Armed Agents Raid Animal Shelter to Execute Baby Deer

Two weeks ago, animal shelter employee Ray Schulze was working in the barn at the Society of St. Francis on the Kenosha-Illinois border when a swarm of squad cars arrived and officers unloaded with a search warrant.

There were nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, and they were all armed to the teeth; Schulze said, “It was like a SWAT team.”

The focus of their search was a baby fawn brought there by an Illinois family who was worried she had been abandoned by her mother.

“When it made a little noise, it sounded like it was laughing,” Schulze said.

Schulze videotaped the fawn that they named Giggles during the two weeks she was there.

The Department of Natural Resources began investigating after two anonymous calls reporting a baby deer at the no-kill shelter.

The warden drafted an affidavit for the search warrant, complete with aerial photos in which he described getting himself into a position where he was able to see the fawn going in and out of the barn.

Agents told staff they came to seize the deer because Wisconsin law forbids the possession of wildlife.

Schulze told the agents that the deer was scheduled to go to a wildlife reserve in Illinois that allows the rehabilitation of deer the next day.

Still, Schulze said, agents corralled workers near the picnic area and then set out in search of the fawn.

“I was thinking in my mind they were going to take the deer and take it to a wildlife shelter, and here they come carrying the baby deer over their shoulder. She was in a body bag,” Schulze said. “I said, ‘Why did you do that?’ He said, ‘That’s our policy,’ and I said, ‘That’s one hell of a policy.'”

Supervisor Jennifer Niemeyer from The Department of Natural Resources said the law requires the DNR agents to euthanize animals like Giggles because of the potential for disease and danger to humans.

“Could you have made a phone call before showing up? I mean, that’s a lot of resources,” investigative reporter Colleen Henry asked.

In an attempt to justify the waste of taxpayer money to execute a baby deer, Niemeyer refers to another atrocity, “If a sheriff’s department is going in to do a search warrant on a drug bust, they don’t call them and ask them to voluntarily surrender their marijuana or whatever drug that they have before they show up.”

Niemeyer denied agents killed Giggles at the shelter, saying they tranquilized her and then euthanized her off-site.

Shelter president Cindy Schultz, who plans to sue the DNR for removing Giggles with not so much as a court hearing, said, “I don’t care where they would have killed her, it would have been wrong.” She also questioned what such an operation costs taxpayers.

Schulze said he has nightmares about the baby deer raid. He hasn’t moved her feed bowl or baby bottle.

The DNR told WISN 12 News despite the allegations outlined in its search warrant, it will file no charges against the shelter.

In certain circumstances, Wisconsin allows organizations to house wild deer, but only with a state-issued permit. In other words, all of this nonsense was not about the “potential for disease and danger to humans,” it was about sheltering the baby deer without begging for permission first.

I wonder how many of the agents involved felt good enough about what they did to go home and tell their spouses and children that they executed an innocent, harmless baby deer – one who was less than 24 hours away from being transported to a wildlife reserve.

Source, WISN.

  • RadicalDude

    Niemeyer’s argument is that since his gang violently attacks peaceful people without warning them ahead of time, he is justified in killing a deer for no reason? The mind of a statist authoritarian is a scary thing. His criminal acts of aggression are justification for him to commit further acts of aggression?

  • Jason Free 123

    More fucking bullshit from some dumb fucking activist. IT is illegal to raise a wild deer. No one came barging in to shoot a fawn. These people were told and knew the laws that you can’t raise a wild deer. Wisconsin has chronic wasting disease among some of the deer population and that can kill cows and people. You stupid fucking activists are obviously to stupid to know that.

  • Casual Observer

    The recruitment of officers with low IQ’s and even lower levels of sensitivity, has become the standard for law enforcement agencies across the country. This process consistently leads to deliberate acts of senseless violence being committed by authorities who defend those actions as justified under law.

  • Casual Observer
  • KAZ

    First off I just want to point out that this is all about a deer. That may sound cold hearted but look at it critically and not emotionally. This is not a human with human rights it’s just an animal. I don’t condone what the officers did but I do think that a lot of time and efforts on both parties are being wasted on an animal.
    I guess my point is that I believe all people should focus more on bigger issues that involve the health and welfare of people and not animals.
    I truely believe that if more people spent as much time on helping each other than on animals or material things then there would be a lot less problems. Unfortunately things like video games, facebook, reality tv, take presedence over people who are homeless and starving in our own communities.

  • VeryAngry

    When a few of these American Gestapo go home in body bags, this nonsense will stop cold.

    Until then, enjoy your local Jack Booted Thugs. You’ll grow tired of them soon enough.

    Then you’ll know what to do.

  • Keith

    KAZ, who picks and chooses the issues? We should fight ALL issues. And to you, it’s just an animal, to others, especially those that have dedicated their lives to no kill shelters and animals, it is a huge deal. Aside from that, for the slack jawed fucktard on here, re-read the last paragraph or so. When a state will let you keep something if you pay them money for it, to then claim it’s a health hazard is total bullshit to those of us who have an IQ above a melting ice cube. Which I guess is the reason you don’t comprehend.

  • Jason Free 123

    Keith – You cock bite. You know nothing about this. THe deer was a wild deer. The chances of it surviving any kind of shelter is minimal despite what you see on fucking animal planet. These deer can be a serious health hazzard fuck knob. You don’t know if it has CWS and that is very dangerous. You only want it because you would rape it repeatedly. Typical Keith the fawn raper.

  • Common Sense

    I can’t wait to read her lawsuit.

    Seems she’s not a hoarder, just a collector.

  • Keith

    Slappy, it was a “wild deer”? Opposed to what, a domesticated one that you buy at the mall? Son, get back on the meds for Christ sakes, you are just rambling and babbling about shit.
    P.S. I do give you credit for chainging up your juvinile insults, as now I rape fawns instead of gerbils or whatever the fuck was your last beastiality fixation.

  • Jason Free 123

    Keith you fucking cunt – it’s a wild deer. It’s a deer that comes from an untame deer. You just cannot be this stupid. You do rape fawns. You mom said you always tried to molester claiming you are the offical Valtrex inspector. You crawl into her underwear and pick at her scabs. You are one fucking sick bastard.

  • thinkfreeer

    DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS – you know who they are

    A totally disgusting waste of public money and trust.

  • Jason Free 123

    thinkfreeer – why don’t you use your real fucking name you coward. You strut around in your house in your Keebler elf costume waiting for the paper boy to come and climb your tree. You are a fucking freak.

  • KAZ

    First off thank you for your point of view I can appreciate a good discussion based on logical arguments and not emotional ones.
    I am not saying the issue brought up here is not important. What I am trying to promote is that I feel there are more important issues involving humans, not animals. I just don’t understand how people can spend so much time money and effort into helping animals when there are children being abused and abandoned here in our own country. So to those who think helping animals is such a big deal what is there view on helping people? Do the animal rights activist spend as much time helping people as they do animals? I believe people have a right to do as they choose with their money, but are those choices the most moral? For example some people spend hundreds of dollars on their pets where that money could be used to feed or cover medical costs for a child. I don’t donate all my extra funds but I don’t spend more money on pets than I do helping out my friends and neighbors.

  • certain

    As sad as this is, at least be thankful that one baby deer will be safe from slappy’s advances. Baby animal raping fuck that he is.

  • steve

    The guy that had the deer in a bodybag was jason free 123. it died from sexual abuse.

  • silvestri

    The sociopathic tenancies that seem to be an underlining theme (also found in most of the articles on this site) worry me. I understand that the officers might not have had a choice in the matter. Its just how things are carried out and how they deal with the public.

    The officers may not have had enough proof about the baby deer being transported and may have not been able to transport it themselves. With this in mind, they had less choices.
    They could have conducted it as if they were dealing with well-meaning people.
    Instead, they conducted it as if it was a raid against possibly armed criminals harboring possibly dangerous wildlife.
    They could have explained what the problem was and why they needed to do what they did.
    Instead, they ‘corralled’ the employees, found the baby deer and killed it.
    Then, when asked about their actions, they equated what they did with a raid on drug dealers.
    The ‘drug dealers’ were employees of a no-kill shelter who were taking care of a baby deer.

  • Chris Mallory

    The issue here isn’t the deer. The issue is sending 13 armed men to take the deer. One unarmed DNR officer knocking on the door wouldn’t have been enough? A bunch of hippies running a no kill shelter probably aren’t going to go all LAPD on the officer knocking on the door.

    All cops lie, all the time.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

  • silvestri

    They equated it with a drug bust and it was handled accordingly.

    I could reason that the officer in charge did not know what they were up against. I mean, it could have been a front for something. Maybe they thought there was a field of illegal plants and the occupants were armed to protect their cash crops.
    …which is too much of a stretch. We have neighbors nearby who are watching the place and cameras watching cameras. There is less than 1% chance that the officers didn’t or couldn’t get all the information about the location, the people, and what to expect.
    Waste of time and resources just to put fear and hatred of the government into a few people.

  • Jason Free 123

    Keith you cocksucker. The issue is some people took a wild deer into their home. It has nothing to do with the DNR police. Stop being such a dumb fucking cunt. Prove there were 13 game wardens there.

  • Casual Observer

    Video version of this report is available at the following link:

  • Chris Mallory

    Slappy/Jason, I know you have trouble reading, but the deer was not taken into a home. It was left at a No Kill shelter which was in the process of trying to move the deer to a licensed facility which could care for the animal. The story plainly states that there were 9 DNR thugs and 4 county deputies. Simple math proves that to be 13 armed thugs. Now, Slappy, does your parole officer know you are hanging out at the elementary school again? You know the judge said you couldn’t come within 300 yards of small children.

    All cops lie, all the time.

    Disarm cops for a safer America.

  • bhoodlum

    KAZ, if we don’t care for the most vulnerable and least able to defend themselves, why would we care about humans? The way we treat animals is often an indication of how we treat and relate to each other, in society at large. I don’t think animal and social activism is mutually exclusive.

  • bhoodlum

    *are mutually exclusive

  • Jason Free 123

    Chris again the fucking story is bullshit and you will buy into everything. Guess what asshole, it’s a wild deer. That deer cannot be put in with farmed deer or domestic deer. CWD takes a long time to show up. You are so fucking stupid that PETA won’t take you as a member. Go back to fucking your mom and swapping Valtrex with her. Maybe you two can go out later and compare scabs you fucking puke.

  • annie60

    I am late commenting due to, just, receiving this from a friend! @Keith, I, totally, agree with your comments! What the hell is going on when it takes 13 men with weapons to murder a baby deer? First of all, too, many people with, too, much time on their hands…..big waste of money! Secondly, these people had a place to send this baby. There was absolutely no need to murder it. Yes, I AM an animal lover, but also, love children…..what makes children squeal with delight……..ANIMALS!!!! I love the elderly & handicapped! What brings a smile to their faces & lonely lives…..ANIMALS! You people can argue with me all you want….it’s a wild animal….yada, yada, yada! I don’t give a rats behind! This animal was with a rescue group & not being raised in a private home! Too, many gun happy, shoot happy assholes in our country. As this person says “I wonder how many of the agents involved felt good enough about what they did to go home and tell their spouses and children that they executed an innocent, harmless baby deer – one who was less than 24 hours away from being transported to a wildlife reserve.” I wonder, too! Then again, maybe they are raising their children to feel the way some on here do….”Oh, it’s, just, an animal”! Just an animal, domesticated or wild, is part of someone’s FAMILY!!! I hope these men [????] feel good about themselves for going in full force….all 13 of them…..just to kill a baby animal….not a huge Bear or a Mountain Lion….but an innocent baby deer! Makes me sick!!!!!