NC Medical Cannabis Grower Raided

[Note: This originally appeared at and Carolinas Cop Block.  The contact info for the involved agencies has been added below.]

Last Thursday, men with guns broke into Todd Stimson’s home to steal plants.

toddstimson-marijuana-theft-carolinas-copblock-williamtolerStimson says he was brushing his teeth when he noticed police cars from the bathroom window. As he was going out to meet them, they busted in with assault weapons drawn on his kids.

“The treatment they give you…is in comparison to a terrorist,” Stimson said in an interview with Chase Rachels from the Blue Ridge Liberty Project. “Everybody was in army fatigues, army outfits…everything. And what they told the kids is it was SWAT training.”

[See video at bottom of post.]

According to local news station WLOS, the men with guns confiscated 75 plants, manufactured marijuana and paraphernalia.

The men with guns were from the Fletcher and Hendersonville Police Departments, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office and the State Bureau of Investigation.

However, Stimson says the men with guns only took certain items, leaving behind his state and national certificates and other paperwork and copies of Treating Yourself magazine.

Stimson was kidnapped and placed in a cage, but bonded out the next day. He is charged with:

  • [Felony] Manufacturing schedule 6 control substance (marijuana)
  • Felony possession of marijuana
  • [Felony] Possession with intent to sell and distribute marijuana
  • [Felony] Maintain a vehicle/dwelling place for controlled substance
  • [Misdemeanor] Possession of drug paraphernalia

Stimson was previously arrested and charged with a felony for having “too much” marijuana.

What the station didn’t report is that Stimson runs Blue Ridge Medical Cannabis Research Corporation, a company that provides cannabis to individuals for treatment of various medical conditions.

The station also failed to report that Stimson has paperwork filed with the office of the Secretary of State and has thrice-obtained a privilege license for “Art of Healing.”

In addition, the station failed to report that Stimson has been paying taxes on his plants and obtained marijuana tax stamps from the government.

Prior to the raid, Stimson posted:

Again I am proud to say that the sales are increasing to help us proceed forward with everything we do in educating the public. Our 18th sales tax payment with E-500 form is $760.05 to be sent in. $534.85 going to General State Fund and $225.20 going to Henderson County.

So essentially, the government took money from him to pay for the raid that was conducted on him.

“If any man’s money can be taken by a so-called government, without his own personal consent, all his other rights are taken with it; for with his money the government can, and will, hire soldiers to stand over him, compel him to submit to its arbitrary will, and kill him if he resists.” ~Lysander Spooner

If Stimson’s peaceful activity of helping others is deemed “illegal” and he is found to be a criminal for his victimless crimes, then charges should be brought against Elaine Marshall, Secretary of State for the entity known as the State of North Carolina, and all other government agents who have assisted in helping him with his “illegal” business.

In 2011, Stimson was one of several people, including a doctor, who presented a resolution to support medical cannabis in the town of Fletcher, before it was unanimously shot down by the board.

Stimson’s interview with Chase Rachels of the Blue Ridge Liberty Project

Chief Erik Sumney
Fletcher Police Department
110 Parrish Municipal Drive
Fletcher, NC 28732
(828) 687-7922

Hendersonville Police Department
145 Fifth Avenue East
Hendersonville, NC 28792-4394
( 828) 697-3025

Henderson County Sheriff’s Office
100 North Grove Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792
(828) 697-4596


  • RadicalDude

    Why do these cops insist on perpetrating such senseless drug-related gang violence?

  • Common Sense

    Even in states where medical marijuana is legal, hippies still can’t follow the most basic regulations…

  • Common Sense

    At first I thought it was the lead singer for the Crash Test Dummies.

  • shawn

    Why do i suspect most of it is sold to teens to ‘treat acne’?

  • shawn

    Out of curiosity, why is this story here and not how cops in Oakland abandoned innocent people to face the rioters?

  • t.

    Stupid dopers

  • FlyingTooLow

    Prescription drug abuse accounts for 75 percent of all drug overdose deaths
    in the nation.

    The death toll from prescription pill overdoses has more than tripled in the
    last decade. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that
    more than 40 people die every day in the U.S. from overdoses of narcotic
    painkillers like hydrocodone, methadone and oxycodone. The prescription
    painkillers are responsible for more deaths than heroin (a Schedule I drug)
    and cocaine (Schedule II ) combined.

    Deaths caused by cannabis…NOT ONE in recorded history.

    Please, tell me again why this plant is illegal?

  • Jason Free

    THe guy is a fucking drug addict. North Carolina doesn’t have medical marijuana. THe piece of fucking shit on the video is just a fucking loser drug dealer. For him to make his bullshit operation an LLC is no problem. Just have the money and sign the forms. IT’s just his fucking cover. I hope he has solid knee pads because he is going to sit in prison for a while. Stupid fucker.

  • steve

    is pot legal to grow in north carolinam

  • steve

    stupid was growing pot illagally.

  • t.

    Shawn: please tell me that your kidding? You defend “protestes!” that are destructive and violence if its for some cause you like…like OWS. Oh, officers now you leave them alone. But now its a cause you don’t support so it now…hey officers, you stop them immediately. Is that how it goes?

  • shawn


    For one, I loth OWS. I’ve said that many times, and you seem to miss it. Though you’ll disagree, I’m often considered to the right of Rush Limbaugh. But interfering with the First Amendment is not something to be done lightly. It sets dangerous precedents for future suppression. One any Conservatives would be concerned about, since the government is busy trying to label all of us domestic terrorists.

    There is a big difference between most of the OWS events, and a flat out riot with people deliberately destroying building and attacking random citizens, and looting. I never once suggested abandoning innocent people to deadly attacks, and I challenge you to show where I did. I have oppose your flippant attitude to silencing people you don’t agree with.
    Yes, some of the OWS events crossed the line. But certainly not all of them. You just oppose their view. Fine, so do I. But that doesn’t give us the right to silence them. For the ones that do cross the line into violence and destructive behavior, you have my full support. Hell, I’d go to prison for how I’d have handled some of them. An example would be the one where they closed a port by blocking the road.

    Protests are routinely unpleasant for most of us. Some, like the TEA party, are better than others. That unpleasantness isn’t an excuse to silence opinions you don’t like.

  • Silvestri

    Hold up. It seems this guy jumped through the hoops necessary to legally practice and distribute with North Carolina. He has his paperwork, records and receipts that state what he was doing. So how is he being charged?
    Where does it say he a drug addict? Drug dealer?

    @ Common-I know he isn’t a hippie. The hippie movement does not exist anymore. Most of them are dead or politicians now.

  • steve

    if its not legal in the state of north carolina for anyone else what kind of law would make it legal for him. fucking fairy tales.

  • t.

    Shawn: Violence and destruction is violence and destruction. Its not 1st amendment protected. The cause makes no difference.

  • shawn


    apparently you can’t read.

    “For the ones that do cross the line into violence and destructive behavior, you have my full support. Hell, I’d go to prison for how I’d have handled some of them.”

    was that in any way unclear?

    But there is a difference between protesting, and violence. But your hate for any viewpoint not in agreement with you seems to have you seeing ANY movement as automatically violent.
    I detest OWS, but they were not all violent. Annoying, yes. Sometimes engaged in unacceptable behavior, yes. But for the most part, all they did was make noise.

  • t.

    Shawn: OWS, specifically the Oakland variety (and some other larger cities) where violent from the outset. They were / are foolish tools. These protesters are similar in that they are violent from the start. You take things way to personal guy.

  • shawn


    Ya, well Oakland is CA. Riotous behavior and california go together like chips and dip.

  • Keith

    Well kids, it is exactly the same here in MN. We are required by law to pay for “tax stamps” for pot, but it is illegal to buy, grow, or sell. However, possesion of personal ammounts, under 1 oz. is decriminalized. What this means is, if you are in posession of pot, and meet the criteria for simple possession, i.e., not near a school, etc… then the cop takes the weed and rights you a 200 dollar ticket. It’s very strange, but I believe it is because it is decriminalized, so they can tax it in small amounts. But, by paying this amount, you are letting them know you have weed, and if they so chose, you just gave them a map to your house. Then, if this happens, if you have more than the “presonal” amount, you go to jail on a felony count. I don’t know about NC, but i’d be interested in hearing the details.

  • FlyingTooLow

    ‘FREEDOM’ is the issue…after all, this is a ‘free’ country…

    When I look back on what I was taught in American public schools, I could just bust out crying… either the teachers I loved and respected LIED…or, ‘our’ government today is lying…

    What have we become?
    This ain’t the ‘freedom’ I was taught the meaning of………..”

    My name is Hugh Yonn…I spent 5 years in Federal Prison for pot…now, I’m writing about it…and how I got there…I hope you take a look at my books…I need the money…they’re on…the table of contents are stories by themselves…

  • t.

    Tool: I guess you shouldn’t have gotten into the dope business.

  • Casual Observer


    You are SO-O-OOO right! The U.S. Government (that controls the record Opium Poppy crop in Afghanistan) really hates the competition.

  • matt

    @t, you’re the type of neurotic spaz that everybody who knows u, hates u & completely transparent. U can’t stand to see people genuinely having fun, at ease w themselves because u know if were a user u would completely caught up in it, no self control. I am willing to guess u are an alcoholic who imposes his misguided, narcissistic on everyone u think wants hear you’re drunken bullshit. u were bullied but u will never be a bully, let it go.