Phoenix Thug Cop Fired: “I’ve Got one Tool, To Beat People Up And Take Them To Jail”

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Body camera evidence leads to the firing of a Phoenix cop. Chief Daniel Garcia stands by his decision to fire Officer Richard Greco. He watched all of the videos in question and says the officer showed a pattern of bad behavior.

Video: “Turn around and look at me because I’m [expletive] talking to you, you piece of [expletive] now get the [expletive] over here.”

“I was very disturbed,” said Chief Garcia.

And on another call talking to a possible victim of domestic violence: “I’ve got one tool, that tool is to beat people up and take them to jail.”

“I was very disturbed…from what I saw from one of our Phoenix police officers,” said Garcia.

Garcia is referring to the videos captured by Greco’s body camera.

Video: “He looks retarded.. he looks like another MMI student.”

After an internal investigation, Garcia fired Greco for unprofessional conduct.

“One of the witnesses said it better.. he displayed a contempt for citizens and I think that’s a very, very accurate description of what I saw,” said Garcia.

Police launched an investigation after getting one complaint. They looked into one video, saw problems, then pulled every video recorded by Greco’s body camera for three months in 2011.

Video: “How many times have you done this? Spread your [expletive] feet…” “I’ve never been in jail.” “Well, welcome to jail, sounds like you should have been a while ago.”

Right now, 50 Phoenix police officers wear body cameras. That number could grow.

“It works both ways. The citizen knowing they’re being recorded and their conduct is up to scrutiny, but it also works in relation to our officers as well,” explained Garcia. “My message is clear. We will not tolerate our officers treating people anything less.. we want dignity and respect from our officers.”

Greco told a civil service board he did not believe he should have lost his job for this.

That board — made up of members of the community, upheld the Chief’s decision.


Well, at least he is honest when he tells people that having him interject will only make things worse, and that all his job entails is beating people up and caging them. – Kate

  • Common Sense

    Oh, the horror.

    Had he stoved in someone’s head, no problem. He spoke in a language that those he dealt with understood, and everyone’s feathers get ruffled.

    Liberal America, where even the illegals can sue the government and collect welfare.

  • http://yahoo Alvin

    I have a distinctly different opinion of this outcome Common. I would argue that this is a very good start in repairing the badly damaged brand that is the union police officer. I’m good with the accountability that was exhibited by the police officer’s superiors, and I am further heartened in that there is a civilian review board that is beyond the union’s influence that is apparently the final arbitor for these types of situations. Now, if we could only see more of these out of control employees taken from the forces, respect and trust may eventually be restored for our police forces in America.

  • Casual Observer

    Richard Greco is just another in a long and infamous line of disgraced officers with the Phoenix Police Department, that includes child-molesters, bank-robbers, and murderers.

    Hopefully, live feed will soon be available from Wi-Fi body cams, so that actions of rogue officers can be monitored in real-time to prevent further brutality and corruption within the force.

  • John

    Well if finally happened, a foul mouth cop get terminated. To bad their are thousands of them out there.

  • Common Sense

    Arizona ia right to work state. Union membership is not mandatory.

    Phoenix has both a DRB and a Civil Service Board. It also has nearly 4400 personnel.

  • BJ

    Chief Garcia, “You’re Fired”

    Officer Greco, “but…but…but Disorderly conduct for foul language is what we arrest people for but THAT’S not supposed to apply to us!!!”

  • steve

    I have to say ALVIN, you really put that into perspective. I gotta hand it to you, really. COMMON SENSE, you have a big and bigoted mouth,all you do is act as prowler and predator on this site. i dont believe your a cop but just a wanna be, this is like cyber sex for you. your ideas and bullshit is just plain idiotic.

  • steve

    More stupid shit from common sense. its still union stupid.whether or not they call it union or association whether or not they join the union or not , when push comes to shove the little cry babies get caught for the things they actually arrest people for, they spill to the union , oh please get my job back its the pressure im under thats why i did it. they get away with far too much. COMMON SENSE your a big mouthed troll and just a bastion of information.

  • steve


  • Common Sense

    Its okay Steve, I know you have no idea what RTW actually means.

    Apparently they pulled 210 videos from him, and found 4 where he used mean words.

    Talk about a rogue cop….

  • steve

    right to work, butt nugget. it means you dont have to join the union and gives the employer more advantages over the employee.

  • http://yahoo Alvin

    Steve, more importantly, RTW also means that you don’t have to have union “contributions” extracted from your paycheck whether you are in the union or not.

  • Common Sense

    Wow, “butt nugget,” spoken like a true 61 year old man, with 3 children all over the age of 21.

  • Common Sense

    Oh, and Phoenix PD shot and killed a guy last night. They claim he was armed…

  • steve

    I kinda wonder if this cop kicked anybodies ass. any reports of brutality or false arrest. was it actually his big mouth that got him fired. i thought he let the family fued go.

  • http://yahoo Alvin

    @ Common Sense.

    You’ve argued in the past that the yearly number of police encounters outnumber the corrupt cop numbers by a certain tiny fraction of a percent. In this case you infer that 4 out of 210 are an acceptable number. Which is it? Is this officers nearly 2% offending rate acceptable, or is the miniscule fraction of a percent the true number.

    In either arguement, the police’s honesty, respect, and trust are questionable.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    goodbye officer mono-brow. enjoy wearing a paper hat at your next job.

  • Dan

    “sticks and stones will break my bones but, names will never hurt me”

  • shawn


    If someone does lots of good things, then behaves poorly and commits a felony, by your way of thinking his crime should be excused. That’s nonsense. 1 incident is enough, when it is someone with the power of the badge.

  • cone

    this guy is a bitch cop good riddance(to bad rubbish)fucking punk

  • http://copblock Chris Dorner

    They should shoot him not fire him. Throw in Common Sense and T too.

  • steve

    Alvin if there is a union at your work place in a right to work state you do not have to pay union dues . hawever if you have an employment problem the union still has to represent you as if your a member.

  • steve

    i dont find any violence or wrongful arrest complaints.

  • Jumpinjimmyjack

    The irony of common senses’s name is not lost here. The person on this website with the least amount of it!

  • http://yahoo larry

    What Casual Observer said is true. There is a long list of Cops that have been nailed to the wall here in the Vally of the Sun. Not long ago there were 6 or 7 of them that got shit canned because they were taking bribes, protection money, and thought that they ruled the South End of Phoenix.

    They were also taking pay for working security but were not even working the jobs.

    Too bad as I have known a few cops here and the were alright. Most have quit as they did not like what they were becoming.

  • steve

    Maybe the wanna be can get a job in phoenix.

  • t.

    Alvin: your percentage argument needs a lot of work. As does your understanding of unions and specifically police unions. As example. I work for a very large metropolitan police department. There a 3 seperate associations that officers generally join (some don’t join any). NONE of them have any collective bargaining powers – illegal in my RTW state. They CAN choose to provide an attorney in disputes with the department or if sued. The CAN chose to provide an attorney if charged with something criminal. Most officers join for legal consult if they are involved in an OIS. That’s is what most officers have. Its not “traditional” unions. Hope the education helps you.

  • t.

    pay attention to me!!! i want attention NOW!! give it to me now!

  • http://yahoo Alvin


    At the risk of becoming entangled in the minutia of how unions (or associations, or collectives) work, I really appreciate your sharing how it works. Notwithstanding that, I truly believe that ALL labor organizations are of Marxist ideology and as such are harmful to our way of life as intended in the Constitution. Sure, you Marxist subscribers will argue the 40 hr. workweek, child labor laws, and “equality” in the workplace and “safety” standards. I belive that all of those would have been addressed and remedied by the private market within relatively the same amount of time, and without the govt. machinery that is sucking the life out of our Government now. But, I am appreciative of the insight as I have NEVER been nor will I EVER be a member of a union.

  • steve

    Iwas a member of a thug union until I retired. I never needed to use them and I never did they were nothing but terrorists constantly finding ways and ideas to get lazy crooked employees out of trouble they made for themselves by the use of their horrible contracts. They would use false EEO complaints against supervisors and drag them into court to try and force settlements by trashing good honest people.I will say I got great vacations and hourly wages. time/half for anything over 8 hours a day and double time for anything over 10 hrs a day. I had excellent sick leave and vacation was out of this world. But they promoted lazy corrupt employees through dishonesty.This is your federal government I worked for you.

  • steve

    I forgot to add if you didnt join you were shuned and treated as distrustful. I once saw a supervisor touch an employee on the shoulder in a friendly manner to have that employee and a union thug officer turn around and file a criminal complaint for assault. That supervisor was driven through the justice system for 1 year. The emlpoyee finally claimed an injury on the job and got retirement for nothing. That is what unions do. unions should be abolished, employers would have come around anyway due to court rulings and productivity ,along with the changes in society itself.Unions cost citizens more and more every day. While their representitives go on lavish vacations and dont have to work their normal jobs that some one else could have they have to keep that position open by use of temporary openings. UNIONS COST THE PUBLIC AND CAUSE THE EMPLOYER TO CUT BACK IN PLACES THEY SHOULDNT HAVE TO..

  • Common Sense

    Steve, everything you say is bullshit.

  • steve

    common sense i dont care what you think of me and im 60

  • Unjustified

    All that matters to me is… “Chief Daniel Garcia stands by his decision to fire Officer Richard Greco. He watched all of the videos in question and says the officer showed a pattern of bad behavior.”

    Sounds to me like the chief is holding this guy accountable. Do they have more work to go? I don’t know. I don’t live there. At least it’s a start.

  • steve

    if the cop only had a fowl mouth , i find not so fair. i love to see the crooked cops get fired and go to jail. was this cop fair and just abusive verbally. i hate cops .

  • Pigsticker

    Hey there common sense(less), what part of the Chief’s spiel did you not grasp? the part where he speaks of dignity or respect? If you are in fact over 16 and have a wife and kids, I’d like to be a fly on the wall at your dinner table.

  • Corporate Entity

    What makes it “Shocking”? This goes on daily all across the nation, just question anything with these Revenue Producing Oxygen Thieves then (Press Record) and sit back for the show. For less than a full tank of fuel we have HD Color Digital Cameras available for your vehicle that prevent the frequent allegations of “Speeding, Swerving, failure to stop at traffic control device, etc before it makes it to court. City Cop, City Court, City Judge… Don’t worry about the “Conflict of Interest”, we have solutions!

  • Keith

    In case you folks have not noticed, t and common only break from the 69 position to cut and paste their canned responses of “look at me, i want attention”, and “oh the horror”. Yeah, these 2 stupid bastards just troll the entire time, 90 percent of the time making the sense of an 8 year old boy when he is upset, with the message board equivilant of “nanananananananna i don’t hear you”. Fucking pathetic pussies.

  • Common Sense

    So, so angry Keith. You need a comfort animal, maybe a beagle.

  • Keith

    No, I have an Italian Greyhound, he’s great. Maybe I should get another.

  • Pigsticker

    If we had a government of by and for the PEOPLE rather than of by and for the CORPORATIONS, getting rid of unions might be feasible. As it is, AmeriKa has gutted unions to the point that hardly anyone has their protection any longer, Sycophants-in-blue excepted.

    Europe = 35 hour work week
    AmeriKa = 40 plus
    Europe = mandatory minimum 5 weeks paid holiday per year.
    Amerika = 2 weeks if you’re lucky
    Europe = retirement about 60
    AmeriKa = 66 for full benefits
    Europe = no bankruptcy from medical catastrophe, (all covered since ’48)
    AmeriKa = #1 cause of bankruptcy medical emergencies, 50,000 “beloved” fellow citizens die each year for the crime of not being able to afford health care, (this doesn’t include those who die from ROTTEN healthcare).

    Since “our” leaders are only required to have a box of tissue, kneepads and the address of their nearest Lobby, one could say we are being ridden hard and put away wet. If we don’t stop the killing of unions it won’t be long ’til AmeriKans will be sneaking into Mexico for work…..Hell, we now have employers taking out life insurance policies on rank and file with the company as beneficiary!! Nice, huh? Long time employee dies, family in financial crisis, near foreclosure and the COMPANY gets a fat insurance check! Wow, what a concept!
    Unions, like ‘gubmint are fine….as long as they’re HONEST. When they cease being honest and forthcoming it’s our DUTY to remove them.

  • t.


    Go to Europe then. Shithole…all of it. Tax rates of 75+% All to feed the socialist machine thatit is.

    All of this union talk / hatred is some revisionist history. There was definitely a time and a place. Has that time passed? II’d say yes. I grew up watching the many of the mighty “rust belt” unions at work. They worked to even the playing field. They also worked to eventually kill the golden goose so to speak.

  • YankeeFan

    AmeriKa = #1 cause of bankruptcy medical emergencies, 50,000 “beloved” fellow citizens die each year for the crime of not being able to afford health care, (this doesn’t include those who die from ROTTEN healthcare).

    So the answer is what, socialized medicine? Force me to pay for others health care through massive taxation and threat of fines if I do not opt in? How many countries have succeeded with the pure socialism model of government? We are doing that crap now under Obama and look what we have. It is a pure clusterfuckhole.

  • t.

    YF: You right.

  • DT

    I’m a 20 year cop and I completely understand why copblock and other watchdog entities exist. It sickens me that some cops are defending this POS’s actions. There is no room on the job for cops would abuse citizens. I’m seeing more and more cases like this and it’s a very disturbing trend. I did the job for more than 20 years in some very hard neighborhoods. I never did anyone wrong and there’s no reason to do so. It’s a betrayal of the public trust and to the oath to the Constitution. Yes, it’s and incredibly stressful and sometimes terrifying job, but you do it clean or not at all. I can’t imagine what Greco’s family have to endure from a tyrant personality like his. Maybe some street justice will find Greco so he can get a taste.

  • t.

    DT: I simply don’t believe you.