Mission Kansas Police Cavity Search Mom After Toddlers Drop Pebbles in Mail Slot

On the evening of 3-16-2013 around 5 pm I was leaving the Mission Post Office. I had just put my two young daughters (Ages 4 & 2) in the minivan. While I was putting packages in the car, I was unexpectedly approached from behind by a female cop– Officer Michelle Pierce.

She stated, “I’m going to need your identification.” I asked her, “Why?” Again, she said, “Give me your ID.” I again asked her, “Why?” The third time she was more demanding & said, “GIVE ME your identification.” I then agreed that I would give her my ID but I wanted to know WHY first. I said “Okay, but why?” She still would not tell me. At that point, you can see what happens in the video. Without warning, she started walking towards me, twists my arm, starts cuffing me, flings me around & slams me on the ground while finishing cuffing me. At that point, Officer Tim Gift arrived & assisted her. They hurt me when they dropped me on the ground & also got my thumb stuck in the cuffs. You can hear my toddler age girls crying & screaming in the car as they took me down & throughout the hour or so they had me there.

Just to mention, the THIRD officer that shows up later was not mentioned AT ALL in the Police Report. They act as if he was NEVER even there. I later found out who the THIRD officer was due to a local senior citizen contacting me & telling me WHO he was. They knew because he had abused them as well. The third officer’s name was Tige Dean.

Out of ALL THREE Police Officers, NOT ONCE did ANY of them make an attempt to console my baby girls who were huddled in the car crying & watching all this out the window. My oldest actually thought they were going to SHOOT me. This has caused much trauma.

I kept asking them to call my husband to come get our scared children. They would NOT call my husband until much later. It’s like they were playing head games. I had asked (nearly BEGGED) many times for them to call their father, yet Tige Dean threatened he would take my kids away by CPS because they couldn’t get a hold of dad! Yet, they HADN’T EVEN ATTEMPTED to call him yet!

I later found out that the Postal Employee, Yvette Jenkins, called 911 after saying that I was yelling at her, kicking the door & throwing rocks at her through the mail slot! In reality, I was arguing with my husband on the cell phone in an EMPTY Postal lobby while using the automated machine. My bored toddlers dropped pebbles in the mail slot. You can also hear Yvette Jenkins say on the video while the cops are talking to her that the Post Office has protocol & that they asked me to leave. Yet ANOTHER LIE. She was actually in the back warehouse area where I couldn’t even see her & she NEVER came out to speak to me. I was leaving on my OWN ACCORD after I told my husband on the phone, “You can ship your own dang packages on Monday!” We have tried & tried to get the Post Office to give up the video footage but they say they have NO cameras, even though they have a sign in the lobby that says the premises are monitored.

I’m disgusted with The Mission Kansas PD. From the illegal CAVITY SEARCH, to horrifying my children, to the lies in the police report, lies from the post office, trumping up charges on me to cover their asses & then LYING again saying there was NO VIDEOS of anything– out of THREE police dash cams & a FEDERAL BUILDING (Post Office). We have ALSO been THREATENED by the Prosecuter of MISSION,KS himself–Mr. David Martin!!!

I explain more under the video description.

Truly, Catrina Engle

***Below Is A List Of Relevant Individuals & Their Contact Info***

Mayor of Mission Kansas
Laura McConwell
[email protected]

Chief of Police
John Simmons
6090 Woodson Road
Mission, KS 66202

Officer Tim Gift (Badge # 861)
Police Dept Main Line:

Officer Michelle M. Pierce (Badge # 865)
Police Dept Main Line:

Officer Tige Dean
(The bald cop who was NOT EVEN mentioned in the Police Report!)
Police Dept Main Line:

Mission Kansas Post Office
6029 Broadmoor St
Mission, KS 66202
(913) 831-5325
Store Manager: Mitch Bilyeu
Post Employee who made FALSE REPORT to 911: Yvette Jenkins

Lead Prosecutor of Mission (Who threatened us)
David Martin
11000 King St.
Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone (913) 469-4100
Fax (913) 469-8182

Governor of Kansas
Sam Brownback
300 SW 10th Ave,Ste 241S
Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 296-3232

Catrina Engle
[email protected]
My personal site with FULL LENGTH video.

  • Casual Observer

    If the postal employee is telling the truth, then the surveillance video would be readily available to corroborate her story. Clearly there is cause for further investigation, and perhaps a body cavity search of the postal employee might be a good place to start.

  • Jason Free

    More fucking bullshit from an idiot cunt who went bizzerk at the post office and then thinks she is such a victim. The post office has video camras all over the building. They would be able to pull up the video. She fucked herself and look at what she did to her children. She was obviously flippent with the officers. Way to go you fucking cunt. Take responsibility for your actions and go to anger management.

  • http://buelahman.wordpress.com/ BMan

    Where is Common Sense and the fool’s stupefying demand that the cops cavity search the girls?

  • http://buelahman.wordpress.com/ BMan

    I’m sorry. Common Sense now goes by “Jason Free”.

    Fucking moron.

  • Common Sense

    Ha ha ha, from 3 months ago.

    Guess you should have mailed your own packages, not be a bitch inside the post office and not let your kids play “fuck-a-bout” in the lobby.

    Also, the police started to try and reach your husband at the 16min into the video, well, the unedited one. They tried several different numbers. I’d imagine that since you two were having a tiff, he chose not to answer.

    Such is life. Teachable moment.

  • Keith

    Yeah, Scrappy, Common, Jason, who whoever the fuck your gay ass is today, you said it perfectly. “Se whas obviously flippent”… and what does that have to do with anything. You are so fucking stupid that you can’t even see the utter arogance in your bullshit response and how it creates people who may or may not grow up hating the police, and possibly harming them in the future. Your lack of ability to deeply think or have any sort of forthought is astounding and you are most likely a fucking cop, as it seems this retard point of view is a pre-requisite for becoming a cop.

  • Common Sense

    Really? My 79 word comment can make people think a certain way?

    I’m not sure if that’s awesome or depressing.

    …now move along citizen, nothing to see here.

  • Unjustified

    Post office property…. there would be video surveillance.

  • d0nj3nko

    Arghhhh…. That gets me so angry… They are truly power mad idiots and sound like idiots. I find it incredulous that they have the power to put their fingers inside peoples genitles/anus etc, in the uk they would be charged with sexual assault. How can they do such a thing in front of her children on the side of the road for lets say what she was being accused of? It scares me that there are people out there being paid to protect us that can stoop to that level… Why did they not just request the tapes from the postal service, give her a pat down and acted in a civil way. They abused her from the start, violated her sexually while throwing her to the ground and intimidating her with threats to her kids welfare as well… Sickening to watch, I hope there is justice here… God bless us all!

  • John

    Call a lawyer, SUE, Cavity searched in public is a big NO NO $$$$$$$$, Stupid rookie idiot cops.

  • Olather

    Mission, KS police have a reputation for being over the top fascists. Mission police hand out more tickets per capita than any other suburb in the KC area. They issue lots of them for burned out license plate lights and other minor infractions. The local police chief says it is all in the interest of safety. I really don’t believe that. I avoid Mission, KS.

  • Call it out

    Hey d0nj3nko – go away, you crazy freaking nutbag. Absolutely nobody on this site gives a single shit about anything you’re schizo ass has too say.

  • Call it out


  • Mark

    What could these cops have possibly been looking for in her “cavity search”? Rocks? Their brains? Or was this a case of psychotic perverts getting off molesting a defenseless woman? This takes persecution for victimless crimes to a whole new level.

  • RadicalDude

    Make sure when you sue them, you name the defendants in their individual capacities so you can garnish their paychecks for years to come.

  • Common Sense

    Good luck with that plan…

  • steve

    i think the postal employees over exaggerated the story with help from the police.

  • steve

    common sense will be known as butt nugget to me from now on.

  • Juan

    Don’t feed the troll…

  • Jason Free

    Keith go fuck yourself you puke. You do not know what you are talking about. Just because you raise a gerbil farm in your shorts doesn’t make you an expert on anything. The gal was obviously out of control and she got nailed for it. Rather then act like an adult, she throws a fucking fit and gets arrested. Since she is a dumb cunt mother, her children are going to grow up like you you fucking faggot.

    Steve – you are just another fucking liar as usual. Prove the postal worker was over exaggerated and helping the fucking police? Still wearing your dead momma’s nipple rings I see. Fucking cunt.

  • http://thechinadesk.blogspot.tw/ Bevin

    For anyone who has practiced criminal law in the state or Federal courts, the disclosures about rampant police perjury cannot possibly come as a surprise. “Testilying”—as the police call it—has long been an open secret among prosecutors, defense lawyers, and judges.

    — Alan Dershowitz

  • sdsr3w4

    Jason Free has sex with his cop dad. That’s why he’s always kissing cops asses.

  • http://www.aegis.cl alza de plan


  • livinillegal

    why do police seem to want to stick their hands up your butt?

  • sam

    Jason Free: As a lawyer I live for bringing lawsuits against your type. Rage filled individuals, such as yourself, are so easy to win lawsuits against. Your rage blinds you and causes you to commit rash acts in your line of duty – that always come back to haunt you. Ahhh …such low hanging fruit.

  • t.

    Where was the “abuse”? Videomdoesnt appear to show the police doing anything wrong. I kept skipping ahead here and there. Its was pretty boring.

  • kobold

    That couple should sue the pants of those fat a*shole pigs so all their kids college expenses are paid in years to come.

  • steve

    somebody has to know jason frees real name and address. i sure would like to have it.

  • Nick “Turbo” Raines

    This is absolutely a travesty. Mission Police has been a bunch of officers who could not pass the kc exam. There all wash outs and they love trampling on peoples civil rights. They will not get awsy with it this time. Mo/Ks Cop Block is on this and we will see these officers are fired and they will not do this to another helpless female EVER. The Amazing Turbo Approved!

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    As I have said many times before, when white middle-class American mothers begin to see that the police are just as much a threat as the “criminals”, we can rest assured that the tide is changing in our favor.

    What I find most interesting about this story is the fact that it made it into the local news. When the lapdog media begins to sit up and take notice of police corruption, we again can see the tide shifting in our favor.

    All in all the victims will have their day in court, and the jury will award a judgement accordingly. The parents should feel lucky the cops did not beat then rape the children, because thats what cops love to do more than anything else.


    When you see common sense, t., psosgt and all the other police union shills spew their boot-licking propaganda here on Cop Block, remember, THIS IS WHO THEY ARE, THIS IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR, AND THIS IS WHAT THEY DEFEND!

    Wichita KS police officer Officer Joseph T. McGill, 28, was convicted today of committing a sexual act on a 3-month-old child and a 1-year-old child. Officer McGill pleaded guilty in January 2012 in an unrelated case to sexual battery while on duty as a police officer and was sentenced to three years probation. Those charges stemmed from separate incidents in November 2010 and February 2011. The judge set sentencing for March 1.


    Wichita police officer Gregory P. Nicks on Friday received consecutive life prison sentences for sexually abusing a 15-month-old girl. The 32-year-old worked for the Wichita Police Department for just over three years beginning in 2006. Prosecutor Justin Edwards introduced three written statements at the hearing, including one from the victim’s mother. She said Nicks had used her daughters — the 15-month-old and a 4-month-old — as sex objects to fulfill his sexual fantasies.


  • cone

    die pigs die

  • Common Sense


    Try watching the entire unedited one.

  • Harv

    This really saddens me. I grew up in the Mission area, even delivered mail, one summer, out of that post office, 48 years ago when I was going to college. Back then it was a great place to raise a family….The Cops respected the young people and my friends and I respected them. We used to sit in the Dairy Queen parking lot after the Keyhole Tavern closed and drank beer on hot summer nights and shot the breeze with one of the local cops sitting in his patrol car next to us. I think his name was Harold. As long as we were not making a disturbance or driving around drunk or drinking under age everything was cool, so to speak. The Cops were not the enemy and neither were we.

    Now we live in a fascist/socialist state which equals communism and tyranny. I hope that lady collects millions and the stupid pigs never work in law enforcement again. Today I have no respect for the thugs who pretend to be cops, anywhere. They disgust me, just like the Nazis and Stalinist. Pathetic bullies with small minds.

    By the way, the last I heard, “Old Harold” is still around and is a very good friend of my son-in-law. He one well respected and loved individual.
    I am retired now and I no longer live in that area. Today I live in another state and another country. Sadly, I live in amerika and it makes me want to throw up when I see and hear about this kind of bull—t.

  • Jason Free

    sam – You fucking puke, you are not a lawyer but nice try anyhow. You are a fucking lying piece of shit. Just because you read a fucking law book doesn’t make you a lawyer you dumb cunt. Grow the fuck up asshole.

  • steve

    fuck you jason free.

  • KBright

    Kansas Constitution which ALL law enforcement MUST uphold.
    Kansas Cosntitution, Kansas Bill of Rights

    § 1. Equal rights. All men are possessed of equal and inalienable natural rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    § 2. Political power; privileges. All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and are instituted for their equal protection and benefit. No special privileges or immunities shall ever be granted by the legislature, which may not be altered, revoked or repealed by the same body; and this power shall be exercised by no other tribunal or agency.

    § 4. Individual right to bear arms; armies. A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and state, for lawful hunting and recreational use, and for any other lawful purpose; but standing armies, in time of peace, are dangerous to liberty, and shall not be tolerated, and the military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power.

    § 15. Search and seizure. The right of the people to be secure in their persons and property against unreasonable searches and seizures shall be inviolate; and no warrant shall issue but on probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, particularly
    describing the place to be searched and the persons or property to be seized.

    § 20. Powers retained by people. This enumeration of rights shall not be construed to impair or deny others retained by the people; and all powers not herein delegated remain with the people.

    § 14: Oaths of state officers. All state officers before entering upon their respective duties shall take and subscribe an oath or affirmation to support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of this state, and faithfully to discharge the duties of their respective offices.

    Were you aware that not keeping lawfully required oaths of office emans that the person occupying the office/position no longer meets the lawful requirements of the office/position.

    Yeah, Constitutions are LAW.

  • Silvestri

    This is another example of how things can get out of control.
    From what I’m getting:
    Postal worker hears someone yelling, in anger, about packages. Makes the decision to call the police and tell them some kind of story (is a audio recording of the request done?) about possible trouble.
    Police arrive and stop the suspect with the question “Can I see some ID?”. The suspect, who seems upset, does not comply ‘aggressively’. Hilarity ensues…
    The postal worker over-reacted and gave the police bad information.

    The police did their job, but with no empathy. This could have resulted in no arrest and cavity search. Instead they took someone who was obviously under stress and added more.

  • shawn

    ” The postal worker over-reacted and gave the police bad

    Did they over react, or did they beef up the story to get police there sooner. Ive lost count on the number of times ive heard people say, “If you want the cops to bother showing up sooner, tell them you think he has a gun.”

    Last time i called the cops, it was nearly an hour. And we had a drugged up nut trying to get in the house.

  • QuestionAuthority

    Sorry I’ve seen some police abuse videos this is clearly NOT one. Nobody knows how she was behaving before they arrived, they call the father 15 min. into the video not hours later. I want bad cops removed, not cops doing their job being put down for doing it, being a cop is not an easy job so until you walk a mile in their shoes you’ve got nothing to say! And no I’m not a cop.

  • Peter

    What I don’t like is- there is supposed to be a presumption of innocence yet too many times I see cops body-slam people’s face on the concrete, on gravel, you name it. Then they place their knee in the back of your neck- one of the most delicate parts of you spinal cord that protects the most basic functions of the brain. A 200 lb. police officer concentrating their weight on their knee can exert several-hundred pounds per square-inch pressure. It the accused were frail, had osteoarthritis, or had recent neck surgery they could cause severe damage including paralysis. Say hello to a huge lawsuit the taxpayers will be on the hook for. I don’t care who you are; power corrupts. Police need to do a reality check sometimes and be reminded that they aren’t the judge, not everyone is a dumbass, and we are taxpayers paying their salaries. There’s a lot of good cops out there, but there’s some G.I. Joes out there that think they are in the military or something.

  • MojoBox

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Don’t be aggro.

    This site sucks. ZzzzZZzzzzZZZ.

  • Frank

    Even though tax-feeding criminals are more dangerous than your average private criminal — a big part of that is some cops are so fucked in the head, they think they’re good guys — most of the tax-feeders wear silly costumes so they’re easy to spot and avoid.

    Of course, that doesn’t help the woman and children victimized in this video.

  • Jason Free

    Oh look it’s steve. Still trying to make yourself look like a big guy? Go back to banging old ladies that remind you of your mother you stupid cunt. I can clearly see why your mother died of a broken heart. Anyone with a kid that was you would die of a broken heart. How does it make you feel to let your mother down before she died? You are a worthless piece of shit.

  • Silvestri

    @shawn- you have a point.
    I heard a story once about a guy who was watching a team of thieves stealing items from his shed. He called 911 and was told the police would take at least 1/2 hour to get there.
    He called 911 a few minutes later to follow-up with, “No need to hurry now, I killed them all so whenever you can get here…”.
    The police showed up in less than 5 minutes. After arresting the crew one asked, “I thought you told the operator that you killed them all.”
    His reply was, “I thought it would take you at least half a hour to get here.”

  • M mir

    If that husband was half a man, those cops would be dead.

  • steve

    t , does your finger stink like a butthole. do you share it with your butt nugget friend.

  • Jason Free

    Steve – you are the one who shoves your finger up your ass until a knuckle pops.

    The dumbass M mir spouts off about killing police but he doesn’t use his own fucking name. What a fucking cunt.

  • vad


    “What I don’t like is- there is supposed to be a presumption of innocence yet too many times I see cops body-slam people’s face on the concrete, on gravel, you name it.”

    Presumption of innocence is supposed to be in the courtroom, after hearing prosecution and defense. The prosecution’s mission is to accuse the suspect and prove the crime. The cops work for the prosecution, so their job is to extract out of the situation anything and everything that can be useful for the prosecution, and to suppress anything that can exonerate the suspect. They are not supposed to be unbiased. Such as, if a video exists that can help the suspect, the cops, and the prosecution in general, will do everything in their power to get rid of it. This is not some aberration, this is the norm and their job, and that’s what moves their careers – charging people, not letting them go. Towards that goal, the cops are allowed to lie and threaten, such as threatening the mother with taking her children to CPS if she does not cooperate, does not give up her rights, does not allow unwarranted search, or anything else the police wants. This lying, cheating and threatening is all fair game, and you have to be prepared for it, or you will lose. Don’t even believe a single word the officer says, including threats. Their threats are always false to begin with – if they already can do some harm to you, they won’t hesitate a second, without any conditions or conversations. If they threaten, it means that they can’t do it yet, but hope that you will give them what’s missing. Never say a word to them, every word you say is going to be used only against you, never the other way around. Like one of them candidly said recently on another video “I can only beat people and lock them up” – it’s the norm, it’s their mission, it’s what they are paid for.

  • M mir

    Hahahaaa.. you say that like it’s bad thing.

    Gayson Free, you need to get off the jock of those thugs with badges. Just because they tolerate you servicing them doesn’t mean they’re good people.

    When more of these thugs get justiced for violating the rights of Americans this stuff will stop happening. After all, don’t we all want this stuff to stop happening? Welp thugs with badges gotta learn the consequences of overstepping their bounds to make that happen.

    Just like training a dog.

  • Keith

    “Common Sense says:
    July 15, 2013 at 2:40 pm
    Really? My 79 word comment can make people think a certain way?

    I’m not sure if that’s awesome or depressing.

    …now move along citizen, nothing to see here.”

    79 words? Again, your stupidity shines through. I can make people think a certain way with 1 word. If I call a black man a nigger, he will think I am racist, if I call a woman a bitch, she will think i’m a woman hater, so even though you are not too bright, you can print this out so you can reference it as an example of how dense you are.

  • Denis

    HEY I know that cop!!!
    He stole 500 dollar!!!
    Now who is going to violate him
    because I just shout something
    that is simply not true!!!

  • jjones54

    This is very ironic. Last year I was arrested by Officer Tige Dean and the lady cop Officer Michelle Pierce. I clearly had marijuana in my car and didnt deny it. I was complying with them when they told me to step out of my car they threw me against my car beating me and using extreme force and brutality. Yelling at me to stop resisting when I wasnt resisting. They continued to hit me back and forth on the hood of my car where my face kept slamming against the hood. I told my lawyer this and during court both officers REFUSED TO TURN OVER THE DASHCAM! My charges were dismissed because they claimed they couldnt find the video so i guess it was a blessing. But these cops are animals cant believe they still have their jobs. Just another case of Mission KS police brutality.

  • RadicalDude

    They couldn’t find it! Classic!