This Week’s Corrupt Cops Stories

A typical corrupt cops week: Missing evidence, corruption on the border, greedy jail guards, and thuggish dope squad cops. Let’s get to it:

The profits of prohibition tempt law enforcement

In Asheville, North Carolina, drugs, guns, and cash are missing from the Asheville Police Department evidence room. Auditors began investigating after the long-time evidence room manger resigned, and so far, they say they cannot account for 30 packets of cash, 27 guns, and 54 containers of drugs. Last month, they discovered that 400 oxycodone tablets were gone, too. The investigation continues, but the missing evidence could derail a number of criminal cases.

In Yuma, Arizona, a US Border Patrol agent was arrested April 5 after being caught by coworkers with hundreds of pounds of marijuana in his patrol vehicle. Agent Michael Atondo was nailed with 745 pounds of pot after Border Patrol agents found his vehicle backed up against the fence that marks US-Mexico border with its rear door open. Two Jeep Cherokees were parked on the Mexican side of the border, and two people in Mexico jumped into them and sped away. Atondo told the other agents he was pursuing two other people, but the agents could see no one else was there, and when they stopped his vehicle, they found neatly stacked bundles of marijuana inside it. He faces a federal charge ofpossession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. At last report, he had been freed pending trial.

In New York City, a New York prison guard was arrested April 5 for allegedly agreeing to help an inmate escape in return for cash and three kilos of cocaine. Guard Robert Whitfield, 48, a 20-year Rikers Island veteran went down in a sting after plotting the drugs-for-escape scheme on the phone with what turned out to be a DEA agent.

In Chicago, four current and former Chicago police officers were charged April 7 with shaking down drug dealers and lying on the witness stand. Former Special Operations Section officers Jerome Finnigan and Keith Herrera are charged in the robbery scheme, which netted hundreds of thousands of dollars, while Officer Eric Olsen and former Officer Stephen DelBosque are charged with civil rights violation misdemeanors for lying about drug arrests. Finnigan, who is described as the ringleader, has been in federal custody since 2007, when he was charged with plotting to kill a fellow officer he thought was cooperating with the feds. In that case, Herrera wore the wire that recorded the murder-for-hire scheme. Finnigan and Herrera are each charged with one felony count of civil-rights conspiracy and one count of filing a false income-tax return.

In Laredo, Texas, a former Laredo police officer was sentenced Monday to 25 years in federal prison for escorting drug smugglers while on the force. Orlando Jesus Hale was convicted last September of conspiracy to possess cocaine with the intent to distribute it. He and another police officer, Pedro Martinez III, were hired by undercover federal agents posing as drug traffickers in a sting in which they thought they were escorting 20-kilo loads of cocaine across Laredo in 2008. The pair were paid $1,000 for each escort. Hale got 20 years on the drug charge and another five for carrying his firearm while he escorted the load. Martinez, who testified against Hale, has not yet been sentenced.

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  • [email protected]

    hey what’s up. i got arrested 8 times in 1 month the last time i was in asheville on tour. good fucking times, but those police are dicks for the most part. the worst cases they had against me were having an open bottle of wine while walking down broadway high on mushrooms, then they tried to pin some case on me for assault and resisting arrest, while i didn’t resist at all no matter how much shit they talked to me for a long time heckling me, all over just kicking someone in the butt, when they were calling the police after i wouldn’t leave an artist reading at the liberal fascist player hater malaprops book store. other than that shit one of my favorite places in the world. beautiful hippy, and punk town nestled inside the apalachian mtns. don’t let these stories deter you from going there it’s an awesome place just also in the rural bible belt where the judges and cops are conservative but they’re in the minority. so we rage. yaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Paul V

    Where’s Serpico when ya need him?

  • JZ

    It’s sick, these cops walk around putting people in jail for life, over some drugs, the drugs that they “confiscate.”

    All of the Pro-prohibition people out there know exactly what they’re doing…. filling their coffers.

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  • Joe Smith

    Hey ! How about the small town of Payson, Arizona ? They have a Murderer for Police Chief ! Donald Brian Engler, COP, Payzon, AZ

    He murdered a young man in north Scottsdale, Arizona in July 2005. Andrew Thomas, MCA with the help of Police Chief Rodbell and his corrupt cronies, covered up the Murder ! Two of the nicest towns in Arizona ! Totally Corrupt ! –