Native” Americans invaded from East Asia.” Yeah, Siberia which isn’t exactly east Asia, about 10K to 20K years before the Vikings hit North America. Cro-Magnons hit Europe around 40k years ago. Did they invade Europe?

  • steve

    i think something is fishy here one way or the other. i cant find any other video to support the troopers or the lady.

  • steve

    HOSTILE ELITE VS GULLIBLE WHITE CATTLE, this site is not for you dude nobody here wants to hear you crazy radical bullroar.

  • Common Sense


  • Adam Miller

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  • steve

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  • d0nj3nko

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    It explains a lot to me about why you behave as you do, you sick little weirdo…

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  • Keith

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  • Common Sense

    Had to do some checking.

    “Sanhedrin, 55b. “A maiden three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. The penalty of adultery may be incurred through her; (if a niddah) she defiles him who has connection with her, so that he in turn defiles that upon which he lies, as a garment which has lain upon (a person afflicted with gonorrhea).” (emphasis in original text of Soncino Edition, Ed.)”

    It took all of 8 minutes to find sites that both quoted ‘evil’ scripture(s) and others correcting them as being misleading, racist and fabrications.

    I did laugh when I read that tattoos were forbidden by God, as was planting the same seeds next to one another or the wearing of different fabrics.

    Religion – so silly.

    If you want to believe in fables from 3000 years ago, fine. But sorry to say, there is no robed, bearded father figure looking down upon you with a shephards hook in one hand and a lamb in the other…

  • Keith

    Common Sense:
    “there is no robed, bearded father figure looking down upon you” – Great, so there really is no fucking santa claus. Thanks alot for ruining it ya d-bag. :(

  • d0nj3nko

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  • Common Sense


    Ha ha ha – nice

    “My god is better than your god!! I’ll wage war to prove it!!”

    Fools, all of them….

  • d0nj3nko

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  • Adam Miller

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  • Ariel

    OK, d0nj3nko just went on my no-fly-list with Adam Miller, the archetypal troll.

    “You carry on with your sick twisted way of thinking and support for the satanic state of israhell, I am on to exactly who you are pal, your constant justification of the police abuse etc. You are a zionist jew bent on the end game for the U.S and you make me sick!”

    Yep, it’s all about Zionist Jews; nothing about 1917 Balfour; nothing about UN Resolutions in 1947; nothing about how “Palestinian” switched from Jew to Syrian around 1967 (Palestinians considered themselves Syrians until Arafat); or anything about Trans-Jordan; or how the Arabs have used the Palestinian Syrians and how they have treated them (you want to smell stink, the Arabs gave a whole new meaning to stink on how they’ve treated the Palestinian Syrians.) Has Israel treated palestinian Syrians poorly? Yes. So have all the Arab states, including Jordan.

  • Ariel

    Common Sense,

    I see the fables, by religion, and the history by Roman, Greek, and archaeologists. The area was called the Philistine
    Syria about 1000 years before Muhammad made war; “Provincia Judea” during the Roman Republic and Empire until AD 135 when it became ““Provincia Syria Palaestina” if only to piss off those very troublesome Jews; and Palestinian meant Jew of Palestine until around 1967, when it became Arab of Palestine. You won’t find “Palestinian” as a reference to Arabs in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th Century historical accounts except as a reference to all inhabitants such as Twain’s “Innocents Abroad” IIRC . During the period of the Ottomans it was a province of Syria, if not such before the Ottomans.

    It’s long been a contested area. But it was Jewish in AD 135.

  • Ariel

    AM gets the real Godwin prize for bringing up Nazis in total irrelevance.

  • Adam Miller

    Ariel – I am so honored you put that piece of shit on the same list that you put me on. What exactly is a fucking “No fly list”? I’d really like to know. I put you on a list as well. It’s a list called the cum guzzler dumpster slut. You are at the very top along with the nazi d0nj3nko.

  • Common Sense



    Funny, everyone who cites the past always leaves the damning parts out..

  • Ariel

    Common Sense,

    I’m beginning to like you a little. That is causing me some real existential pain, or a heart attack. I can only hope I’ll get over it, whichever it is.

    What would history be if we couldn’t pick and choose it to prove our point? Real history?

    I look forward to disagreeing with you.

  • Brian

    Israel most likely was behind 911. Zionist Jews are behind the gay marriage movement and Zionist brought and financed the abortion movement in the United States. The Zionist are behind millions of American babies deaths. This is fact. Wendy Davis is most likely a Zionist shill. The parasite Zionist owns the Media and prevents America from learning all the evil the Zionist has brought. The truth is the absurd truth and it is not anti Semitic to state what is true. The Zionist has waged a silent war on unknowing Americans.

  • Connie

    America may finally be learning that Zionist Jews are behind all the friction in America!

  • Brian

    Israel most likely did 911. The Zion Jew is behind abortion and funds planned parenthood. They have. Even delighted to see so many American children slaughtered. They delight that gay marriage is accepted in America but don’t allow gays to marry in Israel. They just keep destroying America and when will we say enough?

  • Brian

    News owned the World Trade Center they purchased it two months before 911 and they blew it to smithereens and killed thousands of Americans. Why is this allowed?

  • Denise

    Israel did 911 and why would this blog censor my friends comments? The Jewish always act like victims and act as if everyone is put to get them when in fact they are the transgressors and are racist and haters of everyone else. They helped South Afica blacks exterminate the South Afica whites! That is truth!

  • Robert

    Why doesn’t our government just tell us that there was Zionist involvement in 911? So many are aware by now. Just confess up that a Zionist was involved. Tell the people of the United States the truth about this!

  • Robert

    The Jews are behind all the blaming of white people for the worlds problems and they are completely behind the villianizing of white males but it is the Jew supremacist who is the racist and the true villain. The. Jew causes grief in every country they have ever lived. They are not convenent scapegoats but true aggressors who only care about their own racist pig interests!

  • Robert

    Zionist did 911! Tell America the truth! Have the guts someone to do so! It must be revealed the real truth!

  • Matthew

    @Adam Miller

    Alright, man. This is the first time I’ve ever been to this website, and I’ve seen your smarmy, half-assed comments on every thread I’ve been to. Yes, she was resisting, but you were obviously too busy worrying about your welfare check to see the beginning of the video where she was minding her own business. What household did you grow up in where you learned it was okay to forcibly arrest a senior citizen for no discernible reason? The government isn’t infallible, police officers aren’t infallible, and YOU certainly are not infallible. So, stop running your chapped mouth.