Oklahoma Police Kill Two, Investigation Complete

Submitted by Dustin McCaskill

Investigation Into Double Homicide of Two Oklahomans Complete

Nearly three months later, the investigation into police murdering Chris and Stacey Stout has been completed.

Eight law enforcement agencies have turned over their reports for the D.A. to decide what should be done.

In early April, Stacey Stout and her boyfriend Christopher Stout (no relation) were killed in a hail of gunfire while law enforcement served a burglary warrant on Christopher Stout.

Police say they were serving the warrant at a Motel 6 when Christopher Stout and Stacey Stout were leaving the motel. With eight law enforcement agencies involved.

Christopher Stout allegedly lead the officers on a short pursuit. Officers say they stopped the vehicle a short distance away from the Motel.

After the vehicle was stopped, seven law enforcement officers jumped out of their vehicle and opened fire on Chris and Stacey, riddling the vehicle with at least 75 bullet holes. Stacey Stout is not known to have a criminal record.

The couple was unarmed.

The officers involved were Deputy Marshal C. Stephens (USMS), Deputy Marshal T. Groom (USMS), Agent J. Leone OBNDD, Trooper D. Long OHP, Deputy Sheriff C. Pope (Pott. County), Deputy Sheriff E. Grimes (Canadian Co.) and Sgt. K. Johnson OCPD….

Oklahoma County District Attorney David W. Prater has the conclusion of the investigation on his desk and is currently making his decision on what should be done.


David Prater
Oklahoma County D.A.
Main Office Location:
320 Robert S. Kerr, Room 505
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone:(405) 713-1600

  • Southern Oklahoma Cop Block

    UPDATE on this story – 94 rounds were fired into the vehicle.

  • Joe Jackson

    94 rounds wow

  • Common Sense

    Guess he should have taken care of his warrant(s)…

  • Call it out

    But murder is legal for cops. So why would they get in any trouble? I mean, 2 different sets of cops in California that opened fire on completely innocent people who posed absolutely no threat to the cops, and they didn’t even get a ticket. So face it people, cops can shoot who they want, when they want, and as long as they bring up their old pal Officer Safety, they’re off the hook.

  • Traci

    Common Sense must be one of these heartless band wagoners that has never been in any trouble or had a speeding ticket. You can get a warrant from not paying a parking ticket. I would hate to see people start getting mowed down for such a simple warrant.

  • RIP

    This is so stupid just like how tho cops killed a poor dog and the dog did nothing Cops now a days are corrupted

  • Barbre stout
  • d0nj3nko

    Disgusting, they murder with impunity… It is the most disgusting of crimes, murder is the lowest of the low, people have been acclimatized to it with tv and perpetual wars but really murder should absolutely disgust people… Common the zionist prick as always plays it down but when your taught from the talmud what am I to expect… Scum!
    God bless us all…

  • Common Sense, Lord and Master of Zion

    “Zion?” Like from the “Matrix?” Or were you going for “Zion Park” and just couldn’t spell it correctly?

    Sorry sport, there is no god for whom to bless anyone.

    Maybe you’d like to see something from Aesop. The fables are far shorter and much easier to read, and they don’t compell those with differing views to wage war on the other.

  • Doug

    Years back, a cop was killed because he pulled his gun on someone that was doing nothing wrong. The guy that shot the cop, was cleared as self defense.

    Would that be a nice change of scenery. A criminal actually getting what was coming to them.

  • shawn


    Common trashes God, so he can’t be a Zionist.

    Another example of cops pumped up on adrenaline and praying for the chance to kill.

  • Oathkeeper

    Usms and obndd on a burglary warrant? Hmmmmmmm? It’s absolutly amazing how many rounds are fired when cops are not trained to the point of even safely drawing their weapons. I always found it was better to out smart the bad guys so I wouldn’t have to out shoot them! Although outshooting an unarmed couple seems to have been pretty hard for this band of alleged LE! I guess being professional is no longer a requirement for LE.

  • cone

    fucking pigs i hate them all they can all burn in hell

  • Jumpinjimmyjack

    Common sense…you are a despicable excuse for a human being. God is watching you and you will get your just rewards in this life or the next.

  • Silvestri

    Maybe they thought the couple were armed at the time or someone shouted ‘gun!’…maybe….thats all I got for the police’s defense for opening fire after the car stopped.
    As for the amount of bullets: this is normal. Just hitting the victim once is usually not enough. Also, there is a lot of missing the target. So you unload your pistol/rifle/shotgun until the victim(s) drop.

  • Tony P

    Here’s the thing, there is probably video of the entire event. Be it recorded by police, a bystander or what have you. So I’d be willing to bet some cops are going to jail.

  • Common Sense

    No, no god is “gonna get me” for having an opinion that differs from yours.

  • steve

    common , no one can sick god on you. the only thing i see with you is that no matter what you side in favor of law enforcement. without fail your like a polite troll buit always in favor of the police.this bullshit comming at you with the religous remarks is sick i must say.

  • Unjustified

    @Tony P
    July 6, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    “I’d be willing to bet some cops are going to jail.”

    I’d be willing to bet some of these cops get a promotion within the next year.

  • Call it out

    @d0nj3nko –

    What is it with you and Jews, fuck-wad? The kids from the local Temple beat you up a lot when you were a kid? You a big fan of Hitler? Oh, wait, I know, you’re bat shit fucking crazy.

    Spewing Christianity out of one side of your mount and foul bigotry out of the other, you’re a regular schizophrenic nutcase.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    Hey d0nj? could you switch to the cop lover side? i hate that a bigoted asshole like you is on our team.

  • X

    Troll Adam Miller has now changed his name to Common Sense.

  • Common Sense

    Sorry Steven, there is only one Common Sense.

    And no, I do not “always” side with the police. Take for example Kelly Thomas. I think there will be a conviction, just not for murder.

  • Common Sense

    As far as Stout goes, he was a career thief. He stole from others repeatedly. Wanted on burglary charges, priors for robbery, larceny and assault. He was out on bail for even more charges from several counties. He even broke into the homes of tornado victims in 2012. The US Marshal’s stated he was “armed and dangerous” and was reportedly in possession of stolen firearms.

    I dare say he was “not gonna go back to prison” and fled, doing whatever he could to escape. He knew he was going back for atleast 5 years, probably more. They pitted him out and he made his choice not to surrender. He made his choice to continue to steal. He made his choice not to take care of his warrants.

    Notice that many in his family aren’t speaking out. Know why? They are all wanted as well.

  • Southern Oklahoma Cop Block

    Stopped vehicle, No weapons, one victim had no criminal record at all. Chase lasted on about 40 feet of roadway. They just made it out of the parking lot and were both executed. Your sense is not so common considering the fact that due process never crossed your mind.
    Chris Stout was suspected of stealing from a police officer so they were all juiced up ready to taste some blood.

  • Common Sense

    I will fully admit that I am wrong, if I am, but I rarely am.

    From the number of shots, something clearly sparked in the minds of 7 officers, from several different agencies to use deadly force.

    Did Stout present a weapon? Was it something that looked like a weapon? Did he follow any command? Was there a recording? What do the individual reports say? Did one officer fire and then others think shots were coming from then vehicle and not into it? I’ve yet to read anything offical that said one way or the other that a weapon was used, either a firearm or a vehicle against the police or what, if anything was recovered from inside. Maybe Stout was in fact armed, he just didn’t have a chance to fire. Or maybe he unarmed but “made a move” and the police cut he and his baby momma down. Time will tell. It certainly doesn’t look like anyone will have any answers soon.

    Again, had Stout cleared up his “mistakes” as a citizen should, he’d be alive and seeing his children twice per month while in prison.

    I’d hedge a bet and say there was a weapon used, perhaps the vehicle itself, and also that drugs were also involved, perhaps meth or pills, all leading to some poor decisoins on Stout’s part.

    Time will tell. Give it 6 months.

  • Unjustified

    Using the logic of some that this guy for some reason deserved to die, I will add that using the same logic, I suppose it would also be justified to kill every cop that commits a crime or is suspected of committing a crime. If there is collateral damage, it’s also justified because those individuals with the cop should have known better than to be with them.

  • Unjustified

    Keep in mind, these individuals (cops) have a history of breaking the law and they are armed and considered very dangerous. They are not likely to follow orders/commands and have vowed not to surrender. They will resist. Make sure after shooting them to use the excuse that orders were give such as: show us your hands, don’t move, stop resisting, don’t move, shut the fuck up, don’t move, get on the ground, don’t move, get off your phone, don’t move, get out of your car, don’t move, etc., etc., etc…. and make sure you yell all these things at one time. This gives more credence that they failed to comply. Also… make sure everyone has the same coverup story.

  • Chris Mallory

    It doesn’t matter if the male presented a weapon or not. This was on a public street and the male had one innocent with him. No rounds should have been fired at all unless the male fired his weapon first. Even then, only one government employee should have fired his weapon, one round at at time, with a delay between shots fired. Give a patrol supervisor a single shot rifle and disarm all other patrol cops.

    These cops murdered an innocent woman, so every cop on scene should face the death penalty.

    All cops lie, all the time.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

  • Common Sense

    Just what medication do you take Mallory to keep you in the dreamlike state you are always in?

    How about this. You become a cop or a trooper or deputy, and work your way up and become chief of police somewhere. I doubt you could swing “Sheriff” as they are elected.

    Then, you can have your say. It will be your way or the highway as they say. I think its a great idea. After all, listening to most here, you can easily become a cop so you shouldn’t have any trouble. Then, when you hit the streets, you can educate the masses about police corruption. You could hire only officers whom share your views. In fact, you can get a cool jacket like Serpico wore. You can tackle the problem of police corruption from within. Your code name can be “trojan horse” or something catchy.

  • Chris Mallory

    Nope, Common. I have personal integrity,an IQ above 65, high morals, and a good character. I would not be allowed to become a government thug.

    There is no reason for any government employee to be armed, as long as the citizens are armed. I trust my neighbor with a gun, not the cops.

    You seem to be OK with government thugs committing two murders and 94 counts of reckless public endangerment, but I am not.

    Government employees have shown repeatedly that they are irresponsible and unable to be trusted with sticks, much less firearms. Disarming them would make America safer.

    All cops lie, all the time.

  • Chris Mallory

    Oh, and Common? I also have the guts to post under my real name. Something you don’t have the balls to do. You are nothing but a typical coward.

  • Common Sense

    Ahhhh, frowny face Mallory.

    Seems that me having a different view point than yours makes me a coward. Sad to hear that. And I thought, even considering your prescription drug usage, we could be friends.

    Such is life.

  • Chris Mallory

    Nope, not having the guts to sign your opinion with your real name makes you a coward.

  • Richard

    You guys crack me up. You get on here in the comment space, and then spend all your time sniping at each other. Go find a jungle.

  • Common Sense

    I simply don’t care who you are, but you care who I am. Why is that “Trojan Horse One?”

    Action Figure Therapy huh? Wow…

  • Common Sense

    Are you kidding me? I’m what makes this site entertaining.

  • barbre stout

    Common Sense …. need to change your name because you have none, I am Stacey’s mom. and I don’t respond well to idiots. my child did nothing to anyone. so you tell me if a innocent person was in that car why fire, unless they seen a weapon which was not possible since they did not find one… hmmmmm.. just goes to show, wrong a cop you just got a sentence to death. I don’t really care at this point what Chris did Stacey didn’t do any of it was not a part of it. so jackass tell me why she needed to die since you have all the answers.

  • Ariel

    Common Sense,

    Here’s a great line from one report: “Oklahoma City Police Capt. Dexter Nelson said the investigation could take weeks and stressed that it is in its preliminary stages. No weapon was recovered from Christopher Stout’s truck, but police had not yet secured a search warrant to look through it.”

    After a police shooting (USMS and others), with both occupants dead, the vehicle couldn’t be searched?

    The real issue is her death and that initial reports are that there were no weapons present. The original “armed and dangerous” I found came from one news report where he was suspected of burgling a home with weapons. They went in with expectations and acted on them.

    If I believe you’re a lying asshole, especially when I’m warned by people I trust, I expect everything you say to be a lie. Until I find out you aren’t, they were wrong, but sometimes it’s too late.

  • Sheri

    Hi i am Christopher Stout’s cousin,he was more like my brother though. I just wanna let some of you that are bad mouthing him know that he had never even been to prison. For everyone that is on our families side thank you i wish u guys cld have had the honor of knowing my cousin,he had such a huge heart and he was an amazing father, Chris & Stacey was murdered and we just want justice for their babygirl & our families.. 94 rounds is not justifiable especially on an unarmed couple.. R.I.P CHRISTOPHER & STACEY STOUT. I love you both you will forever be in our heart’s

  • barbre stout

    it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks I am along with my family living this HELL, be thankful your life is perfect and your not. and I would think that we will be the first to get the results. but keep this in your little mind, being her mother, I have more information then you do so you keep thinking what you want I really do not care.

  • http://copblock Chris Dorner

    I like it when pigs shoot each other accidently. It makes me smile. Hopefully one of Common Sense’s boyfriends will shoot him accidently.

  • Ariel

    “Hopefully one of Common Sense’s boyfriends will shoot him accidently.” That’s just so 1950s, you might zoom just past 2010.
    What effing conclave in fallout shelters taught you that was an epithet? The one’s inbreeding since the 1950s and missed the fall of the Berlin Wall? Inbreeding underground will do that.

    (I just want to see the troll respond so I can ignore it, a guilty pleasure at worst.)

  • Unjustified

    @barbre stout…

    My condolences on your loss. In your time of suffering, please know that there are those of us that are disgusted by what happened and will reject the lies and justification that those involved and their law enforcement community will spin and spew to the public.

  • Keith

    Common Sense says:
    July 6, 2013 at 12:47 pm
    Guess he should have taken care of his warrant(s)…

    Yeah, the funny part is, you are too fucking stupid to realize that your attitude, like most cops, is why there is an unprecedented killing spree on cops today. Keep smiling, as your dumb ass is only contributing to the violence. Good luck on your next off ramp you here you.

  • Unjustified

    I’ve said this before and will say it again. Until I am proven wrong I will stand by this belief.

    What has now become the norm in the United States is Law Enforcement officers hide behind their badge while participating in criminal activity.  Their departments are becoming filled with Sociopathic, Narcissistic & Psychopathic individuals.  On a daily basis, these individuals violate citizen’s civil and constitutional rights.  They have been given more latitude to cause death, physical, financial and emotional harm to U.S. citizens than any other organization.  Their actions are overlooked, condoned and in many cases encouraged and rewarded by their department(s) leadership.  Lies and justification are all they know.  Historically, the truth is twisted & fabricated to make their victims appear to be the criminals.  They took an oath to abide by the laws and uphold the constitution, yet, they don’t.

    Their every action is based on intimidation, yet, they expect respect.  I can’t give that respect.

    Here’s a fact…
    America’s #1 Terrorist Threat is Corrupt Law Enforcement 

  • Keith

    Looks like Common ran his mouth, got called out by the victim’s relatives, and ran like the bitch he is. Not so funny when murder has a face is it???

  • RickE.

    I was a cop for several years. I got out of the profession because of the illegal and quasi-legal crap that they tried to compel me to do. I began to become depressed and angry at the unofficial polices they try to push on the beat officers-the ones in the field.

    I was a “peace officer” NOT the militarized, crazed, wild dog officers that seem to be exponentially multiplying now days!

    This story here illustrates a MURDER, plain and simple! That lady, Stacey Stout, should not have been executed by the cops that responded to Mr. Stout.

    Albeit, Christopher Stout should not have attempted to evade. However this could have been handled much more professionally and properly by the responding police!
    Under NO circumstances (unless being fired upon), should the officers have opened up on the vehicle, also endangering the general public, as well as killing Ms. Stout.

    Unfortunately, today’s cops are more of a threat to the general public than the so-called criminals themselves in many cases.

  • J.d.

    Boys and girls. The police will investigate themselves and find that they did no wrong. This is always the case. Do not call the police for minor circumstances. You are inviting the use of deadly force into a situation. Arguments, misunderstanding and hurt feelings. Walk away and do not call the police. They are armed and and trained to use deadly force first and think second. Too many people are killed by police for the most minor of offenses. Yes, cops have shot people for jaywalking. Look it up.