Disabled Homeless Marine Corps Veteran Threatened by Oakland Police and Paramedics

On June 18 2013, while sitting in the Oakland Public Library, I was approached by two police officers. They kept asking me my name to which I refused to respond or acknowledge them. In the video you will see me ask them, “Am I being detained” I am told “no” and I get up to leave.

At this point both officers begin to follow me towards the entrance and once outside I am confronted by 4-5 police officers, 2 paramedics, a crisis worker, several squad cars and an ambulance.

As you watch the video you will see that I am calm, neither suicidal nor homicidal, and even though I committed no crime and was not under arrest, I was threatened at least 7 times that if I did not get into the ambulance, against my will, I would be forced to by Oakland Police.

I was terrified for my life and my safety, I was forced to receive medical care in a lock down mental health facility where I witnessed gross human rights abuses and violations. I was forced to receive medical treatment against my will under threats of violence if I did not comply. All because “someone called and said you were making statements of some kind”!!!!!

I have been beaten by police on multiple occasions, I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and only went because I was afraid for my life and in the interest of public safety. I felt like I didn’t have a choice, either come with us or we will use violence to make you. This is not the America I swore to defend.

Justifiably Angry,

Rev Aaron E Colyer
Outside the Box Ministries

  • Anonymous

    They may have been experimenting with you. The military is notorious for it.

  • InalienableWrights

    The ass fuking going one here is that they will claim he can not own a firearm because he was committed to a mental health facility. I will bet my left nut that is what the root cause of this was.

  • http://denverdance.blogspot.com Bill

    The credits after the video say that the incident happened on July 18th, 2013. As I sit here making this comment it is July 14th, 2013. It’s things like this that subtract credibility from a story.

    Having said that…. You should know that I believe we live in a police state and that we have done so for decades.

    As for Obama… Impeach, incarcerate, deport!!

  • Casual Observer

    Welcome to the U.S.S.A., where being found “not of sound mind” will result in permanent disarmament regardless of whether such a finding is in any factual or valid.

  • Casual Observer

    *in any way

  • steve


  • Roobah

    What I’d like to know is, “Where are your accusers?” That is pretty messed up that you are just approached and not told WHY everyone is there to see you. Sounds pretty vague. By the way, the report says June 18th, even though the video said July 18th. Minor oversight?

  • blacknationalsparty

    Cops: we think you are going to hurt yourself, so if you don’t go with us, we will hurt you?

  • Ron

    So where are all the cop trolls now?

  • WeedSmoker420

    That’s fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • d0nj3nko

    There will be some low life scum on here soon stating that this was for his own good or other tripe to justify the treatment he received and was probably charged money for. How can people say we live in a free society when this goes on every day, how? I am shocked someone can make a call and you are carted off under threat of force if you refuse? Does anyone know if he can sue? Can he do a freedom of info request to find out the instigating factors/person/s behind all of this? Do the police realize what they are doing, do they realize they are destroying what the whole country was built on, freedom? It is sick to watch the treatment of one of the men who put his life on the line to defend the country (or so he believed), it has been conquered from within, the troops need to rally and take out the enemy, zionist enemy that is now running the country before it is too late… God bless us all….

  • Jason Free

    The guy was a fucking mental case. Of course they are going to check him out. The people were worried he was going to kill himself. No one fucking threatened him. He claims to be disabled and I’m sure it’s for PTSD and severe depression. I’d like to know home many times he has been hospitalized for the same thing. The police and EMS did there jobs well.

  • KAZ

    @ inalienableWrights,
    Being that this man is already diagnosed with a mental health problem. His right to own a gun is already gone. You don’t have to be committed to a mental health facility to be ineligable to own a gun.

  • Call it out

    @d0nj3nko – Take your bigotry somewhere else, moron.

    The Jews aren’t running anything besides their own Temples.

    If you weren’t such a pathetic piece of shit, you’d see that. But you have to blame somebody for your life being the trashy mess that it is, so I guess the Jews are elected, huh?

    And now you are openly advocating what? Another holocaust? You want Jews “taken out? You are dangerously deranged, lunatic. Anybody who would espouse the murder of innocent men, women, and children because they hold a certain religious viewpoint is the one who needs to be “taken out”. You’re a puss filled infection on society that really needs to be removed.

    And you know what, ass-droppings? I’m not even Jewish. Born and raised Roman Catholic. But you’re hatred and intolerance towards a religion I’d be willing to bet you actually know very little about is disgusting and twisted.

  • Jason Free

    d0nj3nko tiy are a racist and the worse kind. You say it with a computer instead of face to face with someone. The next time you fucking light your cross with your KKK uniform on, hopefully the cross will fall on you so noe one has to hear your fucking voice again youo racist piece of shit cunt.

  • Common Sense

    “Its my life, I can do with it what I want…”

    AKA, suicidal, homeless and mentally unstable…

    You complain when the police are heavy with someone with a mental issues. Here, they actually call in a social worker rather than tackling him and taking him to the psych ward. Oh well, back to the VA with ya…

  • http://www.policemisconduct.net Glenn

    Even money says this guy just filed for VA Compensation & Pension benefits, thus flagging himself for “further investigation”.

    What I would love to know is who called this in? The obvious choice would be library staff. Hope he contacts an attorney.

  • Jason Free

    Glen you fucking cunt. The guy is obviously mentally unbalanced like you. He uses the word “veteran” to garner sympathy. He joined the military on his own. No one forced him into it. He obviously needs help and he should be greatful that people are looking out for each other. I’m sure he was on a three day psych hold and I doubt that was his first time. Why would he need a fucking attorney? Who the fuck is he going to sue? There is a good samaritan law so he would have a fucking case. Stop being a fucking douche.

  • Jason Free

    I meant he wouldn’t have a fucking case.

  • Scott

    I think there’s a lot more to this story. When the video starts the police are already there and he’s packing up to leave. What we don’t know is what happened to call the police in the first place.

  • North Philly

    God do I fucking hate when they keep throwing around the “Disable Vet” cart. I did my 4 years in the USMC and did my time in Iraq and I never ever need sympathy….once again Oakland PD doing their job

  • steve

    screw you slappy.

  • Josh

    I am kind of surprised the cops didn’t shoot and kill him to prevent him possibly committing suicide.

  • Jason Free

    steve – I beleive the one that is screwing is you. Remember how you killed your mom with all of your bullshit. Now you wear her nipple rings and piss on her grave. You are a sick fuck and a lying douche bag.

  • http://copblock Chris Dorner

    Filthy pigs.

  • steve

    somebody send me jason frees real name and address please.

  • Common Sense

    Its Jason Frees and he lives at 9800 Savage Rd Fort Meade, MD 20755

  • Jason Free

    Steve you fucking cunt. Are you going to come over and rape me or something? You are a fucking poor excuse for a human. Guess what asshole, I don’t live in MD. I live in Keene you stupid cunt. Maybe if you stop your bullshit lying maybe someone would actually listen to you dink. Go back to worshipping your dead mother faggot.

  • Centurion

    Jason Freeload on his chin,Common Nosense fag, North lying out his ass never been a Marine Philly . Hes former Marine Recon Sgt. and hes not diagnosed with PTSD he has a prosthetic. Silver Star with combat V , Operation Fire Storm Falujah. You guys are SSI Obese canidates that use multiple tags to try to impress yourself. This man was violated in every way and the Police need to be charged for treason and paramedics also to force him with threatening under color of authority a felony in that state. This hero needs to be left alone and you three duschbag idiot fagnut mammas tit boys need to get jobs and a real life . @ NORTH FFRAUDULANT PHILLY if you were a Marine you would have sided with him even if you disagreed with him Country Unit Corps. You just proved to all ofr us YOU LIE , you have never been in the Marines maybe in Modern warfare on xbox thats the closest youll ever be to war fucking loser sack of your moms ass munch jizz and your tranvestided fathers ass cooch juice Fake pez dispencing JOKE.

  • steve

    woooaa i say woooooaaa centurion,

  • Jason Free

    Centurion – You are just another bullshit fucking loser. Who cares what he has. HE can either make something out of his life or sit their and fucking feel sorry for himself his choice. Your bullshit would fill a stadium. The guy is unstable at best and needs to be monitored. If he wants to kill himself then so be it but the people who live in the same community aren’t going to let him take someone with. Go fucking read a book you mother fucking cunt. Just because you are such a fucking ass clown with a gerbil farm doesn’t make you anything but a fucking pervert. Reality, the guy signed up for military service. He knew the fucking risks.

  • cookie

    The part of the story we’re not told is what happened BEFORE the cops showed up?


    Good job to everyone on this post for not indulging the idiot that calls himself Jason Free 123
    I love that he keeps trying to enter the discussion and no one is listening. Don’t waste your time responding to anything he has to say. He has been lying for so long that he has actually convinced himself that everything he says is real.

    Common Sense, are you sure it isn’t Jason Freeze 100 S Fruit St, Concord, NH 03301-2411
    D.O.B. 3/6/75

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